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  • Completely alleviated testicle swelling during water fast r...   novamute   122m  Hernia  Ü C Ü
    Iíve had swelling of the left testicle since I was about 10 years old, or younger. I always thought it was just bigger. Turns out its not, the testes are the same size. Iím 23 now and the swelling has not increased in volume, its does not bother me unless Iím contacted in the genitals or do any intensive high impact sports e.g. volleyball. ... ... This leads me to believe its not a hernia, since generally hernias increase in size and most cause significant pain at some point. Also I do not have any lump on my groin, except some extra ímassí directly to the left of my penis (communicating hyd ...   [retrieve this message]
  • And the man of all sorrows... quote   vektek   125m  Christianity Bibl.
    ĒAnd the man of all sorrows, he never forgot, what sorrow is carried by the hearts that he bought.Ē ... Andrew Peterson   [End]
  • GOOD by MH   MH   164m  Ask Barefoot
    Yes, there is allot of BAD in the world, but when you can set your self free of the world, then life can be such a joyÖsure, we canít avoid the germ and chemical warfare, but we can adapt and enjoy a full and wonderful life as long as we have our freedom. ... ... yes our freedoms are shrinking, so that simply means to step up your prevention plans and avoid the world as much as possible. ... ... Many Blessings, ... MH ... ... Just ignore all the stupidity, donít sign up, donít volunteer and tell people to not touch you or mess with youÖcreate your own perfect life and family around íyouĒ. Allow God to advan ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Fastings   Bonjour94   3h  Fasting: Water
    Hi Iím new to this site ... But I was curious as to what you guys think is the fastest way to lose weight. Iím currently in hospital suffering from Melancholia and because Iím on lockdown I canít get to a gym. If I put on weight, itíll make everything worse. ... So Iím considering a fast but Iím not sure which way to go. I want to weigh 55kg and Iím current 60kg (161cm) ... The problem is I canít do water fast because the past has shown that I usually cave the second or third night and then enter a vicious binge/purge cycle for the next couple of days to weeks even. ... So please if anyone knows of a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What Causes Depression?   waitingonanewworld   3h  Depression
    Chemical imbalances in the brain and body; emotional and mental issues; physical concerns and disorders, economical concerns, family and children problems and an overwhelming sense of a loss of control in oneís life; causes depression. Also, not knowing what the future holds out adds to much depression; and even leaving or turning oneís back on God will cause deep depression.   [End]
  • How bad it really isÖ.   #33957   3h  Ask Barefoot
    Local adopted twin girls, age 20Ö..1 gets a mild bladder infection. Her mother takes her to the local female M.D. and decides the girl is age 20 and can handle the doctorís office visit alone as an adultÖ. ... ... The evil woman M.D. starts out telling this young woman she needs a pregnancy test----she explains she has never had a boyfriendÖ.this tics off the M.D.----because they make major $$$$$$$ via birth control and harming womenís health so they eventually produce sickly babies upon which all these college educated doctors make their living off of via obama care aka de-population via sickn ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Longterm...   jsl123   4h  Peeling Lips
    Mate seems like my diet theory is all about healing the gut, aka leaky gut.. My question for you is about l-glutamine.. You seem to be into all this natural holistic treatments and since conventional medicine is useless in cases of eczema allergies psoriosis pretty much diseases in the autoimmune stats.. So I want to make sure Iím takeing the best supplementation... Iím currently not takeing l- glutamine should I be? Iím worried due to the reason Iím doing auto-immune protocol and anti-candida diet... Will l -glutamine promot fungus growth? I read it coats the coat and promots healing the ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I would take colostrum pills instead of L-glutamine for lea...   longterm   3h
      I would take colostrum pills instead of L-glutamine for leaky gut and candida. L-glutamine can release more ammonia in your body, which is not helpful. You are at increased risk of it if your amino acids are low. I had a full vitamin analysis, which showed that I was low or close to borderline deficient on amino acids. L-Glutamine also causes constipation. I am guessing you think you have leaky gut causing allergy to any food you eat. Although I have celiac disease, the test I took in past for leaky gut came back negative. But, I still needed to heal the damage done to lining of my small i ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Deodorants and new diet   Atlanta55   5h  Body Odor
