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  • Familys Home and Contents Taken Using a Fake Eviction   CLEW   81d  C
    My home is on the chopping block right now from a fraudulent foreclosure brought by wells fargo... What exactly the ~hell~ is going on?! ... ...   [End]
  • Well done Mr Snowden. His open letter to the brazilian peo...   mu-shen   4mo  C
    ”Six months ago, I stepped out from the shadows of the United States Government’s National Security Agency to stand in front of a journalist’s camera. I shared with the world evidence proving some governments are building a world-wide surveillance system to secretly track how we live, who we talk to, and what we say. I went in front of that camera with open eyes, knowing that the decision would cost me family and my home, and would risk my life. I was motivated by a belief that the citizens of the world deserve to understand the system in which they live. ... ... My greatest fear was that no on ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Image Embedded He Knows about chemtrails and say they are benevolent -they...   opihikaobob   4mo
      He Knows about chemtrails and say they are benevolent -they are not, and they are not about globalwarming either. He is  telling the truth about many lesser things  all the snooping, but when it comes to FORCED de- population, or genocide to achieve the goals of UN agenda 21 ,(jewish run&organized) , and other jewish (zionist) criminality  ,and heinous crimes, he is silent. ... ... He is probably a zionist. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ConsciousNewsMedia ... ... ... ...   ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... News ... ... World Truth ... ... Politics ... ... Health ... ... Inspirational ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded With 2.3 Million People Incarcerated in the US, Prisons Are...   RN EDUCATIONAL befurther   6mo  C
    ...   ... “Global Tel* Link. You have a collect call from: ‘Tim.’ An inmate in Shelby County Correctional Facility…. If you wish to accept and pay for this call, dial zero now.” ... ... I don’t know how many times I heard the same robotic voice speak these words since last fall. I was researching the story of Timothy McKinney, a Memphis man facing his third death-penalty trial for the killing of an off-duty police officer in 1997. Tim would call from Shelby County Jail, to answer my questions and to do what anyone facing trial would want to do: air ...   [retrieve this message]
    • 1-800-KISS-YOUR-MONEY-GOODBYE! ... ... Found out the hard ...   CLEW   6mo
      1-800-KISS-YOUR-MONEY-GOODBYE! ... ... Found out the hard way about this scam... ... ... When someone tries to call you from jail, you receive a recorded message prompting you to set up an account with a required minimum of $25.00. Only then can you talk with the inmate. Most of us do it because it’s someone we know and love in jail right? ... ... Next day the inmate is let out(ROR or otherwise), leaving probably $10-$15 in the required account. You guessed it- It’s non-refundable... That must really rack up some change! Cha-Ching! ... ... ...   [End]
  • Serial Killers Were Most Often Animal Abusers, Butchers, Vi...   frugivorous   9mo
    Serial Killers Were Most Often Animal Abusers, Butchers, Vivisectors, Etc. ... ... Serial Killers Had Animal Abusing Childhood Or Teen Years ... ... Teach Nonviolence To the Children ... ... There are 3 kinds of serial killers... a. those who kill a chain of individuals on a one to one basis or by hiring a hit person b. those who kll millions abstractly.. never seeing those they bomb as they sit in bomber planes or government chairs. c. judges who kill with their pens, denying petitions for mercy from prisoners on death row. ... ... An analysis of serial killers shows most frequently a pattern of abuse towar ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Auburn woman arrested in fake cancer scheme   LCD   10mo  C
    Auburn woman arrested in fake cancer scheme ... ... Wire fraud and social security fraud are the charges -- but the crime is much worse. ... ... According to a federal indictment, 51 year old Julie Ann Dahlquist of Auburn faked having cancer, and she took that lie right next door and told her neighbor she was dying. She said she didn’t have health insurance, and without his help, she wouldn’t survive. ... ... Her neighbor was a 78-year-old man, described by others as ”the nicest person on earth,” someone who had worked very hard his whole life to save for retirement and for the generations that would fo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Merck Lied About Mumps Vaccine, Inflated Results   BSA WARNING LCD   11mo  C
    Merck Lied About Mumps Vaccine, Inflated Results ... ... Merck has known for a decade that its mumps vaccine is ”far less effective” than it tells the government, and it falsified test results and sold millions of doses of ”questionable efficacy,” flooding and monopolizing the market, a primary caregiver claims in a federal antitrust class action. ... ... Alabama-based Chatom Primary Care sued Merck on Monday, the week after the unsealing of a False Claims Act complaint two relators filed in 2010. ... Those relators, Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski, were Merck virologists who claim in their u ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Physician and Nurse Serial Killers   frugivorous   12mo
