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    my fasting journeys :)

Blog: my fasting journeys :)
by RedRoses90
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this blog is really going to be a sorta diary thing for me to write in every day of each of my fasts more...

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day 2 again   3 y  

day 2 and i want to eat
well restarted this is me on day two i want to eat soo so so so so so so much!!!!! but ive got to push through i guess :( its soooo hard this time, but i want to lose this last 12lbs no matter what it takes if i have to be hungry for a while to get the body i want and will look beautiful then so be it! its hard though been really really thirsty today probably drank 3+ litres so far, going to have my last pint for the day now though or ill not get to sleep tonight as its day two im pretty positive i will suffer terrible insomnia tonight   visit the page

Day 2   3 y  

moody bitch
ever so grumpy today every little thing seems to be irritating me ive lost 2lbs though in 1 day YAY still got a long long way to go though 7 stone here i f***ing come! i know that it will be worth it in the end ive not had any cravings or hunger pains today so dar but who knows the will probably come later   visit the page

had my two days of overindulgence   3 y  

fasting to be thin
well its just been my birthday so i over indulged a little, well no a lot but hey it was my bday right? anyway thats me starting water only fasting as of tomorow green tea will be allowed too ofc im not sure how long this fast will last perhaps 10 days maybe even more! i plan on going at it until i reach my gw, ill check my scales every 2 days rather than every day i have 10-14 lbs to lose so im not exactly sure how long it will take me to fast that of, nows the perfect time to do it though because we are puppy sitting so he keeps me super busy and is a reason to go for walkies so he ...   read more

well its my final 24 hours   3 y  

last 24 hours of fast
so ive been fasting since 8pm on thursday and will be breaking my fast tomorow morning at about 10am after tomorows breaking of the fast i will begin again until i reach my gw of 7 stone, i havent yet weighed myself today i dont think i will either yesterday i had lost aboout 3lbs though ill weigh myself before i eat tomorow feeling quite well today so far no dizzyness feel a bit stiff, no sick feeling atm either really wish i didnt have to break my fast tomorow but this exam is important, well heres to managing my last 24hours   visit the page

day 3   3 y  

day 3 of water fast
well today i have felt extremly weak and naucious, so taking it easy. only 2 more days to complete then ill be breaking my fast temporarily on tuesday and re-starting on wednesday until i reach my gw my appetite has completly gone now theres nothing im craving i think tomorow will be a hard day due to lack of energy tomorow is my last day though so i will definatly push through it havent weighed myself today because i dont really fancy another disappointment ill weigh myself on tuesday morning before i eat   visit the page

again 24 hours over yas   3 y  

24 hour mark
so thats my first 24 hours over, 24 more to go then my fast will sadly be broken but for one night only then i have another 2 days of fasting and again it will be broke for one day and after that i have decided i will fast until i reach my gw hoping that shouldnt take much more than 10 days with the little bit of exercise im going to be doing aswell wish me luck :p im hoping to be down to 71/2 stone by tuesday although losing 6lbs in 3 days is going to be hard since ive not got that much to go cw: 8stone 1st gw: 7 1/2 stone gw: 7 stone   visit the page

day 1 of 3   3 y  

fasting injury
i was enjoying my fast and could of continued easily had i not had a nasty accident resulting in a trip to the a&e i ate some food because i was feeling ill but im back to it today 3 days, hopefully it will help me to heel, im not going to exercise at all so i dont fancy eating anyway after this 3 days i will break my fast for 1 day and one day only i will then fast for 2 days break it for one day coz its my birthday and i have an exam then ill fast again for as long as i can although its going to be harder coz ive nothing to really keep me entairtained   visit the page

end of day 1   3 y  

reflections whilst fasting for weight loss
well its officially the begining of day 2 now 1.10am day one ive not had any specific cravings but i have had lots of stomache pains from hunger, hopefully tomorow will be less rumbly its been a while since ive managed to actually even complete a day i think the fact the scales finally went up re-motivated me. i doubt my weight will of gone down much tomorow i might not weigh myself, i dont want to be dissappointed. im sure tomorow is going to be a lot tougher, today althtough i was super hungry i didnt actually want to eat anything i did a few weights and sit ups not many thou ...   read more

day 1 so far so good   3 y  

fasting for 5 days
a little bored, a few wee hunger pangs but nothing too bad really feeling optomistic about the next 5 days i wanna be skinny! :p lol im hoping to lose 6lbs in this amount of time, thats just over 1lbs a day cw:8stone 1st gw: 7 1/2 stone gw: 7stone hopefully will of reached that first goal within the amount of time fingers crossed!   visit the page

feeling excited and optomistic!!   3 y  

five day fast cant wait
well i am starting another fast again, im actually just about to have my last meal this is a 5 day fast, monday-friday who knows maybe longer see how it goes cw 8stone ive gained 2lbs 1st gw 7 1/2 stone gw: 7stone if i look nice at 7 1/2 ill stop though i have ”carb face” right now so hoping to get rid of that i also feel pretty sure i could be retaining a fair few pounds in water weight so looking forward to that going, and feeling less bloated. really feeling ready and im also going to be fairly busy over the 5 days wich is fantastic, keeping busy is key to not ca ...   read more

tomorow is a cumming!   3 y  

another fast starts tomorow
so i was going to start my fast on tuesday but hey mondays better so as of tomorow its water only for 3-5 days ive been feeling sluggish and not too well since stopping my fasts so im hoping this will get me back on track! not weighed myself in a couple weeks...abit afraid to tbh i will weigh myself tomorow though ofc PLEASE DONT LET ME BE BACK OVER THE 8 STONE MARK! we shall see then whatever i have for my tea tonight will be my last meal planning having it about 7ish that way the first 12 hours will be easy i have plans for this week so i should think about food too much, well i ho ...   read more

oh here i go again   3 y  

another attempt at fasting
well well well as always i screwed up my fast perhaps fasting isnt for me? perhaps i just lack will power and strength perhaps im addicted to food lol well going to go to the gym today for a couple of hours ive had a little binge today...ok a big binge but i have decided that i will not eat any food nor drink any juice after 2pm today. as of 2 pm today i AM fasting im going to take this one day by day and not stress on how long its going to be for this time although ofc i do have a goal in my head that wednesday,thursday, friday will all be water only days i do plan on eating on satu ...   read more

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