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Blog: * in pursuit of perfection *
by athina

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How y'all doin?

Day 5 Post-Fast...

Date:   12/19/2006 2:37:10 PM   ( 8 y ) ... viewed 1003 times

Like most people, I broke the fast with way too much food way too soon. I've had some digestive upsets - the first real bowel movement was like FIRE. I haven't weighed myself and am scared to. I'll do it before I start my next fast.

And when will my next fast be? Not sure yet. I'm going to work out a plan right now on this message of my blog.

First things first: how am I going to eat right now? I've been looking into a few diet plans and reflecting on my experiences. What I know for sure is this:

a) I love fasting
b) I love feasting
c) I still want to detox and lose weight

According to some people, (a) and (b) are possible on the 'Warrior Diet'. On the WD you eat every night and fast all day. I've been doing it since breaking the fast and love it. Each night when I eat my meal, I'm starved and my taste buds are re-awakened. Everything tastes amazing and it feels like a celebration. I eat until I'm full and can lie around like a lazy cat till I go to bed (no less than 3 hours after my meal). Digestion is a complex process and I'd rather do it throughout the night, so my energy during the day isn't compromised.

Upon wakening, I'm drinking 1/2 a squeezed lemon with an equivalent amount of olive oil. I follow this with some diluted juice and I'm ready to go, starting with my morning workout. Throughout the day my head has been clear and I feel energised, like when I was fasting. I don't allow myself a morsel of food until my evening meal. This allows me to build up a big appetite and appreciation for what I'm about to eat. Additionally, the size of my stomach remains small - I just can't put away too much and eat until I'm full.

Point (c) however remains to be seen. Calorie-wise, I can't see myself going past 800-1200 cals in a single meal which means I should lose weight in the long-run. Many people say you shouldn't eat late at night because all that energy gets stored as fat. Well if you fast the next day, logically those calories would get burned, right? And another good point is that we still get to give the digestive system a rest, which won't take away from the energy we need to carry out our daily activities.

The greatest aspect of the WD, for me at least, is that I can eat whatever I want for that one meal. I saved one day a week for a sinfully fatty meal, but the rest of the time I will be sensible. The important part though is that I'll eat until completely satisfied - and that is something you don't get to do while 'grazing', or eating 5-6 small unsatisfying meals that will constantly be robbing you of precious energy.

So this is what I'm going to do, this 'Warrior Diet'. I like the plan, the theory behind it, even the name! And since I started working out again this past week I certainly feel like a warrior!

So now that we cleared that up, let's get to the task of planning my next fast.

I still feel fat. I'm 5'8 and 140 pounds and would like to be 120-125. Ideally, I would like to be 125 pounds before starting the next fast so I can really detox this time without having the extra fat get in the way. So I need to find a way to lose 15 pounds while still eating.

I'm thinking of fasting alternate days to achieve this. Currently, the Warrior Diet has automatic 24-hour fasts (if that one meal is eaten at the same time each day, which is how it should be). I've also read from several sources that 72 hours or more of fasting causes the metabolism to decrease. So I could theoretically eat one day, fast for two, then eat again without allowing my metabolism to dip.

Since I just came off a fast, I should allow my reserves to build up again, so I won't do a fast of any kind for at least a month. Which brings us to January 15th. On January 15th I will start eating every other day, and do it for two weeks. I'll weigh in February 1st to track my progress and will continue doing this until I weigh 130 pounds. Once I hit the 130 pound mark, I'll eat every two days until I hit the 125 mark. Then I'll juice-fast again and this time I'm doing it until my tongue clears and 'hunger' returns. I've learned that it's best to fast long-term with detox as the primary goal.

And this time, when I break the fast I'll do all this in reverse...eat every third day for a week, then every second for another, until I feel ready to start eating like a warrior again. Sounds like a plan? I think so. Sounds pretty damn good in fact!

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