    ... President Bill Clinton spoke of 1 million iatrogenic deaths a year in the US alone. ... ... Vastly underreported have been deliberate serial killings by physicians and nurses. ... ... Physician and Nurse Serial Killers ... ... Harold Shipman MD of the UK mercy killer of 215... dead ... ... ... ... Michael Swango MD killed on 2 continents... perhaps mercy killing ... ... ... ... ... ... Charles Curre ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The 'Collateral Damage' Of Being Taught To Kill Animals Is ...   frugivorous   13mo
    The ’Collateral Damage’ Of Being Taught To Kill Animals Is Murder Of Humans ... ... ... ... Arthur Shawcross who hunted and fished ... near the Genesee River in NY ... and used that as training in the ... slaughter of 11 women. ... ... ... For everyone mentioned on this list..for an ... abolition of the death penalty everywhere.. grace for all in and out of the ... body. The purpose of this list is not to punish ... or to scandalmonger or to excite.. but to underline the ... connection between abuse of animals and its connection to ... violence toward people. ... ... ... I LAB RESEARCHERS, VIVISECTORS, BIOLOGY DISSECTORS ... ... 1. Jeffrey ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 'Vaccine court' awards millions to two autistic children da...   R InCharge   15mo  C
    (NaturalNews) Quietly and without much fanfare, the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), or more accurately the congressionally-sanctioned kangaroo court whose sole purpose is to shield the vaccine industry from liability for vaccine injuries, has essentially admitted that vaccines cause autism. As reported by the Huffington Post, two more children who developed autism following routine vaccinations have been awarded millions of dollars to help pay for the lifetime of specialized care they will need to address their injuries. ... ... The first case involves a 10-year-old boy na ...   [retrieve this message]
  • David vs. Monsanto—The Story of How a Lone Farmer Prevailed...   R InCharge   17mo  C
    Story at-a-glance ... ... ... The documentary film "David versus Monsanto” details the groundbreaking victory of a lone farmer against one of the most powerful companies on the planet ... ... The world’s first lifetime feeding study discovered that rats fed a diet containing 11 percent GE corn developed massive breast tumors, kidney and liver damage and other serious health problems in the 13th month of life. ... ... To put this into human perspective, if the average lifespan of a person is 80 years, these health problems would start rearing their ugly head somewhere during ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Court, Law   Histopathlab   20mo
    Nice forum.   [End]
  • Parents fight it out in tussle over child jabs   peggyaus   22mo  C
 ... ... A YOUNG NSW girl is at the centre of a bitter tug-of-war over whether she should be vaccinated. ... ... Her father sought an order in the Federal Magistrates Court to have her immunised, but the mother argued the national vaccination schedule was ”potentially harmful”. ... ... Although the court found in favour of the six-year-old’s dad - ordering she be immunised for measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and chickenpox - the mum successfully appealed in the Family Court lat ...   [retrieve this message]
  • FTC goes after consumer giving false testimonial   LCD   3y  C
    Michelle Singletary | FTC holds endorsers liable for falsehoods ... ... ... WASHINGTON — For the first time, the Federal Trade Commission has charged a consumer with providing a false testimonial to help promote what it says is a get-rich-quick business program. ... ... The case against Marsha Kellogg of Ohio is significant because the FTC moved aggressively not just against a business promoter whom it alleges is defrauding customers but also a customer whom it claims, in several infomercials, inflated how much the promoted business helped her earn. ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded --Extermination by Gun Control--   refreshed   4y
  • Image Embedded ---Mayor Daley's Rights---   refreshed   4y
  • Image Embedded --Chicago-- (One Gun Daley)--   refreshed   4y
    Message from Moreless ... ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded Gun Rights -- Did we Win?   refreshed   4y
    Message from Moreless ... ...   [End]
  • Image Embedded Violation Of Your Civil Rights   refreshed   4y
    Message From Moreless ...   [End]
  • No jail, contempt for TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau   LCD   4y  C
    No jail, contempt for TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau ... ... Thu, May 20 2010 ... By Jonathan Stempel ... ... NEW YORK (Reuters) - A federal appeals court in Chicago threw out a 30-day jail sentence and criminal contempt citation for a television pitchman who incited fans to flood a federal judge with email testimonials. ... ... The U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals found that U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman overstepped his authority in punishing Kevin Trudeau, after receiving more than 300 emails to his computer and BlackBerry in 36 hours, including some with threatening overtones. ... ... http://www.reuter ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Lambs to the Slaughter (part 1) Norris 04-2010   tomato   4y
