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Ask Moreless: pH Balance, Alkaline/Acid Balance

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  • can pickling lime water be made in the plastic gallon jugs ...   jman2007   5mo
    is plastic ok?   [End]
  • rbti and vitamin c   chirontherainbowbridge   5mo
 ... ... ... chiron   [End]
  • Cheap, fast alkalinity with probiotics.   LoricaLady   5mo
    I used to make kombucha & it is alkaline and full of probiotics but a big hassle. So I did an experiment. I got a bottle of blueberry & pomegranite juice or else used some raspberry juice from frozen raspberries. I put in some Sundown probiotics, also some sugar just to make sure that the little prob. guys got plenty to eat. In a few days the filler from the probiotics was floating at the top and easy to remove. The drink was no longer sweet but sour like kombucha. Put the mixture in a relatively warm and dark place for 3-4 days. When it is no longer sweet at all, it is ready. If yo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Too much Carrot Juice?   Carrot Cause   7mo
    I have been drinking 4-6 cups of carrot juice for the last six weeks in an effor tot get my body alkaline. I have been extremely successful in this as I am registering 8+ on my strips. While at first I was very excited about this as I have no been able to achieve alkalinity with just food for the last 2 1/2 years, I am concerned I may be goin at it too hard. That 8+ could actually set off a different set of problems for me. ... I have a rare incurable lymphoma and am on watch and wait. My body is fairly sensitive and these last two days I have been experiencing the secondary symptoms - tu ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Carrot Man, ... Too high of a pH is not better. It is just ...   grizz   7mo
      Carrot Man, ... Too high of a pH is not better. It is just as bad as an acidic pH ! More alkaline is not better. The body wants to be balanced as close to 7.2 as possible is the ultimate. ... ... If you have cancer, you need to take additional steps: ... 1) Make certain your Vitamin D blood level is between 70 and 80 ng/ml. For most folks, this requires 10,000 IU daily of Vitamin D3 Geltabs made with olive oil. Your immune system cannot function properly if your are deficient D3. See this link for details. ... ... ... ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Hey Grizz your iodine stuff is great but you don’t know wtf...   #180875   74d
        Hey Grizz your iodine stuff is great but you don’t know wtf you are talking about with a lot of things. I saw your pic on amazon and it looks like you have massive lymphatic problems still and I read some of your posts where you said you lost over 100 pounds, so you were extremely unhealthy. Looks like you have a really long way to go until you know what you are talking about with anything other than iodine and even then I gotta be wary of what you say b/c there are so many people who are healthy without taking all of this iodine yes even people who drink carrot juice and live to 115 years ...   [retrieve this message]
  • bunions, no pain but foot does not bend as it should, feels...   vtgirl   7mo
    Hi, ... I had back surgery in March and legs still stiff and tired but mostly issue with feet. They feel like boxes when I walk and don’t bend as they used to. Surgeon says nerve tissues very damaged and surgery may open them up but it doesn’t seem to be happening although I can feel nerves releasing. Research mentioned frankincense, reflexology, chiropractor. Willing to try anything so I can walk normally again...67yo, active female. ... ... Thank you.   [End]
    • That sounds like multiple sclerosis to me. Or a variation o...   grizz   7mo
      That sounds like multiple sclerosis to me. Or a variation of MS that is an autoimmune disease. This can be addressed with a VERY STRICT diet, very similar to the optimum pH diet. So you won’t have to change too many things if you are already measuring optimal with your pH test strips. ALL autoimmune disease responds to dietary changes. For details see ”Multiple Sclerosis” here: ... ... IMO, nerve damage from any cause even if from back surgery can be helped by these special diets pioneered by Dr. Terry Wahls. ... These diets are like Super Charged Optimal pH diets. ...   [retrieve this message]
  • molasses   jman2007   10mo
    molasses is acting as a great pain killer for prostate issues but the sugar is really wrecking havoc with lime/candida....i dont farir well with baking soda. is there a way to neutralize the acidity of the ph without doing the whole alkalizing drink....something quick and simple especially if on the road.   [End]
    • Black Coffee ph 5.0 ... Black Coffee ¼ tsp Potassium Bicar...   grizz   8mo
      Black Coffee ph 5.0 ... Black Coffee ¼ tsp Potassium Bicarbonate pH 6.0 ... Black Coffee ½ tsp Potassium Bicarbonate pH 8.0 ... ... This may not be recommended by ML, but it works for me. ... I have been assembling this file on pH lately: ... ... ... Where can a newbee find all the basic information needed for this thread such as a Q&A files, instructions, etc? ... ... Grizz ...   [End]
    • i find alkalized water very effective. all it requires is a...   kangen333   8mo
      i find alkalized water very effective. all it requires is a water jug and water bottles to bring it on the go. there are some informative videos on it avail at ... ... my step dad actually used to have heartburn and acid reflux, and after 1-2 months of drinking the water its gone, same as his calyss on the feet   [End]
  • confused on how to make lime water   jman2007   10mo
    i have the pickeling lime i mix it in a gallon of distilled water and then what? can i use a plastic tub of distilled like from the store? ... ... ... also can i use the pickling lime direct in water.   [End]
  • bleaching effects of h202   jman2007   10mo
    why does it do this? will alkalizing baths with h202 bleach your skin? will internal use bleach your insides?   [End]
  • alkalizing drink version?   lilly1   13mo
    I made the drink as recommended by evanluck (i think) and I had trouble digesting it. I read up and learned to mix the ingredients with buttermilk which is working better for me. but i’m still a bit gassy after. ... Then i decided to just add my berries or pear and make it a meal ... 1/2 cup berries ... 1 cup organic natural buttermilk ... 1 T. molasses ... 1 T. raw honey ... 2 T. lime water ... 1/2 T. kelp for now ... 1 pinch epsom s. ... 2T lecithin ... ... is this a good way of getting all the nutrients in or am setting myself up for indigestion? ... ... ...   [End]
