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Blog: Plant Your Dream!
by YourEnchantedGardener
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A History of Peace on Earth from Leslie Goldman & his Higher Self Your Enchanted Gardener. Super Ripe Photos and Enchanted Garden Current Events. more...

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Created: 9 y   Feb 20 2005

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I am so sorry for … South… 69 d
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Confusion over what next   4 y  

Confusion over what next
6:32 pm August 6, 2010 Not sure what my next move is. Took time to seek out remedy today for early morning anxiety. Led me to write a few blogs about my FES Friend. I am not grounded after putting energy into two other straws of opportunities to perhaps stabilize the house. Both of these investments in my energy seem further destabilizing. No wonder the anxiety. I better go out and get some food from Hani. I am not eating well. Back to the drawing board/ I am not sure I took steps today to help myself. Focus was not there. I may have invested ...   read more

A Call for Dialogue on Woman's Good Body   4 y  

"In these times of much fear, stress and cancer, I am wanting to acknowledge and bless our Good Bodies, the pleasure and the pain that teaches us and brings us together to love! If anyone feels the need to join me i n this conversation and journey of what I am calling the “Wisdom of the Body”, I am sure you will let me know your thoughts!! Below is Eve Ensler’s exploration and work in the excerpt from the Play, The Good Body…" Graciously Renee Terese “Helping to Create Health and Wholeness, in Body and Soul from our Land to her Inhabitants, one Garden and one Kitchen at a time!” THE GOOD BODY by EVE ENSLER author of THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES "This play is my prayer, my attempt to analyze the mechanisms of our imprisonment, to break free so that we may spend more time running the world than running away from it; so that we may be consumed by the sorrow of the world rather than consuming to avoid that sorrow and suffering." Eve Ensler Copyright © 2004 by Eve Ensler. Excerpted by permission of Villard, a division of Random House, Inc.
RELATED VIBRANT BLOSSOMS WEB SITE OF RENEE TERESE http://www.vibrantblossoms.com/ Renee Terese Nurturing Arts & Flower Essence Practitioner. A mother of two children, ages 23, and 21, and married for 25 years to Dan, she is passionate now about the work of Eve Ensler, playright of GOOD BODY and THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES. She and Dan are both Aries, one of th sexiest signs of the zodiac. Please join in on a lively discussion with her on Facebook. SHE WILL HAVE A FACEBOOK SITE UP SOON JUST FOR THE DIALOGUE. FOR NOW FRIEND HER RENEE TERESE PLASKY ON FACEBOOK h ...   read more

Flower Essences I Trust and Use from FES   4 y  

Had a highly inspired conversation with Renee Terese Platsky this morning. She is one of So Cal's lead practioners of how to get through the Summer Shift 2010 using Flower Essences from the Flower Essence Services and other important remedies that have a good feel to me from Olmica Organics.
BATH IN A BOTTLE Calendula Seasons of the Soul August 14, 2010 5:01 pm I just got off the phone with Rene Terese. I am needing to touch the feminine right now after a breakthrough day. I am going to force myself to take a bath now. 12:50 pm August 6, 2010 RENEE TERESE PLASKY ON FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/RENEETERESEPLASKY?ref=ts THE GOOD BODY the good body accepting our own body-- Renee Terese Platky plants her Seed Dream with Keep The Beet at the Natural Product Expo West 2010. She is one of Southern California lead practi ...   read more

Magenta Self Heal from FES   4 y  

Magenta Self Heal from FES
10:45 am August 6, 2010 POEM TO GO WITH THIS MATCH MY POEMS WITH FES REMEDIES TELL PATRICIA FES REMEDIES FOR THE SUMMER OF SHIFT 2010. WHAT? It is almost instantaneous on Google up by 10:51 am KEYWORD Magenta Self Heal from FES   visit the page

Watermelon is overripe but nourturing   4 y  

Watermelon is overripe but nourishing
WATERMELON PHOTO HERE http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1665175 INFO ABOUT THE FOOD SAFETY MODERNIZATION ACT that needs work http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1665175 (16) This is a continuation of my first first blog of the morning. I was planting my peace inside myself here. Stopped to eat a Watermelon. Dennis Stowell of Tom King Farm grew it. I am looking forward to getting more watermelons from him on Sunday. TAKING CARE OF MYSELF http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1665734 Meditation for today. I cannot die in the long ru ...   read more

