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  • and the oscar goes to...   John McCain 2008   53d
    best supporting actress...cate blanchett ... ... best supporting actor...jared leto ... ... best actress...lupita nyong’o ... ... best actor...chiwetel ejiofor ... ... best picture...12 years a slave   [End]
  • And the Oscar goes to...STEVEN SPIELBERG   John McCain 2008   14mo
    Steven Spielberg   [End]
  • And the Oscar goes to...ANNE HATHAWAY   John McCain 2008   14mo
    Anne Hathaway   [End]
  • And the Oscar goes to...CHRISTOPHER WALTZ   John McCain 2008   14mo
    Christopher Waltz   [End]
  • And the Oscar goes to...JENNIFER LAWRENCE   John McCain 2008   14mo
    Jennifer Larence   [End]
  • And the Oscar goes to...DANIEL DAY-LEWIS   John McCain 2008   14mo
    Daniel Day-Lewis   [End]
  • And the Oscar goes to...ARGO   John McCain 2008   14mo
    Argo   [End]
  • Video Embedded share...   UserX   3y
    The past 6 months have been ups and downs. The short of it: I have had severe insomnia seasonally since getting my first dental fillings and the type 1 diabetes that followed. The fillings are den ...   [End]
  • Video Embedded covert affairs...   UserX   3y
    The past 6 months have been ups and downs. The short of it: I have had severe insomnia seasonally since getting my first dental fillings and the type 1 diabetes that followed. The fillings are den ...   [End]
  • And the Oscar goes to...The King's Speech.   John McCain 2008   3y
    Best Movie of the Year 2010.   [End]
    • got this one...right.   John McCain 2008   3y
      Could have done without the producer thanking his ”boyfriend”. How old are you, fella? Please, let’s have a break from the gay thing at acceptance speeches, is that too much to ask? Geez...   [End]
  • And the Oscar goes to...Natalie Portman.   John McCain 2008   3y
    Best Actress.   [End]
  • And the Oscar goes to...Colin Firth.   John McCain 2008   3y
    Best Actor   [End]
  • And the Oscar goes to...Christian Bale.   John McCain 2008   3y
    Best Supporting Actor.   [End]
  • And the Oscar goes to...Melissa Leo.   John McCain 2008   3y
    Best Supporting Actress   [End]
  • award winning movie   lovely888   3y  C
 = This movie is Captivating,once you start watching it, you want to see more. ... It is refreshingly, inspirational and at the same time educational,since science also explain the relationship of our actions with our mind setting.”we are actually what we are because we believe we are” If we believe we are beautiful, then we are beautiful because our belief will lead to realization, we act towards it. When we feel beautiful we will be happy and contented. ... ... Happiness is not a privilege, it is actually a choice, a choice by a person with great mind ... to be happy.. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Dr. Emoto WATER amazing   jj4141   4y  C
 ... ... I have become so overwhlemed with the work Dr. Emoto and his colleagues are doing with water. I first encountered this life altering notion in the movie ”What the Bleep Do We Know” and have been experimenting with water ever since. I would like to know if anyone else has had experiences with water based on Dr. Emotos research? Thank you.   [End]
  • Social Network   ajs03k   4y
    Anyone see it yet. I thought it was excellent.   [End]
  • The ending of "Inception"   ajs03k   4y
    Okay, so he wakes up in the plane and exits in the US. Does the rest of the crew ever make it to the first level and wake up?   [End]
  • sandra bullock: yet another nice girl who marries bad.   John McCain 2008   4y  C
    you know, i am always amazed at how much sympathy goes to the woman in situations like this when all the blame should be squarely put on the wife. that’s correct. sandra is a traditional, nice, sweetheart of a honey who you would think would attract a nice, traditional, great guy of her caliber? no. she allows herself to fall prey to a tattoed, freaky, addictive personality many grade levels below her in every category of human existence...and with the ultimate knowledge that jesse james married a porn star formerly, dated strippers, druggies, alocholics, whores and the like...she cont ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Can’t say I’m up to speed with the Sandra Bullock issue, ju...   LuellaMay   4y
      Can’t say I’m up to speed with the Sandra Bullock issue, just saw a headline here and there.  So the information I have received is from your post. ... ... Ah!  If it were only as simple as logic and common sense.  Why do "good high class girls" fall for vermin?  Low self-esteem.  Someone with any sort of self worth would never put themselves in a situation like that.  Even successful movie stars have deep seated emotional issues that need to be resolved.  The source.  Whatever it is. ... ... My Best, ... ... Luella ...   [End]
