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This is a daily account of my personal experience with the Master Cleanse- Lemonade Diet. I have listed how I feel, how much I drank and even descriptions of what's coming out! Beware! This is a great read for those interested in the Master Cleanse for the first time and wondering what to expect.… more...

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Created: 8 y   Jan 15 2006

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almost 2 weeks later   8 y  

making lifestyle changes now
Well, I’ve been keeping up with my healthy eating. My appetite has definitely shrunk and I don’t mind feeling a little hunger. I used to scrounge around after school in the teacher workroom or in my classroom for chocolate, popcorn, Diet Cokes, anything to ward off the hunger from a full day of teaching. Now it doesn’t bother me if I feel a little hunger. I just drink more water and know I’ll have a good meal waiting for me at home. The fast really helped me to accept the hunger feeling as normal and realize I won’t die if I don’t eat right away. I had gained about 3 pounds back after t ...   read more

4th day off cleanse   8 y  

Feeling great, loving fruit!!
So, today was the official day I can start eating normally again. ”Normal” will not be the old normal me- because that’s what got me to feeling so mushy! I’ve just been eating fruits and veggies the past two days and am very satisfied. Tonight I made a blackeyed pea soup, which was delicious! I had a feast last night with cherries, a kiwi, an orange and an artichoke. I was SO SATISFIED! The foods taste so rich after I haven’t had any other processed or artificially flavored foods cross my tongue. I just need to keep planning out my meals each week and really being thoughtful of having goo ...   read more

2nd day off MC, 160 lbs.   8 y  

who knew veggie soup could taste this good
Man, I never knew an orange could smell so good! And can this vegetable soup be the best tasting soup I’ve ever had? It seems as if! I had been dreaming of this soup for so long now! 20 minutes after I walked in the door from work, I had the veggies at a boil in my huge pot. I threw in potatoes, celery, carrots, onions, spinach, broccoli, LOTS of cilantro, LOTS of garlic and some sea salt and black pepper. I didn’t know I could slice veggies that quickly. OH MY GOSH!! I think I ate like 5 or 6 bowls. I mostly drank the broth, but indulged in some of the veggies as well tonight. Seriousl ...   read more

Day 10: 160.5 (-12 lbs.)   8 y  

The last day... I made it and I feel so proud and so healthy!
1:00 pm Just got back from 1.5 hours of yoga! It was so difficult! I think I really need to do this more often. I feel so flexible right now. I also am SO THIRSTY! I drank about 20 oz. of water in the car on the way to the gym (only a 7 minutes drive). I could have drank the other 12 in my water bottle, but I forced myself to stop so I wouldn’t have to pee during yoga. 4:30 I am so excited about this being the last day. Although I have gone back and forth on whether or not I should do another day or two. After going to the store to buy oranges for tomorrow and some veggies for a veggie ...   read more

Day 9: 162.5 (-10 lbs.)   8 y  

Couldn't feel better! On a high!
9:15 WOW! 10 pounds- this is very exciting! Tomorrow is officially the day I end on, although I really feel great- energetic, happy, clean, lighter… I could maybe keep going and keep losing more weight. But I also need to really get on my training for a big bike ride in 4 months. I can’t really do any serious training while I’m on the MC. Made sure to drink the tea this morning after not having time yesterday morning. And I was in the bathroom for 25 minutes this morning- I guess making up for yesterday’s lack of BM. My tongue is just a bit white on top today, hoping it will be pink aga ...   read more

Day 8, 163 (-9.5 lbs.)   8 y  

these jeans used to be tight!
Day 8 (Thursday) 5:30 Stomach churning woke me up and spent the next 30 minutes in the bathroom. 10:00am Man, I couldn’t even fall asleep last night because I had so much energy! I really don’t feel hungry or tempted by food. My stomach feels fine- no hunger, just churning about every 5 hours with a bathroom trip. No problems afterwards. I can so finish this MC out now. I feel amazingly energetic, upbeat and excited. The weight loss is an extra little reward. I’ve got some cute pants on today that I haven’t worn in at least a year. And they look good! :) My lips are red, especiall ...   read more

Day 7, 164.0 (-8.5 lbs.)   8 y  

I've got my motivation again, but STILL COLD!
Day 7 (Wednesday): 164.0 (-8.5 lbs.) 4:00 Had to pee again in the night 7:45 Stomach is churning, but I had to leave for school. Glad that I made it there before any nice adventures. I was so encouraged this morning by the big weight loss since yesterday. I talked with a friend last night who did the MC and he lost 24 pounds in 10 days! OH MY! I’m just hoping I can keep off what I’ve lost so far. Feeling good this morning, no hunger, still energetic and STILL COLD! 10:30 pm Hmm, quite a busy day… didn’t have much time to record thoughts. Had the normal noontime bathroom tri ...   read more