,_part_1 ... ... ... Never imagine ... the left is not well aware of the problem of people who keep and bear arms. These are people who know leverage and power from every angle. If they want our guns you can bet they’re not advocating peace. ... ... ========================================== ... They are going ... to take our guns so they can jam their socialist unconstitutional agenda down our throats. The founders gave us the second amendment to make sure that the government couldn’t get too far from the will of the people. Obama wan ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Judge finds Kevin Trudeau in contempt after barrage of e-ma...   LCD   4y  C
    ... Ill. judge finds infomercial pitchman in contempt after barrage of e-mails, threatens jail ... MIKE ROBINSON ... ... AP Legal Affairs Writer ... ... ... 8:19 PM CST, February 11, 2010 ... ... CHICAGO (AP) — Best-selling author and infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau was held in criminal contempt Thursday and threatened with jail after he urged visitors to his Web site to unleash a massive barrage of e-mails that crashed a federal judge’s computer in Chicago. ... ... U.S. District Judge Robert W. Gettleman’s computer became hopelessly clogged with e-mails from admirers of Trudeau’s diet book and ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Watching Kevin Trudeau’s sales pitch on TV as I type. ... ...   InCharge   4y
      Watching Kevin Trudeau’s sales pitch on TV as I type. ... ... If nothing else, this guy has a giant set of cojones. He’s bragging about the 37 million dollar he was fined, but says he won the appeal. ... ... I’m almost tempted to subscibe to his news letter just because he’s screwing with the FDA, and Big Pharma. ... ... We need more people like he and Ben  [colloidal Silver] in Texas to stand up to those bastards. ... ... Check out his web site. ...   [End]
      • Trust me, Ben Taylor would not get within spitting distance...   Dquixote1217   4y
        Trust me, Ben Taylor would not get within spitting distance of that snake!  The best thing that can be said for that shameless promoter is that he at least opened up a lot of people’s minds to alternatives.  Hopefully many of those people found someone who really knew what they were talking about and weren’t out to make every buck they could off of them like Trudeau does. ... ... It is no accident that Trudeau ranks at the very top in consumer complaints every year due to his unethical schemes that trick people into paying through the nose for his continued "expertise".. ... ...   [retrieve this message]
        • You can put your johnson back in your pants, DQ. ... ... ...   InCharge   4y
          You can put your johnson back in your pants, DQ. ... ... There was no intent on my part of equating Ben Taylor with Trudeau. ... ... Only that they both have in their own way flipped the bird to the government agencies that  continually go after people who understand that there is a legitimate need for natural products along with healthy living instead of the products, and surgeries that Big Pharma, and allopathic medicines push. ... ... He may well be a huckster, but he also talks about organic foods, and natural doctors,etc. ... ... Ben Taylor is a hero in my mind. Many people in his position with ...   [retrieve this message]
          • I am sure Ben is not aware of your post and would not take ...   Dquixote1217   4y
            I am sure Ben is not aware of your post and would not take offense if he were.  I just wanted to draw the distinction.  I can’t get Ben to brag about his products no matter how I try or how justified it is.  Ben is the genuine article and he gives away his silver and gold to anyone who stops by including all the locals and sells every other item he carries at cost to the locals.  I think Trudeau would try to make a buck off his own mother. ... ... Anyway, not to worry. ...   [End]
            • Image Embedded Let's lock this bum up.....   #69242   4y
                ... ... ....while we still got the muscle hehe (Hey - The Godfather is on right now....) ... ... It is hard to believe that anyone on curezone still defends this bum. I maybe exempt parazapper because he was raided, but KT has engaged in soooo much criminal behaviour that it is ... well ... criminal. He should have been put in jail eons ago. And while he may have brought some people over to alternative medicine, well who knows how many he has scared away. Anyone with a brain who has seen an infomercial of his knows he is nothing but a sleazy hypster who will do or say anything to sell a pro ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Turn signals   UserX   4y
    What good are turn signals on cars, if women have a right to change their mind anyways ?   [End]
  • U.S. Marshals Seize Unapproved Ozone Generators   LCD   4y  C
