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Blog: Loss of Taste/Loss of Smell/Loss of Hearing/tinnitus/loss of wart
by ojsimpson

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Lousing Your sences sucks thih should help more...

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Created: 2 y   Jan 02 2012

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this is a lie!!! d… #4393… 29 mon
Re: Bodwellia Cart… ren 32 mon
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Colen   23 mon  

Buckthorn bark, Rubarb root, caraway seed and many other great herbs...fennel and epizite for gas...   visit the page

Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Boloney   26 mon  

Mystery Meat
Are made from Bull Brains tails private parts intestine tongues ears eyes the only Ground meat i will eat is what i grind my self Mystery meat???   visit the page

How to use herbs   32 mon  

Using herbs
Their are many different ways to ingest herbs....the simpleist way is to put it in your mouth and chew...or use a coffie pot & pure water and make a tea...if you dont have electricity you can make a sun tea put herbs & pure water, in Glass Jar and put in sun all can also grind it up and put in capsules or make herbal vinigar or herbal Oil this takes much more time to extract let sit for a month or two....herbal honey use a crock pot using lowest heat setting add herbs and honey let cook for a.few hours....never never nuke your herbs....Some People Smoke them...   visit the page

Bodwellia Carterii/Frankencense fumes are very toxic   32 mon  

Not good
I wanted to use it as incense and I felt real sick after doing it I used boswellia carterii gum dangerous...   visit the page

Depression (The Blues)   32 mon  

The blues
Kanna from south africa is 10 times stronger than st johns wart...being broken hearted mimics depression unrequited love evenessence has a song about it called my immortial..perl jam song the blask id also about it...Holy Baisl by New Chapter note this is not baisl... Young living lavender oil is good too...juice fasting from juicer & soup fasting using a vita mix....lack of sun light can cause depression called sad seasonal affective disorder...lousing your religion causes great depression..home sickness...mimics depression...natures sunshine has a great formuls....real raw alo vera not i ...   read more

Peru Herbs ,south american herbs,Inca herbs   32 mon  

Go online punch in peru herbs they are awsome do some readimg..   visit the page

Herbal Honey = Herbs Honey   32 mon  

Herbal honey is. Easy to make get a Crock Pot put organic honey in it and organic Herbs put on lowest heat setting and cook for 1 or two hours then strain it into a glass bottle not plastic....herbal honey taste good and last a long time and is easy to use....   visit the page

Itching in between toes   32 mon  

Dead skin
This is caused by dead skin Scrape the dead Skin out using whatever..   visit the page

Natural birth control (The Pill)   32 mon  

The Pill contraception
Wild yam root,queens ann lace seed aka wild carrot,Cold pressed hexane free Castor Oil...Neem Leef & Neem Oil....Cotton Seed Oil,papaya seeds...Blessed Thistle aka Holy Thistle....go online do your home work...   visit the page

Bauhinia Purpurea & Hercampuri   32 mon  

Weight loss
Food addiction ....It say on internet that this purple orcid is good for weight loss by healing the thyroid..bitter organge rind & essential oil....hoodia cactus from south africa hoodia gum...gymnema from india for soda pop addiction...cold pressed organic coconut oil...rice protein shakes...people who live off rice are verh thin....safflower oil...pyllium seed & flax seed....juice fasting water fasteing...the most effective weight loss herbs are illegal...the south texas cactus...sugar is a appite inhancer..   visit the page

Loss of voice (laringitis)   33 mon  

Oak bark
White oak bark 1oz tincture by natures answer.oak is also great to stop any kind of bleeding internal or external..   visit the page

Orange oil   33 mon  

Orange oil
Orange oil kills fire ants and many other insects and it smells good and is Safe on the enviroment..   visit the page

Orange oil kills termites   33 mon  

Termite control
Go online and punch in key words like orange oil and termites do your own reasearch....   visit the page

Young living orange oil & viniger & water weed killer   33 mon  

Weed killer
Natural weed killer mix orange oil with some cheap viniger and mix into water put in spray bottle spray on weeds.   visit the page

Cause of Tinnitus ringing in the ears & ear infection   2 y  

Boric acid
Boric acid poisoning boric acid can go through your skin and sheets clothing buy osmoosis this toxic chemical is in your mattress buy a cott at wall mart in the camping section or buy a portable folding hmoc online or foam and fabric store   visit the page

vetiver Young living essential oil ADD ADHD Bipolar Disorder   2 y  

vetiver essential oil young living
this oii great for any emotional issue like anger aggression go online punch in key words   visit the page

Stinky/Smelly Feet sander & antibacterial essential oils   2 y  

young living
young living lemon or grapefruit essential oil great antibacterial essential oils rub two drops on bottom of feet ....and a pedicure using a cheap electric sander and very fine sand paper to take the dead stinky smelly skin off feet or sugar scrub...or fish pedicure & Bamboo Socks & backing soda in shoes...   visit the page

Loss of Cancer Young living Orange Essential Oil   2 y  

young living orange essential oil
I read on line that a person took two drops 3 times a day for 3 months and it got fit of it for about 15 bucks   visit the page

loss of wrinkles Young Essential oil frankencense   2 y  

roman chamomile
roman chamomile & frankcense & flax seeed oil oil is the best thing i know of for wrinkles and cocoa butter you have to melt it using hot water and it smells great   visit the page

tuagetes essential oil Roaches & Bed bugs   2 y  

Gekos lizards will hunt them and eat them
go on line it says this oil can kill a roach thats awsome...young living pure cedarwood all insects hate this oil and peppermint riddex is outstanding you buy 4 anf plug it in and it getd rif of can make a cockroach trap or hotel using petrolum jelly...   visit the page

manuka honey great for warts   2 y  

go online do your oun reasearch it says it takes a few days keep iy up.   visit the page

Moles & Warts hpv virus young living Frankincense oil   2 y  

warts moles
Young living has the purest strongest undiluted cold pressed organic essential oils in the world their awsome.apply 3 times a day and put band aid over..   visit the page

loss of smell youngliving oil of Angelica   2 y  

great oils
rub 1 drop of youngliving essential oil of angelica on sides of nose every day   visit the page

Loss of hearing Youngliving oil Helichrysum   2 y  

hearing aid oil helichrysum
Only use young living essential oils because they are pure rub on drop behind ears every day this should do the trick.   visit the page

Loss Of Taste Young Living peppermint Essential Oil   2 y  

getting your sences back
Only use 1 drop Peppermint mixed into Organic Greek Yogurt   visit the page


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