    • you are missing the acid part in your drink to react agains...   sundragon   13mo
      you are missing the acid part in your drink to react against all the alkaline you are taking. like ACV or lemon juice. you are suffering from digestion problems because the alkaline load you are taking is nutralizing what ever stomach acid you have left. ... ... to educate yourself more regarding this and other health issues I suggest you visit   its’s free! ...   [End]
  •   moreless   14mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... Website is ... ... ... ... Cause and Effect. ... ... Smile Tis your choice.   [End]
  • Moreless is back at curezone?   paraboy   14mo
    Hi Moreless, ... ... I have not been able to login to your old site and I tried emailing your admin email. ... ... Are you back here now? ... ...   ... ... Thanks, ... ... Paraboy ...   [End]
  • Should I use more pickling lime water?   acrosstheveil   14mo
    i’ve been taking the alkalizing drink the past several days but I’m not sure if it is strong enough. I have been adding 4 ounces of pickling lime water (8 tbsp.), one whole lemon(juice), half teaspoon himalayan pink salt, 1 teaspoon chlorella, and some blackstrap mollasses. ... ... I have lots of food intolerances and candida. Should I up my lime water intake? When I put the drink in the blender the solution seperates after about 30 seconds; is this normal? ... ... thanks   [End]
    • also, i am going to be getting water delivered pretty soon ...   acrosstheveil   14mo
      also, i am going to be getting water delivered pretty soon (our tap water is terrible). It is goign to be reverse osmosis filtered water in 5 gallon jugs. I would like to make this water slightly alkaline rather than acidic. Could I just add pickling lime to the 5 gallon jug before putting it on the dispenser? If so, how much should I use? What ph should I be looking for? ... ... Thanks   [End]
    • the best way to figure out if ones alkalizing drink is stro...   sundragon   14mo
      the best way to figure out if ones alkalizing drink is strong enough is, to go by the taste. ... if it tastes to chalky, this means that you’ve got too much lime water. if it’s too sour, too much ACV or lemon juice. should be pretty neutral taste. ... however, you seem to be quite a bit off from original ML alkalizing drink cuz your’re using chlorella instead of Cold Water Kelp he recommends. ... perhaps this is why you’re missing on desirable results. ...   [End]
  • Wolf Moon   moreless   15mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... Remember the Full Wolf Moon is coming up Jan 27. ... ... Some People get all bent out of shape because their blood sugars drops to low as the cold front moves through. ... ... And their pH drops too Acidic turning some people into animal behavior. ... ... Want answers and the latest protocol? ... ... Check out my ... ... Register and after you are approved, log in and check out the Data Base forum for more info. ... ... Cause and Effect! ... ... Smile Tis your choice.   [End]
  • Protocols ?   MW69   15mo
    Hello ... ... I have been searching to find the PDF files with Moreless’s Protocols through the forum but i have only found one, which is not the protocol from what i understood. Could someone please send me the link where the protocols can be found ? ... ... Thank you, for your time ...   [End]
  • Interesting info   User V   15mo
    ...   [End]
  • calcium d glucarte   jman2007   15mo
    can calcium d-glucarate be used instead? ... ...   [End]
  • When Is A Dog's Tail A Fifth Leg?   moreless   16mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... Somebody sent me an e-mail that contained this: ... ... When Is A Dog’s Tail ... A Fifth Leg? ... ... ... Abraham Lincoln toyed around with such provocative thoughts as, ”If Congress DE CLAREd a dog’s tail to be a leg, then how many legs would a dog have?” He would prompt his audience to respond, which was usually five. Then he would respond, ”Four, because declaring a dog’s tail to be a leg does not make it a leg.” His point was, reality rules over the imaginations of men’s hearts. ... ... Nothing much has changed on curezone. Too many folks still let the imaginations of their hearts rule thei ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Head Cold got ya?   moreless   17mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... How many folks have recently been bothered with a head cold and/or sinus problems this past Full Moon that has just passed? ... ... How many folks were still eating tropical fruits of some kind or fruits grown and matured in warm weather? ... ... How many folks have connected the eating of tropical fruits durign cold weather and getting head colds and/or sinus problems? ... ... How many folks have eaten banannas, oranges and other such fruit during cold weather and end up with head colds and/or sinus problems? ... ... How come do tropical fruits cause head colds and/or sinus problems when eaten i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Sunshine: How Vitamin D Is Really Formed   refreshed   17mo
    Or as Moreless says....”could it be?” ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Hi Ya’ll, ... ... Did you ever stop to think what the sunshine may be doing for our body, when we are out in it ? ... ... It may be helping us or we may not be getting the most Benefit from the sunshine ... as we should ! ... ... It may be the suns Acid forming abilities, which then may react against the skin, which should be of an Alkaline Mantle, and this would thus Cause a Buffering effect, so that the skin would ”NOT” Sun Burn and in the process this ... action may Cause Vitamin D(an Acid) to be formed, which ...   [retrieve this message]
  • WEATHER DISASTERS & Monkeys   moreless   18mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... WEATHER DISASTERS AT OUR DOORSTEP ... ... When Mother Nature rears her ugly head against mankind’s haughty actions, man is set in his place once again. ... ... Why does mankind forget that we are ants in the face of our Creator’s overpowerful forces of Nature, just pawns in the face of Nature. ... ... When man gets the Big Head that he so many times gets, which causes him to forget and/or reject his Creator, our Creator just has to spank us with one of Nature’s storms to remind us that we aren’t as powerful as we thought we were. ... ... Why are we experiencing Bigger and Mightier storms than usu ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Thanks Moreless - Brilliant !!   mu-shen   18mo
