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We Are GOD

My Thoughts and Meditation on the Realization that We are All GOD

Date:   4/1/2006 12:36:04 AM   ( 8 y ) ... viewed 2077 times

This week I gathered once again with a group of friends who meet regularly to talk about spiritual subjects, meditate, work through some issues and express ourselves. We started right away with a mediation that was all about focusing on God. Many times during our meditations we would go off to a beautiful garden, the seashore or another comfortable space. We then call in our guides or angels and seek their guidance. However, this time there was none of that. This time we went in to meditation with a focus on nothing. We were to empty our minds completely and delve in to the great stillness. Once they were cleared we were to say in our minds: Be Still and Now That I Am God. Once that was said we were to simply be and experience whatever was to be experienced, to see whatever was to be seen or hear whatever was to be said. Within this stillness we were to connect and become one with the GOD, the I Am Presence of All Things.

This seemed to be an interesting new approach so each of us were excited to try. We positioned ourselves in our usual form, some sitting on the floor, some on the couches and others in chairs. I sat on the couch and began to take deep cleansing breaths. This is the kind of breath where you fill your lungs to capacity and exhale so that everyone in the room can hear you. It cleanses your whole body and helps to relax you. Once I was ready I closed my eyes and began to clear my mind of all thoughts. All the usual thoughts, worries, concerns began to float away as I got closer and closer to the stillness. At first I began to see the universe. I saw the stars, the sun and the moon. But soon that gave way to the nothingness. It was a reconnection to the void before space, time and everything else for that matter was created. I was surrounded by the great darkness. There was an instant peace felt within this place that was comforting and exciting all at the same time.

I sat there in this void just experiencing it. After a time though, I began to think to myself I should be getting some kind of message something. I could already here a couple people in the room writing in their journals. Feeling insecure for a moment several thoughts came up in quick succession. Why wasn’t I getting a message? I thought I was going to get more out of this. What will I say afterwards if I didn’t get anything? But within that moment when the ego could have taken over fully and old beliefs, fears and illusions could have taken hold. I stopped it. I reminded myself that the whole point was to be, to be still and know that I am God. I emptied these thoughts and began to reconnect to the stillness and the void. When I did there was no message, but instead I had a vision that was clear to me as the writing on this computer screen.

What follows is the vision just as it came to me. A car is driving down a main road somewhere in the Midwest. It’s a relatively small town where all the stores are lined up along the main street which is probably called Main Street. The car pulls up and parks in front of one of the stores. A young girl jumps out of the car and goes into the store. As she comes into the store I see her as clear as day. She is thin and probably 5’5”. She has cropped blond hair and is wearing gold rimmed dark shaded sunglasses. They almost look like the sunglasses they usually show air force pilots wearing back in the day. She has on a dark shirt and cargo pants. She enters the store and I can hear the bells ring as the door opens wide. She walks up to the counter which is on the left hand side of the store. It seems to be some kind of small grocery store. It has an old look and feel to it. The refrigerator where the deli meets are kept is white and silver and look as if they were new in the 1950’s. She walks past this section and walks over to the counter. She looks at the cashier and asks for a pack of cigarettes. He throws down a red and white package. She then walks to the back and left of the store to the refrigerators where the drinks are kept. She opens the door and pulls out a drink.

With the drink in hand she goes back to the counter and sets it down next to the cigarettes. She takes out a five and a couple of singles and hands it over. The cashier opens the register and giver her some change. She then takes a white piece of paper out of her pocket and hands it over to the cashier who reads it. As she was handing it to him I get a close up of the paper. There is writing on it in blue ink and some red. Just as I was trying to read what was written. I hear a phone ringing in the background. Now this wasn’t part of the visions. This was a hone ringing in the room where my friends and I were sitting. The noise jolted me out of the vision and brought me back into the room at quite the inopportune moment. I thought to myself, shit I really wanted to see what was written on that piece of paper.

With that interest burning inside of me I tried to refocus. I cleared my mind again and was able to bring myself back to that moment. I see clearly again the girl hands the paper to the cashier. But this time she quickly grabs the cigarettes and the drink, runs out of the store, hops into her car and drives down the road. I could see the car speeding down the rode with a trail of dust and sand being kicked up behind her. Once she was gone, the vision was over and I brought myself back to the room.

