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Blog: Plant Your Dream!
by YourEnchantedGardener
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A History of Peace on Earth from Leslie Goldman & his Higher Self Your Enchanted Gardener. Super Ripe Photos and Enchanted Garden Current Events. more...

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Created: 9 y   Feb 20 2005

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Can we afford to pass S-510, FDA on the Farm?   4 y  

ARE YOU SURE WE CAN AFFORD TO PASS S-510, THE FOOD SAFETY MODERNIZATION ACT????? S-510 increases/ gives FDA rule on the Farm. Testimony of Michael R Taylor at Kucinich Healing July 2009 During his tenure there, Taylor represented Monsanto's efforts to gain FDA approval for rBGH. Taylor left the firm in 1991 to rejoin the FDA, this time as deputy commissioner for policy. In that position, he wrote the guidelines on the use and marketing of rBGH, which turned out to be very favorable for Monsanto. The FDA guidelines exempted milk producers from labeling dairy products from cows that had been treated with rBGH. Now Taylor has resumed to Monsanto, working on what the company calls "long range planning." During his days at King and Spaulding, Taylor also authored more than a dozen articles critical of the Delaney Clause, a 1958 federal law prohibiting the introduction of known carcinogens into processed foods, which had long been opposed by Monsanto and other chemical and pesticide companies. When Taylor rejoined the federal government, he continued advocating that Delaney should be overturned.
&letter LATE BREAKING NEWS I called Senator’s Coburn’s office. Talked to Liz. LATE BREAKING NEWS 10:44 am September 22, 2010 S. 3767 is in the Judiciary Committee today September 22. THE BILL IS CALLED S. 3767: Food Safety Accountability Act of 2010 111th Congress 2009-2010 http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=s111-3767 The concern expressed here http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/568/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=4878 is that it will be rushed through September 23, 2010 I prefer other sources, but this is the news, as I a ...   read more

Made another Movie on La Milpa Open University!!!   4 y  

Made another Movie on La Milpa Open University!!!
It is a different kind of system he says. Regulations need to be dropped at this level. He was not making a profit. Always operated at a deficit. Uploaded 8:13 am September 18, 2010 YOUTUBE NOTE The La Milpa Organica Farm Open University is a project of the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Food. It’s purpose is to cull from the seven year experience of Barry Logan, a farmer between 2003-2010. He applied gardening principles to a social experiment that sold high quality beyond organic food at three San Diego Farmers’ Markets. He saw himself carryin ...   read more

About the Open University at La Milpa   4 y  

column notes for SOL
column from Keep The Beet Media Star... My sadness...my pain...breakdown turn into breaktrhoughs. Food talking to you, lately. crisis in our food supply... rediining food safety. The rock your opera opera begins...   visit the page

My favorite kind of journalism writing   4 y  

My favorite kind of journalism writing
NEW FROM STAKE MAGAZINE, LA http://slake.la/features/the-cisco-kid 4:06 am September 21, 2010   visit the page

Space of Love Magazine Due.. Fine tune Pac Sym inserts   4 y  

Space of Love Magazine Due.. Fine tune Pac Sym inserts
To do in am September 21, 2010 Also check to P Turn breakdowns into breakthroughs at EGICGG essential to make the passage... Missed opportunity... special gmower   visit the page

LA Times Online Opinions--places to post   4 y  

LA Times Online Opinions--place to post
http://www.facebook.com/latimesopinion?v=wall 3:40 am September 21, 2010 STAKE MAGAGINE LOS ANGELES http://slake.la/ http://slake.la/features/the-cisco-kid   visit the page

Michelle Obama On Obesity   4 y  

Michelle Obama On Obesity
http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2010/09/michelle-obama-obesity-black-caucus.html Uploaded 3:35 am September 21, 2010 Taking her campaign against obesity before the Congressional Black Caucus, First Lady Michelle Obama said childhood obesity had become a national epidemic and was particularly bad in black communities. She said the situation had become so serious, especially in black communities, that today’s children ”might be the first generation in history on track to lead shorter lives than their parents.” Obama drew laughter from the black legislators ...   read more

