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A History of Peace on Earth from Leslie Goldman & his Higher Self Your Enchanted Gardener. Super Ripe Photos and Enchanted Garden Current Events. more...

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Message from William Spear   4 y  

Message from William Spear
Message from William Spear To Do 8:13 am August 27, 2010   visit the page

Table of Contents Beet Keepers, Return!   4 y  

Table of Contents Beet Keepers, Return! Introduction to this Online Course.
I had an inspiration that I could redo Plant Your Dream Book One...and put it online... I would want links to content rich sites that have passwords are are like e-books... KTB MS: That would be a lot of work!!! 3:22 pm August 27, 2010 Howdy! Keep The Beet Here, The World’s First Talking Beet Plant. We are Shifting here on the Plant Your Dream Blog. Leslie has been writing for three days now, after a long lay off with working with his projects other than the Enchanted Garden Intentional Community. We are starting to have some ...   read more

Beet Keepers, Return!   4 y  

Beet Keepers, Return!
6:55 am August 27, 2010 Let me introduce myself, I am Keep The Beet Media Star, The World’s First Taking Beet Plant. I am a beet that talks. FOOD TALKS TO YOU Let me get something straight. Food has always been talking to you. Food still talks to you, Everything you eat has a message, a simple message, but most of us today do not listen until we are forced to hear. THIS IS A TIME FOR ALL OF US TO SPEAK OUR TRUTH AND EXPRESS OUR WHOLE BEING I have to speak up now, as much as you as human being are being asked, by Mother Nature herself ...   read more

Looking for the Emerson quote I like....found these   4 y  

Looking for the Emerson quote I like....found these
11:23 pm August 27, 2010 And in Truth Study Nature, Know Thyself... Thus to him, to this school-boy under the bending dome of day, is suggested, that he and it proceed from one root; one is leaf and one is flower; relation, sympathy, stirring in every vein. And what is that Root? Is not that the soul of his soul?--A thought too bold,--a dream too wild. Yet when this spiritual light shall have revealed the law of more earthly natures,--when he has learned to worship the soul, and t ...   read more

Growing Sugar Cane Project   4 y  

Growing Sugar Cane Project. An interview with Steven L White at the HIllcrest Farmers Market, 9-2 pm. My ideal would be to grow this in BioSmart Sugar Cane Bagasse pots. Popularizing the pots as an alternative to Styrofoam use is one of my Seed Dreams.
I AM EXPLORING HOW TO GROW SUGAR CANE IN THIS BRIEF INTERVIEW WITH STEVEN L WHITE. Steve is one of my allies at the Sunday Hillcrest Farmers Market in San Dieog. 9:21 pm August 26, 2010 Having difficulty with the pop up blocker all of a sudden on Facebook. How do I disable it? It is interfering with my uploading a video clip of Farmer Steve L. White talking about growing sugar cane. I will attempt this upload another way. I am very tired now. I would like to clean up the crock pot. Lots of energy in the kitchen.   read more

Holding it together   4 y  

Holding it together
6:15 pm August 26, 2010 Something is different now. I don’t seem to be able to hold it together as I used to. Something has shifted. I better let go for now. Everything is in pieces, disconnected. I better just go get some food, and b e in the world.   visit the page

To Dan   4 y  

To Dan
10:06 am August 26, 2010 Forgive. I apologize if I afforted your soul. It is an honor to know you, hpw you are.   visit the page

You live in my heart   4 y  

You live in my heart. New Year's Preparations. bring to mind those who have shared life with you.
MESSAGES IN A BOTTLE NEW YEAR PREPARATIONS YOU LIVE IN MY HEART 10 am August 26, 2010 Thank you for inviting me to your home on a day you were busy. Thank you for inviting me to your home on a day I felt homeless. Thank you for carrying me, for reminding me that years from now what we feel now, do and don’t do now, have have long gone. Only love shall remain. I want you to know you live in my heart. You always have and will. Vivian Blackstone historian, filmmaker Those who yield cameras sacrifice the present to help us see ...   read more

Calling in Souls   4 y  

Calling in Souls
TO DO SCAN SOME PHOTOS IN HERE. Call in souls now that adore you and who you adore. Call in souls in flesh still, and souls that live everywhere in a Universe that only knows life. There is no passing on no passing away of what is good. Everything good lives inside you forever. love always lives on. 9:52 am August 25, 2010   visit the page

