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  • More Than 10,000 Jews Fought For The Confederacy   trapper/kcmo   16s  Ask Trapper
    ”Nowhere else in America - certainly not in the Antebellum North - had Jews been accorded such an opportunity to be complete equals as in the old South.” ... ... ... ... ... ... More Than 10,000 Jews ... Fought For The Confederacy ... By Thomas C. Mandes ... Special to the Washington Times ... 6-18-2 ... ... The term ”Johnny Reb” evokes an image of a white soldier, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant and from an agrarian background. Many Southern soldiers, however, did not fit this mold. A number of ethnic backgrounds were represented during the conflict. ... ... For example, thousand ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Brain destroying Genetically Modified six legged T4 bacteri...   trapper/kcmo   9m  Ask Trapper
    ... ... ... Brain destroying Genetically Modified six legged T4 bacteriophage is a NANOBOT ... ... ... Vaccines being used for distribution RIGHT NOW ... ... Something called a T-4 bacteriophage existed before, but it certainly did not look like this. ... ... I knew that thing was NOT NATURAL and that Israel did it, but I just could not prove it. I JUST DID PROVE IT. Google yields NO image results for T4 bacteriphage before September 1 of 2007, and TONS for September 1 of 2008. So that is the time frame this little six pointed demon was released into the wild. And if Google is subsequently rigged to scr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded happy 4.20   trapper/kcmo   19m  Ask Trapper
    ... ...   [End]
  • Rabbi Tries To Squelch 'Register Jews' Story — But It Won't...   trapper/kcmo   40m  Ask Trapper
    ... ... ... ... Apr 20 07:04 ... ... ... ... Rabbi Tries To Squelch ’Register Jews’ Story — But It Won’t Die ... ... Tags: ... ... COVER-UP/DECEPTIONS/PROPAGANDA ... ... RUSSIA/UKRAINE ... ... ... ... ... ... ... A Ukrainian rabbi whose congregation was the target of an anti-Semitic leaflet that drew global media interest and condemnation from the U.S. government believes it was a hoax and wants to put the matter to rest. ... ... ... But five days after the incident in the restive eastern city of Donetsk, Ukraine’s prime minister, anxious to maintain U.S. support against Russia, issued a statement accusi ...   [retrieve this message]
  • the whole world has known for millenia   trapper/kcmo   44m  Ask Trapper
    ... ... ... ... Apr 20 07:07 ... ... ... ... More Waco...unravelling continues ... ... Tags: ... ... COVER-UP/DECEPTIONS/PROPAGANDA ... ... DICTATORSHIP ... ... HIDDEN HISTORY ... ... ... ... ... ... A Texas Rangers report on evidence from the Branch Davidian siege ... resolves some mysteries but deepens others, including questions about ... whether the government fired guns or high explosives on the final day of the 1993 tragedy. ... ... ... The report sent Friday to Congress indicates that the Rangers’ evidence ... trove includes a dozen .308-caliber sniper rifle shell casings and 24 ... Israeli-made .223-caliber casings reco ...   [retrieve this message]
  • 4 different diagnosis in one family   fightdiseases   61m  Natural Healing
    I have been diagnosed with Central Core Disease (CCD), one of my siblings was diagnosed with CMT, and another sibling with ALS,by the same neurologist :/ and Mum was diagnosed with KWL and then a different doctor....We all have the same symptoms the biggest one is weakness in the thighs, but progressing rapidly to other parts of the bodies muscles. My Mum is in an electric wheelchair as she has lost all muscle in her body, my future in the waiting...BUT I chose for the last 20 years to find a cure, and my fight lead me hear by chance, and I am hoping to find some sort of cure or ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Happy Easter!   LuellaMay   76m  Ask Tony
    ... Wishing everyone a Blessed Easter Day. ... ... ... ... ... ... Tony and Luella ... ... ... Be sure to visit our website today - it's never too late to begin living longer, healthier and happier lives! Go to    [End]
  • This is number one for Hunter   trust2009   78m  Christianity D.