    Hey guys! ... ... Itís been a while since I have posted, but I wanted to give a quick update and ask a couple of questions. ... ... Firstly, I had a tonsilectomy a few months back. I feel better overall. But I still have the odor. I think the odor is an overall body odor, plus bad breath, but I canít be sure. I also have a white tongue. ... ... Like many on here, my friends and family cannot smell it, but coworkers and everyone else can. I have had the odor about 7 yrs now. People cough and sneeze a lot around me, as well as rub noses, etc. ... ... I have been doing the anti sugar, gluten free and dairy ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Itís strange that some people keep mentioning sneezing. I d...   Simi77   5h
      Itís strange that some people keep mentioning sneezing. I donít get any involuntary reactions like this. I wonder what the cause of that could me. All my my reactions are people signaling to me (or others) that I smell - completely voluntary. ... ... As far as deodorant goes, I have always had a difficult time with degree. Despite the fancy commercials about working better under stress, itís about the worst Iíve tried. ... ... I did see a video (a couple of them) on youtube from people who have had very bad issues with deodorants not working and one said lemons were effective. The other wrote a lo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Not Whipping Candida   fconzero   6h  Parasites
    Fungus on my toenails really getting bad. ... ... Fungus running vertical lines up my fingernails. ... ... I get it to where things are not bad and then the Candida roars back. ... ... I imagine Parasites cause this symptom and many others. ... ... Only thing I can figure is I have parasites again with Candida, but only possibly the SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) that I had 8 years ago. Not losing weight like I did with SIBO in 2007 and 2008. However, I have had this since October and I know the protocol as I have been through this. ... ... I completed the DiagnosTechs GI (Gastrointestinal Panel) a ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Ivermectin possibly making it worse   Xelaetaks   6h  Parasites
    So last night on three days of ivermectin it seemed to cause a lot of head reaction. I think it may be best to avoid ivermectin for now and wait to do albendazole rather to avoid that. ... ... Not sure anyone else experienced this but just some ideas.   [End]
  • On Blasto and gastro enteritis   shroom   7h  Parasites Protozoa
    Hi Folks. ... ... The last post I did I was going on about a new bacteria I found in the gut, suspecting chlamydia. ... I am happy to say, it was some other bug...not sure which. ... ... Last week I contracted a serious virus, and it took me down for 30 hours straight. It was the sort of Ēstomach virusĒ one can catch from cruise ships etc; a rotavirus or norovirus something in the Caliciviridae family anyway. ... ... I could not do stool exam during the course of the illness because I was not functional. However, I was able to do direct observations soon after. ... ... The observations are important, because it ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Gaining weight over the years despite eating LESS and doing...   CGally81   8h  Candida  Ü C Ü
    I went to the doctor for a checkup and found Iíd gained 11 pounds since last time. Iím disgusted. Iíve heard that for many people who have candida overgrowth and/or mercury toxicity, weight gain and inability to lose weight is a problem. Well, Iíve been chelating and have made gains with it (my recurrent cellulitis is but a memory, and Iím less hungry than I used to be), but I GAINED weight. Iím upset about this and I donít see it getting better any time soon. I feel as if nothing I do is working to make the mercury/candida problem better. ... ... Who here has LOST weight with chelation? Who us ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Iím in the same exact boat as you ate. Not nlyndo I have C...   AngelofEventide   7h
      Iím in the same exact boat as you ate. Not nlyndo I have Candida, but I also have Lyme, Epstein-Barr, parasites, MTHFR and I should be skin and bones. Instead I am grossly o erweight, despite eating a restricted diet. Tested all my hormones and no thyroid issues. The one thing I have found is that I have a majorly congested lymphatic system, which causes me to maintain a bunch of fluid. Maybe look into your lymphs? What you think is fat might be edema or excess fluid.   [End]
  • Please help. Psoriasis flaring after cleanse   #177348   9h  Liver Flush  Ü C Ü
    Its been almost a week since my first cleanse and my psoriasis is very inflamed and itchy. Is this normal? are toxins just being removed? ... ... Also why is it not safe to do one every week? What will happen if you do?   [End]
    • Donít despair. It is not at all uncommon for chronic condit...   myroro   7h
      Donít despair. It is not at all uncommon for chronic conditions to worsen. Andreas Moritz in his book on liver flushing said as much, and even used the example of a young woman who had facial rashes which worsened and did not significantly improve until six months into flushing. ... ... The reason it is not a good idea to flush too soon is because it takes at least a couple of weeks for your liver and gall bladder to recover. Your bile levels will not be restored, and thus another flush will not be productive. Moritz, who along with Hulda Clark, is considered the founding guru of liver cleans ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Any cures for dormant yet debilitating case of Epstein Barr?   peachteach   9h  EBV Epstein-Barr