    U.S. Marshals Seize Unapproved Ozone Generators ... By Cole Petrochko, Staff Writer, MedPage Today ... Published: January 31, 2010 ... ... ... WASHINGTON -- U.S. Marshals have seized 77 unapproved ozone generators, valued at almost $76,000 from a California device manufacturer, the FDA announced. ... ... The devices were advertised as treatments for various conditions, including cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, herpes, and other diseases, but lacked approval or efficacy data to support the claims made on their behalf, an FDA release said. ... ... The raid came after the company, Applied Ozone Systems (AOS) of Auburn, Ca ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Yet another example of unconsitutional prior restraint   Dquixote1217   4y
      Isn’t it just lovely to see our taxdollars used to such benefit - instead of using those dollars to apprehend fugitives or protect the President, as is the primary duty of US Marshalls. ... ... In the absence of proven harm from the seized devices, the Marshalls and the mainstream stooges at the FDA have no constitutional grounds for such rogue actions that amount to prior restraint.   Too bad there isn’t enough influence-free guts of our lawmakers to insure that our agencies practice within the framework of the Constitution and/or pass the Ron Paul bill that would force ag ...   [retrieve this message]
      • the fda - what a great gauge of the merits of certain medic...   trapper/kcmo   4y
        the fda - what a great gauge of the merits of certain medical alternatives. if they promote it then it probably doesnt work or does real harm or both. if they discourage it or go thing that works a little too well for their oligarch clients. ... ... dontcha love consistency?   [End]
  • More than 100 Dublin priests suspected of child sex abuse   LCD   5y  C
    More than 100 Dublin priests suspected of child sex abuse ... By David McKittrick, Ireland Correspondent ... ... As the Irish government prepares to launch an inquiry into child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, new figures from the Dublin area show that more than 100 priests have been accused of sex abuse. ... ... The report, from the Archdiocese of Dublin, records 350 accusations of abuse against 102 priests since 1940. The number of accusations is likely to grow in the course of the 18-month government inquiry, since the Church has encouraged victims who have never registered complaints to come ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Papacy and Freemasonry Agenda   #108005   5y
      Roman Catholicism vs. Judeo-Masonry ... ... ... Papacy and Freemasonry, those are the two powers active throughout the world and each is seeking to dominate it. The solution of the struggle taking place between them is, at the present moment of the utmost importance; for we are face to face not only with the crossroads of history but also with a radical transformation of humanity itself. Either Roman Catholicism will lift us up again to the level of Christian civilization or else Judeo-Masonry will drag us down the path of barbarism and decadent paganism. The whole world oscillates between the tw ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Boca Raton Man Convicted in Nutritional Supplement Scam   LCD   5y  C
    Boca Raton Man Convicted in Nutritional Supplement Scam ... 2009-11-04 - U.S. Department of Justice ... ... ... Jeffrey H. Sloman, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, David Bourne, Special Agent in Charge, Food and Drug Administration, Office of Criminal Investigations, Daniel W. Auer, Special Agent in Charge, Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation Division, and Henry Gutierrez, Postal Inspector in Charge, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, announce that late yesterday afternoon, a federal jury convicted defendant Frank Sarcona, a/k/a Frank Sarcone, a/k/a Dave ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Mafia, violent criminals turn to Medicare fraud   LCD   5y  C
    Mafia, violent criminals turn to Medicare fraud ... ... ... ... Source: Associated Press/AP Online ... Publication date: 2009-10-06 ... ... MIAMI - Lured by easier money and shorter prison sentences, Mafia figures and other violent criminals are increasingly moving into Medicare fraud and spilling blood over what was once a white-collar crime. ... Around the nation, federal investigators have been threatened, an informant’s body was found riddled with bullets, and a woman was discovered dead in a pharmacy under investigation, her throat slit with a piece of broken toilet seat. ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Bullies, tyrants, and evil-doers oppress   lightstream   5y
    These stories fill me with rage. ... ... Clearly, any rational, reasonable person can see that it is wrong for a man, a glorified LAWYER of all people, wearing a robe, sitting a few feet off the ground, to pretend that he is god and make it unlawful and wrong for every human in the US to eat almonds, a once powerful healing food, that have not been robbed of their power to heal and promote health. ... ... Same goes for the ”judges” (in reality judged - by God the true Judge.) who send good people to jail for doing what’s righteous and good. ... ... If this does not piss you off, you need to start distill ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Court Wary of Fine, Ban Against Kevin Trudeau, "Weight Loss...   LCD   5y  C
