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A History of Peace on Earth from Leslie Goldman & his Higher Self Your Enchanted Gardener. Super Ripe Photos and Enchanted Garden Current Events. more...

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Three More things to look at Soon. Two Complete.   3 h  

Three More things to look at Soon. Two Complete.
Three More things to look at Soon. Two Complete. I need to stop in the morning and note three more things I need to advance. One is beginning the housemate search, likely needed. Two is important conversation with one more sponsor. Projected writing... Three, maybe Number 1, Health evaluation. Some improvement and impactful meetings with western drs this week. Surgery is on the books for Jan 21. I want to do all I can to go a natural route. Breakthrough: not using anti-inflammatory, moving more. tingling somewhat controlled when I exercise and stretch. ...   read more

Santa is sustainable and non-GMO   36 h  

Santa is sustainable and non-GMO.
Santa is sustainable and non-GMO Going through photos from the national heirloom expo ran into a lovely one of my favorite Nadine of Nadine’s favorite ingredients with the sustainable Santa. This is certainly the time of the year for the Sustainable Santa to make his true purpose and intent known. He’s definitely into sustainable and healthy living. For those of us on the nice list that means health reform including non-GMO eating. HERE’S A PLANT YOU DREAM BLOG I DID LAST YEAR ON THE SUSTAINABLE SANTA ...   read more

Gathering Rain and What I have to do This Week   64 h  

Gathering Rain and What I have to do This Week
Return to Essential Living Practices I will live today, as if gardening and collecting rain are the most important things I can do with my time today-- because it is!--Leslie Goldman Your Enchanted Gardener Plant Your Dream Blog December 16, 2014 My bottom lines now are that I am called to maintain a positive attitude of faith, drink water, move my body, eat foods that support my health improvement, and rest as needed. These are basic essential living practices, many of these practices I learned during my days studying the Wholistic Environmental Living Pract ...   read more

Rain Report December 16, 2014   74 h  

Rain Report December 16, 2014
Rain Report December 16, 2014 7:01 pm RAIN STORY   visit the page

Kamut® ancient wheat Looking Good; 155 farmers,160,000 acres   3 d  

Kamut® ancient wheat Looking Good; 155 farmers,160,000 acres
Kamut® ancient wheat Looking Good; 155 farmers,160,000 acres Spoke to Trevor Blyth, of Kamut International. Kashi is coming out with an organic line and will have a Kamut® Khorasan ancient wheat product coming out before long. There are 155 farmers and 160,00 acres now in production. Things are looking good for this remarkable ancient grain that is the basis of my very own Grow A Healthier Pizza project. I will update here in this Plant Your Dream Blog on the Kamut® ancient wheat story. 9:16 am December 16, 2009   visit the page

Picked up the EG Mobile   5 d  

Picked up the EG Mobile
Picked up the EG Mobile I picked up the EG Mobile, my 68 VW van this early evening following Dani Darrow & JP’s wedding at Qualcomm Stadium. Nadine, my partner, was driving to pick me up at the stadium, when she knew it was finished. She saw Mike Boone, of Mike’s Foreign Auto, driving her on the road. I paid off the rest of the bill. It was $1337.00. I am about to look at my Banking to see how I stand. I have my first checks for my 2015 season that came in while I was out of town at Rancho La Puerta. I am most grateful that they came in. back soon… ...   read more

Dani Darrow & JP Most Amazing Wedding   5 d  

Dani Darrow & JP Most Amazing Wedding
I am home from Dani Darrow and JP’s Wedding in H-4 of Qualcomm Stadium. It was the most creative wedding I have ever experienced. Photos soon! MAP OF QUALCOMM STADIUM SAN DIEGO 6:21 PM December 14, 2014   visit the page

Planting The Future of Humanity with Leslie Goldman YourEG   5 d  

Planting The Future of Humanity with Leslie Goldman YourEG
Planting The Future of Humanity with Leslie Goldman YourEG I gave a talk Friday December 12, 2014 at Rancho La Puerta, the Number One destination spa in at the world, My talk was called ”Friendship is a River that has no Borders” a Talk by Leslie Goldman on the Essene Renaissance.” The morning of my talk around 8 am I could see clouds moving across the Sacred Mountain Kuchamaa. Early in the week a pot of soil had been brought to my room at the Ranch. When the rain began to fall, I went out and placed seeds of Job’s Tears, and seeds of Ancient wheat called Kam ...   read more

Rancho La Puerta Notes, December 11, 2014   8 d  

Siting with the Professor Szekely writing up some inspirations. I am at Rancho La Puerta writing up some thoughts on the Essene Renaissance.
2:33 pm December 11, 2014 I am sitting in front of the Professor’s statute gathering my thoughts about the Essene Renaissance. Rancho La Puerta, the #1 Destination Spa in the world, began as the Essene School of Life in 1940. Some of the history details I will check later. Tomorrow, through the grace of the staff, I have an opportunity to share a little talk. The titel is Friendship is a River that has no Borders, a talk by Leslie Goldman on the Essene ...   read more

