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    The New Earth

Blog: The New Earth
by Deborah Lockett

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If you were God

This blog forms the basis for a public speaking debate where one speaker defends the motion "Humans are imperfect" and another tries to demolish his or her arguments.

Date:   1/29/2012 5:23:49 AM   ( 27 mon ) ... viewed 608 times

If you were God, and were creating human beings, would you deliberately make them imperfect? If so, why would you do it? One answer is, "so that they can learn to be perfect". If that is so, it means we humans are ignorant, otherwise we wouldn't need to learn.
If you were in God's shoes, why would you make people ignorant instead of wise? One answer is, "so that they can come to know me, and become wise". If that is so, it means God has a big head, because he thinks humans would want to come to know him. He thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread. Following this line of thinking, the reason we see pictures of angels blowing trumpets, would be that God gave them the trumpets so they could trumpet what a pompous fool God is: an ignorant pompous fool, puffed up with his own importance like the Emperor in Hans Christian Andersen's tale of The Emperor's New Clothes.
Let's have another go at answering our question, why would God make people ignorant instead of wise? One answer is, because God himself is ignorant, and humans take after him like children after their parents.
I hope you can now begin to see how ridiculous it would be for you to believe that you are imperfect, because it would imply that God is ignorant, with fewer brains than a donkey. As you walk along a footpath in brilliant moonlight, does it seem to you that all you see was made by an ignorant fool? If the moonlight seems magical to you, if it makes you pause in awe and wonder as you walk, then you may think, "no, it must be the opposite: God isn't ignorant, he's wise".
If God is wise, why would he have made you imperfect? To avoid going around in another circle, and me repeating myself all over again from the beginning, let's consider the hypothesis that God is wise and that wise beings only make perfect creations.
And what about God himself? Is he imperfect? As we walk along the path bathed in moonlight, do we notice anything imperfect about it? Well, no, because we're full of awe and wonder at its magic, and imperfection is about the farthest thing from our minds. Let's consider another hypothesis then: that God is perfect.
Now we have two hypotheses to consider: one is that God is wise, and the other is that God is perfect. Why would a wise being who is also perfect, go about deliberately making creatures who are imperfect? He wouldn't if he has any sense – more sense, that is, than the Emperor with the new clothes.
The truth of the matter is, we have imperfection programmed into us by our families, our schoolteachers, and so on, who themselves had it programmed into them as children, so they tell us we're imperfect without even considering whether or not it's true.
It's very important for us to deactivate this programming because if left untreated it will stunt our growth, and as we reach towards the stars on a clear night, we'll feel held back and even imprisoned. Not a good idea if we want to be happy, which most humans do.
Let's now consider a third hypothesis: "I am a perfect being made by a perfect God. I hold within me all the virtues of my maker, including perfection, in its full expression. I am perfect because my maker is perfect. I am a perfect expression of my maker's perfection. I am glorious, I am divine, I am a creature worthy of my creator being proud of me. I shine with the boundless light of my creator. I am humble and exalted at the same time. I share my creator's ability to create, which is endless, and the things I can create are limited only by my own imagination."
This is getting too long, so I shall leave you now with three hypotheses to consider: One, God is wise. Two, God is perfect. Three, you are perfect. Amen.

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