      Thanks Moreless.... that was a brilliant explaination. It never ceases to amaze me how inter-connected everything is (and we all are!!). ... ... Very grateful to have you here with us, giving us the education we need (and sometimes think we have!!).   [End]
  • Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!   moreless   18mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... My my a cold front has moved thru the USA, but it is going to have to get a lot colder before Hell freezes over. ... ... That reminds me that the road to Hell is paved with many good intentions. ... ... Isn’t that the case with most of life? ... ... Many folks have all kinds of Good intentions, the problem is that good intentions don’t accomplish one single thing. ... ... Unless we stand up and put into action our Good intentions, why waste the effort to even think about it? ... ... Why do some folks always just think about doing something, yet refuse to get up from the chair and really do something a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Full Moon Hysteria   moreless   18mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... Why does the Full Moon make some folks forget their user name? ... ... Or is it some folks are so ashamed of their user name they opt for a number? ... ... Full Moon sure works on some folks, doesn’t it. ... ... Cause and Effect! ... ... Smile Tis your choice.   [End]
  • Did Our Health Guru Die?   moreless   18mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... Did our Health guru Die? ... ... So what happens when we or someone else Dies? ... ... What if someone Dies that we worship or worshiped the ideas they puported as our Salvation, if we just would learn to follow their ideas? ... ... What if this someone was a puported health Guru, who has Died who we worshiped. ... ... What if this Health Guru Didn’t live to a ripe old age of 100 plus? ... ... How many conspiracy theories can we come up with? ... ... Do we have to come up with any conspiracy theories? ... ... Maybe the real problem is that this person we considered to be our Health Guru God, just didn’t have al ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Full Moon WereWolf gottacha?   moreless   18mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... As Paul Harvey used to say: And this is the Rest of the Story! ... ... ... Oct 29 is Full Moon, but some parts of the country are already feeling the effects as the Cold front passes thru. ... ... This causes ones Lymphatic Fluids to become more Acidic and drops Blood Sugar levels in many people causing them to Howl with the Moon. ... ... In otherwords these folks become Hard to get along with. ... ... Cause and Effect! ... ... Smile Tis your choice.   [End]
  • Ionized water   galacticman   18mo
    ... ... I read an article by Dr Mercola about some studies on ionized water. Talk about some studies on the risk of long-term drinking. Everything is said there sounds very logical and I just spend money buying an ionizer machine ....... now I am afraid to take it after reading the article ...   [End]
  • What makes anyone a Progressive Liberal?   moreless   18mo
    What makes anyone a Progressive Liberal? ... ... For this consideration a Progressive Liberal is anyone who refuses to think with Common Sense. ... ... It is a person who does what ever seems right in their own eyes, a person whose thoughts and actions are against God’s Truth and Justice for all mankind. ... ... It is a person who does not want their Creator God telling them how they should live their Lives in order to find Blessings, which they want, but they don’t want to do what it takes to receive these Blessings from God. ... ... These people do not have the Wisdom from God to avoid the Trap of Deception ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Parasites enjoy Sick Plants & Sick People   moreless   18mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... Parasites enjoy Sick Plants and Sick People. ... ... Surely this couldn’t be True. Could it be? ... ... We have what is called a pecking order in Nature, where Higher Life forms require food sources of better quality to have to eat in order to stay Healthy. ... ... Surely this isn’t why we find Maggots and Parasites in Sick and/or Decaying plants. Could it be? ... ... Let us look at Road Kill. How many people go out to dine on 4 day old Road Kill that the sun has heated up to the point the guts have exploded and the carcass is crawling with Maggots. ... ... Oh, You mean people don’t relish going out t ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Could it be? Evil vs Truth & Justice   moreless   18mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... Could it be that one of the Devil’s workers of Iniquity is leaving its foots prints on this forum? ... ... Does the Truth so bite it that it cannot say anything? ... ... Maybe it had its tongue cut out? ... ... Maybe we should pray for it? ... ... Our Creator God wishs even the Devil’s workers would change from their Evil Wickedness and start doing the right thing. ... ... Little Evil one, all you have to do is be willing to start treating others with Truth and Justice. ... ... Cause and Effect! ... ... Smile Tis your choice.   [End]
  • eyes of death   moreless   18mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... Have we allowed the EYES OF DEATH to seek us out? ... ... Have our eyes deceived us? ... ... Is this why we remain Sick and Diseased? ... ... Have we ignored the Laws of Nature? ... ... Do we think we are Greater than Nature? ... ... Can we stop a Hurricane? ... ... Can we stop an Earthquake? ... ... Can we stop the sun from rising in the morn? ... ... Can we stop the moon from rotating around the earth? ... ... Then why do some folks seem to think they are Greater than the Laws of Nature? ... ... Proverbs 12:15(NKJV) ... 15 The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, ... But he who heeds counsel is wise. ... ... Romans 8:7(NKJV) ... 7 Be ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Grace vs Works   moreless   18mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... Some folks wish to argue over the subject of Grace vs Works as to which may apply to our Salvation. ... ... Can we know the Truth? ... ... Those on the Grace only argument may state some of these verses to support their argument: ... ... Romans 11:6 ... New King James Version (NKJV) ... ... 