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Shooting Bullets at Disease or Massaging Our Wholeness?

Shooting Bullets at Disease or Massaging Our Wholeness?

Date:   2/3/2013 11:45:55 AM   ( 22 mon ) ... viewed 791 times


Garden Management Journal
February 3, 2013
9:02 am

Friday 1- evening, through Saturday February 2, 2013

I attribute it to Grace, Willpower, and some very special natural supplements--and some strong Food As Medicine--that I had the ability to rise to the occasion and participate in the tail end of the 10th Anniversary Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine Conference. The conference itself was called Natural Supplements: An Evidence-Based Update.

My sense is that this important meeting of professionals, and many lay people in the audience Friday night for the Andrew Weil MD Keynote, was about more than Natural Supplements. The Conference itself, in its 10th Year, may be ready for a name change.

Dr. Weil full topic of his Keynotes was True Food, Optimum Diet, and the Role of Supplements. I spent yesterday morning writing a Plant Your Dream Blog about my Friday night experience. Then, I felt the energy to get back to the conference with some Seed Dreams in mind.

My goals yesterday morning were to connect with Blair Dunn, whose personal healing process right now involves how to thrive as an independent book seller in an age when Amazon is making many of our book selections and going so far as to publish.

Blair Dunn lives outside of Denver. I learned the plight of the independent book seller there years ago when I would attend the International New Age Tradeshow. The last of the remaining book store owners would attend, a good sampling of them.

Then I connected with Mimi Guarneri, who to me represents the heart of this movement toward Integrative Health. She heads the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine. We originally met a number of years ago when she was the keynote speaker at the Annual Pacific Symposium.

She planted a seed dream that night at my altar. We came up with a tremendous vision for a healing garden for Scripps.

I had in mind yesterday to pick up a piece of that vision, and I got good feedback, but basically, I woke up this morning, Sunday, a bit down, looking at the immensity of the education I feel that is needed, not only in people, but in doctors.

Yesterday, for me was a return. I witnessed during the early 80's the birthing of the Holistic movement in San Diego. This was one of the first times since, that I have stepped into a room mainly of MD's. I am glad to see the progress, but I do not feel we find our way home to health without Nature on our side. This morning, I am feel more divorced that close, and I feel sad. I wonder if I am up for the job.


Dr. Weil, the Father of Integrative Medicine, touched on this topic when he addressed the Wisdom of the body and the Wisdom in food.

When we isolate food factors and made medicines out of them, we can identify evidence based results. We can zero in on a target or a condition and through Scientific Methods--check our results.

The results we get may be validated in the short run, but we cannot be sure of the long term side effects of ours actions, or our science.


Big Pharma is the biggest offender. They invest billions in coming up drugs that behave as drugs in the body. They often suppress symptoms, but do not necessarily cure a condition.

Nature has her own methods of Cure. Cure is very much tied in with Education, and very much so, what numbers of the Nature Cure practitioners would call Soul Growth.

Drugs can be extremely valuable. In my own case, Anglyosin Spondylitis, a form of arthritis I have nad most of my life, they assisted greatly--working hand in hand with the skill of my surgeon--to make it possible for me to have Hip Replacements and Hip Revisions. I am walking again today because of these surgeries. I am glad that the Anesthetics exist.


Yesterday, I stepped into the room for the tail end of the final panel. Questions were being asked and answered.

The doctor was talking about a condition and the natural supplement that she used. It was extremely precise. I was in over my head.

The answers over the years have become extremely precise, and we have created an arsenal of natural supplements--based on evidence based research, that targets specific results we want, but there is a deeper need.

Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr.Andrew Weil pointed that need out.

There is something very inherent in True Food that that become the healer. True Food is intended to massage our wholeness in ways that science may not discover because of its approach to health.


It was very important to hear what I heard, and to recognize that I have a gift to add to the mix through the Plant Your Dream Work. My experience as a natural healer who plants dreams with seeds is vitally needed if Integrative Medicine is to fulfill its mission. We need our medicine back.

Medicine, as Dr. Weil pointed out, is more than about just supplements, and its is more than about drugs.

Most people today equate the word medicine with taking a drug.

The truth is, I felt shock to hear what I heard when I stepped in the room. I accept natural supplements and some drugs as heroic measures, helping us survive, and yet Nature, I sense, had something very different in mind, for our design.

My prayer is that through the guidance of the key leaders of this movement toward Integrative Medicine, we continue to find ways to massage our Wholeness.