Day 6, 166.0 (-6.5)   8 y  

I am freezing cold all day....
Day 6 (Tuesday): 166.0 (-6.5) 4:30am Had to pee in the night 6:45 am Had 3 bathroom trips before I left at 7:15 for school. Eesh! This could be a long morning. I’m still feeling the churning. 8:00 Oh great, the kids are filing in my classroom and I’m off to the bathroom. I hope this will be it for the morning. My mouth feels so dry too. I was a bit disappointed that I actually gained ½ a pound since yesterday. I drank SO MUCH yesterday though that it’s just water, of course. And I didn’t go to the bathroom much either yesterday (BM-wise). But I also have to remind myself that t ...   read more

Day 5, 165.5 (-7 lbs.)   8 y  

I ate a hot dog and some Cheetos...
Day 5 (Monday): 165.5 (-7 lbs.) my dreams last night! I dreamed all night about food! You’d think I’d dream then of some great steak or lasagna or french fries. But, I dreamt of going to 7-Eleven and buying a hot dog off of one of those rotisseries, a Diet coke and some Cheetos. Then was dreaming that I was in Target and they were passing out samples of little vanilla cookies- you know those flower ones with a hole in the middle that you put your finger through- and I ate one! When I woke up, I was so glad I didn’t really ruin the fast with a rotisserie hot dog. :) 9:45 am Well ...   read more

Day 4: 167.0 (-5.5)   8 y  

The day started well, but ended with mental fuzziness...
DAY 4 (Sunday): 167.0 (-5.5) 5:30am Woke up and had to pee like a race horse- my goodness! Went back to bed. 8:00 Woke up with stomach churning- sat on the toilet for almost 15 minutes. Had BM- still yellow, dark green color. I’m disappointed I only lost 1 pound yesterday after the 2.5 the day before. I’m sure it will all work out in the end. If I keep losing 1 pound a day, then the total would be 11.5 by day 10. I feel so mushy, like I need to exercise and lift weights. But it’s too late now, gotta get ready for church. Today is my nephew’s birthday party- I wonder what my famil ...   read more

Day 3, 168.0 (-4.5 lbs.)   8 y  

Almost didn't make it to the bathroom...
DAY 3 (Saturday): 168.0 (-4.5) 10:30am How nice to sleep in! I feel great, I feel energetic even. My stomach feels a little uncomfortable- I think it’s hunger. I just went to the bathroom and no BM. Gotta start my tea again this morning and go make my juice. I feel much more like I can do this than I did on day one for sure. I feel excited and am enjoying it. Especially thinking of all the weight I could lose! I just want to be able to keep it off afterwards. 11:15 As I drink the Smooth Move, I have to keep going to the bathroom- short, but I went like 4 times. 1:00 I feel great a ...   read more

Day 2, 170.5 (-2 lbs.)   8 y  

Not as tempted by food as expected, even pizza!
DAY 2 (Friday): 170.5 (-2) 7:30am Drank the Slimming Tea instead of Smooth Move last night and this morning- I think it might work better for me. I put only ¼ tsp. of cayenne per 32 oz. for my Nalgenes today. Hopefully it won’t taste so terrible with that little in it. And hopefully I’m not altering the effect the cayenne should have on the body by lessening it. I don’t feel hungry, and I have no desire to drink the lemonade today. I feel good though. The lemonade tastes so much better without so much spice! Had one small BM when I woke up. 12:30 I just took my lemonade with me to l ...   read more

Day 1, 172.5 lbs.   8 y  

This "lemonade" isn't quite lemonade...
DAY 1 (Thursday): 172.5 pounds 9:00am I drank the Smooth Move this morning. I had a couple bathroom trips before I left for school, but nothing too different. Started the lemonade once I got to school- man, it’s spicy! Too bad I can’t drink it without the cayenne. Not feeling hungry yet, but then again, I usually don’t eat breakfast. 11:45 Feeling hungry, but am just drinking lemonade. Had first bout of sudden bathroom need. 3:30 Oh my, my stomach is churning and I’ve gone to the bathroom 3 times in the last 45 minutes. I do not feel comfortable. This is good for me, right? I’m h ...   read more

The Night Before   8 y  

A few thoughts the night before I start the cleanse...
Night Before: I’ve been reading about this cleanse for a while now and have had friends do it. I’m just now going to start it tomorrow. I drank some Smooth Move tonight and am excited to get going in the morning with the lemonade. I’m a little worried about having to perhaps run to the bathroom during the morning tomorrow at school. I have a long weekend coming up, so hopefully I can make it through this Thursday and Friday without any serious bathroom trips at school. I’m shooting for the minimum of 10 days, but am going to see if I need longer based on the color of my tongue. Not sure I’ ...   read more


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