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Poetry, Art, Writings, Channeling focusing on the healing energies of Earth and Spirit. Integrating Spirit within our Earthly bodies. Shamanism, earth wisdom, indigenous spirituality… more...

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Child's Plea: Save the Animals!   50 d  

Another New Kid! Children born post 2000 who are more compassionate, aware, and in touch with Spirit. This little girl's impassioned plea to save endangered species brought tears to my eyes.
My ”Endangered Animal” Poem Come on don’t you have a heart? You don’t want these animals to depart ? Forget the x factor and the top ten singing chart, What about the endangered animals and the poison dart. The arnour leopard, the Siberian tiger and polar bear , They are so gorgeous, it is just not fair. If I say their Latin name, will you listen more ? Oh Louis please do nt say this is a bore. Varanus komodenis, komodo dragon by the way. Why does man have to take them all away? Man you are such a fool. Snakes killed alive for handbags that is just ...   read more

How Spirit Sees Us   69 d  

Kryon, a benevolent energy channeled through Lee Carroll, says that this is what humans look like to Spirit!
Published on Jan 8, 2013 From the You Tube website: ”The beginning of the DVD shows a unique, three dimensional life sized translucent Spirit Box, which is titled The Emanation. The video portion entitled I AM is projected into the Spirit Box. The combination of these two elements comprise the name I AM the EMANATION which provides an experience of beautiful, esoteric, effervescent, mesmerizing colors of light that emanate from the being within, enhancing our Spiritual connectedness to our Higher Selves and Universal Oneness.” --Andre Ferrella - Artist of The Spirit http://www.A ...   read more

Do Good   3 mon  

This youtube video is very heartwarming...from a Thai insurance company!
  visit the page

Art:Wise Baby   4 mon  

Two Eco Art placards made from reused materials
“Who’s Asking Whom?” 4” x 6” Eco Art by mayah © 2014 Caption: “Oh, Great Guru, What is the meaning of Life?” I’ve heard it said that babies come into the world spiritually knowing Who They Are; as they grow they slowly forget. It is our job as adults to Remember Who We Are. So, who’s asking whom the question? “On Second Thought” 6” X 6” Eco Art by mayah © 2014 Caption: “Hmm…this isn’t quite what I thought it would be…can I still change my mind and go back?” Spiritual Being questioning life on the Earth plane of existence.   Both Eco Art pie ...   read more

Art: "Bits and Pieces"   4 mon  

More Eco Art and numerology: the numbers 7, 9, and 11
Eco Art: “Bits and Pieces” or “The 7, the 9, and the 11” by mayah © 2014 “Bits and Pieces” by mayah © 2014 Framed 7” X 5” Count the “bits and pieces” and you will find that there are 7 black clips, 9 screws, and 11 metallic strips. These numbers represent the energies of the 7, the 9 and the 11. In Tibetan numerology as defined by Lee Carroll and Kryon from their book “The Twelve Layers of DNA (An Esoteric Study of the Mastery Within)”, the energy of the 7 is that of Divinity, Wholeness, ...   read more

Art:"Bits of Nature"   4 mon  

Using found nature objects and corrugated cardboard in Eco Art; the meaning of the 2 in numerology
“Two Over Two” Eco Art by mayah ©2014 Approx 5” X 3.5” According to Lee Carroll and Kryon, from their book “The Twelve Layers of DNA (An Esoteric Study of the Mastery Within)”, the number two in Tibetan numerology represents duality: Human vs. Divine. This art piece shows the properties of the 2, or duality: there are two seed pods, and each seed pod has two seeds; the seed pods are divided from each other. For me, to become an “awake and aware” human, we must learn to incorporate both our biological beingness and our spirit ...   read more

Art: "The Power of 3"   5 mon  

REVISED: This art piece celebrates the energy of "3". Different numerology systems assign different meanings to the number 3.
“The Power of 3” Approx 3.5” X 5” Eco Art by mayah ©2014 A few months ago, Kahuna Kaleiiliahi, a Hawaiian spiritual intuitive, told me that Spirit wants us to recite our affirmations three times in a row, as this “locks in” the intention we are uttering. I looked up the number 3 in numerology to see what it means.  According to the website The Heart of Humanity, people carrying the energy of “3” can be the most selfless and loving people on the planet.  The number 3 also stands for Truth, Go ...   read more

Art: Ocean's Treasures   5 mon  

When I was a kid I loved collecting sea shells from the beach; as an adult, I still do! Now I use them in my art.
Eco Art ”Tiny Treasures” by mayah (c)2014 Eco Art ”Tiny Treasures” Framed Approx 6” X 4” by mayah (c)2014 This little work is made from recycled materials: sea shells and sea glass I found on my local beach mounted on reused textured paper from a bag; reused cardboard backing; embellished with hand embroidery. The frame is from GoodWill Industries so that is recycled, too. I put the art piece in the a-bit-too-small frame on purpose--the frame reminds me of a treasure box--you have to look down in it to see all of the content of the art. I like the totally functionless scr ...   read more