6 And if by grace, then it is no longer of works; otherwise grace is no longer grace.[a] But if it is of works, it is no longer grace; otherwise work is no longer work. ... ... Romans 4:4 ... New King James Version (NKJV) ... ... 4 Now to him who works, the wages are not counted as grace but as debt. ... ... Now we need to conside ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Which Bible is the Best to use   moreless   18mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... Many folks will argue over which Bible is the best to use. ... ... Is one better to use over another? ... ... What would determine if one is better and/or more accurate? ... ... Maybe we need to first build ourself a foundation to better understand which Bible may be best for us to utilize, if we hope to find the truth. ... ... The Bible was written in Greek and Hebrew, so this means that for us to properly understand whatever transulation we choose to use, we may need to have some kind of reference Concordance to explain the definition of words as they were transulated into the version of the B ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Public Minister definition   moreless   18mo
    D) Immunity of Public Minister – concerning that which protects a Public Minister; ... ... The rule that tribunals have no jurisdiction over a foreign sovereign extends also to its Public Ministers. ... ... In Public Law 1790, Statutes at Large 117, Chapter 9, codified in 22 USC Section 252, it is provided that whenever any Writ or Process is sued out or prosecuted by a person in any tribunal of the United States or of a state, or by a Judge or Justice, whereby the person or any Public Minister of a foreign jurisdiction, or any foreign or domestic servant of any such Minister is arrested or imprison ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Have we been Deceived into working for Satan?   moreless   18mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... Have we been Deceived into working for Satan at any time? ... ... What am I talking about? ... ... Who in their right mind would want to work for Satan the Devil. ... ... Have we been deceived into doing his Dirty work for him? ... ... Romans 3:23 ... King James Version (KJV) ... ... 23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; ... ... ... What kind of Dirty work am I suggesting? ... ... Revelation 12:10 ... King James Version (KJV) ... ... 10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Light makes the Darkness known   moreless   19mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... Light makes the Darkness known. ... ... It appears even Satan’s workers yearn for the comfort of the Light of Truth. ... ... Isn’t it lonely in that Evil Darkness you exist in? ... ... It is much more enjoyable to bathe in the warmth, comfort, and Goodness of the Light of Truth and receive the Blessings of Life. ... ... God wishes not that any should perish, even the Demons and their workers. ... ... Remove yourselves from the Evil Darkness that has you snared and come join in the Blessings of Life. ... ... All that is required is that you be willing to change and remove yourself from the Evil Darkness. Be ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The Light of Truth reveals the Evil of Darkness   moreless   19mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... John 3:19 ... King James Version (KJV) ... ... 19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. ... ... ... John 8:12 ... King James Version (KJV) ... ... 12 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. ... ... ... John 12:35 ... King James Version (KJV) ... ... 35 Then Jesus said unto them, Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you: for he that walketh in dar ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Who does God help?   moreless   19mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... Many folks have different ideas about who God helps. ... ... Some say God helps those who cannot help themself. ... ... Could this be so? ... ... Why don’t those making this statement back it up? ... ... Ya know: Put up or shut up! ... ... I have stated that God doesn’t help those who are too Lazy to help themself and have provided Bible links to back this up. ... ... ... Maybe we need to clarify these ideas? ... ... I will agree with the idea that God will help some who cannot help themself. ... ... But there is a very Big difference between a person who cannot help themself and a person who is able to help themself ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Better Health Improves Spirituality   moreless   19mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... Better Health Improves Spirituality ... ... How can this be so? ... ... People who are Sick and Diseased cannot by the mere Facts of Life get enough Oxygen to their Brains to be able to Focus and Think clearly. ... ... If we cannot Think Clearly how can we Focus on Spiritual thoughts? ... ... When are so Sick and Diseased that we are un-willing to even change our Diet and Lifestyle to find Healing, how can we possible think we can be Spiritual? ... ... When we refuse to deal with physical pain and suffering so as to find healing, how can we really think we can deal with the Spiritual, which we cannot ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Blahther   Sylvette   19mo
      Thank you, you have inspired but one word to me: ... ...   [End]
      • Re: Spirituality and good health   mu-shen   19mo
        Thank you Moreless.... I agree to the Spirituality and good health connection. We need to keep our temples clean. Nice to see you paying CZ a visit or two. Also agree that organized religion is for the katz! ... ... I´m sure you´ll be ignoring the primitive buffoons who have nothing worthwhile to say anyway. In fact one of them was quite apologetic after chasing you off CZ some years ago and realized his mistake. Can´t believe there are folks here still who enjoy baiting others instead of minding their own business. ... ... God´s blessings to one and all! ... Smile ´tis your choice....!   [retrieve this message]