EG Membership is key to images for An Essene Renaissance   13 d  

EG Membership is key to images for An Essene Renaissance
EG Membership is key to images for An Essene Renaissance   read more

GMO Debate December 3, 2014 #GMODebate   15 d  

GMO Debate December 3, 2014 #GMO Debate
GMO Debate December 3, 2014 #GMO Debate SUMMARY: A very important #gmodebate raising numbers of the pro and con issues about GMOs is now available for your study online, thanks to the popular series IntelligenceSquared Debates that has been ongoing on NPR for many years. The debate winner was selected by those in the audience and those listening to the program by how many of them were convinced by the arguments about Genetic Modification that is known as GMOs or GE, Genetic Engineering. The Pro GMO side won with speakers that were more effective I believe in presentin ...   read more

How to Lower Resolution in Photoshop Elements   16 d  

How to Lower Resolution in Photoshop Elements
How to Lower Resolution in Photoshop Elements I want to know how to get a small K image that can go via email using Photoshop Elements. To change the image resolution follow the instructions below: Step 1. Select the command Image - Resize - Image Size from the Adobe Photoshop Elements menu. Step 2. Activate the check-box Resample Image, if you want to keep the image dimensions (Document Size). ... Step 3. Enter a new value into the field Resolution. More items… This is too small… Calling Apple Care…. 10:23 am December 3, 2014 What size ...   read more

Pacific College Students, Room for Rent Natural Environment   16 d  

Pacific College Students, Room for Rent Natural Environment
This is a photo of Seed Dreams Growing Ideas I want to include in this: Enen planting Seed Dreams Things to learn here What you get What it takes to live here Chris Brenner Give him a call… Friday nite, there is an opportunity to meet with students… 8:40 am December 3, 2014 THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PLACE TO MAKE CONTACT WITH THE STUDENTS WHO ATTEND PACIFIC COLLEGE OF ORIENTAL MEDICINE THIS IS THE STUDENT COUNCIL WEB PAGE   read more

Recording from my Iphone a phone message or using free cone   16 d  

Recording from my Iphone a phone message or using free conference
Recording from my Iphone a phone message or using free conference Memo…. a conversation…. record a conversation on the Iphone… Free conference call…. the organizer has the ability to record….   visit the page

Powerful dream #Bestyearyet @YourEG   17 d  

Powerful dream #Bestyearyet @YourEG
Powerful Dream #Bestyearyet @YourEG I’m dictating this blog. There may be errors and typos and mis_heard words in this first draft. Some of the words or sentences may not make sense until I edit this later. 2:58 AM December 2, 2014. I just had a very powerful dream. The dream had to do with people in a violent situation with guns. At the last minute of the dream someone, to preserve life, interceded. They swooped into a potentially dangerous situation and kidnapped a woman who was in harms way In a pivotal front position and took her out of the field of action. ...   read more

And the Lion Shall Lay Down with the Lamb--Thanksgiving '14   18 d  

And the Lion Shall Lay Down with the Lamb--Thanksgiving '14
And the Lion Shall Lay Down with the Lamb--Thanksgiving ’14 5:43 pm December 1, 2014 My Legacy to the Earth Part of my legacy to the Earth is that have have survived living with others in a shared household for decades. As some of my fellow leaders in Intentional community will attest, learning to live with others is not always an easy task. I am sure there are leaders at the Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC) who have made a better job of it. I have my talents and abilities. Carrying a Vision for a more beautiful world is one of them. I called thi ...   read more

Go Fund Me--Nadine's Suggestion   18 d  

Go Fund Me--Nadine's Suggestion
Go Fund Me--Nadine’s Suggestion I am building energy for a fundraising campaign for the EG Mobile’s Journey to Save Our Sacred Seeds. I worked on this Plant Your Dream Blog today that is part of the story. Nadine said I should look into Go Fund Me. 5:41 pm December 1, 2014   visit the page

Join the Club; Free Heirloom Seeds   18 d  

Join the Club; Free Heirloom Seeds
Join The Enchanted Garden Club; Free Heirloom Seeds I want to work up this Plant Your Dream Blog soon! Bookmarking my intention to do that! I will put up some photos of the secretary antique that I inherited from my father, Solomon. One of the breakthroughs of the last week was taking time to work with the Seed Library. 8:39 am December 1, 2014 TO DO Priority writing… Go over the blog I wrote during the night here and add the photo of the EG Mobile…my Teacher. I want to take time to get a few compl ...   read more

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