    ”Weight Loss Cure” ... Court Wary of Fine, Ban Against Infomercial King ... By ANNIE YOUDERIAN ... ... ... (CN) - Infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau, known for hawking ”cures” for everything from baldness to obesity, successfully appealed a $37.6 million judgment and ban against him over promotions for his book, ”The Weight Loss Cure ’They’ Don’t Want You to Know About.” ... ... ... ... The 7th Circuit vacated and remanded the fine and ban, saying it was ”troubled” by the nature of both. ... ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Supplement Marketers To Pay Nearly $70 Million In Consumer ...   LCD   5y  C
    Supplement Marketers To Pay Nearly $70 Million In Consumer Refunds ... Products made range of unsupported claims ... ... By James Limbach ... August 27, 2009 ... ... ... A federal district court has ordered the marketers of two dietary supplements -- ”Supreme Greens” and ”Coral Calcium” -- who claimed the products would cure ailments ranging from cancer and Parkinson’s disease to heart disease and autoimmune diseases to pay nearly $70 million for deceiving consumers about the products’ effectiveness and safety. ... ... The court also froze the assets of some of the defendants. ... ... http: ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Court rules against FTC in supplement ad case   LCD   5y  C
    Court rules against FTC in supplement ad case ... ... By Lorraine Heller, 17-Aug-2009 ... ... ... A US District Court has ruled against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and in favor of a supplements firm, in a landmark case that found FTC’s criticism of the company’s advertising was simply a “difference of opinion”. ... ... FTC had filed a motion against New Jersey-based LaneLabs in 2007, alleging that it was making unsubstantiated claims for its calcium and male fertility supplement products. ... ... The agency, which works together with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to monitor product advertising ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Murder by a prayer? Dale Neumann Homicide Trial   LCD   5y  C
    Jury Selected in Dale Neumann Homicide Trial ... July 24, 2009 ... ... ... ... Eight men and six women will hear the trial of Dale Neumann, 47, and decide whether he’s innocent or guilty. ... ... Neumann is on trial for second degree reckless homicide in death of his daughter Kara, 11. ... ... It took two days for prosecutors, defense attorney Jay Kronenwetter, and Judge Vincent Howard to select 14 jurors. ... ... 12 are considered actual jurors, and two more are alternates in the case. ... ... All 14 will hear the trial, but the alternates will be dismissed before jury deliberations. ... ... Because the jury is sequestered, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Woman sues to have name of anonymous web poster revealed   LCD   5y  C
    A woman sues a daily newspaper for an anonymous comment made in the discussion forum. She also wanted the name of the anonymous commenter exposed. What happens with this case and others like it could shape the future of online forums ... ... ... ... ... A case in point: Last year, the Richmond Register (a daily newspaper in Richmond, KY) ran an article about a young woman who had been kicked out of a mall because the dress she was wearing (one she’d actually purchased at the mall) was too short. An anonymous poster in the online discussion af ...   [retrieve this message]
  • A married couple arrested on charges of practicing "quacker...   LCD   5y  C
    Polk Sheriff: Couple Practiced ’Quackery’ ... ... By Shoshana Walter ... THE LEDGER ... ... Published: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 10:45 p.m. ... ... WINTER HAVEN ... ... A married couple were arrested Wednesday on charges of practicing what Sheriff Grady Judd called ”quackery.” ... ... ... At a news conference outside the couple’s business Wednesday, Judd said Enrique Vela, 68, and co-owner and wife Ute Marquez, 56, diagnosed two undercover detectives with various ailments, then provided natural remedies they claimed would cure them. ... ... ... The two have owned the Alternative Therapy Center at 1502 Dundee Road for nine y ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Misplaced priorities in policing non-toxic substances & pra...   Dquixote1217   5y
      I gotta call BFD on that story LCD.  Our founding fathers, as clearly expressed by Declaration of Independence signer Benjamin Rush and reinforced by the almost forgotten ninth amendment, never intended for any one group to hold a monopoly over medicine.  Neither did they ever intend for the government to decide for the sovereign citizens whom they declared to have unalienable rights how they chose to address their private health issues. ... ... Furthermore, the FDA was created with the intention of making sure that our medicines and foods were safe - no ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Urine injection kills Bolivian woman   LCD   5y  C