  • Lazy people God doesn't help   moreless   19mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... Lazy people aren’t worthy of help from others!!!!!!!!!! ... ... In fact God tells us that what they have shall be taken from them and given to those worthy. ... ... Matthew 25:24-26 ... King James Version (KJV) ... ... 24 Then he which had received the one talent came and said, Lord, I knew thee that thou art an hard man, reaping where thou hast not sown, and gathering where thou hast not strawed: ... ... 25 And I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine. ... ... 26 His lord answered and said unto him, Thou wicked and slothful servant, thou knewest that I r ...   [retrieve this message]
  • deception of organized religion   moreless   19mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... DECEPTION OF ORGANIZED RELIGION ... ... Surely people aren’t deceived by Organized Religion? ... ... Are they? ... ... Are you? ... ... Why do I bring this subject up at this time as I no longer answer questions on curezone for folks who may ask, but require folks to go to my website ? ... ... When people are Sick and Diseased it makes it a lot harder for the person to be able to Focus and Think Clearly. ... ... One may say Sickness and Disease impairs ones thinking ability. ... ... Is it then possible that we may become easier to fall prey to ORGANIZED RELIGION DECEPTION? ... ... Christiani ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Grade Time   moreless   19mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... My website: to find Healing without spending your life savings. ... ... We sell no products. ... ... How many on curezone can claim this? ... ... Why would anyone continue to do what is making them Sick and Diseased? ... ... Why do Birds of a Feather flock together? ... ... It is amazing at the number of people here on curezone still Sick and Diseased and continuing to complain about their problem, but refusing to learn to properly Alkalize their Lymphatic Fluids, so as to find healing. ... ... Are these folks Birds instead of people? ... ... Hmmmmmmmmm!!! ... ... Birds are smart enough th ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: you get a C minus   Sylvette   19mo
      ... ... ... ”What about mentioning and linking to non-commercial web sites? ... ... You are allowed to mention and to link to any non-commercial web site, as long as you do it just occasionally. ... ... If all of your messages sound as if your only purpose of coming to CureZone is to promote your site, then you should avoid posting, cause promotion is not the reason why CureZone forums exist.” ... ... ...   [End]
  • too much molasses will kill your LIVER...copper!!   #43934   20mo
    It will kill your liver and give you COPPER TOXICITY... Copper toxicity will cause HYPERSENSITIVITES, ALLERGIES, ETC. AND REDUCE BILE FLOW IN THE LIVER! You think you were sick BEFORE, detoxing excess copper is hell and the liver problems will KILL YOU! ... ... Go find Cutler’s protocol and start it because this program has really damaged a LOT OF PEOPLE who were already sick. ... ... LADY DI is still ill...hopefully she will read this message to find out that she is COPPER TOXIC!!! ... ...   [End]
    • correction   moreless   19mo
      Ha, Ha, ... ... I will agree that Too much Molasses will Kill a person if they stick their head into a pot of it so they cannot breath. ... ... Too much water will Kill you too!!!!!!! ... ... After all take just one cup of water and stick your nose and mouth in it so you cannot breath Air and see how long you live. ... ... What some folks won’t do to sell their products!!!!!! ... ... Cause and Effect! ... ... Smile Tis your choice   [End]
  • Contact info   moreless   20mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... The contact e-mail address that I had posted on this forum months ago has been disabled by yahoo, so if you wish to contact me you will need to register and after being approved may log in at: ... ... Here you will find and may review Free health info that will help you recover from Sickness and Diseases that may have you in Death’s grip. ... ... We have updated the Protocal including the detox Soak baths making them much better, but you will not learn this unless you register and check it out yourself. ... ... You may review all the hundreds (100’s) of Success Testi ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi moreless, ... ... I was looking for more info on your p...   Wajak   20mo
      Hi moreless, ... ... I was looking for more info on your program and went to your website. But all I could find there were forum posts and not information about the basics. ... Could you please provide a direct link that explains your program? I am mainly interested in what kind of PH you advice, be it alkaline or slightly acidic like RBTI. ... ... Regards   [End]
  • need help with painful foot b4 trip to water park   mytwo   21mo
    The other night I decided to sleep sitting up in a chair because I was having problems with my eyes. I thought lying down was putting pressure on my eyes. ... ... Anyway, when I woke my foot was hurting. I’m diabetic so I have several problems with sore muscles and tendons. I’m thinking that’s what it is but it hurts like it is broken. ... ... Is there any suggestions for soaking my foot. It doesn’t appear to be swollen, but it may be deep down. ... ... We’re taking the kids to a water park Wednesday and I’m dreading it. ... ... Thanks.   [End]
  • Sodium Borohydride as alkalizing and ORP reducing agent   salo99   21mo
    Adding a tiny amount of Sodium Borohydride to tap water alkalizes and dramatically reduces ORP (from +200 to -800). It seems fairly harmless. I’ve been using it for a few weeks. It does have a slightly bitter aftertaste. Any opinions on it’s use? Any possible dangers? Thanks.   [End]
  • I cant get the pickling lime...Please help kidneys and live...   #122195   25mo
    Hi, ... I have terriblepain on my kidneys and I would like to use this protocol however I cant find the pickling lime here. what can i use instead? can I buy the alkalizing powder from health shop and drink it instead? ... I can get everything for the baths but not for the drink. ... could you please help me with another option to make the drinks without the pickling lime as it is impossible for me to get it here ... ... many thanks ...   [End]
    • I hate to be nosy, but maybe it’d be easier if you said whe...   sundragon   25mo
      I hate to be nosy, but maybe it’d be easier if you said where you live, and then check possibly with bulkrfoods,com if they’d ship it to you. ... ... other then that you could check with construction companies, and possibly with pat shop supply stores, even ebay.   [End]
      • Also I am taking Enzymes tablets and Ura Ursi drops ... Whe...   #122195   25mo
