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Blog: No Scales For Me Please:)
by noscales4me

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weight loss by partial fasting more...

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August 1st   8 y  

Well, its time to say good bye to fasting:) It was a nice ride while it lasted. But I noticed this past 2 weeks I have been jiggling like jello...LOL So, I noticed the longer I fasted, I was losing my muscle tissue and my body was keeping the fat tissue. Which was the opposite of what I wanted to do. So, this week, I have changed everything. I am now weight training four days a week, with 3 days of cardio and eating 6 mini meals a day with 3 hour intervals. I am seeing the fat tissue dissolve and my muscles returning. So, this is my new lifestyle change. Seeing the 18 pound dro ...   read more

July 23rd   8 y  

Well, no need to weigh or measure, its the same as last week:) But glad there isn’t a gain:) Tomorrow I will start the MC for 10 days. After that we have 6 days left til August 8th. I am not sure where the group is, since no one isn’t posting any more, so I’ll just post in my blog. I already have the ingredients for the MC mix, won’t be SWF and will only lax tea 3 days a week, not morn and night. So, I’ll see how it goes from there at the end of the 10 day MC. Did the luau last night and it was nice. Been to one last year so wasn’t anything new but my brother in law enjoyed himse ...   read more

JUly 21st   8 y  

An update is in order:) Have measurements on MOnday. And tomorrow night is a luau for the family. I pulled the website up to see about the foods, and they will have a salad bar and fish with chicken, so I can still enjoy the evening. They also have a few other favorites! like white rice and purple potato bread, but I won’t touch it! Cause I know I’ll just blow up. So, I’ll still be hanging true to my partial fast and won’t be blowing it:) I don’t too much care for pork, so I can just watch them pull the pig from the ground without eating it...LOL I am really excited to be wearin ...   read more

JUly 17th   8 y  

partial fasting
Well it is weekly update day:) Since last week I have lost an overall of 6.3 inches. The biggest number loss was in the area of the waist and stomach..yipeeeeee! Weigh in for last week was 173 and today’s weigh in is 163. So, there is much progress BUT much MORE needed, and I am still working hard! SW 180 (July 3) CW 163 GW 125 (38 to GO!!!) I was so happy to leave the 80s, and even say bye to the 70s, now if I can get OUT of the 60s, I would be much greatful..But I am sure next week, I’ll be wanting out of the 50s then....LOL   visit the page

July 12th   8 y  

Another great day today! I am thankful for the support group that is in the fasting for weight loss forum, they are a great help! Well down another 3. So, I will continue on this journey and am glad I am a homemaker, so when or if I need a nap, I can just lie down and take one:) Still trucking on I am liking the shape that is forming before me:) SW 180 (June 3) CW 167 GW 125 (42 to GO!)   visit the page

July 10th   8 y  

Had a hard weekend. Not too bad though. Daughter made chocolate chip cookies Saturday night and offered me some and I told her I wasn’t hungry, but inside I wanted to cram all those cookies into my mouth...LOL I can’t lose weight eating like that now can I? So, I am still water/juice/partial fasting. Had to change juices from OJ (personal reasons) and move to cranberry juice instead, which I LOVE! So bitter and I love the bitter taste. So, I weigh in and did measurments today and they are as follows (from last Monday). 4.6 inches loss overall and 7 pounds off. Hope to have a bette ...   read more

July 7th   8 y  

Its me again and yeah I have had some failed attempts, but today is officially day one! I got through the past three days all way to 4pm and failed....4pm is our dinner time here and I guess my body is scheduled on that. I will have to do something else during that time between 4 and 6pm. I normally do not eat anything after 6pm. So today is a another new day.... I will attempt the orange juice fast as someone else has posted and see how that goes:) Heres to day one (again)....   visit the page

July 5th   8 y  

Day one is going very very well:) Started out with water, then had some tea, and now sipping on non calorie beverage. So, things are looking up today and I am pretty determined. Pretty hard to find buddies to go on this journey with, but I suuppose I need to go through this by myself. I am ready and I hope to make it through these 30 days of water/juice/partial fasting. First starting with water, then if needed juice, and if needed after that introduction of healthly eating, I have already written out the food plan. Hope to go running tonight. I already have my before pics and wil ...   read more

July 3rd   8 y  

Now with monthly visitor gone, I can now begin this partial fast til Oct. 3. Three months I give myself to get back into shape. So i’ll be posting periodically.   visit the page

June 30th   8 y  

weight loss
Tomorrow is day one of partial fasting:) for 30 days only I’ll be doing a partial fast. As by my name I do not weigh on the scale for it is a daily depression, but I do conduct measurements so here they are and I’ll post an update each Saturday since starting tomorrow:) Neck 12.5 Arm 12 Breast 37.5 Waist 32.2 Stomach 34.7 Butt 41.9 Thigh 24.5 Calves 15   visit the page


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