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Lactobacillis Acidophilus Enema

AIDS; Candidiasis; Crohn's disease; Irritable bowel syndrome; Ulcerative colitis

Lactobacillis Acidophilus Enema

2 Tbl. yogurt or
4 - 5 caps dry acidophilus or
1/8 tsp. powdered acidophilus
2 quarts water

Clinical Indications:
Crohn´s disease
Irritable bowel syndrome
Ulcerative colitis

Do not use yogurt if dairy allergy
Last day of fast


Fill enema bag
Hook about 4 feet above floor (on towel rack)
Knee-chest position with chest against floor and rectum higher than head
Insert nozzle tip into rectum, using lubricant (olive oil) if needed
Empty water into rectum, and hold inside rectum as much as possible
Massage abdomen in counter-clockwise direction
When bag is empty or no more fluid can be held, remove tip
Lie on each side for 5 minutes, while massaging abdomen
Discard contents of rectum into toilet
Repeat until bag is empty


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