Government Mis-Investigations   4 y  

Government Mis-Investigations. The FBI was pointed out by ABC News doing improper investigations between 2001-2006. Among them was a non-violent peace center infestigated for terrorism. The FBI is not the FDA, and yet, I quesiton giving unbridled power to the FDA. This would increase with the passage of S-510, The Food Safety Modernization Act, now on hold.
The FBI is not the FDA, but nevertheless I question giving the FDA unbridled power. This would be more of the case if S-510 The Food Safety Modernization does come up before the Senate, and does pass. It was because of the consciousness of a few senators, and I want to name and thank them, that S-510 did not come up September 16, 2010 as it was intended. That was the day this story crossed my desk around 5:30 pm: 7:35 pm September 20, 2010 http://www.globalresearch.ca/PrintArticle.php?articleId=17539 The investigation of the Merton Center began w ...   read more

Beet Keepers, Return! Pac Symposium 2010   4 y  

Pacific Symposium Materials Keep The Beet at the Root Your Dream Altar at Pacific Sympoium 2010. This Plant Your Dream Blog is a composite of all Links to Blogs about the upcoming Enchanted Garden Installation at the Pacific Symposium 2010 Set up, November 3, Event November 4-7, 2010
& UPDATE January 3, 2011 JOIN THE BEET KEEPERS ON PLANT YOUR DREAM.NET http://plantyourdream.net/?page_id=552 SEED DREAM WE WILL INFORM WASHINGTON. WE WILL CLOSE THE GAP BETWEEN SUSTAINABILITY GROUPS LOCALLY AND THEN EXTEND OUR CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE ON WASHINGTON http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1724325 November 16, 2010 YOU BORN TO SEE THIS? TO SING THE LATER VERSES OF AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1708802 America! America! May God thy gold refine Till all success be nobleness And every gai ...   read more

Kodak Zi8   4 y  

Kodak Zi8 Just starting to learn how to use this. Bought on way to Whole Being Weekend 2010
HOW TO ERASE VIDEOS on the Zi8? http://store.kodak.com/store/ekconsus/en_US/pd/Zi8_Pocket_Video_Camera/productID.156585800?linkName=Zi8   visit the page

Death of a Farm + Uprising of New Seeds!   4 y  

Death of a Farm...and Beet Keepers, Return! An Uprising of new seeds Fall 2010 is vitally needed. Death of a Farm...and Beet Keepers, Return! The shutting down of La Milpa Organica farm due to breaking regulations exists for me in the context of impending Food Safety Legislation tha will further regulate small micro farms such as La Milpa Organica farm. I see what happened here as part of a needed national conversation about the real meaning of Food Safety. Safe Food to me means local, organic, community based. As Barry Logan said, My customers are my regulators. Watch the video clips here and get an education. Washington is pushing now to get through another bill beyond the death of S-510, It is called S. 3767. It is in the Judiciary committee as of September 24, 2010. It will potentially harm more than help food safety.
Br MORE ON WHAT THE PASSAGE COULD MEAN OF FOOD SAFETY BILLS MORE ON WHAT THE PASSAGE COULD MEAN OF FOOD SAFETY BILLS http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1694851 uploaded September 24, 2010 3:50 pm NOTES ON THE ROCK YOUR SOUL OPERA BEET KEEPERS, RETURN! http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1693515 MORE ACTION NEEDED TO HELP LOCAL FARMS WHO CANNOT SURVIVE OVER REGULATION September 24, 2010 Senate: Please Do Not Rush S.3767 to a Vote Instead, Adopt the Food Freedom Amendment! http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/56 ...   read more

Barry Logan-- Final Harvest Sept 18, 2010   4 y  

Barry Logan Speaks at The Final Harvest September 18, 2010
4:22 pm September 18, 2010 UPDATE SEPTEMBER 26, 2010 PETITION SITE to stop these FOOD SAFETY BILLS one after another, coming through. Senate: Please Do Not Rush S.3767 to a Vote Instead, Adopt the Food Freedom Amendment! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/873/554/846/?z00m=19890678 live message heading into September 26th week. Serious Food Safety Bills that would harm natural medicines and small farms are still being atempted to be pushed down into us the final week that the Senate is in session BARRY LOGAN, LA MILPA ...   read more

