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A History of Peace on Earth from Leslie Goldman & his Higher Self Your Enchanted Gardener. Super Ripe Photos and Enchanted Garden Current Events. more...

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Getting My Passport   4 y  

Getting My Passport from the Post Office would take a long time. Is there some other way to speed up the process?,
6:55 am August 12, 2010 I took time yesterday to make an appointment to go get my passport. I cannot believe how many people want to leave our country. I do not have in mind to go far. I just want to cross the border between here and Tecate. I want to go to Rancho La Puerta for next years World Environment Day event at the Foundation La Puerta. I got this form for a passport from the US Post Office. I finally called for an appoiintment. It has taken me more than one month just to take the time to fill out the form. If I had called the day I got the fo ...   read more

Toxic Waste Spill Clean Up Begins in This Backyard   4 y  

Toxic Waste Spill Clean Up; Just had a revelatory Dream about the Toxic Waste spill in the Gulf.
6:24 am August 12, 2010 I just woke up in an incredible scenic dream, an ugly scenic dream. I was one with Chef Jem. We may have been the same person. We were cleaning up a toxic waste spill in water. It was an intense cleanup. I and he as one person were shoveling floating yuck into Perf Go Green bags. We were putting the toxic waste into into trash containers. We were cleaning up the Gulf together. We had no idea what we were cleaning up, how deep what we were cleaning up went. It was so deep. Why was I having such a dream? What did it mean ...   read more

Music in a Bottle, launches August 14, 3-5 pm at Venice WFM   4 y  

Music in a Bottle, launches August 14, 3-5 pm at Venice WFM
MUSIC IN A BOTTLE LAUNCHES AUGUST 14, 3-5 pm at Venice Eco Fest 2010 SHOW THE WORLD NEW TRACK 11:52 pm August 12, 2010 RAINMAKERS AT VENICE ECO FEST 2010 This Video features The Luninaries. RAINMAKERS AT VENICE ECO FEST 2010 This Video features The Luninaries. (201, 110810 11:58 pm This is a photo of Leslie Fooling around in the press room ...   read more

Seeking a Miracle   4 y  

Seeking a Miracle Morea's Healing Hands. She works at the HIllcrest Farmers Market each Sunday 9 am-2 pm.
GOT THIS FROM On Aug 12, 2010, at 10:08 AM, Facebook wrote: Chloe Joquel commented on your link. Chloe wrote: ”-- I will ask God to send you a helpful angel to support your wings and guide you as you pray and act to solve problems. Peace and Love, Chloe and all at the PeaceClinic. ---; ” 11:29 pm August 12, 2010 Had a talk with Chef Jem. Thought I would go to sleep with this Plant Your Dream Blog to be written in the morning. Got this email from Morea Garcia in response to this photo that I s ...   read more

Turtle on Tour   4 y  

Turtle on Tour   visit the page

FLourish Flower Essences Arrrived!!!   4 y  

FLourish Flower Essences Arrrived!!!
4:46 pm August 11, 2010 This feels very powerful. I just opened the kit containing all 12 of the Flourish line of Flower Essences. I am not familiar with some of these. This puts me in a position to really doing some testing on myself. I am feeling a range of emotions these days. RELATED Feeling Anxious, Wrote this morning, FLOWER ESSENCE SERVICES FLOURISH REMEDIES These fill the voids where blockages exist. These help reconnect the body with the soul. August 11, ...   read more

I'm sorry, but doesn't feel like I can do this   4 y  

I'm sorry, but doesn't feel like I can do this
4:29 pm These are my feelings one hour ago. I have eaten. Feels less intense now. Going to take a nap. Then, prepare for a meeting here of the Food Justice Planning committee at 7 PM It would be good to show the Dome and print up some flyers for the rental. 3:52 pm August 11, 2010 I’m sorry but I don’t feel I can do this. The dynamics of living with a lot of people doesn’s feel good in this moment. May be this can shift, but what needs to shift? Look at it. OLD AROSA PHOTO FROM THE 80’s Feeling pushed from behind to go faster ...   read more

Feeling Anxious--Fear-Less Flower Essence helps this   4 y  

Feelng Anxious--What FES goes with this?
FLOWER ESSENCE SERVICES FLOURISH REMEDIES These fill the voids where blockages exist. These help reconnect the body with the soul. I am using these the last week more strongly. Angelene suggested I start using Fear-Less. Rene Terese Platsky, my closest contact with the FES Flourish Formulas is sending down a kit for me. She was deeply involved in spreading the word. I highly recommend her services. She is focused on developing her own practice now as a Healing Arts Practitioner. ...   read more

