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    My Unusual Road of Life....

Blog: My Unusual Road of Life....
by kerminator

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Alyaeska... The great land!!

Just returned from an over 2000 nautical mile sea trip to the Northland... Alaska with over a 100,000 glaciers and ice fields...

Date:   9/7/2006 4:33:44 PM   ( 8 y ) ... viewed 2757 times

What did we do ?? We took a cruise ship out of Seattle up to Alaska!!

 The Atlanta Airport on the way North to Alaska....

 Our ride for the next week...

 Underway at over 20 Knots moving North...

Click To Enlarge / View Real Size Image An Alaskan Sunrise at sea... This is just one of the sights to behold in this wonderful world of the Northern Lands...

Click To Enlarge / View Real Size Image An Alaskan Brown bear @ Glacier Bay Caught it moving along the shore a large animal with an est. weigh of around a 1000 Lbs!! A rare sight even on a cruise; the Captain said usually see only one per year here...

 A group of Sea Lions on an island in Glacier Bay...

  Our ship ( near one) at anchor off Sitka, Alaska...

 Sunrise off Ketchikan; easy to see since we were used to Eastern Time being four hours earlier each day...

 Bush pilot short take off; very common where the runways are dirt and gravel...

          The Savage River in Denali Park...

 Evening tide out on river near Juneau, beautiful blue...

 Just another beautiful day in the Northland...

 The spot we were shown...

 Humpback whale... ( Not my Picture, but a great shot)

 What is left by a not so hungry bear; about a mile from glacier...

 Something always in need but never used; Thank GOD...

 The color of Glacier Bay...

 Where has the glacier gone??

  A young Eagle, note the brown plumage...

 Screaming Eagle...

 Sea lions... ( Another borrowed pic. a great close up HUH!! ) 

 Remains of Russian Fort in Sitka...

  A sea Lion...

 Glacier waterfall...

 Humpback Whale ...

 The great Glacier, some advance & some retreat!

 Record Salmon Catch

 River of Ice...

 Salmon enough to walk across the water...

 Another wonderful day in the Northland....


 Another view of a blue ice glacier...

 Glacier Bay Natl Park...

 Great view...

 Our tender form ship to shore...

 Russian Dancers...

  World famous Russian Dance Troup...

 Semi-submersible... For viewing sea life...

 USCG Cutter & Icebreaker( orange hull) ... 

 Looking into the mouth of History...  Russian Cannon in Sitka!!

 Kermit's yacht the "Ice Bear" ( In my dreams )

 Another view of a blue ice glacier...

 More glacier ice...

 Coming into Victoria BC  Canada

 The Dominion Observatory one of only two in Canada...

We spent a week on the cruise and met many nice and wonderful people... Epically a couple of women from Virginia; it was good to enjoy the fellowship!! We also learned many new and wonderful things...  It seems that life is all about meeting and enjoying an intercourse with others who share the same values... 

Many of the crew were from Indonesia and the Philippines; young but very nice people... They were always ready to help and assist... The ship was kept very clean since there were two thousand persons aboard... 

I really enjoyed the tour guides as many of them were very informative instructing us on many of the new and different aspects of each port of call... If you just listened and watched you could not help but come away with a new found knowledge...

There were many details which we will not go into now, it is sufficient to say that Alaska defiantly is a place to visit and enjoy; especially in the summer... 

Have many more pics maybe can post later;  stop back by...  

 Stop back by here and on my web site for other details; as we post all interesting facts of this wonderful adventure in the future... 

See Ya.. Kermit

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