Art:"Scraps Entangled"   5 mon  

Eco-Greeting card made totally from scraps.
Eco Art Greeting Card: ”Scraps Entangled” 5.5” X 4.5 ” by mayah (c)2014 Basically the scraps were put down at random on the background paper (also a scrap--left over from another art project) and then glued where they landed. Eco Art at it’s best--everything is reused. This would be fun and easy to do for anyone, including kids! Related Blogs: More Valentine’s! Valentine’s Day Card Jewish Eco MaGs Sti ...   read more

Art:MORE Valentine's!   5 mon  

MORE Eco Valentine's! I've been on a roll lately, making art and staying up way too late doing it, but having fun!
More Valentine’s Day Eco Art! This is a really tiny work--the art inside the small frame is only about 3” X 2”. The photo of the roses came from a magazine; it’s embellished with hand embroidery--backstitch and french knots, then mounted on a piece of fabric mesh a friend gave to me and placed on top of a scrap of reused pink junk mail envelope. The frame is from Goodwill Industries so that is recycled, too. Below is the detail of the embroidered magazine picture.   More Eco Valentine’s: These little tokens of my affection are made from scrap cardbo ...   read more

Art:Valentine's Day Card   5 mon  

Eco Valentine's Card Eco Art Card for Valentine’s Day © mayah 2014 Approximately 8” X 5” An artist friend made and gifted me with the painted polka-dot background paper. I embellished it with reused red envelope, magazine picture of hearts, hand embroidery, seed beads, acrylic glaze. I really like the symmetry of the rows of white seed beads and the hearts with the white polka dots in the background. Related Blogs: Jewish Eco MaGs Stitched Eco MaGs ...   read more

Art:Jewish Eco MaGs   6 mon  

MORE Eco MaGs! These two Eco MaGs were made as thank you gifts for a friend of mine who invited me to attend a Tu B'Shevat Seder (meal and service) and an art talk and class at her synagogue.
"Eco MaGs by mayah" are made out of recycled materials and eco-friendlier art supplies; they are mini art works that can hang on the ’frig! Both of these MaGs were hand embroidered and mounted on recycled cardboard, coated with non-voc acrylic glaze, with magnet backings. Eco MaG Tu B’Shevat 2014 approx. 3.5" X 4" The Tu B’Shevat service was nicely printed in booklet form; I took one home as I was so impressed with the service, and carefully cut out the picture for the MaG (I’m keeping the rest of the booklet for my own use, so it w ...   read more

Art:Flower Tic Tac Toe   6 mon  

More Eco Art!
"Flower Tic Tac Toe" 10" X 12" © mayah 2014 These remind me of postage stamps--my dad was an avid stamp collector and I used to collect stamps when I was a kid. Each "flower stamp" is approx. 2" X 2" The flower photos came from two junk mail advertising brochures from a local dentist office, glued onto a junk mail envelope (yellow background) and art paper (green--I just love this color and use it a lot!), then hand embroidered, and glued onto reused cardboard backing. They are coated with non-VOC acrylic glaze. Used two-sided tape ...   read more

Art:Stitched EcoMaGs   6 mon  

I haven't made refrigerator magnets for some time. I call these "Eco MaGs" because they are made out of recycled paper products, with a magnet backing. They are not only mini works of art, they are utilitarian, too!
Eco MaG by mayah "Badlands" (c)mayah 2014 Approx 10" X 4" X 1/8" thick Every now and then I take apart old art and reuse it to either make something new or to refresh it. This Eco MaG is made out of "double recycling"--the original one that I made a couple of years ago came from a magazine photo and reused greeting card and cardboard; I updated it with a brighter background paper but reused all of the other parts. Eco MaG by mayah "Stitched Flowers" (c)mayah 2014 Approx 2 1/4" X 2" X 1/8" Eco MaG by ...   read more

Video:EARTH   7 mon  

Beautiful 3 minute youtube video of nature and the earth. Got all teary-eyed viewing this!
”Earth! Enjoy a cinematic ride through mountains, deserts, tree tops, under water and into the sky. Go full screen, and take a moment marvel at the miracle of this most important gift. Fascinating creatures abound...especially the little koala bear yawning at the very end. He steals the show! NextworldTV would like to thank you for your support and wish you a beautiful holiday season.” Video: (3:03)   read more

Photos: Christmas Amaryllis   7 mon  

I love this flower. I've admired it for years in my neighbor's backyard; I found this bulb growing in my local Trader Joe's store. It bloomed on Christmas day!
all photos by mayah (c)2013 There are two more blooms just about to open. After the blooms fade, I’ll put the plant in a larger pot outside; with proper care, it will bloom for years to come! Related Blog: Art:Amaryllis Blooms   read more

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