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About Dr. Sandra Cabot

Did you know that a healthy liver will reduce the time bomb of ageing, increase your life span and keep your weight under control?
The liver is the hardest working organ in your body and yet you probably never give it a second thought, am I right? The liver is the gateway to the body and takes the load off our precious immune system. Excess weight, poor health and digestive disorders are often due to Liver dysfunction.

This site has been designed by Dr. Sandra Cabot MD, author of the internationally best selling "Liver Cleansing Diet" book. The Liver Cleansing Diet book became so famous, it made Dr. Cabot a household name in everyone's kitchen and brought liver consciousness to hundreds of thousands of people in a short space of time. People from all walks of life and in many different states of health embraced this new and simple way of eating with passion.

Perhaps the success of Dr. Cabot's Liver therapies relates to the fact that when one improves the liver function through nutritional medicine it is possible to achieve many health benefits, especially weight control and internal cleansing of the body. Dr. Cabot's theories have caused people to really start thinking laterally and people who have struggled for years with chronic health problems or excessive weight have found that the liver is the missing part in the jigsaw puzzle of good health.

About Dr. Sandra Cabot
Dr. Cabot graduated in medicine from the University of Adelaide South Australia in 1975. As part of her extracurricular medical studies she studied herbal medicine, naturopathy, acupuncture and homeopathy. Dr. Cabot began her medical career in 1980 as an Obstetrician and practiced in Sydney, Australia. In 1984 she spent considerable time working at the Leyman Missionary Hospital in the Himalayan foothills of India. Here she studied tropical medicine and infectious diseases. She also tended to indigenous women with obstetric emergencies. This was helped by her study of the Hindu language.

She returned to Australia in the late 1986 to resume her practice and become an author. Her first book titled "Women’s Health", was an authoritative health guide for women who were seeking more natural alternatives. Subsequently she authored several more best selling books, "Menopause-HRT and It’s Natural Alternatives", "Don’t Let Hormones Ruin Your Life", "The Body Shaping Diet" and the "Handbag Health Guide". Her book called “Boost Your Energy” covers New Age Hormone Replacement Therapy using natural hormone creams and lozenges (troches) and is a must for women who are interested in menopause and keeping young.

She was always keen to help people with chronic, difficult and mysterious health problems. Patients flocked from far away places and she was often called “the last resort doctor.” These challenges led her into the groundbreaking discovery that the liver is the key to helping many chronically ill patients. In the early 1990’s she began developing nutritional strategies aimed at specifically improving liver function.

Dr. Cabot’s research and books on the liver were the first to explain the critical role that liver function plays in fat metabolism and immune function. Her book “The Liver Cleansing Diet”, sold 1.5 million copies worldwide and has made her a household name in Australia, New Zealand and Cyberspace. It won the Australian People’s Choice Award in 1997. The Liver Cleansing Diet enabled many people to lose weight successfully and her latest "The Healthy Liver and Bowel Book", gives people vital information on how to keep the liver healthy in this chemically toxic age.

Dr. Cabot is sometimes known as “The Flying doctor” because she is a pilot and flies herself to seminars throughout Australia for her Women’s Health Network. She has also conducted seminars in other countries, including the U.S.A, where she has lectured for the American Liver Foundation and the Annual Conference of the “Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Foundation”

She has made hundreds of appearances on Australian TV and radio and has been interviewed three times on U.S. national television; twice on Pat Robertson’s 700 Club and on The Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Dr Cabot has started a Health Advisory service in Phoenix Arizona, which is based on health information and personal advice given through the internet, FREE CALL number 188875 LIVER and her web sites ---,, and

Dr Cabot provides FREE BROCHURES explaining natural therapies for the liver and also explaining the 4 different Body Types of women. This explains why some people gain weight easily and others don’t, and how to balance your metabolism and hormones for your Body Type. Dr Sandra Cabot has provided a personal email Health Advisory Service for people from all over the world. Dr Cabot receives hundreds of emails from her web sites every week. 

Books by Sandra Cabot, MD
3 book(s)

The Liver-Cleansing Diet
by Sandra Cabot, MD

ISBN: 0646277898
Price: US$ 13.97, Available worldwide on
Available worldwide on Barnes And
Check Availability from: Canada ... United Kingdom ... Deutschland ... France ... Japan

The Liver-Cleansing Diet
More about this book / Author

The Healthy Liver & Bowel Book
by Sandra Cabot, MD

ISBN: 0967398304
Price: US$ 13.97, Available worldwide on
Available worldwide on Barnes And
Check Availability from: Canada ... United Kingdom ... Deutschland ... France ... Japan

The Healthy Liver & Bowel Book
More about this book / Author

The Body Shaping Diet: A Leading Woman's Health Specialist Reveals the Hormonal Secrets That Can Change Your Shape Forever
by Sandra Cabot, MD

ISBN: 0967398355
Price: US$ 13.97, Available worldwide on
Available worldwide on Barnes And
Check Availability from: Canada ... United Kingdom ... Deutschland ... France ... Japan

The Body Shaping Diet: A Leading Woman's Health Specialist Reveals the Hormonal Secrets That Can Change Your Shape Forever
More about this book / Author


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