        Also I am taking Enzymes tablets and Ura Ursi drops ... When I felt dizzy, I took 1tsp of calcuim ... ...   [End]
        • Hi ... ... You are not taking 1tsp of calcium! So, what is...   Will_I_Ever_Learn   25mo
          Hi ... ... You are not taking 1tsp of calcium! So, what is the compound you are taking? ... ... Please, understand that people cannot help you if you don’t provide much information. Be detailed and precise in your posts. ... ... I would strongly suggest to you to buy ASAP some pH paper dedicated to the measuring of the urine and saliva’s pH. Then, measure the pH of your urine. If, after a while, your pH is always too low, like below 6.5 or 6.0, I might suggest you to try a quick fix with alkalizing formulas using baking soda (bicarbonate of sodium, BS). BS is a quick fix to alkalize the urine, hence it w ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Hi , I live in Ireland. I looked everywhere and I couldnt f...   #122195   25mo
      Hi , I live in Ireland. I looked everywhere and I couldnt find it.anyway I started without it , but I feeling so sick.I am having one bath a day and I am taking the kelp, AVC and the epsom salt and I also take some multivitamins, Omega 3and 6 tablets, I take 1tsp of spiriluna and (1tbs of superfoods twice a day) ... I felt so sick yesterday, my kidneys were hurting alots, today I felt fainting and spaced out this evening after taking the drink. Am i right with what I am doing? ... The baths I have no problems with them ... Please help ... ... Many Thanks   [End]
      • I have found nothing that compares to the pickling lime (1 ...   refreshed   25mo
        I have found nothing that compares to the pickling lime (1 tablespoon of pickling lime powder mixed with 1 gallon of distilled water) to be used in the drink. The drink is designed the way it is for a reason... ... ... You can experiment and see if any other things work in it’s place but you may or may not produce the same results as others who have found success. ... ... Hope you find the the right things that will work for you. :) ... ... ... ... ... ... Here are a few places. ... ... Subject: Re: where to get pickling lime ... ... ... In the US you can purchase it online at ... ...   [retrieve this message]
      • has international shipping so you can order i...   sundragon   25mo
         has international shipping so you can order it online. for sure to ship it overseas it’s going to be a bit more expensive, but if you buy for example 5lbs which is like $10 or something that’ll last you forever. ... ... don’t forget that you’d also need BSM in that mix cuz you need live carbon to stabilize the el-mag energy of the drink, which you are to sick to handle at this time.   [End]
        • Thank you so much for all your help, I will order it online...   Zoe2009   25mo
          Thank you so much for all your help, I will order it online and see. I couldnt wait so I started last thursday without it; i use the BMs, I reduced my drinks to two glasses per day and one bath per day as I am getting too much pain on my kidneys ... is it normal to get this pain or should I stop for two days or so? ... ... Thank you again   [End]
          • I wonder if I am having kidneys infection, I have constant ...   Zoe2009   25mo
            I wonder if I am having kidneys infection, I have constant pain and I feel tired and some chills especially at night! could you please help; should I stop taking the AVC and epasom salt or should I continue? ... this is what I am taking ... Morning ... glass of 2tbsp ACV and pich of epsom salt with warm water ... superfood food for life in one cup of water (1tbsp) ... breakfast ... eggs and rice bread ... female multivitamin 2 ... omega 3,6,9 ... water ... ... mid morning ... Cup of 2tbsp ACV+BLACKMOLASSES ORGANIC+1tsp kelp+UVA URSI DROPS ... water ... before lunch ... half of spoon of premium spirulina with water ... Lunch ... salads ...   [retrieve this message]
    • If you’re into herbal extracts use ... dandelion, which cle...   #157621   19mo
      If you’re into herbal extracts use ... dandelion, which clears the renal tubules, ... horsetail, which cleans the urethra, ... cornsilk which does the same for bladder membranes, and Bhumy Amalaki(chanca piedre) which disolves calcification if you have stones. ... This also helps with renally induced low back pain. ... For your liver use Milk Thistle which tonifies and cleans the liver. Many people with Hep C use this as a control   [End]
  • Kelp paste so good in raw sushi   nicoleeann   25mo
    i’ve just started working on the protocol and so far i’ve just been taking the kelp while i get the other ingredients. i think it’s really tasty to make raw sushi with these ingredients: raw nori sheets, raw soft avocado, raw wild salmon or tunu, peeled cucumber. and kelp past smoothed in it too. Not bad at all! I actually love the taste of kelp.   [End]
  • ACV doesn't turn yellow until I put a lot of pickling lime   outoftime44   26mo
    Is that a problem? By a lot I mean 7-8 ounces as opposed to a few tablespoons of pickling lime that people seem to be using.   [End]
    • could you be little bit more precise on the exact ratio of ...   sundragon   26mo
      could you be little bit more precise on the exact ratio of both ingredients and what are you trying to achieve?   [End]
      • The instructions say put one tablespoon of ACV or Lemon jui...   outoftime44   26mo
        The instructions say put one tablespoon of ACV or Lemon juice and add the pickling water until it turns yellow. Mine turns yellow after about 8 ounces of pickling water. ... ... Most posts here I read say they put in a few tablespoons of pickling water. I put in far more than that, in fact my cup is primarily pickling water. IS that a problem?   [End]
        • although you didn’t say that, I assume you are talking abou...   sundragon   26mo
          although you didn’t say that, I assume you are talking about Moreless Alkalizing Drink. ... ... the instructions are, to dilute one tablespoonful of CH in a gallon of water first. then you take one ( for the beginners ) tablespoonful of this solution and mix it with one tablespoonful of ACV or lemon juice along with kelp, BSM and ES. ... ... later, when your health improves, and you can tolerate more of EM energy released from this powerful drink, you could increase the amount of lime solution, but at the same time you should increase the amount of ACV as well. ... ... your reference should be the taste ...   [retrieve this message]