Complete on Dead Line for Pac Sym Materials   4 y  

Deadline upon you, Leslie. Get your materials in for the Pacific Symposium Handbook
5:52 am September 19, 2010 Red alert! From Keep The Beet Media Star The World’s FIrst Talking Beet Plant. Leslie, Tiffany Hansen called you. You need to call her back. She wanted to tell you that if you have to get your materials in for the Pacific Symposium Handbook. THINGS TO COMPLETE FOR THE PACIFIC SYMPOSIUM HANDBOOK In side from cover Four page insert Include: Art with acupucture needles in a squash with Mugwort Story about the crisis and the response. The new medicine in America... The growing of TCM herbs on our own soil. Jesse alm.. ...   read more

La Milpa Organica Farm Open University   4 y  

Early morning inspirations and things to do from Keep The Beet Media Star, my Director of the Rock Your Soul Opera called, Beet Keepers, Return!
UP AND DOWN ON THE FARM KELI DAILEY SIGN ON SAN DIEGO ARTICLE http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2010/oct/13/ups-and-downs-farm-scene/ OCTOBER WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2010 AT 3:38 P.M. Barry Logan Speaks out-- What did he have to say? YOUTUBE LAST WEEK http://www.curezone.org/blogs/fm.asp?i=1690676 REGULATIONS KILL OFF IDYLLIC FARM in San Diego. More regulations will come down if S-510 passes, and other related Food Safety Laws attremppted to pass during the final week of session Mark My Word. THE ORGANIC REBELLION NEEDS ...   read more

Wow!! Wow!!! Wow!!! FDA Food Safety Bill Stalled   4 y  

Wow!! Wow!!! Wow!!! FDA Food Safety Bill Stalled!!!
I SEE S-510 as part of Act Four of Beet Keepers, Return! The Rock Your Soul Opera This is what is needed now: A great rising up of souls to form the New Ground that Romain Rolland called for. http://www.curezone.org/blogs/fm.asp?i=1682656 BEET KEEPER TEACHINGS ARE ROOTED IN THE ESSENE SCHOOL OF THOUGHT FOUNDATION http://www.lesliegoldman.com/Essene_School_of_Thought/id42.htm ”Let us seek truth everywhere; let us cull it wherever we can find its blossom or its SEED. Having found the seed, let us scatter it to the winds of ...   read more

Barry Logan, Farmer, Speaks Out on Food System   4 y  

Barry Logan, Local San Diego Farmer, Speaks Out on Food System, and the rules he broke at La Milpa Organica Farm, Upcoming Event for all San Diegans: The Last Harvest, La Milpa Organica Farm, Saturday, September 18,
DEATH OF A FARM + UPRISING OF NEW SEEDS http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1692198 WOW! WOW! WOW! LATE BREAKING NEWS THE FOOD SAFETY MODERNIZATION ACT, s-510 will not come before the Senate as anticipated for September 16!!!!!!! According to Bill Marler, as quoted here, The Bill is dead for this session!!!!! http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20100916006704/en updates 7:30 pm September 16, 2010 two days before World Beet Day!!! TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY EXISTS NOW to educate all about the Food Safety Issues. WATCH THIS ...   read more

Messages of Hope in a Bottle   4 y  

Messages of Hope in a Bottle
FROM KEEP THE BEET. Found this writing just now on my computer. Was written a week or so ago, I imagine. leslie INTRODUCTION My name is Keep The Beet. I am an all knowing talking beet plant. I know it is a stretch to wrap your mind around the concept that a beet can talk, or be all knowing, but for the sake of planting 1000 years of peace on earth, I am asking that you suspend belief. There are a lot of unbelievable things right now that are happening on our earth. I really cannot believe that some of them are happening and happening to both ...   read more

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