Making improvements to the EGIC Website   4 y  

Making improvements to the EGIC Website
THESE ARE VITAL 8:10 am August 11, 2010 Making improvements to the EGIC Website WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU We are looking for Evolutionary Leaders, people who want to reconnect their lives with the Beet of nature. This is essential, if we are going to move through the shift to the opportunity to inspire 1000 years of peace as an end result for this millenium. This is a very big Vision. We can be played out as we connect with the soil and the plants that grow here ...   read more

The Venus Project   4 y  

The Venus Project
I was on the phone last night with Dharlene Marie Fahl. She is the author of SERENI_TEA. TESTIMONIALS FOR SERENI-TEA During times that are perceived as troubled or difficult, the greatest defense we have for a recession is going within. In, Sereni-Tea Dharlene Marie shows you how the recesses of your heart and mind will reward you with the purest and richest sense of inner peace and security; for therein lay all your true and infinite resources. Isn’t it worth taking a sip or two to find out? You will enjoy this book—the answers you seek are within. September Dohrman ...   read more

Sending Mark his CD   4 y  

Sending Mark Victor Hansen his CD of old Chicken Soup History photos plus a copy of THe Healing Power of Chlorophyll from Living Plant Life
JOIN THE PROGRAM HERE WEALTHY WRITERS WISDOM COURSE IS A GREAT PROGRAM WEALTHY WRITERS WISDOM ON FACEBOOK 12:25 pm With the help of Lucas at Apple Tech support under apple care, I was able to create a burn folder and burn in sequential order, the photos I set up in an album on Iphoto. This took some work. Will I be able to repeat what I did? Let me check. 12:30 am’ I do set up a new burn photo. O.K. ...   read more

Academic Calendar SDSU Classes Start August 31, 2010   4 y  

Academic Calendar SDSU Classes Start August 31, 2010 August 24 First day of fall semester. August 24 New Graduate Student Orientation available on-line August 25 - 26 Faculty/staff advising. August 27 Convocation August 27 Last day of registration before classes begin. August 28 Last day to officially withdraw for fall semester 2009 and receive a full refund (less administrative fee if applicable). August 28 Last day for nonresident (foreign and out-of-state) students to pay deferred tuition and not incur service ch ...   read more

Passport Meeting--September 15- 2 PM   4 y  

Passport Meeting--September 15- 2 PM
4:47 pm I have an appointment at the Andrew Jackson Post Office to turn in get a passport. I need to get a photo by them. Amazing, that it takes so long. The meet every day and they are all booked up. I wonder if there is another place that is quicker.   visit the page

What;'s My Next Step?   4 y  

What;'s My Next Step?
7 am August 11, 2010 If I want what I want, I have to slow down, not speed up. That’s what I learned from yesterday. 7:01 am August 11, 2010 11:14 am August 10, 2010 Had an unexpected visit with Sanda, the primary co-owner of the house here. I am a 5% owner. My name is first on the title as the resident owner. I am on the mortgage too. I had others things to do yesterday. I am grateful I was able to do to of them. They were concrete pressing issues that pertain to my body. I have a number--not too many remedies-- that I use. One is StayAct ...   read more

Things to Refine with Sanda   4 y  

Things to Refine with Sanda
Things to Refine with Sanda.... Dragon Belly Farm-- Where the new house?   visit the page

Is This the Summer of Awakening?   4 y  

The Rebitth of Mother Earth: Is this the summer of awakening?
8:31 am August 10, 2010 It starts here. It has to begin where you live. On Aug 2, 2010, at 10:44 PM, Earth Spirit wrote: wow ! ! Great! did you post this on FB and Curezone, too! Love, MEL From: Leslie Goldman To: Mel Sent: Fri, July 30, 2010 9:15:06 PM Subject: mel, fyi, KtB column and Leslie Goldman’s ”Appeal” Leslie! Hi, Love! Yes, we did get it in on time - but had to use the second version, because that was the only one which would fit in your column space, since the other was a third longer than usual. But I had a good idea and wor ...   read more

What's Wrong with the Morenga Tree?   4 y  

What's Wrong with the Morenga Tree?
8:26 am August 10, 2010 Take it into Bill Tall, at City Farmers’ Nursery. Call Marengp. Talked to Martha, Bill is out of town... Overwatering? Ti?   visit the page

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