      • ... It has been my observations, and talks with females of ...   #13594   4y
        ... It has been my observations, and talks with females of many ages, over the years is that there seems to be an inborn thing of females that want to change a man. ... ... Seems to work most of the time, but not all the time.   [End]
        • i would bet money that the ratio is 65/35 against.   John McCain 2008   4y
          not even close to changing a guy’s natural tendencies towards unseemly behavior. women like to think they have this special power to change guys to their liking. guy is an alcoholic before marriage, i’ll change him. guy screws whores before marriage, i’ll change him. guy is into freaky sex before marriage, i’ll change him. usually doesn’t work and i’ll go one step further...half of those who outwardly showcase happy and stable...aren’t. if 35% of all marriages are genuine and real and satisfying, i’d be surprised! reality is what it is. i could go up and down my pew at church and t ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Re: sandra bullock: yet another nice girl who marries bad.   LuellaMay   4y
          Thinking that you can change someone is a misconception.  And it does not work in the majority of cases.  A person has to "want" to change.  Nobody can change someone else.  When thinking of going into a relationship, take a good square solid look at the person.  In most instances, "what you see is what you get." ... ... My Best, ... ... Luella ...   [End]
          • I would like to add to this. Sometimes, what you see is NO...   Raynbo   4y
            I would like to add to this. Sometimes, what you see is NOT what you get. My somewhat homely acupuncturist husband turned out to be worse then my georgeous, cocaine sniffing ballet dancer boyfriend....(he was an obvious bad boy...but gee whiz...he had the face and body of a young mythical God...) ... ... Take your time ladies, and give the true man a chance to come out. They all put their best foot forward in the beginning, so give him at least a year to prove himself before you tie any knots. A professional background search is not a bad idea, or at least sniff out a few unbiased reference ...   [retrieve this message]
            • Your opinion and advice hits close to the mark. ... ... La...   stoneface   4y
              Your opinion and advice hits close to the mark. ... ... Ladies are in a commanding position in relationship matters. ... Unfortunately the relationship decisions they make are often based on emotional facts when really common sense should rule! ... ... SF   [End]
        • I agree with that, not sure why. ... ... Maybe a need to b...   #23475   3y
          I agree with that, not sure why. ... ... Maybe a need to be needed, codependency or that women need to fix things. ... But do we also have to fix our guys???? That`s not using our brains. ... I was married for many years with a guy that I prayed, begged, and threatened to change. He never did, so I changed. ... ... It`s waisted energy to ty to change someone....Use that energy to change yourself. ... ... Either you like him the way it is or you better save your time and energy for more important matters. ... We woman do not need a man to have happy, succesful and fullfiled lives. ... ... Just my sense of it. ... ...   [retrieve this message]
    • ”..memo to all women out there of dating and marrying age: ...   infinitelove   4y
      ”..memo to all women out there of dating and marrying age: notice the red flags. heed my warning. use your brain. don’t date druggies or alcoholics. don’t date freaks who have done all the women on the west side of sunset strip. if your guy shows a propinsity to indulge in freaky sex, boot his ass out the door instantly” ... ... Well then, after that rundown, who the frick is left?   [End]
      • Re: They may not be good for us but bad boys are exciting.   Iolite   4y
        Hopefully tho, you go thru your ”bad boy phase” young and wise up to what’s the real deal and find someone who is stable, dependable and devoted. ... ... Speakin’ from experience, bad boys are fun -- if you like roller coasters. After a while, I got tired of the extreme highs and lows of the roller coaster. Fortunately, I was young and single and learned from this and moved on. ... ... The BIGGEST lesson that should be learned: The ONLY one you can change is YOURSELF. Don’t go into a relationship thinking ”I can change him/her and life will be grand.” ’Cause that’s only going to lead to heart ...   [retrieve this message]
      • enjoy the freaks but don't complain when you get dumped on ...   John McCain 2008   4y