    Urine injection kills Bolivian woman ... ... Fashion-designer friend allegedly administered deadly therapy into serum ... ... The Associated Press ... ... updated 5:11 p.m. ET Feb. 10, 2009 ... ... LA PAZ, Bolivia - A Bolivian woman has died from an injection of urine allegedly administered by her friend as a form of health therapy, a prosecutor said Tuesday. ... ... Investigating prosecutor Oscar Flores told The Associated Press that 35-year-old Gabriela Ascarrunz died Saturday of an ”infection caused by urine that was injected by fashion designer Monica Schultz.” ... ... URL: ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
    • ... ... Both the title of your post and the newspaper arti...   #107689   5y
      ... ... Both the title of your post and the newspaper article say that the woman died ... from "urine injection" but in reading the article you will find that ... it was added to here IV - a huge difference.  This was done after she ... had already been in intensive care for two days.  They fail to tell ... why she was in intensive care or give the status of her condition at that ... time.  Whoever put the urine into the IV was nuts because it would just sit ... there and turn to ammonia before it drips into the vein. ... ... The article does not come anywhere near describing what the practi ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi, ... This is absurd and no person practicing urine thera...   damaniindia   5y
      Hi, ... This is absurd and no person practicing urine therapy would be naive enough to inject the same in the way suggested. ... If fools who do not have enough knoowledge do things incorrectly you can not blame urine therapy for the same. ... PLease get facts and then see if we can connect and make   [End]
  • Judge upholds almond pasteurization law   mo123   5y  C
    ... ... Breaking News on Food & Beverage Development - North America ... Judge upholds almond pasteurization law ... By Caroline Scott-Thomas, 13-Mar-2009 ... ... Related topics: Fruit, vegetable, nut ingredients ... ... A federal judge has rejected challenges to a law requiring mandatory pasteurization of almonds to reduce risk of salmonella contamination. ... ... The law, which was designed with input from the Almond Board of California and industry, was first introduced in 2007 largely in response to two salmonella outbreaks linked to unpasteurized almonds – one in Canada in 2001, and a sec ...   [retrieve this message]
  • QVC to Pay $7.5 Million to Settle Charges that It Aired Dec...   LCD   5y  C
    ... QVC to Pay $7.5 Million to Settle Charges that It Aired Deceptive Claims ... ... QVC, Inc., a TV home shopping channel and one of the world’s largest multimedia retailers, has agreed to pay $7.5 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it made false and unsubstantiated claims about three types of dietary supplements in violation of an FTC order, and about an anti-cellulite skin cream in violation of the FTC Act. ... ... The agency alleged that QVC violated a 2000 FTC order barring it from making deceptive claims for dietary supplements. According to the Commission, QVC aired approxi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The Pirate Bay trial to begin in Sweden   LCD   5y  C
    The Pirate Bay trial to begin in Sweden ... by Steven Musil ... ... February 15, 2009 7:10 PM PST ... ... ... File-swappers are expected to be keeping their eyes on a court in Sweden this week as a landmark copyright-infringement trial gets under way. ... ... ... ... ... The four men behind the popular file-sharing site The Pirate Bay go on trial Monday in Stockholm, accused of helping millions of Internet users illegally download protected movies, music, and computer games. The defendants--Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi and Carl Lunds ...   [retrieve this message]
  • US judges accept bribes to imprison kids   #89866   5y
    U.S. judges accused of jailing kids for cash ... ... By MICHAEL RUBINKAM and MARYCLAIRE DALE - Associated Press Writers ... ... Last Updated: 11th February 2009, 2:59pm ... ... Hillary Transue, who was sentenced to a wilderness camp for building a spoof MySpace page that lampooned her assistant principal. Transue says she did not have an attorney, nor was she informed of her right to one, when she was sentenced by Luzerne County Judge Mark Ciavarella. (AP/Matt Rourke) ... WILKES-BARRE, Pa. (AP) — For years, the juvenile court system in Wilkes-Barre operated like a conveyor belt: Youngsters were ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Makers of dietary supplement to pay $7 million settlement   LCD   6y  C
    South Florida ... ... Makers of dietary supplement to pay $7 million settlement ... December 17, 2008 ... ... Airborne Health Inc., the makers of a popular dietary supplement that proudly advertises it was ”developed by a teacher,” on Tuesday agreed to a $7 million settlement with attorneys general in Florida and 31 other states. ... ...,0,450950.story ... ... ... The company, headquartered in Bonita Springs, is also prohibited from implying Airborne can prevent, treat or cure colds, the flu or upper respiratory infections. ... ... Florid ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Yet another example of government agencies abuse of power   Dquixote1217   6y
