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Blog: My Master Cleanse Experience
by shamanmama

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I am in the process of doing a 30 day MC. Please join me on my journey. more...

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Created: 8 y   Sep 19 2006

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Keep up the great … tambe… 8 y
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Good Job! tambee 8 y
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I had this too #60157 8 y
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Halfway through day 6   8 y  

Here I am, halfway through day 6. My resolve is waning still. Oy! I have yet to hit the stage of fasting where I don’t think constantly of food. But its not happening. I did find some relief from a few grains of Peruvian pink sea salt. (I just happen to have a soft spot in my heart for Peru) My body was craving salt, for sure. SIGH... I feel great physically and I have a lot of energy. I know I am doing great things for my body. I’ll keep on keeping on. But that 21 days is seeming far off. Okay, I’ve gotta see ...   read more

Yep, pizza would be nice...   8 y  

Shouldn't I be over this on day 5?
I hope writing about this helps it to pass, because I am really wanting food. Salty, fatty, greasy, hot food. I want to gorge myself on food! I know I’ve had enough lemonades today. And this is day 5, so it seems like I should be past the worst of this, but this is the worset craving time so far. I guess I’ll have another lemonade and see how it goes. If I could only hit the peaceful place that I know is there. I have a reiki attunement tomorrrow night and I am excited to see how it feels while on the fast, so that’s a definite motivator. Looking back the 5 dyas has gone re ...   read more

Hitting a wall, of sorts   8 y  

having a bit of a rough time
I am having a hard time this evening. I really want some food. Well, hmmm, I am not even sure its that. I do feel hungry and food does smell good, but I am not sure if I actually want to eat it. Maybe just writing this will get it out of my system. I was out all day and came home and crashed. When I woke up I had a headache and tummy grumbles. Part of me is doing the ”what the heck am Idoing this for?” routine. The other part of me is thinking ”forget it!” and the last part is thinking well, you signed up for this, keep going! So, I can’t remember if I posted this yet, but the ...   read more

Here we are on day 5!   8 y  

Day fine and going strong
WOW!! I cant believe its day 5! My husband and I were just saying last night how fast (ha, ha) this fast is going. Seriously, it feels like it is flying by. Last night was a little rough. My legs were really sore and crampy again. I had pains in my lower back. And my tummy was making lots ’o’ noise. But in the overall scheme, it really wasn’t too bad. I do have to revise my plans again though. I am stopping after 21 days due to guests visiting later next month. But 21 days is a good long time and it’ll be great. I am a little nervous because after 10 days my hubby is stoppi ...   read more

Start of Day 4   8 y  

Movin' along
Things are moving now. As I was strating to fall asleep last night I was getting dizzy. And my legs are sore. That’s an odd one! And this morning I felt dizzy before my lemonade. Maybe I should make sure to drink more lemonades even if I am not necessarily hungry. I only had 8 or 9 yesterday. I actually slept in this morning (8am is sleeping in for me, LOL), but now I feel tired again (9am). I’ll take it slow today, but I want to get my walk ing. I didn’t do that yesterday. Well, I check in again later today. Hooray for Day 4! Sheri   visit the page

argh!!!   8 y  

End of third day grumpies...
I am so grumpy!!!!! So very grumpy. I want the whole world to leave me alone. I’m a bit hungry too. But mostly, I am grumpy. Smelling good food I made for my kiddos didn’t help things... This too shall pass... This too shall pass... Clearing out the old, making room for the new. Sheri   visit the page

Those late afternoon HUNGER blues...   8 y  

Getting through the evening
Its that time of day again. The time when I am making dinner for the kiddos and wishing I could eat some food. I am not so sure I am even hungry, as much as I’d love to sink my teeth into the spinach feta pie we got from Trader Joes. Have I mentioend how much I love TJs? The smells are the worst! But I am hanging in there. I know I have done this before and I know I can do it again. This is the worst part, day 3. Its all downhill after today right?? Yeah, check back with me in 15 days and see how I feel then, LOL!! My body will thank me and my spirit will thank me. I am fe ...   read more

We're going for 30!!!!   8 y  

Making the long haul and feeling great!
Its official. We’re going for 30 days. Well, *I’m* going for 30 days, but you’ll follow along right!? (I mean read along!) I feel really great still. I had my network chiropractic appointment today. It was really nice. Lots of moving and shifting and getting back in tune with my body. I feel clear and high energy. Lets keep it this way, okay?! Still having those unconscious urges to ”grab a snack” and then I remember ”Um, I fasting-- no snacks involved” Gotta run, errands to do. Thanks for being there. Sheri   visit the page