For the first few minutes after the meditation I just sat there on the couch trying to ponder what had just happened. I was in awe of the experience, but at the same time I was really confused. What was the point of this vision, what did it all mean and what was on that stupid piece of paper were just some of the thoughts running through my head. Well after letting my mind wonder aimlessly trying to figure this out, it came time where we all share what we got out of the mediation. I was a bit apprehensive as I didn’t really know what to say. But without much delay we started going around the room. Others in the group had received messages. Everyone except for one other person had received messages. Some of the messages were similar to messages they had received before and others took on a grander sense as if those people had tapped into a greater wisdom of some sort. And there was one other person who had a grand vision of light and energy being brought to people through wonderfully powerful hands being stretched down and out amongst the people from the heavens. It sounded like a grand image.

When it came time for me to recount my meditation I was still apprehensive. My vision first of all was a vision and not a message, but with the other vision retold it helped out. But mine didn’t seem to compare in scope and beauty. So I started off telling everyone that I didn’t receive any kind of messages although I usually do during other meditations. Instead I had received a vision. I then proceeded to recount the vision to them just as I did above. I ended by saying that I’m not sure what that was all about, but there it is.

It wasn’t until the group talked and I later pondered and thought about what they had said that I realized how amazing an experience this really was. Although the vision was simple there was an important truth and beauty within that simplicity. And it has been said that you shall know truth by the utter perfection of its simplicity.

What I know realize is that within that meditation and through that vision I was able to witness our oneness. My oneness with God found within the stillness of the void and my oneness with all other people including all of you. I was able to witness and observe a short snippet of someone else’s life and within that short moment it was my life as well. I was able to experience everything that happened. I could see, feel and hear in a clarity that only occurs through my eyes, my ears and my body.

Although I have no idea who this girl was, where she lives or even what her name is I know that she and I are one. I felt it and I experienced it. There could be hundreds of miles separating us but in actuality there is no distance. All that distance is nothing more than an illusion. The reason I didn’t see that paper is because I didn’t need to see it. I imagine that if I had it would have distracted me from the real experience which was to experience or to put it even more plainly it was to be someone else.

This moment really helped me to refocus and become more aware of who I really am. It has reshaped how I define myself, other people and the world within which we live. For now I acknowledge that I Am God. Just as there is no separation between any of us there is no distance between all of us and God. I used to think of myself as a part of God, made in the image of God, a little God or God junior. But none of these were true. Theses were all attempts to reconcile the GODness of my soul and feelings with the shame, guilt and unworthiness of my human form. These were the result of thoughts saying: how could you be God, how dare you say that you are God, how arrogant of you to think you are God and so many others. I am sure it wouldn’t be hard to think up a few hundred or more. Yet these other definitions of me were not true or accurate.

I go back to the first part of my meditation where I found God where I found myself. With all of my thoughts wiped away, my body hidden from sight and the universe wiped away from my reality I returned to the void from where we all originated. And within that moment of comfort, excitement, joy and love I rediscovered the only thing that really exists: God. And that God was me. Within that moment I was able to be still and reconnect to what it felt like to be my God self without all the limiting thoughts, illusions and fears that are created in our world. A world where everything is geared to occupy us and avert our attention away from the one thing that really matters: Us.

The last couple of days I have tried to incorporate this new belief into my human every day life with all of its ups and downs, good times and bad times. I try to recognize and remind myself within each of these moments that I Am God. When I am stressed, I say to myself: does God have any reason to be stressed? And I answer, of course not and I allow the stress to flow away. When I become angry with someone else I try to think to myself, hey I am becoming angry with God and by becoming angry with God I am really angry at myself. If I hurt you, not only am I hurting God but I am hurting all of us as we are all God. Even when the negative thoughts start to creep in I stop and say once again: would I think this about God. And of course I answer no. Now I admit that there are times within the past week where I have lost focus and was not able to remind myself of my GODness, but as with all things this is a process. It’s a matter of expanding my awareness and consciousness and allowing me to create new thoughts, patterns and beliefs.

I also wake up every morning, look at myself in the mirror and say as I look into my own eyes, you are God. Every time I say that I feel a whole different kind of energy well up within me. It just feels so good. I can’t even describe it. What would seem to be so unnatural to say is quite the opposite. There is a part of me that feels like I have always known this and my being feels incredibly joyous that I can finally express it. Saying the words I Am God puts an instant smile on my face. And the other amazing part is that it bestows upon me a greater sense of power. Not the kind of power lauded every day in this world. A power defined by how much money you have, how many things you have or how many people you control. No. This is the power to create your life as you see fit. This is the power to create love, joy, health and abundance in life. While the power of creation is not a new one for me, it has never been made so real than within the past week. Many of my beliefs have become much more real than I ever thought possible and I for that I am so very grateful. And I only hope and pray that each of you have equally amazing experiences that help you to acknowledge you are God.

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