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A History of Peace on Earth from Leslie Goldman & his Higher Self Your Enchanted Gardener. Super Ripe Photos and Enchanted Garden Current Events. more...

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Planets in Retrograde...a comment to LFIRE   4 y  

Planets in Retrograde...a comment to LFIRE
5:20 am August 30, 2010 5:16 am August 29, 2010 No, I am not enjoying the bumpy ride, LFire. I have spent a lot of time wanting to die. I feel like living together now in The Great Experiment of Community is killing me, in many ways. I know you have aspired to live in community. Would you like to be one of my counselors on line, helping me address how to make this situation work better? I need to be more open. I feel my life is a gift to humanity. This has been one of the things that has been keeping me doing so many impossible thiings ...   read more

Life is a Game, So Play It....   4 y  

Life is a Game, So Play It....
4:50 am August 29, 2010 Went to bed feeling very, very hopeless and helpless to extricate myself from what feels like an impossible relationship with one of my housemates here in The Great Experiment of Cooperative Living. I am the manager here, and I am in a transition to another role with less responsibility so I can give more time to what is calling me. I am jammed in my Living Space with materials that are important to get out into the world. My life has been a gift. I am in this house by Grace. Some youth, that I invited in, want to move out. They w ...   read more

Converting Audio Cassette Tapes to CDs   4 y  

Converting Audio Cassette Tapes to CDs
11:07 pm I need help setting this up... Too much to think about, but I need to do it. Converting Audio Cassette Tapes to CDs   visit the page

How did I do this?   4 y  

going out for some refreshment. My spirit feels damaged.
5:34 pm August 28, 2010 I am looking around at an amazing amount of beautiful books and writings and archives. I do not know how I accomplished so much in my life. How did I get this far? I have done impossible things. I would say it was because somehow I touched something inside, found a way to express it, and then got feedback that was so positive that it elevated me to believe I could do anything at times. Now I am surrounded by a neighbor that feels critical and a stability that fills profoundly unstable. I question how to move forward. A ...   read more

She Saved my Life   4 y  

Found a photo of Yael Zaidman just now. We were teaching a class on Container Gardening in April at the Cultivating Food Justice Conference. This photo helped me recovery my inspiration.
12:50 pm August 28, 2010 Keep The Beet here... I was just fumblng through some of Leslie’s old writings. Here are some more Messages of Hope from A MANUAL FOR RECOVERY PROPHETS a 12 step program he once wrote. The PIT STOP You just saved my life. Yael, My inspiration comes and goes today. I lost it, but then found it when I discovered this photo. This photo reminds me of the Enchanted Garden Rock Opera, Beet Keepers, Return! The plot is the journey from what feels like shifting times where we no longer know where we stand, where the h ...   read more

Messages in a Bottle (Simplified)   4 y  

Messages in a Bottle (Simplified)
MESSAGES OF HOPE IN A BOTTLE COVER Rock Opera Cover... Put title page on my altar in front of my face. Add in pages in the notebook that I want to have Type in some messages of Hope... I can go with the simple story. Do more cleanup... this will give me more energy.. Check on timing. It is still MR Up from death experience... Know iti s O.K. what is happening. Grace that we are here... blog on that... 12:26 pm August 28, 2010 RECEIVING AND GIVING LOVE TO THE WATER THAT CARRY US ...   read more

Receiving and Giving Love to the Sea   4 y  

Receiving and Giving Love to the Sea
RECEIVING AND GIVING LOVE TO THE WATER THAT CARRIES US This is a day to receive and give love to water, to the oceans, to be kind to the sea. To feel safety as if we are each a baby Moses innocent, in a basket, in the arms of safety, floating to shore, where we will be found, safe, suckled by Mother’s love. Now is the moment to return to natural rhythm. as knowing gentle water carries us. Now is the time to receive messages of hope, messages as if coming back to us from the sea in once discarded plastic bottles, to caste away to the sea ...   read more

Where is My Job's Prayer Origiinal for Inside front cover?   4 y  

Morning unsettled thoughts.
7:12 AM Right ear a bit stuffed. Ate grapes and blueberries late. Likely too much sugar for my system. I have been happy with improvements in my bowel, and benefiting from Kurchi Bark. I am in a strange place between worlds, hardly able to negotiate the physical world now, feeling a sense of giving birth to some focus for the HIgh Holidays with the children of Freedom--B;nai Horin. Very uncomfortable energies coming at me while I attempted to create. I am under the influence of Mercury Retrograde, a time when it is unwise to attempt too many things that are ne ...   read more

From SImi Valley to Idyllwild   4 y  

From SImi Valley to Idyllwild
Do I want to go? 11:31 pm August 27, 2010 149 mi (about 2 hours 43 mins) 1. Head east on E Brower Ave toward Sycamore Dr 23 ft 2. Turn left at Sycamore Dr 0.6 mi 3. Turn right to merge onto CA-118 E 17.7 mi 4. Take exit 44A to merge onto I-5 S toward Los Angeles 23.0 mi 5. Take exit 134B on the left to merge onto CA-60 E/Pomona Fwy toward Pomona 52.6 mi 6. Continue onto I-215 S 19.1 mi 7. Take exit 15 for CA-74 E toward Hemet 0.3 mi 8. Slight right at Mathews Rd 1.7 mi 9. Continue onto CA-74 E/Pinacate Rd Continue to follow CA-74 E 29.9 mi 10. Slight left at CA ...   read more