    there is a point of view, time scrolled at 25:20 forward, my view why we have disbelief in Satan which is his weapon and thus men remove anything that can save and improve the lives in the world and finally fear of him and of aliens redicules and denies of all the harm in secret doing to people and they complying with them working for the evil, Satan. so at the the end we would have one world rules and order to serve Satan or aliens and his children. we have fear of Satan as if fear of God. So you can learn, my friend for them and what for us, nice trick to learn to love those yours or min ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded five murdered in East Ukraine attack...   johng   119m  Ask Trapper
    no doubt trying to force Russia to intervene militarily: ... ... Five Reported Killed In East Ukraine Following Ultra-nationalist Attack ... ... ...   ... ... ...   ... ... ... ... ... Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/20/2014 03:18 -0400 ...   ... ... ... ... And to think it was just two days ago when all the USDJPY momentum ignition algos roared to life on flashing headline news of yet another diplomatic ”de-escalation” of tensions in Ukraine. What was clearly ignored is that since John Kerry was involved, it was nothing but the latest sham. And the proof came moments ago when Reuters reported, citin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded Have a Disobedient Easter..   albalover   4h  Ask Trapper
  • 2014   MH   4h  Ask Barefoot
    Anything of any value reading wise will from now on be asked and answered ... ... on ... ... The curezpne forum method for the past 10 years been fading away as people read forums with false promises and are lead to believe in toxic quick fix substances. Not ever wanting to be associated with bad information and toxic methods, this forum has been drowning for 10+ years. The new forum is not going to allow bad authors, bad people or lead people into taking toxic substances. ... ... The cure zone allows a anything goes system, total freedom ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Pro-gun Activists Hijack Bloomberg's New Anti-gun Facebook ...   #112033   5h  Conspiracies
    This is the kind of thinking that will thwart their plans. Sabotage: ... ... ...   [End]
  • Bundy Family Uncovers Suspected BLM Cattle Grave   #112033   5h  Conspiracies
  • Conversion chart for the physics challenged............   Corey   5h  Just for fun
    Absolute zero is cool. ... ... *~* ... ... Useful Metric Conversions for the mathematically challenged ... 1 million microphones = 1 megaphone ... 1 millionth of a fish = 1 microfiche ... 1 trillion pins = 1 terrapin ... 10 rations = 1 decoration ... 10 millipedes = 1 centipede ... 3 1/3 tridents = 1 decadent ... 2 monograms = 1 diagram ... 8 nickels = 2 paradigms ... 2 wharves = 1 paradox   [End]
  • Is this a parasite? ( Fluke? ) PLEASE HELP!   WolfHealth   10h  Parasites  C
    Hey everybody. ... ... I passed this along with a bunch of other nasty stuff today during a coffee enema. Intuitively I feel like this is part of a parasite but wanted to seek advice from curezone to verify my assumption. It is rubbery and fleshy. Texture is slightly stretchy and elastic - Has lines running along it - ... ... Please help! ... ... Thanks in advance! ... ...   [End]
    • Chew your food better!   White Shark   170m
      No fluke looks like that. ... ... It looks like you are not chewing your food well. ... Chew your food better. ... ... The better an the longer you chew your food, the healthier you will be. ... ... White Shark   [End]
  • Pyrantel Pamoate: How often can I repeat? Diatomaceous Ques...   MulberryTrees   10h  Parasites: Drugs
    I have a bottle of Pyrantel Pamoate 50mg. I took 2 1/2 teaspoons according to my weight per bottle instructions and was wondering if I can take another dose? According to the bottle it says to take it only once but unfortunately I have scatter and migration from a deworming herbal tincture and because of this I’m waiting for the worm or worms to get back into my GI tract so I can hit them with the Pyrantel as soon as they do. ... ... I’ve ordered Albendazole for my ascaris infection but it will not arrive for another 2-3 weeks and I feel like I need to do at least something if or when it migrat ...   [retrieve this message]
    • The instruction on the bottle only applies to pinworms. Asc...   Soly047   5h
      The instruction on the bottle only applies to pinworms. Ascaris infection is another super league on it’s own. And since pyrantel pamoate is poorly absorbed I see no issues even with a high dose or frequent doses. I don’t advocate mixing diatomaceous earth with pyrantel pamoate as you can’t be sure reg interaction.   [End]
  • High cortisol - licorice   freddysmith   10h  Adrenal Fatigue
    hi people just need some advice on some things ... ... i have high cortisol and have been to see a naturopath who has given me some herbs, one of which was licorice all the reading of it i read was that it helps increase the half life of cortisol and to me means you end up having more cortisol my question is is this correct is this something i shouldnt be taking with high cortisol?   [End]