      Despite what was reported (or parroted) by the mainstream media, this had nothing to do with a supplement company promoting and selling a dangerous product or even making bogus health claims.  Instead it is yet another example of how agencies like the FTC and FDA have been perverted to serve their corporate lords and masters, such as Big Pharma, to take clearly unconsitutional actions to suppress natural healing and truthful information about natural alternatives to the detriment of those alernatives as well as our freedom of choice to decide how to address our own private h ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Dr. Ravi Devgan died in prison this week   LCD   6y  C
    Dr. Ravi Devgan died in prison this week. ... ... ... ... ... ... Frontenac inmate dies at KGH ... ... Dec. 2, 2008 ... ... A former Toronto doctor, serving a federal prison sentence in Kingston for defrauding a family of thousands of dollars when he wasn’t licensed, has died in hospital. ... ... ... Ravi Devgan, 61, died Sunday at Kingston General Hospital, according to Corrections Canada. ... ... ... Devgan was serving a sentence of five years and four months for fraud, assault with a weapon, failure to comply and possession for the purpose of trafficking. ... ... ... Correction ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I always shudder when I read these kind of things... Grante...   SpeakerofTruth   6y
      I always shudder when I read these kind of things... Granted their are your charlatans and hucksters out their but my anger really resides against modern medicine whose by its own admission and sheer existence is truly medicine based on ”false hope” and on false premises.   [End]
      • Ravi was a wonderful doctor and helped many people he had a...   R godslove   6y
        Ravi was a wonderful doctor and helped many people he had a great heart and love to give and help people, I knew him for several years, and those who judge him will someday be judge for example that crazy quackery, if they only knew this sweet kind man. all people make mistakes but few get caught, Gods love shine on you now Ravi in his divine presences. Judge ye not for ye shall be judged.   [End]
        • We mourn the loss of Dr. Ravi Devgan, a brilliant Medical D...   R IAMBHAKTI   6y
          We mourn the loss of Dr. Ravi Devgan, a brilliant Medical Doctor and Naturopathic Doctor with a keen sense of Intution that saved many lives and made a significant positive contribution to many others. Those of us that were fortunate to have received treatment(s) from him were given, through his expertise, sensitivity, and many other wonderful traits, a new lease on life. Through his natural trust given to everyone, he delighted in making a real difference in everyone’s lives. His treatments went far beyond those of any other practioners I’ve have ever seen. Dr. Devgan constantly demonstra ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Dr. Ravi Devgan, a pioneering holistic physician and healer...   voiceofthevoiceless   6y
            Dr. Ravi Devgan, a pioneering holistic physician and healer, died a death by slow torture in prison. He was strangled and murdered by the Pharmacomafia and its servants in the public system, all of whom felt threatened by his drug-free, natural therapies. His weakness was his inability to manage his finances and be discerning in money matters. It was through this weakness that the system was able to persecute, nail, and crush him. The ”assault with a weapon” with which he was charged refers to the use of a hypodermic needle for injecting a natural therapeutic substance into a patient’s bod ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Re: No truer words   zazaG   6y
          Re: No truer words   [End]
    • Re: Dr. Ravi Devgan died in prison this week   HopeLessMinX   6y
      Did they ever mention how the twins were doing under his care? And what’s wrong with giving a terminally ill patient ’false hope’ ? Sometimes a little hope will keep the body going! False or not. And overcharged? Oh please.. As if the establishment doesn’t overcharge us for medicines that don’t work.. Gimme a break.. Just reading how that poor old man died in prison is a shameful excuse for justice. What was his methods of healing? Natural death at 61? Sounds to me like someone from the AMA sent someone to get rid of nuisance. Yet another win for the sickness business.   [End]
      • In between the dark and the light?   Dquixote1217   6y
        I realize full well how things can be manipulated in the mainstream media, but, even putting aside the reputed charges of promising a cure for cerebral palsy I find it a bit disturbing that Devgan pled guilty to drug trafficking charges after evidently prescribing oxycodone and other painkillers with a street value of $400,000 after his license was revoked.  I also find my eyebrows raised a bit by the fact that he was reported to have filed bankruptcy in 1989, 1993 and 1999 to discharge a total of over $9 Million in debts, yet was reported to be renting a $3.6 Million dollar seas ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Fed Reserve notes, bank loans unconstitutional   #89866   6y
    THE CREDIT RIVER DECISION ... ... A Minnesota Trial Court’s decision holding the Federal Reserve Act unconstitutional and VOID; holding the National Banking Act unconstitutional and VOID; declaring a mortgage acquired by the First National Bank of Montgomery, Minnesota in the regular course of its business, along with the foreclosure and the sheriff’s sale, to be VOID. ... ... This decision, which is legally sound, has the effect of declaring all private mortgages on real and personal property, and all U.S. and State bonds held by the Federal Reserve, National and State Banks to be null and VOID. T ...   [retrieve this message]
