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The Media on Multivitamins

Don't always believe what you read or hear!!

Date:   4/11/2009 11:47:10 AM   ( 5 y ) ... viewed 1034 times

Funny thing I heard on the news this morning. I swear the media will report ANYTHING!

There was a Doctor on the news program that I was watching and was talking on national television to anyone willing to listen that multivitamins do more harm then good. He also said that Brown fat (which is good for you) is the fat that you need and White fat (which is bad for you) you need to stay away from.

Let me just start with the multivitamin subject first. This is one of the many reasons so many people are so confused on any subject. They believe everything they read and hear. Someone can come on over the air take for instance a doctor take something that is true and distort it to make it out to be something its really not.

A multivitamin is just exactly what the name suggests what it is. It has multiple vitamins in one capsule. There are multiple vitamins in one capsule for convenience of the consumer. If you wanted to take all the vitamins your body needed you would be downing pills ALL day long just to get some of what is in the multivitamin.

Someone on television or radio comes on the air saying multivitamins "COULD BE" bad for you. Here is were half the truth comes in. lets say for argument sake that a person is sufficient in the vitamin B3. Now for those of you who do not know what B3 does or is needed for here is a quick run down of what it does for you:

B3 is needed for proper circulation and healthy skin. It aids in the function of the nervous system; in metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins; and in the production of hydrochloric acid for the digestion system. It is involved in the normal secretion of bile and stomach fluids, and in the synthesis of sex hormones. Niacin (which is in B3) lowers cholesterol and improves circulation to name some of the functions which B3 does.

You can find that out just about anywhere and on all the vitamins if you wish. Now Niacin (which is found in B3) has a caution saying: People who are pregnant or who suffer from liver disease, or peptic ulcers should use niacin supplements with caution. Why? Because it may elevate your blood sugar levels and amounts over 500 mg daily may cause liver damage if taken for prolonged periods.

Again if you are sufficient in this vitamin you wouldnt need to take the B3 vitamin. All the while most people dont take just B3 they take it in multivitamin form.

Here is the million dollar question. Is there enough B3 in the multivitamin to make this happen? The answer is simply NO!!!!

As an example if you look on the back label of the well known multivitamin Centrum you would see that it has only 20% of Niacin. So you would have to take a bunch of these multivitamins. Now for those who take B3 straight with nothing else would have to be careful of this caution. That is then what needs to be said on television about that particular vitamin. Not for a multivitamin itself.

But if I hired a doctor to go on television to one of the major stations and claimed that by taking a multivitamin it could be bad for you dueto a B3 overdosage and it could harm your health and could get liver damage from this. See how distorted the truth can become. Its not that the multivitamin could harm you, its an abuse of them that could do the damage or taking a mulitvitamin on top of a lot of other vitamins.

Trace minerals are the same way. Thats why they are called trace minerals because you only need a trace amount. Over doing it could cause some complications to your health. BUT - your body still NEEDS them regardless of what some supposed doctor on television says.

Point being - dont always believe what you read or hear and use common sense!!!! The media is always going to distort the truth to some extent. Trying to get the mass population to run away from something they may possibly need is not the way it should be done. With the average diet of the average person they are deficient in more than just a few vitamins and minerals, getting them to be fearful of taking a vitamin will only make more people deficient in that particular vitamin whixh is not always a good thing.

You can overdue even a good thing. You need to eat to live yet if you over eat you become overweight and obese. Even the right foods can do this to you. Does that mean be afraid to eat and run like hell from it. NO. You still need to eat.

See how things can easily get distorted and someone get easily get the wrong message?

Point - MODERATION!!! Taking a multivitamin will most likely help you not hurt you.

Now for the second thing I heard about fats.

So this same doctor as before brings up on a screen for everyone atching to see from a microscope what looks like brown spots from inside a persons body and calls that the "GOOD" fat with another picture next to it that is all "WHITE" and calls that the bad fat. Stay away from the white fat he says!!!

Its already in your body how are you going to stay away from it?

Do these people make any sense to you? Not to me they dont.
What they need to say is eating healthy fats verses eating the unhealthy saturated fats.

There is so much I could say on this subject alone the ignorance of these people. Anyone knows that there are good and bad fats for you. And someone willing to find out what those good fats are have an endless supply of knowledge on the internet available to them and at their disposal. Its 'how bad to you want to know' AND 'How bad do you want to know the truth'

Life is not easy and life is sometimes not fair. There are some people out there with a gift to be skinny and others not so much. Fact of life. Some have to work harder at getting what they want and need.

Im just hope for those of you that have to wrok harder for things in life that you dont give up, never sacrifice for less than your willing to get, and always search for the truth.

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