  • Has anyone cured Lyme using Rife Digital Professional?   taroki   10h  Rife  C
    I think this is a new model Rife machine ($800) so not many reviews on it. ... ... Anyone had success using it? Especially for chronic Lyme and Co-infections?   [End]
  • Interesting protoza link and a tip   CryMeARiver   11h  Parasites: Drugs
    Wanted to share this protoza link,which was found following another recent link from someone else here on the forum (thanks👍) ... ... kroegerhealer. com/protozoans-and-intestinal-health-eradication.htm ... ... Also, I wanted to share a tip for getting enough fat w/Albendazole...... Instant hot cocoa with coconut oil. ... Although I use both virgin and the more processed oil, I prefer the later. With the virgin it was overbearing, but with the other you can taste only the yummy cocoa. ... Sometimes I also use chamomile tea at night. ... This works great for those like me who just can’t handle fatty gr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • pinworms... yea   skoolsux   12h  Parasites
    Ok, I’m sure some people on here may be tired of hearing rants/sagas, but here it goes. ... ... I go to grad school, and since I started back in Fall, I picked up pinworms. Yes, I picked up filthy pinworms from my filthy classmates (grad students, yikes!). How do I know it’s from them? Well, I recovered at the end of the semester, smooth sailing when I left for winter break, and into the next semester, until I got them AGAIN right before spring. I’ve only been treated like crap by doctors who told me I got them abroad, even though I the last time I was outside the US was well over several ...   [retrieve this message]
    • The general public does not wash their hands properly after...   Cimber38   98m
      The general public does not wash their hands properly after toileting. some dont at all and hardly anyone washes before they eat. It takes someone getting these things to learn how important this is. They say heat kills the eggs also so perhaps a steam cleaner will help. They are very hard to get rid of no matter how clean you are because they are very tiny hide in intestinal folds and can autoinfect you. Take ivermectin 7 days on an off for a few months. It sterilizes the adult worms. Alinia has been the best med so far for killing them for me. You have to take it longer than the doctor r ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Liquid vs pills   Raider   12h  Iodine VWT
    Do I have this correct? ... ... 8 drops of the 5% lugols would be 50mg? So if a person did 16 drops that would be the 100mg they talk about as a loading dose? ... You would take in the am and the take 2000mg vit C in the evening? ... ... Did I have this correct? ... ... I checked out the Pills but it said they only sell to healthcare providers on the website. ... I’m still confused about the lugols bs SSKI ... Do people take the Lugols and the pills both? ... ... I just placed an order from JCrow this time for the iodine. ... ... I can’t wait to get started on the ACE and Iodine. I’m ready to get back to normal.. From Augu ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Your doses of lugols 5% are correct, 6.25mg combined iodine...   Ferventer   6h
      Your doses of lugols 5% are correct, 6.25mg combined iodine/iodide. 6.25 x 8 = 50. ... ... As for vit C, its said to not take it at the same time as liquid BUT I would argue that 2000mg once a day is not enough. Vit C is such a powerful vitamin, I would take many doses throughput the day as your schedule allows and bowels can tolerate.   [End]
    • Lugols has both iodine & iodide. ... ... SSKI = iodide & ...   grizz   94m
      Lugols has both iodine & iodide. ... ... SSKI = iodide & is not mixed with anything. ... ... The body requires both iodine AND iodide. ... ... The iodoral pills are an identical formula as Lugols, but in pill form. ... ... Grizz   [End]
  • Latest Vit C everyone is using?   TWLIGHTOF MORTALS   13h  Ask Trapper
    The VITAMIN C FOUNDATION is expensive! ... ... The best... but yah! $$$!!! ... ... citric acid from loco brew supply, other than that, Trader Joe’s crystals? ... Thanks!   [End]
  • Connection Vaginal Candidasis and Low Intestine.   Garlica   13h  Candida
    Just want to share my thought with you as somebody might relate to my experience. I have being diagnosed with the yeast infection long ago, like 15 years and all my recent months (about 3) tried to beat it with diet, supplements an antifungal. What really is bothering me in my candida story is vaginal yeast that never seems to be gone. My solution is always garlic clove. I take it crashed on an empty stomach in the morning and all vaginal symptoms are gone for about 24 hours. So I had to resupply myself with a garlic clove every morning to keep Candida in check. Lately (about 2 months ag ...   [retrieve this message]
  • The reality behind the swine flu conspiracy   befurther   13h  Vaccination D.
