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Blog: Plant Your Dream!
by YourEnchantedGardener
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A History of Peace on Earth from Leslie Goldman & his Higher Self Your Enchanted Gardener. Super Ripe Photos and Enchanted Garden Current Events. more...

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Created: 9 y   Feb 20 2005

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Table of Contents YOURENC… 43 d
Re: Leaky Gut Synd… #1812… 48 d
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I am so sorry for … South… 75 d
Re: Cultivating Gr… YOURE… 4 mon
Re: Improving Brai… refre… 5 mon
Re: The Relationsh… daizy… 5 mon
Re: Seeking Answer… The H… 5 mon
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If the world were collaspsing as we knew it...   4 y  

If the world were collaspsing as we knew it...
If the world were collapsing as we knew it.... if what Michael Ruppert was saying was happening as we speak, where would I want to live? who would I want to live with? What would I want to be doing if I could not going elsewhere and people were dying all around me. Would I have the strength to be as the Essenes who knew the Romans were coming, yet stayed to dot the i and t knowing that those documents would be found today to further the work? What is the work now? Do I have the strength to carry on, or succumb to discomfort as I attempt to manage things th ...   read more

Lifeboat Skills--TIme to Learn Them Together Here   4 y  

Lifeboat Skills--TIme to Learn Them Together Here Enchanted Garden Intentional Community Growing Grounds offers opportunities to connect with your Lifeboat skills.
WHERE ARE MY ALLIES? ENCHANTED GARDEN INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=118218208198816   read more

More on Zombies   4 y  

More on Zombies
WE ARE IN COLLAPSE. Things are falling apart. They coming together where I live. The resolution is in the garden. We need to garden together. We need to grow our own food. Few are healthy. The garden makes us healthy. How do we putting ourselves together through the collapse? http://www.collapsenet.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=56&Itemid=76 INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL RUPPERT WATCH: An Interview With Michael Ruppert OF COLLAPSE.NEt http://www.chelseagreen.com/content/watch-an-interview-with-michael-ruppert/ WATCH THE PLAST ...   read more

Lots to Communicate   4 y  

Lots to Communicate
8:46 am August 22, 2010 Lots to communicate to housemates. set up banking loan payback. Good. Did my best to follow guidance. would like to do one blog on La Milpa. Want to get up from down. FROM JUDITH   visit the page

Recovery of old Data for Powerful G4.   4 y  

Recovery of old Data for Powerful G4.
9:51 am August 20, 2010 Checking on old data on my old G4 Computers. Is there any way to get data off an old Powerbook G4?   visit the page

Quicken 2010?   4 y  

Summary of finances. Shift to Quicken?
7:10 am August 19, 2010 Made signifincant progress yesterday with Finances. I have been catching up and inmproving systems for the the last months. This morning I can see switching to Quicken 2010. I can see making up a new file that separates my business and personal from the house. I can see starting anew with simple reports and registers based on the budget that NM helped create. There would be registers for each new budget catagory. I really need some downtime today, off the computer. Yesterday was a full time work day. WE ARE OVER BUDGET FOR ...   read more

Can I work with Iphoto Today Please?   4 y  

Can I work with Iphoto Today Please?
10:43 pm August 18, 2010 Worked with Finances all day. Made some good progress. Lots of eye openers. Every day is one more thing to handle.   visit the page

Water Imploder from Dan Winter   4 y  

Water Imploder from Dan Winter
5:01 pm August 17, 2010 Received this from Roger Green, an ally in my Feng Shui circles. This is from Dan Winter. http://www.theimploder.com/ FROM THE WEBSITE The Imploder Water Energizing Successful seed germination and accelerated plant growth It revitalizes water quickly, is easy to install, has no maintenance or moving parts, cost effective and produces amazing results. The ’Imploder’ water treatment creates a measurable and validated effect on plant growth, seed germination and bio mass yields (stronger, better crops). It saves money on water ...   read more

Sent out Job's Tears, Seeds of LIfe Fulfillment   4 y  

Send out Job's Tears today. Good to complete on that.
2:21 pm August 17, 2010 JOB’S TEARS INFORMATION http://www.lesliegoldman.com/id38.htm Sending out some overdue Job’s Tear’s, The Seeds Of Life Fulfillment. Going to the Post Office to mail them now. Richard Katz, co-founder of FES called me just now. These feel like intense times for both of us. It was good to hear his voice. I have been using the FES Flower Remedies every day now. We are approaching Mercury Retrograde. It officially begins August 20. Richard reminds me we are about something bigger than what we are feeling now. We c ...   read more