        or he turns out to be wasted every night. or he doesn’t show up to your kid’s ballgame. or he is between jobs every other year because of his bad habits and leans on your paycheck to cover. or he drains your bank account at the bar or casino with his freaky deadbeat friends. or he flirts at the dance club while your head is turned. or he comes home late with that sex smell we all know of, problem though...doesn’t smell like your scent. boy, that sounds really exciting doesn’t it? amerika needs more non-boring dudes like that...just don’t have enough excitement!   [End]
        • Too true. None of that happened to me. We did break up a ...   Iolite   4y
          Too true. None of that happened to me. We did break up a lot. And we never had any kind of a committed relationship -- thats what I meant ’bout the ups and down. And he wasn’t really all that bad, and we never lived together. My bad boy was WAY tamer than Sandy’s, lol. Never fathered any kids, never married, just a binging alcoholic, motorcycle riding loner.   [End]
  • and the oscar goes to..."the weary kind".   John McCain 2008   4y
    from ”crazy heart”.   [End]
  • and the oscar goes to...christpher waltz.   John McCain 2008   4y
    now that’s how you play a nazi.   [End]
  • and the oscar goes'nique.   John McCain 2008   4y
    hands down.   [End]
    • got this one...right.   John McCain 2008   4y
      but wish i hadn’t.   [End]
      • mo'nique brings the typical (yawn) black chip on the should...   John McCain 2008   4y
        you know, i’m so glad i’m not a black amerikan saddled with the same ’ol bitterness day in and day out. thank you thank you thank you! mo’niques tired black attitude focused directly at white hollywood. you’d ya like dat? hey mo’nique...a white jew bankrolled your dat for ya? a white production company produced dat film, mo’ dat sit wit ya? was so godawful a speech that ultra-lib samuel l. jackson grimmaced in shame. amerika deserves mo’nique. and you’d think that somebody who just won the superbowl of acting that a little niceness wou ...   [retrieve this message]
  • and the oscar goes to...meryl streep.   John McCain 2008   4y
    close one.   [End]
  • and the oscar goes to...jeff bridges.   John McCain 2008   4y
    pretty safe with this one.   [End]
  • and the oscar goes to...avatar.   John McCain 2008   4y
    was i correct?   [End]
  • Video Embedded Edited   UserX   4y
    Oh boy..I’m confused. ... ... Now I see it, but what how do you run ”default setting” ? Command it to run as square wave and it can be ran with the scalar? ... ... I didn’t need to dowse for this, I used i ...   [End]
  • Avatar Lifestyle   Kelster   4y  C
    ... Thats it! I’m pulling the kids out of school, Pete’s leaving his job and I’m throwing in the business. We’re selling our house and all of our material possessions to buy four one way tickets to Pandora. ... ... Yeah OK. So we just came back from watching Avatar - the latest 3D science fiction movie to hit the big screen. But do you know something? ... ... Once upon a time television, microwaves, cellphones and not so long ago, the GPS were all just ’science fiction’ stuff. Hmmm - makes you wonder! ... ... I’d love to live on Pandora with these gentle blue giants that show a great respect for the use of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Avatar- I had hoped for more   rudenski   4y  C
    ”A particle on its own can be many cannot affect anything with ... large mass; however, if enough particles are together they can affect things ... with mass.” - Author Unknown ... ... I do not watch television but I will rarely go to watch a movie. I went to see the ... movie Avatar and while I felt strong feelings for the oppressed in the movie, it ... ended with a predictable good guys getting angry enough to finally slaughter the ... bad guys... I had just hoped for more... In the movie, mankind had ruined her ... planet and then moved on to ruin another. There must be a solution to this ... world’ ...   [retrieve this message]
    • i think we've reached the technology limits in films.   John McCain 2008   4y
      Films for the last 15 years or so have driven me away more and more because of their dependence on extravagant special effects. Technology was overtaking good story-telling and acting. Avatar hits the zenith where the story ultimately takes a backseat to the marvel that is special effects. And in the end...will be just another movie that we watched. Nothing really solid to hang your hat on at the end of the day other than damn impressive technology. Technology bores me, don’t know about you. X-Men, Iron Man, STar Trek, Harry Pottery, on and on and on...there’s nothing lasting in thes ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Avatar- I had hoped for more   rudenski   4y