I esteem you. I love you.   4 y  

I esteem you. I love you.
Rabbi Wayne Dosick of the Elijah Minyon and his wife Ellen Kaufman Dosick, who writes the Cosmic Times and counsels over the phone daily. RELATED BLOG ON THE COSMIC TIMES 9:45 am August 25, 2010 I esteem you. I send you love. I forgive you for inspiring times inside me when life hurts, for showing me cracks in my intended unbroken wholeness. Thank you for listening to me about what I feel is important. Thank you for not having all the answers.   read more

Beet Keep Rock Opera to have Luminaries?   4 y  

Keep The Beet is a Rock Opera featuring The Luminaries
This art was created August 27, 2010 KEEP THE BEET: One Thing about Leslie, When things around him get super stressful, at a certain point he goes down, down, down into the depths of the Crack, expresses his feelings. At the bottom of the Crack, he finds his Soul. Then, he starts to Create something. I think this is the nature of who he is as a HaSeed. We have the capaciity inside us to dance and be joy filled in the face of the Shift that is now ending the History of our LIfe as we know it. what will emerge? It is emerging through you! Plant ...   read more

Messages in a Bottle from A Talking Beet Plant   4 y  

Messages in a Bottle from The World's First Talking Beet Plant.
Unedited..... Draft ONE This has some good stuff... but has not been edited down yet... 11:01 pm August 26, 2010 MESSAGES IN A BOTTLE! A CALL TO LIVE FROM THE WORLD’s FIRST TALKING BEET PLANT Messages in a Bottle! A Call to Live from the World’s First Talking Beet Plant Keep the Beet Here! The World’s First Talking Beet Plant. It’s been a number of years now since I left the field and began to speak up. Some have been asking how I have taken to my celebrity. Others, some in Mother Russia, do not like my Media Images, and so I thought I w ...   read more

Keep the Beet with Biosmart Containers   4 y  

Keep the Beet with Biosmart Containers
LESLIE SHARES BIOSMART WITH A LITTLE GIRL AT THE LA MILPA ORGANICA FARM, the third Saturday of August 18, 2010 HEAR THE TALKING BEET PLANT HERE Oh dear, dear, Leslie find a way to go verical with one simple seed again...Keep The beet. You ca do it. 12:55 am August 26 2010 Leslie: Pull together you materials for Keep The Beet. This needs to go in the Pacific Symposims This needs to go on the Beet Keepers new website. What should that web site say? Find the Iphoto library of Keep the Beet ma ...   read more

California Small Farm Conference March 6-8, 2011   4 y  

California Small Farm Conference March 6-8, 2011,
It was so great to participate in the 2010 Califonria Small Farm Conference in San Diego This is about the 2011 event.   visit the page

Great Internet Marketing from Tom Antion   4 y  

Great Internet Marketing from Tom Antion What is Wordpress all about?
What is Word Press All About? 6:23 pm August 25, 2010   visit the page

Review of Because She is a Woman   4 y  

Review of Because She is a Woman. My Seed Dream is to connect this up with the Seven Love Cures.
SEED DREAM Connect up Words That Men Need to know and Women Want to Hear with the FES FLower Essences, I asked Rene Terese Plasky to write a review of BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN and connect it with the FES Flower Essences. BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN is one of the series of poems called WORDS THAT MEN NEED TO KNOW and WOMEN WANT TO HEAR. I have in mind to create a web site soon offering up these very popular poems. This is what she wrote. On Aug 17, 2010, at 4:15 PM, Renee Terese Plasky wrote: From: Renee Terese Plasky [mailto:renee@vibrantblossom. ...   read more

with Riki Newell   4 y  

with Riki Newell, Find Serenity in the midst of the storm. give gratitude for all we are receiving... every day that i awake-- in spite of pain i give thanks-- as a pebble in a pond-- every day that i awake-- in spite of pain i give thanks-- as a pebble in a pond--
REVIEW oF TIME SPENT WITH RKI NEWELL Riki Newell called me today. He is one of the greatest creator artists I know. What he said, basically underscores some of the Keep The Beet Teachings I need to put out this Fall, the beginning of this new year. He was talking about the Jones’ no longer attempting to keep up with the Smith’s. This is the equivalent of the queen who lost her crown, and had to come to her senses. being aware of their surroundings how presenred to others-- those caught up in materialist lifestyle improving from that life s ...   read more

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