Making Beauty   4 y  

Making Beauty
Some of my closest friends are praying for me now. Thank you. I need to grab a hold of my life. I need to regain my will and vitality. I stayed in bed this morning. I need to feel love. I need to feel I have time, time to slow down, time to make beauty, time to show the beauty that is here to others. Time to not rush. Time to appreciate cleaning up something small. Time to breathe into doing small things. Time to be underwhelmed, rather than overwhelmed. I want to go out and take a picture of a flower. I want to be a flower again. ...   read more

Slow it down   4 y  

slow it down... be healthy here.
”We must take time, we haven’t a moment to lose.” --Dr. Bernard Jensen 5:29 am August 17, 2010 Fixed my brakes yesterday. Then went over to Amy and Malaki’s. It was a day to slow down and make sense of things. We are a few days away from Mercury Retrograde, a three week opportunity to look at things again. Toward the late afternoon, I was hand watering in the backyard. It is stunning to imagine that this land is still here. There have been more than 100 people I imagine who have lived here since 1974. Something has definitely got to shift if ...   read more

Ouch! Pay to use the internet????   4 y  

Ouch! Internet Charge? "Net Neutrality" is at stake
8:54 am August 16 2010 http://www.calpirg.org/action/google?id4=es GOOGLE, SAY IT AIN’T SO! Google and Verizon have proposed a deal that, according to the New York Times, would allow ”Verizon to speed some online content to Internet users more quickly if the content’s creators are willing to pay for the privilege.” We need to keep the Internet free, open and neutral for everyone. This concept, sometimes referred to as net neutrality or Internet freedom, is vital to ensuring that everyone can connect and share information, free from discrimination or interference. ...   read more

Brian Hedden Is Making Films   4 y  

Brian Hedden is a Revolutionary expressing himself through the films he makes and aspires to make.
4:03 pm August 16, 2010 Spending time with Brian Hedden, a housemate of Amy and Malaki. Brian is making films and aspires to make more of them. His dream is to be a revolutionary in one form or another. It doesn;t seem there is a way out of this mess without a great overhaul in the system. Everything needs to be changed, he says. Here is some of his work: http://brianhedden.com/ PORTFOLIO http://brianmhedden.tumblr.com/ BRIAN HEDDEN ON FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=809347   read more

Scorpios have a tendency to die..Rise, and Then get Happy.   4 y  

Honoring Nuvah Yeetah at our Bhodhi Tree.
Bodhi Tree, August 16, 2010 8:30 am 8:02 am August 16, 2010 Scorpios have a tendency to die, and then rise up. Last week I did a lot of dying. I do not do well with instability in my homelife. There is massive instability right now, and this is leaving me little time for the things that renew my Life Forces. I want to thank two practitioners of healing for coming to my aid last week. I just went into the garden to honor them. I am going to honor them in two different Plant Your Dream Blogs. The first Healer I want to honor is Nuvah ...   read more

Full Load   4 y  

in process... writing to regain my life energies....
7:17 am August 16, 2010 I feel spent. Is there something I can do to help myself feel better than I do? I just sprayed with Active-8 that is suppose to restore passion to live. I just sprayed with Magenta Self Healer, that is said to restore the vital forces. Here is Grace, the FES Flower Essence for bringing in the Feminine. Going into the Garden now... Oh my God, I need the feminine now. How do I exist this the stress of attempting to create stability in my home now? This stability may involve as many as four shifts in the various occupants ...   read more

Bath in a Bottle   4 y  

Bath in a Bottle: Talking to Rene Terese Platsky. I had a breakthrough today. Two ourstanding prospects for the empty room called. I have not had to much Shabbat today. It would be good to force myself to take a bath and receive some of the feminine.
5:03 pm August 14, 2010 BATH IN A BOTTLE Calendula Seasons of the Soul August 14, 2010 5:01 pm I just got off the phone with Rene Terese. I am needing to touch the feminine right now after a breakthrough day. I am going to force myself to take a bath now. OTHERS BLOGS WTH RENE TERESE PLATSKY A DIALOGUE ON WOMAN’s GOOD BODY http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1665897   visit the page

SDSU Housing Listing   4 y  

SDSU Housing Listing
10:47 am August 15, 2010 I checked on our ad today. It is Ad # 47590 At first it would not come up. I was shocked. Then, later I could see it. I need to Reorganize the Photos I could not figure that out. I need to ad some photos of the available room. Photos [ close ] Pictures: To add unlimited photographs simply click ”Pictures” then select the property to begin. Use the unlimited free photographs to show off your re-modeled kitchen or that million-dollar view, but most importantly, listings with photographs receive preferential position ...   read more

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