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A History of Peace on Earth from Leslie Goldman & his Higher Self Your Enchanted Gardener. Super Ripe Photos and Enchanted Garden Current Events. more...

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Bath in a Bottle   4 y  

Bath in a Bottle: Talking to Rene Terese Platsky. I had a breakthrough today. Two ourstanding prospects for the empty room called. I have not had to much Shabbat today. It would be good to force myself to take a bath and receive some of the feminine.
5:03 pm August 14, 2010 BATH IN A BOTTLE Calendula Seasons of the Soul August 14, 2010 5:01 pm I just got off the phone with Rene Terese. I am needing to touch the feminine right now after a breakthrough day. I am going to force myself to take a bath now. OTHERS BLOGS WTH RENE TERESE PLATSKY A DIALOGUE ON WOMAN’s GOOD BODY   visit the page

SDSU Housing Listing   4 y  

SDSU Housing Listing
10:47 am August 15, 2010 I checked on our ad today. It is Ad # 47590 At first it would not come up. I was shocked. Then, later I could see it. I need to Reorganize the Photos I could not figure that out. I need to ad some photos of the available room. Photos [ close ] Pictures: To add unlimited photographs simply click ”Pictures” then select the property to begin. Use the unlimited free photographs to show off your re-modeled kitchen or that million-dollar view, but most importantly, listings with photographs receive preferential position ...   read more

Apple Moth   4 y  

Apple Moth
Apple Moth   visit the page

Space of Love Magazine #8 is out   4 y  

Space of Love Magazine #8 is out
11:25 am August 14, 2010 Keep The Beet has a column in it. I also have something in the Reader’s Forum.   visit the page

Our SDSU Housing Ad #47590   4 y  

Our SDSU Housing Ad #47590
OUR AD #47590 ON SDSU HOUSING SITE 10:59 am August 14, 2010 HOW TO REARRANGE PHOTOS Pictures: To add unlimited photographs simply click ”Pictures” then select the property to begin. Use the unlimited free photographs to show off your re-modeled kitchen or that million-dollar view, but most importantly, listings with photographs receive preferential positioning on the website, which means they are seen befor ...   read more

Our Bankrupt State of Health   4 y  

Our Bankrupt State of Health
Leslie, rt front at Michelle Obama event. We had a ball meeting each other as we waited for the our First Lady to arrive. She launced an initiative about CHildhood Obesity. The Farm Bill helped cause a lot of the current issue through fostering a program of supporting corn syrup sales. See the Film KING KORN. About what we eat and how it got in the American Diet through the Farm Bill and more. 8:32 am August 14, 2010 Most of us know very little about health. We don’t get much help from our government to ...   read more

Live in nature in the city? w/ Gardening   4 y  

Evolutionary Leader to Reside Here? Like to life in nature in the city? $485/or $365.00 with 12 hours work per month in garden or maintenance.
PHOTOS HERE AND INFORMATION ON SDSU HOUSING SITE So this is the story, most things as we know them economically are Shifting. We have a room available for new resident who would like to live in a community setting where they can get back their beat with nature through sharing what they know about gardening. We have a natural environment, 1/3 acre. You can find links about more about our community living opportunity here. Those here enjoy no smoki ...   read more

Codex Alimentarius USDA- FDA   4 y  

Codex Alimentarius at the USDA Michael R. Taylor heads our new Office of Foods. He upholds standards. Here is a great quote. Mission is: Preventing Food Borne Illness, and ensuring everyone across the food system are doing what they can to reduce the hazard.... FDA authority will increase will passage of s-510, will mandate prevention this video says.
MICHAEL R TAYLOR HEADS OUR FDA OFFICE OF FOODS ON LEAFY GREENS 7:59 PM July 31, 09 MICHAEL TAYLOR BEFORE the DENNIS KUCINICH Hearing JULY 29: ”In addition, FDA is leading an effort through the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the international food safety standards body, with support of the Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization, to develop commodity- specific annexes to the Codex hygienic code for fresh fruit and vegetable production, starting with an annex for fresh leafy vegetables and herbs.” --Mr MICHAEL TAYLOR ...   read more

Update on Climate Destabilization   4 y  

Update on Climate Destabilization reported on Huffington Post This report from events around the world are shocking.
,B This is a powerful story of climate Weirding around the planet. We are having a rather mind summer here in San Diego, but the inner climate of emotional trauma is strong for some of us. This report is shocking. This is a powerful story of climate Weirding around the planet. We are having a rather mind summer here in San Diego, but the inner climate of emotional trauma is strong for some of us. This report is shocking. 10:24 pm August 13, 2010 ”It is crimi ...   read more