    ... The message is clear – we are all going to die from swine flu. It spreads fast, it is dangerous, and it must be feared – says the World Health Organization. ... ... ... But worry not – there is a way to save yourself. Just get a flu shot – and purchase a remedy for the deadly virus. Those are the instructions from the WHO. ... ... ... However, the WHO may find itself coughing up explanations, as more and more scientists and health researchers, and even journalists, are starting to question the organization’s motives behind raising the alert so quickly. ... ... ... Accord ...   [retrieve this message]
  • As African Ebola Outbreak Spreads, Hopes for Vaccine Remain...   befurther   14h  Vaccination D.
    ... (HealthDay News) -- As a major outbreak of deadly Ebola virus spreads through the West African nations of Guinea and Liberia, public health officials are struggling to contain the horror-movie pathogen before it slips into neighboring countries. ... ... ... They must do so without the aid of any vaccines to prevent Ebola’s spread or medicines to treat Ebola infections. None currently exists. ... ... ... But scientists say they are beginning to close in on ways to stop the virus. Several promising vaccines and medications are under development, although all are still years from availability, sa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Groundbreaking New Study: 42% of Drug Reactions are Vaccine...   befurther   14h  Vaccination D.
    ... A pioneering new drug study testing the safety of many common pharmaceutical drugs has revealed that almost half of all adverse drug reactions reported in Shanghai, from anaphylaxis to death, were caused by vaccines. ... ... ... ... ... ... The study is published in an all access journal called PLos, titled, “Adverse Drug Reactions of Spontaneous Reports in Shanghai Pediatric Population,” and within it Chinese pediatric populations were studied via spontaneous reports gathered from physicians (52.03%), pharmacists (24.27%) and other health care practitioners (15.46%), with only ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Research Facility “Loses” Thousands of Tubes Containing Dea...   befurther   14h  Vaccination D.