      I thought about ... a sequel to the Avatar movie where the humans attack again but this time using ... nukes. The universe responds and invades earth with ’grinch’ looking ... aliens who storm all of the video game stores, movie stations and ... toy stores, taking all of the movie makers, preachers, politicians, and ... generals who promote war with them, put them in a stadium with guns and ... all the ammunition they can use... The grinch looking aliens lock ... the doors to see if they will use the weapons they promoted to get them ... out.... but if they choose to negotiate instead then they would have to ... pro ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I agree. They should have gone with something other than t...   VeryGnawty   4y
      I agree. They should have gone with something other than the ”good guys miraculously defeat bad guys” ending. The last half hour of this movie makes the first two hours seem weak. ... ... The ending of the movie sure does look nice, though. Helicopters and explosions and mechanized suits and machine guns... and dragons! It’s like every action movie ever made, rolled into one.   [End]
  • Funniest Film Ever   InnerCalm   5y
    ... The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard Gale ... ... ... ... ... You will want to watch this again, and again, and again, and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, and again,and again, ...   [retrieve this message]
    • lol   VeryGnawty   4y
      This is one of the best fake trailers I’ve ever seen.   [End]
  • Video Embedded Bodhisattva in metro   Will_I_Ever_Learn   5y  C
 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... New Youtube Link ... ... ... ... ... ... Enjoy ... ... WIEL   [End]
  • Video Embedded Patrick Swayze ♥ - The Truth - A Barbara Walters Spec...   LCD   5y  C
    Patrick Swayze ♥ - The Truth - A Barbara Walters Special ♥ ... ... ... ... Patrick Swayze ♥ - The Truth - A Barbara Walters Special ♥ - [Part 1/5] ... ... ... ... ... Patrick Swayze has been aggressively fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer for the last year but said he hasn’t let the battle take over his life.”One thing I’m not gonna do is chase staying alive,” Swayze told Barbara Walters in his first interview since the diagnosis last year. ”You spend so much time chasing staying alive, you won’t live.” ... ... The 56-year-old-actor, beloved for his role in the film ”Dirty Dancing,” said h ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Image Embedded The truth?   RRR Dquixote1217   5y
      The truth is that Swayze was a real fighter and had a determined and positive attitude, but he put his faith in mainstream medicine which has a virtual zero success rate against pancreatic cancer, and the end result was sadly predictable. ... ... Though Swayze told Walters ."One thing I’m not gonna do is chase staying alive. You spend so much time chasing staying alive, you won’t live.", he obviously was chasing staying alive by following his doctor’s advice to "starve his body" in order to "starve his cancer". ... ... It is plain to see how his life and his famo ...   [retrieve this message]
      • That is truly a picture of a holocaust victim. How do his ”...   mertletertle   5y
        That is truly a picture of a holocaust victim. How do his ”doctors and nurses” call themselves what they do??? ... My heart is hurting. They should have shown that on TV. ... That poor poor man. ... Marilyn   [End]
      • Good God--is that last picture really him?   chirontherainbowbridge   4y
        ... It’s such a clear case of starvation and poisoning. He looks like an aged prisoner. I continually find it astonishing that these people who are such celebrities you’d think they would have access to all kinds of information, yet they are so often the most mind-controlled, literally brain-washed people, existing in a very small world, where fear seems to be the substrate--and control (ie: mainstream medicine) the attraction.   [End]
  • Film about fasting showing in theater in Chicago in Septemb...   unknownsoldier   5y  C
    I have been following (and posting periodically) about this film I came across called ”Facing the Fat” about a guy who did a 55-day water fast and made a documentary film about it... it’s FINALLY beginning to show! It will premier in Chicago, wish I lived there to go see it, apparently the guy who did the fast is going to be there doing a Q&A. ... ... Anyhow, hope this helps... here are the sites with the info: ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
  • Film Aims to Expose Dangers In U.S. Food Industry   LCD   5y  C
    ... Film Aims to Expose Dangers In U.S. Food Industry ... By REUTERS ... Filed at 7:09 p.m. ET ... June 9, 2009 ... ... ... NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bigger-breasted chickens fattened artificially. New strains of deadly E. coli bacteria. A food supply controlled by a handful of corporations. ... ... The documentary ”Food, Inc.” opens in the United States on Friday and portrays these purported dangers and changes in the U.S. food industry, asserting harmful effects on public health, the environment, and worker and animal rights. ... ... ... ... Big corpo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded Modern "THINKING" (intelligence??).   been there done that   5y  C