          • Yes I understand, thank you. ... ... I am mixing the pickl...   outoftime44   26mo
            Yes I understand, thank you. ... ... I am mixing the pickling water correctly. ... ... I think the problem was I was adding too much of the pickling lime water. After I mixed one tablespoon of CH into the gallon, I was then adding 6-8 ounces of the solution to the ACV instead of a couple tablesppons.   [End]
  • info on the Moreless protocol. Thanks!   indianagirl   27mo
    HI, ... I have been doing RBTI for about 4.5 months with some noticeable success. I know that the Moreless program is similar and i would like to learn more so i can continue to learn and combine the best of both worlds. Can anyone point me in the direction of some comprehensive literature that lays out the program? ... Thank You!   [End]
  • --New Year HOPE-- even Down and Out folks can have Hope   moreless   28mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... The new year is about upon us and some folks are crying and complaining that they don’t have any Hope and are Depressed and losing all their family and friends. ... ... We have a choice to make when we are Down and Out feeling without Hope: Either we can keep doing the same things making the same Poor choices in Life and continue to receive the same problems, OR we can wise up and start making Better choices! ... ... Doing the same thing over and over expecting Different End Results is the sign of Insanity! ... ... 5 years ago when I posted on curezone solutions to help folks find healing, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Mind over Matter   moreless   28mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... It is Mind over Matter! ... ... We have a choice to make! ... ... Are we going to chose to be Sad, Depressed, Unhappy and lose our Family and friends? ... ... Or are we going to be willing to make the needed changes in our Life to help ourself and our Family and Friends be Healthy and Happy? ... ... A New Year is fast upon us and some folks are already complaining how Terrible Life is and that they have lost Hope and are losing their Family and friends. ... ... We have some folks who claim to be Christains who complain as loud as those who don’t claim to be Christians. Why is this? ... ... A Christian sho ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Need more help to post a question on sicknesshope plz   sunshiney   28mo
    O do I feel not so smart right about now. I went on to post a question in the physical healing section, wrote in subject matter then content and I didn’t see where to hit in order to get it posted. Can someone help me with this. And while I’m at it, where will I look to find the answer. I guess you can tell I’m not so computer literate but I’m learning. Thanks ...   [End]
    • After entering the Physical healing forum and clicking on t...   refreshed   28mo
      After entering the Physical healing forum and clicking on the button at the top of the page that says ”New Topic”, you will type in your title and the the body of your message. ... ... Underneath is a button called ”preview”. Click on that and preview what you typed, to see if you need to change anything. If you are happy with what you wrote, then look underneath that and you will see a button that says ”save”. Click on the ”save” button and it will automatically make the post for you. ... ... ... I’m so glad you will be sharing with us. See ya there. :)   [End]
  • Real Salt?   #117396   28mo
    Hi again. I hate to bother anyone but I have a few more questions. I just read that instead of using baking soda in the bath it is recommended to use real salt. Why and what actually is real salt. Is that the brand name or just regular salt? Sorry but a few more questions...I am acidic but think my stomach acid is low. Will the drink make it go lower? And, can I mix the lime water and just leave it out even if it takes me a month to use it all? Thank you !!!!   [End]
  • Kidney Disease..   imaxfli   28mo
    Once a person(70 year old woman), has to go for Kidney Dialysis 3 times a week, is there anything she could do to ”cure” herself and be free from Dialysis???   [End]
  • Just ordered kelp from seaveg   #117396   28mo
    Hello, I just ordered kelp from seaveg. They had the Norwegian and regular kelp which the lady said has a lot of iodine in 3390mcg. That sounds hard to believe so I was wondering your thoughts on it- anyone:) She said she’d only use and 1/8 tsp??? any thoughts appreciated. Thanks again   [End]
    • hey there, good for you. ... ... I’m not quite sure what s...   sundragon   28mo
      hey there, good for you. ... ... I’m not quite sure what she meant when she said regular kelp but I assume it’s Laminaria Digitata kelp which is higher in natural iodine then Norwegian kelp ( Ascophyllum Nodosum ). ... ... like I’ve said before, it’s been years that I use Norwegian kelp daily, without any adverse effects. at the contrary, just the benefits. and I take 2-3 table spoons. ... ... but like Moreless always says and teaches, don’t take my word for it, but don’t take that lady’s word or anybody else’s for that matter, but rather listen to your body and what it tells you. ... ... start with one tabl ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Thank you. Yes, she was referring to the digitata kelp bei...   #117396   28mo
        Thank you. Yes, she was referring to the digitata kelp being super high in iodine. I did order that as well as the Nor. kelp. I’ll start with the Nor kelp and freeze the other until I need it. I have been using some kelp in the moreless drink and I do believe it has been helpful. Seems my legs are not as dry after drinking it for just over a month. That kelp was from iherb which was organic(from Canada).   [End]
        • I’ll start with the Nor kelp and freeze the other until I n...   sundragon   28mo
          I’ll start with the Nor kelp and freeze the other until I need it. ... ... ...   ... ... you should use the Norwegian kelp now because of its higher amount of natural sodium so it would keep you less cold during the winter season. Laminaria Digitata kelp you could use nest summer. ...   [End]
  • Any ideas on swollen tongue and inside left cheek?   #117396   28mo
    My tongue has been swollen and I don’t think it’s because I’m carrying excess fluid as I’ve been getting more alkaline with diet, the drink and now the bath a few times. I don’t have puffy legs or hands. Does anyone have any thoughts. My tongue isn’t so white any more since using the moreless drink. Thanks to all!!! Sometimes I wonder if it could be one of my teeth even though no pain is there.   [End]