    ... ... April 17, 2014 ... ... ... A French research institute working on various deadly viruses, including SARS, has apparently misplaced thousands of tubes and  no one is quite sure where they went. ... ... ... Image: Laboratory (Wiki Commons). ... ... ... ... ... ... A routine inventory check at Paris’ Pasteur Institute revealed that 2,349 tubes containing fragments of the virus responsible for the deaths of 774 people in 2002 were missing, the centre named after French chemist Louis Pasteur said. ... ... ... … ... ... ... It is not clear how the tubes disappeared from one of the institut ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Video Embedded Recent Agenda 21 News   glaxony   14h  Ask Trapper
  • Taking iodine and having amalgams   elan164   14h  Iodine VWT
    My dad has amalgams right now and has been taking iodine for a year now. Is this ok? I have noticed he has horrible breath, kinda like moth ball smell.   [End]
  • More help for you! Part 2   kerminator   15h  B: My Unusual Road of L
    Are you living an unhappy life and one full of sorrow and pain? ... Then maybe it has something to do with your past? ... ... ... Sin will take you further that ever wanted to go, and will keep you longer than you ever wanted to stay then will cost you far more than you could ever pay! ... ... ** This is where Jesus Life and Holy Mission came in folks! ... ... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... ... When someone ask you why you have Faith and Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ; ... just tell them: ... ... 1) It is a personal decision and a relationship not just some reli ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Uncertainty Principle in every day life...............   Corey   15h  Physics
 ... ...   [End]
  • Creative ways of salt loading   dc10   15h  Iodine VWT
    I’m trying different ways to fool my taste buds into thinking salty water is a good thing: ... ... - Warm water + ACV + salt ... - Water + ice + ACV + salt ... ... Today I found my favorite: ... ... - Seltzer water + Ice + Lemon + Salt: I can drink tons of these. ... ... Let’s see yours.   [End]
  • Image Embedded never, ever, under any circumstances, call the cops   trapper/kcmo   15h  Ask Trapper
    ... ... Elderly Man Calls Ambulance for Wife with Dementia, Cops Show Up and Beat Him ... ... ... ... Melissa Melton ... The Daily Sheeple ... April 19th, 2014 ... Reader Views: 3,846 ... ... Comments (10) ... ... ... ... ...   ... ...   268   26   455 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...   ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... It seems more and more these days that if you think a loved one is in danger in America, calling the cops should be your absolute last possible resort. ... ... ... Missourian Elbert Breshears recently called for an ambulan ...   [retrieve this message]
  • He neutered his vehicle...   TWLIGHTOF MORTALS   16h  Ask Trapper
    He ”neutered his vehicle” free himself, and streamline for hyperspace!(Heavens Gate) ... ... ... ... ... Wu-Tang-affiliated rapper was ’high on PCP’ when he cut off his own penis and jumped off a balcony at a Los Angeles apartment building and now says he feels ’BLESSED’ ... ... Andre Johnson was rushed to hospital along with his penis on Wednesday after he jumped from a second-floor balcony at a building in Hollywood ... Doctors were unable to reattach the penis ... Friends said Mr Johnson ’acted without warning a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Amalgam removal,what are chances of it coming right off at ...   intrstelr   16h  Amalgam  C
    I can’t afford a holistic dentist so I have to settle with a dentist who said it’ll either be able to come right off, or be drilled. It has been there since childhood n I’m 29 now. Do they often just come right off at the dentist during removal? The other did come off, but not at the dentist. I don’t know where it went because Igot a cavity that decayed that tooth.   [End]
  • e-mail   MH   17h  Ask Barefoot
    Again, do not use cure zone e-mail, I will not jump the hoops so I can answer it: ... E-mail me direct or post it. ... ... hello, ... thanks for your interesting posts. ... wondering if you still use dr.christopher´s formulas ... YES, THE ONES WE MAKE, I NEVER BUIY FROM THEM, AS FAR AS I KNOW THEY DON’T EVEN EXIST ANYMORE OTHER THAN A ”NAME” AND OTHER PEOPLE MAKE PRODUCTS FOR THAT NAME…THAT IS WHAT I LAST HEARD. ... ... for destal problems, ... I GOT RID OF MY DENTAL DIASTER, BUT FOR PEOPLE WITH TEETH, YES, THE TOOTH & GUM FORMULA IS GOOD. ... ... and whether you buy finished product or ... make your own. ... I ALWAYS MAKE ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Increased symptoms as anemia diminishes   barefootdave   18h  Adrenal Fatigue  C