Take Care of Myself Moment   4 y  

morning notes...in process.. Doing some healing work on myself right now through writing this blog out. I am writing in stream of consciousness. The weather is with me. I am reviewing the week. I woke up with a void being felt from deep inside where love needs to go. I am putting attention on that void now through writing. I am gardening my inside right now through writing on this blog. I am removing the void space through blogging.
9:42 am August 6, 2010 This is a take care of myself moment. I have to do this. I took some notes this early morning. In gratitude, the house is somewhat quiet. Chef Jem goes to bed after 3 am. I was just getting up to write what I wrote here: A, I hear some sounds, coming from the place where she resides outside the house. It stimulates me to call her and ask if she can begin to take care of herself financially. It has been a long haul. I do not know what to say except tell the truth as best I can this morning. I woke up this morning with feelings ...   read more

Do You Want To Live, or Retreat Here?   4 y  

The Soul Group is now being Activated. IF you want to live here be in touch now. Enchanted Garden Intentional Community seeks new resident.
THE DOME This is the Dome. IT is available for personal retreat during August. We have a small room that is available for rental in September 2010 on a month to month basis. It is perfect for someone who wants to come study The Essene School of Thought Teachings, to help produce educational materials about the Keep The Beet Campaigns. THE LITTLE ROOM ADD ON SDSU HOUSING SITE SEE ADD D# 47590 http://sdsu.och101.com/search_frame.htm OLD HOUSE AGREEMENTS http://www.lesliegoldman.com/Enchanted_Garden_Intentional_Community/id40.htm ...   read more

YOuR Amazing Adventures During These Shifting Times   4 y  

YOuR Amazing Adventures During These Shifting Times
3:22 pm August 5, 2010 ”How grows it?” Keep The Beet Media Star here, The World’s First Talking Beet Plant. It has a been a busy day in The History Of Peace on Earth. Lots of fish choking today in the Gulf region of our consciousness. I have been putting been thinking some Essene School of Thoughts today: Here is one for you to try on: The four destruction emotions that lead to blockages are fear, anger, pity, and jelousy. by naming these, we begin to battle illusions. There is really no such thing as fear. There is no such t ...   read more

Simple(r) Solutions for Your Med Needs   4 y  

Simple(r) Solutions for Your Med Needs Let Food Be Thy Medicine. The Food Safety Modernization Act will do some good things, but too many bad things. Am underlying aim is to provide more Food Safety for International Food Rule Makers who are not being threatened. There is an increasing desire to take back our food supply from the hands of Food Rule Advocates that prefer drug approaches to simple health conditions. Restoring food to its full potential to support people makes more sense as the path to authentic Food Safety.
THE FOOD SAFETY MODERNIZATION ACT S-510 on OPEN CONGRESS http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-s510/show THE ROMANCE OF SEEDS Read all about it IN SURVIVE THIS DAY BY LESLIE GOLDMAN and DR BERNARD JENSEN Seeds, according to Dr Bernard Jensen are one of Nature’s Four Thrival foods for to SURVIVE THIS DAY. What are the other three foods? ASK YOUR ENCHANTED GARDENER The Answer will be there before too long. 1:15 pm THE PICTURES ABOVE ARE IOF AN ORANGE WATERMELON grown out by Dennis Stowell. For those in San Diego, you ...   read more

The Medium is one of Keep The Beet's Favorite Shows   4 y  

The Medium is one of Keep The Beet's Favorite Sho
KEEP THE BEET LIKES THE MEDIUM It takes one to know one. 11:07 am August 5, 2010 THE ESSENES LIKELY USED MEDIUMS More on this later... HERE IS A MORNING BLOG ON A RECENT ESSENE ARCHEOLOGICAL DISCOVERY http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1665021   read more