I am reminded of a Classic Text from one of my favorite books called the Wheel of Health by G.T. Wrench MD (1938)


After debating the question--Why disease? Why not health?--again and again with my fellow students, I slowly, before I qualified, came to a further question--Why was it that as students we were always presented with sick or convalescent people for our teaching and never with the ultrahealthy? Why were we only taught disease? Why was it presumed that we knew all about health in its fulness? The teaching was wholly one-sided. Moreover, the basis of our teaching upon disease was pathology, namely, the appearance of that which is dead from disease.

We started from our knowledge of the dead, from which we interpreted the manifestations, slight or severe, of threatened death, which is disease. Through these various manifestations, which fattened our text-books, we approached health. By the time, however, we reached real health, like that of the keen times of public school, the studies were dropped. Their human representatives, the patients, were now well, and neither we nor our educators were any longer concerned with them. We made no studies of the healthy--only the sick.


We learn what are the best proteins, what the best fats, the best carbohydrates, the best sources of calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, of vitamin A, vitamin B, and so on, until we are or should be able to sellect our diet, not by taste, as we do in a restaurant, but by knowledge. We shall in this way do our best to fulfil the wish expressed by McCollum and Simmonds, namely, "the discovery of the means of making nice adjustments in a qualitative way among all the factors best adapted to promote optimum development."

The method of proceeding to the optimum development by fragmentation, that is breaking up of food into its several elements and by experiment discovering a great deal about each fragment and then putting them together in a better way, is a method that could only spring out of certain conditions. It could only spring from disease, not health. If our diet gave us health we should not question it. But it does not do so. On the contrary, there has been so much disease in the last one or two centuries that we began to question many things as possible causes of the ill-health. Amongst them we questioned our diet. In doing so our scientists have taken it to pieces as a machine is taken to pieces, and carefully examined each piece as regards its suitability. They have fragmented it, and now the time of synthesis approaches, the putting it together again. Here, however, they are far much less certain than they were in fragmentation, which continues to possess them, with the consequence that each fragment gets boosted as occasion arises; we are told to eat more potatoes, eat more fruit, eat more home-grown meat, drink more milk, drink more beer, take more salt or less salt, be careful to take milk for vitamin A, green vegetables for vitamin B, fresh fruit for vitamin C--all well-studied fragments, but fragments nevertheless.

All this knowledge would be quite useless to the Hunza people. They have, for long, found a diet that is "adapted to promote optimum development." They have formed it out of foods not widely different from European foods, for, as McCarrison says in the Cantor Lectures: "Things nutritional are not, in essence, so different in India and in England."

The chief difference is that they have a settled traditional diet into which they are born and a settled traditional way of growing it and caring for it. They have a whole system, a diet as a whole thing, whole not only in itself, but in its history, its culture, its storage, and its preparation.

And with their whole diet they preserve the wholeness of their health. This also we have failed to do. Our health or wholeness has fragmented no less than our diet. A swarm of specialists have with the invention of science settled on the fragments to study them. A great deal is found out about each several disease; there is a huge, unmanageable accumulation of knowledge, and this and that disease is checked or overcome. But our wholeness has not been restored to us. On the contrary, it is fragmented into a great number of diseases and still more ailments. We have lost wholeness, and we have got in its place its fragmentation with a multiplexity of methods, officially blessed and otherwise, dealing with the fragments in their severally.




Weil’s website,, defines integrative medicine as “a healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit). … It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and alternative.”

He did not develop this comprehensive medical approach overnight.

“I was unconscious about food until about the age of 28, and then I started to do yoga and had friends who were vegetarian,” Weil said. “I tried a lacto-vegetarian diet and it agreed with me very much and I was healthier. Later I added fish to my diet. As a practitioner in the early 1980s, I began recommending dietary adjustments and saw great results in patients.”





Great story!

By Daphne Miller
Special to The Washington Post
Tuesday, May 26, 2009
"Just a cold? I thought I was dying." Martha sounded irritated.

She had hustled the kids off to day care and skipped work, clearly expecting to hear that something more dramatic was brewing than a late springtime cold. But what motivated her visit to my office, I realized, was not the infection itself as much as the dizzying array of symptoms caused by her self-administered treatments: The fatigue and stomach pain appeared to intensify with each dose of opioid-derived cough suppressant she chugged; as for her headache, dry mouth and racing heart, they coincided suspiciously with a decongestant that contained pseudoephedrine (a close cousin to methamphetamine).

Bolstered by a growing body of data and my own clinical experience, I opened my electronic medical record and entered a prescription that would give Martha relief without more side effects: mushroom ginger soup. The recipe sits right there on my screen, one click below morphine and one above mycostatin.

Uploaded 8:42 pm
February 2, 2013


I had some seed dreams when I visited here last summer. One included getting more local organic food from Farmers I care about.

9:13 am
February 3, 2013

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