Life of a Plastic Bag!!!!!   4 y  

Life of a Plastic Bag!!!!!
Beet Keepers, Return! is about turning our beat with nature around. See this Plant Your Dream Blog; This Video on Youtube is a crucial part of the writing concept I have been working with today. I found this on the Dance4Oceans Blog just now. Thanks to Aikido! 4:52 pm August 27, 2010 Life of a Plastic Bag!!!!! THIS IS WONDERFUL Thanks to Aikiko for posting this on her blog! ABOUT THE GREAT PACIFIC GARBAGE PATCH GYRE WHAT IS THE GREAT PACIFIC GARBAGE PATCH GYRE? http://en.wikipedia.o ...   read more

Beet Keepers, Return! Story Concept   4 y  

Beet Keepers, Return! scriipt Concept
4:38 pm August 27, 2010 PHOTOS FROM LAST YEAR WITH THE CHILDREN OF FREEDOM KIDS OF BNAI HORIN DESCRIPTION Beet Keepers, Return is a down to earth musical that will Rock Your Soul. This musical is intended to be performed in schools and places where kids and their parents learn to be BioSmart through learning how to live Green inside and out on the earth. Now is the time for each of us to become a Beet Keeper and being BioSmart is the Way. THE PERFORMERS IN BEET KEEPERS, RETURN! The performers are inte ...   read more

Getting in Touch with Curezone Webmaster   4 y  

Getting in Touch with Curezone Webmaster through Facebook
THROUGH PRIVATE CONTACT I am curious how what the best way to get in touch with our Curezone Webmaster is. He has a site on Facebook. I just requested friendship   visit the page

Word Press- What is it all about?   4 y  

Word Press- What is it all about?
What is it all about? WE HEART SITE We know that’s it’s not polite to brag, but today we feel like a kindergartner coming home with a piece of starred schoolwork! So, consider this the virtual equivalent of hanging that paper up on the refrigerator door for all to see. We are bursting at the seams to announce that we heart this has been added to the Showcase Sites page of! WordPress is the platform we (and millions of other bloggers) use to run our site. This genius an ...   read more

Work on the new website   4 y  

Work on the new website
2:02 pm August 27, 2010 Create a new Beet Keepers site using Wordpress. Make it so it can have add on pages that I can add blogs. and Have Sponsor ads to sell, such as my Biosmart sponsor, and other ads from Beet Keeper, sponsors. Work on the new website How will I be able to have galleries for multi media Oh I see... 2 Can you help me get a virus protection program up and running, so I can go online on my new Powerbook. completion with Chef Jem... check in. how is it going? Catch UP... sold levels... Shifts we can make here ...   read more

Dr. Bernard Jensen Lesson for These Shifting Times   4 y  

Dr. Bernard Jensen Lesson for These Shifting Times Look Again! My Friend the Fields are Ripe, and Ready to Be Harvested.
1:57 pm August 27, 2010 I am going to rewrite a chapter from Dr. Jensen’s book THE HEALING POWER OF CHLOROPHYLL here on this Plant Your Dream Blog. Mark Victor Hansen gave me this idea. He is my mentor in the Wealthy Writers Wisdom Course. He admires the work of Dr. Bernard Jensen very much. I am going to continue his work through rewriting some of the chapters that I originally wrote for him. I was his ghost writer and editor for a number of his books. Now he is my ghost writer, so to speak. I often feel his presence around me. Leslie 2 pm   read more

Kid Activities with B'nai Horin High Holiday Services   4 y  

Kid Activities with B'nai Horin High Holiday Services
RECEIVING AND GIVING LOVE TO THE WATER THAT CARRIES US This is a day to receive and give love to water, to the oceans, to be kind to the sea. To feel safety as if we are each a baby Moses innocent, in a basket, in the arms of safety, floating to shore, where we will be found, safe, suckled by Mother’s love. Now is the moment to return to natural rhythm. as knowing gentle water carries us. Now is the time to receive messages of hope, messages as if coming back to us from the sea in once discarded plastic bottles, to caste away to the sea no ...   read more

Being BioSmart Wins Over the Plastic Zombies!!!!!!!!   4 y  

Being BioSmart Wins Over The Plastic Zombies!!!!!!!! This is one of the ideas that came through today for the new Seed Dream of BEET KEEPERS, RETURN! a Rock Your Soul Opera that will begin as a Kid activity in two week when Leslie Teaches with the Kids at the B'nai Horin Community In Los Angeles. This is part of the scriipt and story. This is the first major Plant Your Dream Blog where Leslie is writing about the Idea for this amazing down to earth production that will Rock Your Soul!
ONE WAY TO BE BIOSMART IS TO KEEP THE BEAT WITH NATURE. THIS IS TO BE A BEET KEEPER. BEING BIOSMART WINS OVER THE PLASIC ZOMBIES!!! Scroll to the bottom of this Plant Your Dream Blog. I want to expand on this idea into a skit. it might also be an idea for THE PLASTIC ZOMBIE DANCERS Io Dance4Oceans. I took footage and gave permission for them to use some of my footage to promote this group. This is what the Dance4Ocean’s Plastic Zombie Dancers looked like at the Venice Eco Fest 2010 FIND DANCE 4 OCEANS on Facebook http://www.facebook. ...   read more

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