    I’ve seen this kind of thing so much in my life and almost feel insulted sometimes. ... ... In a video (or on T.V.), putting white letters on a white background is...(how do you say it?).....idiotic. ... ... I’ve seen it all of my life whenever subtitles are used in foreign films, but also in American films when someone speaks a foreign language. At first I thought ”Oh well, they’re new at it, they’ll learn to do things right”, but, no, I’m still waiting for the world’s video and T.V. industries to discover the big secret of ”intelligent thought” after 55 years (or am I expecting too much?). ... ... Mayb ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Who has seen "Twilight?"   Southern Belle   5y
    I wanna be a vampire ... ... I wanna be a vampire ... ... I wanna be a vampire ... ... ... So, I can meet Edward and he will forget Bella........   [End]
  • Do you recall Soylent Green   Will_I_Ever_Learn   5y
    Soylent Green is a 1973 dystopian science fiction movie depicting a future in which global warming and overpopulation lead to depleted resources on Earth. This in turn leads to widespread unemployment and poverty. Real fruit, vegetables, and meat are rare, commodities are expensive, and much of the population survives on processed food rations, including ”soylent green” wafers. ... ... The film overlays the science fiction and police procedural genres as it depicts the efforts of New York City police detective Robert Thorn (Charlton Heston) and elderly police researcher Sol Roth (Edward G. Robi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • "First Do No Harm" *****   JustinL   5y  C
    ... First Do No Harm ... ... ... In this alternately heartbreaking and uplifting drama inspired by actual events, a small town Midwest family discovers that their youngest son suffers from epilepsy. Left without hope after their insurance runs out, the mother presses on, studies everything she can find out about the illness, and, against the wishes of her local doctor, takes her son to Baltimore for treatment with the controversial ketogenetic diet. ... ... The title of this movie-made-for-television, First Do No Harm, comes from the Hippocratic oath which doctors take as part of their vocation. ... ... Howe ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Kudos to the Academy Awards this year!   JustinL   5y
    Missed it ,don’t have cable or satellite! Oh poor me! ... ... ... 2. Thankfully, Academy Awards Livens Up ... ... Bill Condon and Laurence Mark, first-time producers of the 81st Annual Academy Awards, were nervous about the declining ratings trend of previous Oscar telecasts. ... ... They decided rather than go with the usual comedic-type hosts of the past such as Steve Martin, Billy Crystal and Jon Stewart, they would tap a guy who was People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” Hugh Jackman. ... ... After all the fingernail biting about an Australian thespian emceeing the Oscars, it turned out that Jackman gave th ...   [retrieve this message]
    • if pro-homosexual banter left and right isn't political, i ...   John McCain 2008   5y
      it was there for all to see. remember the homosexual screenwriter or whatever who burned his pro-mormon, pro-conservative parents at the stake? did you forget that? and the pro-obama snips? then the penn diatribe, which you mention. there’s plenty ’o political manure at just have to admit it. hugh jackman wasn’t that funny or that great. what movie has he been in or great achievement to be mc for the oscars? he ain’t all that and a bag of chips. you see ”australia”???? lol...that’s the ”ishtar” of the 2000’s. it’s a good thing ”the x-men” comic book characters are o ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Ah, one more reason to not buy into the mainstream cable tv...   JustinL   5y
        Ah, one more reason to not buy into the mainstream cable tv. I just rent movies or buy,but of course many movies these days glorify this twisted sick mentality, one can almost tell by what actors are in these movies which will have some morally perverted agenda. The sicko Sean Penn for one!   [End]
  • can we get through an oscar program without the gay this an...   John McCain 2008   5y
    geez, where’s the discrimination these homosexuals keep ranting about? half the crowd at the oscars is gay, the other half is bi. what’s the problem? every dude is doing the other, every women is doing the other in hollywood. don’t you have to be discriminated against first before you can scream that you’re a victim?   [End]
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