Morning of Day 3   8 y  

Thinking long term *and* day to day...
Still eeling great. The hunger was there pretty strongly last night, but I kept going strong. I’m still having molasses in some of my lemonades. Its a nice switch and makes them feel a little more substantial. Today is a busy day for me, lots of driving around for my kids, so we’ll see how that plays out. At least it will keep me occupied. Oh, and I have my first newtwork chiropractic appointment during the fast today. Should be intersting since I nearly had a big breakthrough and release of energy last time. This could be a major big month for me with all this cleansing and en ...   read more

Hungry on Day 2   8 y  

hunger "pains"
Whew!! I know this is normal. I know it will go away. But, drat, I am hungry. Lemonades only do so much. I just spent hours smelling grilled meat. My tummy is grmbling. I will be stronger from getting through this. I am doing the right thing for my body. Off to drink my nightly tea. Sheri   visit the page

Middle of day 2   8 y  

mid-day musings
Well, I am still feel fabulous!! Gotta love it!!! I might even be able to avoid the biggest pitfall, the evening meal time, because I have to be out from 5-8 tonight. Yeehaw!! Though I had to just cook diner for my oldest son -- ah the smells of sausage. I made on of my lemonades today with 1/2 maple syrup and 1/2 molasses. I think that is my new preference. Less sweet and it feels more substantial. Looking forward to seeing how this progresses. Still on the fence about the 30 day idea. I like it in theory. Anyone care to talk me into it???!!! Sheri   visit the page

Signs and Symptoms   8 y  

mouthes and tongues
Now I am starting with some small signs that thigns are rolling. Here comes the white tongue! Quickly followed by the sickeningly sweet taste in my mouth. What’s up with that??   visit the page

Beginning Day 2   8 y  

things are going well
Well, I feel great this morning. I weigh 146.6 (not doing this for weight loss, but its fun to chart it). I drank my tea and a big glass of water so far. This morning I am thinking I may go for 30 days. It would be a great thing to do for my body, wouldn’t it?! I always feel great about the fast first thing in the morning. Its those evening time hunger thangs that get me. I just need to focus on one day at a time adn remember that I will always feel better in the morning. So far no side effects for me. My husband had a really, really awful headache last night, but he’s a cof ...   read more

Hungry!   8 y  

staying on track
Oh, yeah...its 6PM on day one and I am hungry. I am drinking a lemonade, of course. But I am wanting to sink my teeth into some food. I keep thinking how long this is going to be. A lesson in staying in the *now*. I know it will be worth it in the end. And this Blog will keep me honest. I feel better already... And I am having no other symptoms. Sheri   visit the page

More Day 1 Stuff   8 y  

Brief update to keep me focused on writing here...
Well, I am a tiny bit hungry, in that my belly is grumbling, but nothing I can’t handle. I took a gratitude walk this morning (where I say thank you to everything I see) and that felt nice, but I can’t seem to be away from the bathroom long enough to really get walking (20 minutes and then I have *got* to pee!!) I am in the midst of cleaning out my art supplies and such. Just cleaning all the way around. Life is good! Sheri   visit the page

Ramblin' on Day One   8 y  

chugging along...
Well, I just went to the store and stocked up on Organic Lemons. They are difficult to find around here sometimes... well in enough quantities for 2 people doing the MC. I weighed in at 148.8 this morning. I am 5 feet tall, so I’d love to weigh about 120-125 pounds. I was at 128 last year and felt great. But I am not really doing this for teh weight loss (though I enjoy it), I just like the feeling it gives me andit seems like a good way to start out a new chapter of my life. I fully intend to make major dietary changes after this fast. Its a little hard doing this when I have t ...   read more

Day One   8 y  

Musings on the start of the MC
Well, I took my tea last night adn this morning. And I just drank my first lemonade. I am psyched! I am planning for at least 10 days, but I have no limiting factors, so I will go until it seems time to stop. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of this cleanse. I am in teh midst of big changes in my life,(I just left my job) and this seems like perfect timing. I am also in teh midst of network chiropractic treatments and it will be great to see how the MC affects the intensity of those. I fully plan to change my eating habits after this fast. I’ve been eeking toward great ...   read more

Here we go!!!   8 y  

Starting the MC
Tomorrow I begin again. This will be my second MC. I did a 14 day Master Cleanse back in June. I tried again in August, but stopped shortly after starting. This time Hubby will be joining me again, so I fully expect success. I am about to have my Smooth Move tea (the SWF does not work for me). I’ll be checking in here daily with my progress. Maybe even more often.   visit the page


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