  • court dismisses cell phone cancer claim   chris10   6y  C
    According to Bill O’reily ,the court dismissed a suit which alleged that cell phones caused brain cancer . The grounds for dismissal were that the level of radiation emittted by cell phones is below the maximum allowed by law and therefore the plaintiff had no case. In other words it was irrelevant whether or not the plaintiff could show that these phones cause cancer (and bore everyone in the vicinity).   [End]
    • Where are all the hundreds of millions of bodies to go with...   Jesoph   5y
      Where are all the hundreds of millions of bodies to go with the claims? Despite evidence that sufficient amounts of microwave radiation can cause DNA damage and cancer, there is still a lack of proof that cell phones produce those amounts, or cause harm to anyone except for pedestrians and other drivers who get in the way. As a matter of fact, Denmark, where they’ve had cell phones longer than any country, has reported zero increase in brain cancer occurences since their introduction. ...   [End]
      • Wrong!   Dquixote1217   5y
        That explains why Motorola cell phones come with warning about radiation levels and tell you to not hold the phones too close to the head and wear them in protective holders.. ... ... BTW. you must have missed the joint European study by researchers in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom which found that people who had used cellphones for more than 10 years had a significantly increased risk of developing glioma, a usually malignant brain tumor, on the side of the head they had favored for cellphone conversations. ... ... Or the study of  420,095 Danish adults, where& ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Again, I ask: where are the bodies to validate any of these...   Jesoph   5y
          Again, I ask: where are the bodies to validate any of these studies? It HAS been proven that average baseline exposure to EMF radiation has multiplied many thousands or millions of times, but the occurance of gliomas have not multiplied accordingly.   [End]
          • The human body is quite the magnificent creation isn’t it.&...   Dquixote1217   5y
            The human body is quite the magnificent creation isn’t it.  There may be no exact correlation between the multipliers for such radiation and incidence of glioma, but there has been an increased incidence among cell phone users.  I don’t have a map of the world cemetaries to point to all the bodies, but they are there and their numbers are increasing.  The same as is true for Aspartame, the artificial sweetener that used payoffs and false studies (they used MSG as the placebo!) whose proven harm you have also questioned. ... ... Best regards, ... ... DQ ...   [End]
            • DQ, I’m glad you mentioned my stand on Aspartame. It is ano...   Jesoph   5y
              DQ, I’m glad you mentioned my stand on Aspartame. It is another ”evil” that I’ve been warned against through unfulfilled ”studies”. I grew up with most of the ”93 symptoms” as a result of childhood cancer, epilepsy, scoliosis, and diabetes. It was after this last diagnosis, around age 30, that I replaced most of the sugar in my diet with alternatives, including Aspartame. Ever since that time I have only seen a reduction in my symptoms. I went from 3-day long episodes of multiple gran mal seizures per day to about one seizure a month, that usually doesn’t even bother my sleep. I wouldn’t e ...   [retrieve this message]
            • There is an increasing number of ALL diseases among cell ph...   Jesoph   5y
              There is an increasing number of ALL diseases among cell phone users, simply because the number of people using cell phones is increasing. This number will continue rising until the majority of the population have them, if it’s not already the case. Then, it’s a safe bet that any given case of any given disease will involve someone who owns a cell phone. That doesn’t make them the cause. ... On the other hand and other sites track true stats from hospital records from many years back. Major risk factors to public health show up as increased occurances of reported diseases, in direct p ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Marketers of Weight-Loss Patch to Pay More Than $110,000 fo...   LCD   6y  C
    Marketers of Weight-Loss Patch to Pay More Than $110,000 for Violating Previous FTC Settlements ... ... ... Marketers of a weight-loss patch have agreed to pay $110,539 to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they violated two 2004 consent orders by continuing to make false claims that their product causes substantial weight loss and weight loss in all users. After agreeing to the 2004 consent orders, the marketers continued making the same bogus claims they had made previously, but this time they targeted consumers abroad. They made these claims in brochures accompanying shipments of the ...   [retrieve this message]
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