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Blog: Dr. Bernard Jensen- "Keeping the Dream Alive!"
by YourEnchantedGardener

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Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, shares personal reflections about his spiritual father Dr. Bernard Jensen. You will also read here various reviews of Dr. Jensen materials, and progress reports on the Jensen Legacy Library located at the New Hidden Valley Health Retreat & Spa.… more...

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Dr. Bernard Jensen's Blessing for Leslie Goldman   28 mon  

Dr. Bernard Jensen's Blessing for Leslie Goldman May 18, 1999.
Dr. Bernard Jensen Gave Blessing to Me for My Life ”I send my best and my highest wishes for Leslie Goldman and his endeavors. He is seeking the best. He gives his bests, and lives in the highest most of the time. He work is to be commended. He is working for humanity’s good. He is one of Humanity’s servants. He definitely acclaims that man can be happy and healthy, wise and fruit bearing when he follows the spiritual laws of forgiveness. He returns loe for whatever comes his way. He is to be Blessed for all of the advancement he has made during his lifeti ...   read more

Dr. Jensen NOTE   7 y  

handwritten note from Dr. Jensen, the 80's I believe.
Keeping the Dream Alive! A Series of Plant Your Dream Blogs by Leslie Goldman Your Enchanted Gardener continues here Original Plant Your Dream Blog 11:28 AM July 12, 07 From a note include in ”Keeping the Dream Alive!” The stream of Dr. Jensen’s Nature Writings continue through my work... When I first met Dr. Jensen, the year was 1972. He was 64. I was 25. He left the body in 2001 at 92. Today he would be 100. I am going on 60. When I moved to the Ranch in 1972, I expressed a desire to see his work continue through my own life. I am sure ...   read more

Jensen's Jetty Volumn 2 Story   7 y  

"It Always Works!" A lovely story from Dr. Bernard Jensen. This is from Jensen's Jetty, one of his first newsletters. He was in his 30's I imagine.
This is a lovely story that Dr. Jensen often told, ”I Always Works!” I am uploading it to see how it shows up. I scanned it in. This is Page #1 of the story.   visit the page

Unkept Promises   7 y  

I am in a moment of Frustration looking at materials of Dr. Jensen that are beyond me right now to put out. It is not an active priority.
5:12 PM July 11, 2007 I am not sure what to do about this. My shelfs are filled with unfinished projects and writings. I have been working on the bottom shelf today, one of them. The papers, untidy fall out. Some are one of a kind articles or drafts that were written for Dr. Bernard Jensen. ”Keeping the Dream Alive!” was originally intended to be a book, mainly with photos. Oh my gosh! I need some helpers to work with this material. I hear Taamir in the yard of the Enchanted Garden doing physical labor to declutter another part of the project. I would ...   read more

Bernard Jensen Books   7 y  

Looking over some original papers of Dr. Jensen. I sense some of this work belongs out in the world, but it is not my priority now to do that.
3:58 PM July 11, 07 Going through my Jensen materials. I have been spending days in my room decluttering. It is slow going. I am finding some of the xeroxes from the original book by V.G. Rocine that was used to write ”The Chemistry of Man.” ”The Chemistry of Man” has just been reprinted and is now available. This book deservedly should have a co-authorship with V.G. Rocine being honored. Dr. Jensen, does give credit, but a large portion of this work is the work from V.G. Rocine. When the book was written, I felt that portions of the original introduction ...   read more

Volunteers needed to help Dr. Jensen!   7 y  

Need Volunteer to type in articles by Dr. me please.
7:43 AM July 12, 2007 I am in the midsts of a summer of cleanup-- I am calling this the Great Earth Cleanup. I aspire to make some significant progress on the land here. There are few examples of intentional living communities in San Diego. We are learning some of these keys to live together. Taamar is clearning a big area behind the garage. I am working in my room. I felt depressed yesterday. There are many shelves in my room filled with notebooks. I spend a many hours working on one shelf. It contained Dr. Jesnen materials. Realistically, I see now ther ...   read more

May 1--Hidden Valley Retreat Opening!!!!   7 y  

Hidden Valley Retreat Opens May 1. Let me know if you want more info!
10:57 AM April 27, 07 Dear Stephen, This is fantastic news! Keep up the good work! I will Blog this. If you want more info, email me above. Your EG Leslie on 4/27/07 9:46 AM, stephen Markowitz, new owner of Hidden Valley Health Retreat wrote: My facility is 98% ready for retreats and by May 1st will be ready to open. I can take guests and visitors, have conferences and seminars, book retreats af all kinds and maintain a nice environment. The bunkhouse is build out and ready for me to bring in the bunk beds and is already equipped with a foosbaltalbe, ...   read more

Bernard Jensen @ Hippocrites Circle   7 y  

"Keeping the Dream Alive!" The master Teachings of Dr. Bernard Jensen that he shared so freely with me and others, will be recorded here.
10:34 AM April 12, 07 This is a photo of Dr. Bernard Jensen teaching at Hippocrites Circle. Located at his former Hidden Valley Health Ranch, the circle was the location of a brief talk by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener, on March 25, 2007. Stephen Markowitz, the current owner, expressed on that day his vision for the new Hidden Valley Retreat & Spa. more about the day will be linked here. Thank you to Brian Macnamara, and are other sponsors for their encouragement in many ways to ”Keep the Dream Alive!” There are times I am saddened that the cur ...   read more

Hidden Valley Retreat Web Site!!!   7 y  

New Website... Hidden Valley Health Retreat.
8:51 PM April 13, 07 The new website that Stephen Markowitz is putting together: Your Enchanted Gardener, Leslie   visit the page

Jensen: He Overcame Everything   7 y  

Jensen, He Overcame Everything. Repost of Blog from March 25, 07
Jensen: He Overcame Everything Repost of Jensen Overcame Everything. 11:27 AM April 13, 07 Originally posted on March 25, 07 Dr. Jensen’s Birthday Date: 3/25/2007 9:28:06 PM ( 13 h ) ... viewed 30 times Jensen: He Overcame everything Dr. Jensen overcame it all. ”Keeping the Dream Alive!” flowers Springs Forward March 25 at gala birthday event and Hidden Valley Retreat Opening. 6:44 PM March 17, 07 BE SURE TO VISIT for EVENT DETAILS and RSVP INFO: If you haven’t RSVP’s yet for next Sunday’s 100 Rak ...   read more

Jensen Thoughts--JM   7 y  

JM, a long time friend shares his thoughts on Dr. Jensen.
10:56 AM April 13, 07 This is a comment made by JM that was originally posted on the Plant Your Dream Blog. ___ Jensen by chef jem Subject: Jensen From: chef JM Date: 3/25/2007 9:28:07 PM ( 5 d ago ) ... Is there anyone else other than Leslie Goldman who can more adequately speak forth the long-lasting truth of Dr. Bernard Jensen as the teacher of living health and healing that he was! I would truly would like to know. Dr. Jensen taught many of today’s health teachers and healers as well as the thousands of patients of whom Leslie was so fortunate t ...   read more

Leslie and Dr. Jensen photo   7 y  

Photo of Leslie with Dr. Jensen here at the EGIC in 1980's.
Dr. Jensen on horse, not sure how old. Uploaded: July 11, 07 12:34 PM April 12, 2007 Photo taken at the Enchanted Garden Intentional COmmunity during the 80’s   read more


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