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 Waffles 60-Day Water Fast by waffleswaffleswaffleswaffles 6 y 3  
 Waffles Water Fast by waffleswaffleswaffleswaffles 6 y 10  
 Waking Girl by Wrenn 8 y 4  
 Walking the Black Dog by scribbler 7 y 1  
 Walking with God with my Fast by Sacristia 5 y 16  
 walking, breathing (pain-filled) mold infe... by smallhagrid 25 mon 1  
 Walnut Remedy Research Blog by Risingsun 7 mon 25  
 Warning and Diseases from Pasturized Milk by heardshare 4 y 0  
 Warrior Of Light by mindmover 8 y 6  
 water by ihsan shanti 4 y 1  
 water diet,revenge, by mayavi 8 y 1  
 Water fast by #65276 4 y 3  
 Water fast by berrygirl 8 y 1  
 water fast by melissa18 6 y 8  
 Water Fast by MiCorazoncito 6 y 1  
 Water Fast by Chance3 7 y 7  
 Water Fast by ForMyself 6 y 3  
 Water Fast by #121844 5 y 0  
 Water Fast by RainbowDreamGirl 11 mon 5  
 Water Fast (21 days?) for acne, scars, and... by #107765 6 y 0  
 Water Fast- 14-20 days by gunnaloseit 8 y 1  
 Water fast and kickstart to fitness by bellaboo719 4 y 3  
 Water fast and weight loss by waterfairy 6 y 1  
 Water Fast Blog by spiritualclarity 10 mon 16  
 water fast for health and weight loss by setwrflwr 8 y 1  
 Water fast for I don’t know how long by #141833 3 y 13  
 water fast for weight loss- already slim by eppimcblubbly 5 y 1  
 Water fast journal by yukale 4 y 2  
 Water fast to lose weight by #126015 4 y 1  
 Water Fast until completion by daisygirl25 6 y 1  
 Water Fast until June 13th by alexhpc 5 y 3  
 Water Fast! Goal: become a happy healthy me. by HHFM 5 y 1  
 Water fast/detox by MBeckwith 3 y 1  
 Water Fasting by #150255 26 mon 1  
 Water Fasting by lunasister 9 mon 4  
 water fasting by #126015 4 y 1  
 Water Fasting by meganrose 5 y 0  
 Water Fasting by dreaCA 5 y 1  
 water fasting by waterfasting 6 y 2  
 Water fasting by josephinelittles 7 y 2  
 Water Fasting by deertails 6 y 1  
 Water Fasting by robbyz 6 y 6  
 Water Fasting by water baby 8 y 7  
 Water Fasting (second attempt) by amenra 9 mon 15  
 Water Fasting 21 days. by bellochka 6 y 0  
 Water Fasting 34 Days by murbella 4 y 6  
 Water Fasting- 40 days by kathy22 5 y 1  
 Water Fasting 40-50days by Yayness 7 mon 1  
 Water fasting day one. :3 by xxJuturnaxx 4 mon 0  
 Water Fasting Experiment by rublikeafox 6 y 1  
 Water fasting focusing on God, detoxing bo... by Chanina 4 y 2  
 water fasting for 10,14,21,30 days by stringbean 8 y 2  
 water fasting for 20 days - water only by starving_artist84 5 y 0  
 Water Fasting for 30 Days or More by GonnaMakeIt 8 y 4  
 water fasting for all of us! by vide 5 y 12  
 Water Fasting For Health and Beauty by #101157 6 y 2  
 water fasting for weight loss by #73804 7 y 1  
 Water Fasting for Weight Loss by #96581 4 y 11  
 Water fasting for Weight loss and wellness by #13442 16 mon 4  
 Water fasting for weight loss, hashimotos,... by #114598 15 mon 6  
 Water Fasting for weight loss, health, and... by jris777 3 y 1  
 Water Fasting Hopeful by sugarleak 11 mon 4  
 water fasting is as easy as one, two, ten by angel pie 6 y 7  
 Water Fasting Journey for 15 days Till Veg... by #126907 4 y 2  
 water fasting to happy me by #111289 5 y 2  
 Water fasting until true hunger by fastingwonder 5 y 2  
 Water Fasting/soul searching by amazing.grace 5 y 3  
 Water Fasting: My steps to Health by enamored_mystic 6 y 6  
 Water Logged by arielrobyn 4 y 2  
 Water only fast by #114723 5 y 5  
 Water Re-Birth by #151212 26 mon 3  
 Water/juice fasting by amazing.grace 4 y 2  
 Waterfast journal by #138503 3 y 10  
 WaterFast...21 day goal by #102240 6 y 1  
 waterfaster86 by waterfaster86 8 y 1  
 waterfasting by #126015 4 y 1  
 Waterfasting by peaches369 4 y 16  
 we are not from here!!! by #93946 6 y 2  
 We are not from Here!!! by noray 6 y 0  
 We Use Means, Cure Comes From God. by god cures 4 y 1  
 WeCanFast by wecanfast 6 y 30  
 Wedding 2007: Getting in Better Shape by tambee 7 y 46  
 Wedding Blog (and life thereafter) by ren 6 mon 19  
 Wedding Diet by annaconda 8 y 92  
 Wedding Makeover by lbbeezy 6 y 13  
 Weight Gain by jlpetitt 6 y 0  
 Weight Loss by m3rck 7 y 1  
 Weight Loss Journal - 2007 by #60157 6 y 7  
 Weight loss journey and the transformation... by Euphoria1985 4 y 2  
 Weight Loss Tips, Exercise, Treatments by bhaguan 4 y 1  
 Weight to Lose by grumbles 4 y 3  
 Weightlossguru by Weightlossguru 7 y 9  
 What Abortion looks like? Partial Abortion! by #74551 7 y 8  
 What if jesus was right? by smwest 4 y 0  
 What is Candidiasis by herbherbals 13 mon 1  
 What is the biggest personal challenge for... by #68897 7 y 1  
 What they do to corrupt Chinese FDA-like o... by #58584 7 y 1  
 What's Wrong With Me??? by Faran 6 y 17  
 When Crisis Hits by LuellaMay 5 y 2  
 When is now a good time by timothykendrick 6 y 0  
 Where Can I Get Garcinia Cambogia Extract? by jasonmandela 32 d 0  
 Wheres The Beef by zionzweetie 8 y 3  
 Whew, what a mess by missnook 7 y 3  
 who water fasts? i do by #134826 3 y 5  
 WholeFamilyParasiteCleansing by nanaysdaughter 17 mon 25  
 Wholesale Eletronics by #136274 4 y 1  
 Why Do Doctors Verbal Abuse Female Patient's by platinumct 6 y 0  
 Willow's Great and Grand Adventure by willow007 8 y 2  
 Wind Whispers : Detox Guides by Wrenn 4 y 28  
 Windows of agates, and gates of carbuncles by freelastchance 9 y 10  
 Wings of Flight by Archangel777 5 y 2  
 wish away your wrinkles by ojsimpson 27 mon 1  
 Women wear this all the time by eyeball or two 7 y 1  
 Women's Breast Health by Summer_Breeze 8 y 4  
 Working the Water Cure by mycatRa 8 y 10  
 World Sports News by grozao 21 mon 3  
 World's Fattest Skinny Guy by skinnyfatguy 8 y 14  
 Worldwide Meditation 11/11 Please join in! by purplepixie 6 y 1  
 Would you like to join me in my Raw Vegan ... by Pinkgems187 8 y 2  
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