BP Cover Up Revealed in Shocking Report   4 y  

BP Cover Up Revealed in Shocking Report. BP's Insidious Coverup and Propaganda Campaign: Out of Sight, Out of Mind by Dahr Jamail
7:32 pm August 13, 2010 BP’s Insidious Coverup and Propaganda Campaign: Out of Sight, Out of Mind by Dahr Jamail Global Research, August 9, 2010 Dahr Jamail’s Dispatch - 2010-07-08 Email this article to a friend Print this article Since BP announced that CEO Tony Hayward would receive a multi-million dollar golden parachute and be replaced by Bob Dudley, we have witnessed an incredibly broad, and powerful, propaganda campaign. A campaign that peaked this week with the US government, clearly acting in BP’s best interests, itself announcing, via ...   read more

Food Safety Act Alert S-510 8-13-10   4 y  

food safety modernization act alert Annette Higby, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition wrote:
FOOD SAFETY MODERNIZATION ACT ALERT S-510 FROM On Aug 13, 2010, at 3:06 PM, Annette Higby, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition wrote: Senate Food Safety Legislation Information Alert August 13, 2010 The Food Safety Modernization Act (S 510) was reported out of the Senate Health Education Labor and Pensions Committee in November of last year. The bill as reported out of committee would ramp up FDA regulation on farms that even minimally process their crops and sell them to restaurants, food coops, groceries, schools and wholesalers. Yesterday, the Senate Health, ...   read more

Mercury Retrograde....August 19-September 12 2010   4 y  

Mercury Retrograde....August 19-September 12 2010
Just when I thought things were unmanageable, I got word today, that Mercury Retrograde in on its way. August 19- September 12, 2010 The first tell tale signs appear as early as August 12 and last a week after September 12.   visit the page

Joined the Flock of Angels   4 y  

Joined the Flock of Angels
11:35 am August 12, 2010   visit the page

Happy Pills from Nuvah Yeetah   4 y  

Called Nuvah Yeetah Ayurvedacharya on the phone. He has direct perception. He coaching was simple, yet truthful. Nuvah spoke simply to me, He said Stay in The flow. Stay out of my mind. I know that the mind when connected with nature can express the soul intent to be in the flow.
9:48 am August 12, 2010 I have a 2 pm appointment today for teeth cleaning. I do not want to forget that. I got up this morning and wrote out some ideas for Living here. I have been wavering back and forth with a range of emotions that have been killing. Then, this morning, I got up and wrote this Plant Your Dream Blog. Then, I went back to bed for a while. When I was writing, I was in a flow. After going back to bed, I started to feel anxious. It is so shocking to be in the flow, go back to bed and then fall out of my enchanted visions. I ...   read more

Cozy Space For New Resident, $485.00 or $365 w garden help   4 y  

Building Up energy today to invite a new resident Craig's List ADS to be placed..
SEE ADD D# 47590 A ROOM IN THE HOUSE AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 1 A SMALL COZY ROOM Lovely place to live--1/3 acre Enchanted Garden, walking distance of SDSU, has small cozy room available on 1/3 acre. This is a place for someone who prefers to live in asmoking free, drug free, drinking free healthy environment with the availability of lots of Fresh, local, organic Farmers’ market foods. You can plant your dream here, and reconnect with the beet of nature, while helping to sustain a supportive communit ...   read more

The Artist of Kooroo Story from Walden   4 y  

The Artist of Kooroo Story from Walden
7:35 am August 12, 2010 The Artist of Kooroo Story from Walden the same way, according to the passage, time should not become an obstacle. The greatest man will never achieve his fullest potential if daunted by concerns of society, money, time, or the waking and slumber of Brahma. The individual, like the artist, should devote his life to Life’s purpose and to nothing else.   visit the page

Bill Walton to be Featured--Dr.Bernard Jensen helped him   4 y  

Bill Walton to be Featured--Dr.Bernard Jensen helped him Event Description Join the Green Chamber for a fun, educational evening ’in downtown San Diego. Basketball Hall of Fame inductee ’ and environmental advocate, Bill Walton, will be the featured speaker. The topic covered will be San Diego as a hub for clean energy, green, solar, and energy efficiency. There will also be a special auction opportunity to enjoy an afternoon with the high-performance 100% electric, zero emissions Tesla Roadster! 7:29 am AUgust 12, 2010 Dr. Bernard Je ...   read more

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