    Long time lurker. I was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity and borderline hypothyroid last year. I’m extremely careful about what I’ve been eating (Paleo). The only supplement I’ve added is B12 sublingual. Seems like my skin has been less dry. I’m due for another trip to get some blood taken and to meet with an endo. ... ... I’m not sure if there’s a correlation but it seems very odd that as I’ve been taking iron, my blood counts have started to return to normal range yet I’m feeling worse. I’ve been more foggy, and way more fatigued than I ever have been especially after eating. My sympt ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Could this be Candida?   Rachel123   18h  Parasites  C
    I’ve been making changes to my diet in the past few months in an attempt to lose weight, I decided to try and cut off carbs and sugars to see what will happens and ever since then I’ve had sesame seed like white stuff in my stool. ... ... I’ve looked at some pictures in this forum and it looks a lot like what some people have been uploading. ... ... ... I’ve had a pinworm infection a while ago but I’m pretty sure it’s gone and it couldn’t be what’s appearing in my stool, pinworms wouldn’t make sesame seed like stuff. ... ... Is it possible to have a mild case of candida and never know about it? ... ... I’ve ha ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Antibiotics can cause it because they take out your good Ba...   fconzero   17h
      Antibiotics can cause it because they take out your good Bacteria and then Candida viciously takes over and will turn to Pathogenic fungus and create rashes on the outside, fight and weaken organs, and make you feel BAD. Antibiotics can be bad but then you have me. I cannot keep my good bacteria in the large intestines colon and then I have Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth which eats too and it causes me to loose weight, weaken and then parasites and candida get in on it too. My back hurts bad at times. DOing a Diagnos Techs Gastrointestinal (GI) test kit now to send in and see if ...   [retrieve this message]
    • White sesame seeds in stools is canine tapeworm to my knowl...   lovej0y   176m
      White sesame seeds in stools is canine tapeworm to my knowledge. Not sure if you’ve been taking any additional anti-parasitics or not but that’s probably what it is.   [End]
  • wombat salve   capable   18h  Iodine VWT
    What is this wombat salve I keep reading about? ... Is it something that an be used as a moisturizer on the face? ... Curious....   [End]
  • Modern Medicine May Not Be Doing Your Microbiome Any Favors...   BSA EDUCATIONAL GetCuredOrDieTrying   18h  Candida  C
 ... ... There are lots of theories about why food allergies, asthma, celiac disease and intestinal disorders like Crohn’s disease have been on the rise. Dr. Martin Blaser speculates that it may be connected to the overuse of antibiotics, which has resulted in killing off strains of bacteria that typically live in the gut. ... ... Blaser is an expert on the human microbiome, which is the collection of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes that live in and on the body. In fact, up to 90 percent of ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Someone please analyze my HIGH Fat/Low Carb Candida diet.   SunnyDay87   18h  Candida
    Hey guys, ... ... Raw Kale, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green Peppers. ... Nutrional Yeast ... ~8T Coconut Oil ... 4 avocados ... Lean Turkey Breast 12 oz ... ... Around 2400 kcal, 100g carbs, 180g fat, 120g protein. ... ... Basically, I tried vegan dieting it and could not handle it... it caught up to me... the carbs were not good for the candida, and the lack of protein (regardless of what is said, it rings true for me) from meat was causing blood sugar crashes... or so it felt... Anywho... I figure since Coconut Oil is basically absorbed immediately and used as fuel by the liver, it shouldn’t be considered TOO high fa ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What Will You Do When You Can No Longer Buy Or Sell Without...   #112033   19h  Conspiracies
    This is exactly why I use cash instead of credit cards whenever I can. Keep using cash as much as possible. It hurts the system that is attempting to enslave us: ... ...   [End]
  • Post Candida Cleanup   risen87   19h  Candida  C
    ... Hi, some of you may remember me. I suffered from very severe candida a little over a year ago and now I’m dealing with the after effects and systemic damage/imbalance. I’m posting because I want to detox and repair but I am facing some challenges in that process. First let me break down the remainder of my symptoms: severe foot/toe nail fungus urinary tract pain/burning, testicular pain skin eruptions (both dry, itchy, and scaly, and moist and stinging) high level of tiredness memory and focus problems chest pain, blockage and drainage in chest arm and hand pain especially when strain ...   [retrieve this message]
    • My liver definitely took the most damage, I put my body int...   Garlica   16h
      My liver definitely took the most damage, I put my body into a year of die off/feeding to the point where I wouldn’t react to antifungals or probiotics anymore” ... So what you’ve said was: you put yourself into nystatin treatment which was a big load on your liver?   [End]
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