  • Please help me..Major acid reflux and circulation problem.   Hidden Username   28mo
    Hello, ... ... I started to develop acid reflux about 4 months ago. It seems like my food is just sitting in my stomach and I would get a lot of burping... I am currently not treating it at all. :( ... ... But I noticed these past 4 months, I started to develop these big ugly blue spider veins all over my body. It’s on my hands, legs, and even face! ... ... What is going on here? ... ... What should I do? ... ... Please help me, it feels like my body is falling apart.   [End]
    • hey solidfood, ... ... to make a long story short, your bo...   sundragon   28mo
      hey solidfood, ... ... to make a long story short, your body’s being over acidic. ... ... acid reflux you’re experiencing is due to lack of alkaline minerals in your diet which are necessary to build strong enough stomach lining that would be able to hold strong enough stomach acid ( pH 1.5-2.5 ). for that reason ( weak stomach acid ) you cannot properly digest what you eat, so basically what happens is, it’s just sitting there rotting. ... ... your spider veins are because of the same reason, not enough alkaline minerals ( copper ) so they lost elasticity. ... ... you have to learn to eat alkaline diet and a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Where to find bath recipe :)   #117396   28mo
    Can you please tell me the alkalizing bath recipe or where to find it. I appreciate it VERY much. Thank you   [End]
    • hey 117396, ... ... since you’ve never done this before, y...   sundragon   28mo
      hey 117396, ... ... since you’ve never done this before, you should stick to the basic alkaline bath 1-2 cups or Epsom salts + 1 cup of 3% H2O2. ... ... later you should learn different varieties adding Real salt, ACV, and CH. ... ... ps. don’t forget to take cold shower right after you get out of hot bath.   [End]
      • Ok I will. Thank you. I was wanting to write the recipe d...   #117396   28mo
        Ok I will. Thank you. I was wanting to write the recipe down on a 4x6 card so I’d have it handy. Can you tell me where to find the most recent recipe/s. And I am thinking of buying 35% H2O2 for the baths from Guardian of Eden for when the time comes I can do the bath. Isn’t 35% the best kind to use but only less of it? Already using the alk drink. I had the recipe the other day for the baths but now I can’t find it. Ugh. Thanks again!   [End]
  • Question on Kelp, plz   #117396   29mo
    I read that it is recommended to not take kelp for longer than two weeks on the Mountain Rose order site. Says it causes too much iodine or something. Is is harmful to take for long periods of time at 1 TBSP a day? If ok, where do you suggest buying it as I guess we need a reputable source from clean ocean? ... Thanks   [End]
    • ... ... You can buy different types of kelp...   refreshed   29mo
     ... ... You can buy different types of kelp at this site. ... ... I buy their powdered Rockweed which is also called.... ... (Ascophyllum nodosum - Norwegian Kelp) for winter time use due it’s higher levels of sodium. Helps keep me warmer when it’s cold outside and the natural sodium helps build poor adrenals. ... ... In the spring/summer I switch to Digitata Kelp, which is also known as Laminaria Digitata or ”Fingered Kelp”. It is higher is potassium and helps keep me cooler. ... ... I fill my own 00 capsules with the powdered kelp and it saves me quite a bit of money because I can buy in bulk ...   [retrieve this message]
    • hey 117396, ... ... just like her, I also buy my kelp th...   sundragon   29mo
      hey 117396, ... ... just like her, I also buy my kelp through these two websites. sometimes I opt for the Seaveg ( Main ) sometimes I go with the MR ( Oregon ) which could be easier on your valet if you buy 4-5 lbs in one shot like I do. ... ... quality, although they claim it is organic and from the clean water can very from batch to batch, but over all I find it satisfactory. ... ... I buy exclusively Asco kelp ( Norwegian )and its iodine quantities are nothing for you to worry about especially if you take just one TBL spoon a day. ... ... I consume 4-5 times that quantity it’s been years now, and ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Why I ask Questions   moreless   29mo
    Hi Ya’ll, ... ... The question is How does a person reach people who are Sick and Diseased in such a way as to get them to start ”Thinking what is the Cause for their Sickness and Disease”? ... ... We can do like the Doctors when people ask the Doctors for help and the Doctor tells them to take an Asprin and call him in the morn. This method allows the person to become irresponsible and continue to do what ever seems right in their own eyes, yet they continue to remain Sick and Diseased. ... ... So How is one to help people crawl outside of their Box or even look outside of the Box they have crawled into ...   [retrieve this message]
    • no one really cares much about why you do things. ... ......   #135092   29mo
      no one really cares much about why you do things. ... ... you are irrelevant. ... ... move along now and retreat under the floorboards of your ’stand alone’ forum. ... ... also note the irony of how you ACCUSE others of hiding behind numbers but where is your name and address? ... ... you haven’t learned YOUR lesson yet it appears. true healers don’t need to drum up trouble or business, people are drawn to them. looks like in your case trouble follows you little man. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   [End]
    • I have found that capturing someone’s interest to be a gate...   Michael B   29mo
      I have found that capturing someone’s interest to be a gateway into getting them to start thinking about the state of their health. For example, I save my candida and show it to anyone who disbelieves the reality of what I have gotten out of my body. If nothing else, it grosses them out. ... ... Unfortunately, there are even those who are so unwilling to see the truth that you can hold something right up to their face and they will still disbelieve it. I think this is where the great wisdom of ”do not give your pearls to swine” comes from. Not that I dislike swine; no in fact i love pigs. But p ...   [retrieve this message]
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