Historic Note-- Leslie was late to Spring Equinox   4 y  

Historic Note-- Leslie was late to Spring Equinox
9:40 am August 5, 2010 I was late. William Aura wondered where I was. I was eating lunch with the Wife at her old Prophet Resaurant about five miles or less from the Dome at the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Growing Grounds, site of the Unearthing of the Hidden Modern E ssene School of Thought Scrolls found early this morning. MORE ABOUT THE SECRET MODERN ESSENE SCHOOL OF THOUGHT DOCUMENTS UNEARTHED http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1665021   read more

Living with Ed--The Confessions of Keep The Beet Media Star   4 y  

Living with Ed--The Confessions of Keep The Beet Media Star
NOTE ON FACEBOOK LIVING WITH ED PAGE Ed! Keep The Beet Here! Looking forward to numbers of guest appearances on the new season. We, your plant friends, are working behind the scenes. I am rooting for you! Your Friend, Keep The Beet Media Star, The World’s First Talking Beet Plant. 12:40 pm August 5, 2010 MORE TO COME ON THIS!!! According to Leslie Goldman, a San Diego-based activist passionate about healthy living through the art of drawing closer to the Earth, the beet is one of the easiest vegetables to grow. He spreads the word about th ...   read more

Know Thy Self EsseNE School OF Thought Document Unearthed   4 y  

Archeological dig reveals ancient Hidden Essene Spiritual Writings buried for many years at the Dome of the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Growing Grounds
THUMBNAIL SIZE Place Thumb print here for Special Shaktiput Energy Transmission from Modern Essene School of Thought Headquarters. AGREEMENT Say these words three times and stand up from your computer chair and turn in a circle to the right slowing, going 360 degrees. Breathe in three times. I promise to Use my Reactivation wisely and to Keep The Beet. ”Say What words ???” The Catalyst 9 am-9:16 am August 5, 2010 THE HISTORY OF PEACE ON EARTH-- Natan Mallinger, creator of Third Eye Interactive, the Co-Creator of the New Mo ...   read more

The Growing Grounds Campaign Launches Again   4 y  

The Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Grounds Grounds Campaign
URBAN HOMESTEADING NOW IS THE TIME TO RECLAIM THE POWER IN SEEDS Plant a Seed. Grow a Whole New Earth! 8:18 am August 5, 2010 The Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Grounds Grounds Campaign To be written later....   visit the page

Growing Food in a Pot Can be Simple   4 y  

Growing Food in a Pot Can be Simple
http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1604924 SARAH SNOW, new mom, with Keep The Beet at Hollywood Goes Green December 2008. NOW IS THE TIME TO TURN THE BEAT AROUND, so KEEP THE BEET!!!! LISTEN AND WATCH HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnvZ-pmAeLw GET UP AND DANCE BEFORE YOU READ THIS PLEASE!!!! 6:39 am August 5, 2010 When Gloria Estefan implored us to ”Turn the Beat Around,” she probably didn’t know that the position of the beat… or beet…is of little consequence when planting the fine vegetable -- as long as it’s not u ...   read more

Former Cathouse to House Modern Essene School of Thought   4 y  

Former Cathouse to House Modern Essene School of Thought
Woo The Cat with Scott Masters, Crop Circle Program Presenter, Beet Keeper. Our Newest graduate. Scott did a five-year Residency here. ”The Soul Group has been Reactivated!” --The Catalyst This is the announcement from one of the lead activators of the Modern Essene School of Thought. She is a woman. She hails originally from Ohio. She calls herself the Catalyst. Her last stops yesterday and in recent days were Ojai, Santa Barbara, Huntington Park, Matillija Hot Springs, Los Angeles, The City of Angels; Tustin, and now The Enchanted Garden Intentio ...   read more

Healing Treatment   4 y  

Just came in from a healing treatment in the garden. Watering healed me. Had lots of insights, but the main thing I want to share is, I feel better.
8:06 pm August 4, 2010 I was freaking out inside a few hours ago. I am feeling better now. My feet are what some people might call dirty. I just came in from the garden. The garden is a healing place. I hope you get a chance to experience a garden before too long, or if you do have a garden, I hope you share your garden experience with others. I am a prophet by nature. I do a lot of telling others what to do in some sense. I just took my own medicine. I was feeling too much change too fast. I am backed up with things I need to tell others. I ca ...   read more

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