    Symptoms are MAJOR MUSCLE WEAKNESS as well as Chronic Fatigue. ... ... Tests came back negative for Lyme and any other issues but Epstein Barr came back as dormant/exposed to yet I have some of the symptoms. ... ... Curious to hear if anyone has had success with any natural treatment for this virus. ... ... ... THANK YOU   [End]
  • Looking for Healing for possible duodenal ulcer with possib...   Grace2Marayger   9h  Ulcer  Ü C Ü
    - Life losses got in my way this winter to do a strict Candida Protocol and now I have intermittent abdominal pain that is thought to be an ulcer but may have a muscular skeletal element as well. ... ... I am again preparing a Candida Protocol with the goal to eradicate any Candida overgrowth, help heal hypothyroidism and heal leaky gut thought to be causing me food allergies. ... ... One big complaint for me last Nov (one Iíd suffered with for many years) was rashes. I had been dealing with painful rashes (dermatology defined as Seborrheic Dermatitis) behind both ears, at my belly and sometime ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Water fasting while taking acyclovir?   #183942   9h  Fasting: Water
    Is it safe to do a water fast while continuing taking my acyclovir medication twice a day? ... I carry the genital herpes virus and I want to make sure that I donít risk infecting my husband via viral shedding which is asymptomatic. I currently take 400mg of acyclovir twice a day only to prevent infecting him. ... I have also continued taking my birth control pill and was wondering if there are any adverse effects to my fast because of it. I already know that if I use an alternative method I wonít be good about it and will risk getting pregnant at a really inconvenient time. ... This is my second ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Urine test for heavy metals? Also, weight gain over the pas...   CGally81   9h  Mercury
    I went to the doctor today for a checkup. Despite eating healthier and LESS food than before, Iíve gained 11 pounds over the past 3 years. Lovely. A common problem I hear with mercury toxicity and candida sufferers, and I really want to reverse this trend. ... ... But anyway, I asked about doing a test for heavy metals, and my doctor said heíd send away for blood and urine testing - I mentioned lead and aluminum rather than mercury (since mercury doesnít stay in the bloodstream). ... ... Hereís the thing though - I take algin (sodium alginate) every day, even took it shortly before my appointment s ...   [retrieve this message]
  • What do you think of my Lab Results   Mafyew   10h  Adrenal Fatigue
    Have already been over my lab results with my ND, but I wanted to see what the community thought about the results. ... ... ... ... What do you all think?   [End]
  • If you see this Uny.. PLEASE RESPOND ASAP :)   SunnyDay87   10h  Natural Healing
    I may have just figured out why Iíve been so messed up... maybe. ... ... Iíve been using pills in my taper that are several months old, and have been nail filed and what not... Is this a problem? My friend whoís wise with benzos told me this is why I may be feeling like Iíve been in c/t wd because the active ingredient has deteriorated in a lot of them? ... ... If this is the case, it would explain why I havenít been stabilizing and constantly feel like Iím dying. ... ... Anyone have any opinions on this?   [End]
  • Day 14 and it's not going so well :/   aryya   11h  Fasting: Water
    Hi everyone, ... ... This is my first water fast, Iím day 14 and would like to go as long as I can, but I have some questions: ... ... - Iíve started the fast for many reasons, one of them being that I felt very tired for a long time and couldnít find any solution. I read that people experience some rush of energy or euphoria, for me itís the opposite, Iíve never been so tired since the beginning of the fast, just getting out of bed to go to the toilet is exhausting, I donít have any motivation to any of the spiritual practice (yoga and meditation) I used to do, basically Iím just sleeping, watching ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Fasting whilst working and meeting people   sonysony7   11h  Fasting: Water
    Hello everyone! ... I was wondering if anyone has/can share some helpful tips for my situation... ... During the past four years Iíve always felt some point the need to ícleaní my body and clear my mind by doing at least one short fast (between 3 and 5 days) per year. Iíve always been able to do it during days that I was not working. ... This year Iíve already started my second fast last saturday, this time with the intention to keep going longer because I feel more íintoxicatedí and also to try to finally get the rid of some bad habits -especially consuming too much sugars, which not only is makin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • parasites   Bluesman44   11h  Parasites
    I have all the symptoms of someone with parasitesÖso I ended up going to the doctor as my symptoms worsened. They are taking their sweet time with trying to identify just what I have so they can make a plan for treatment. Meanwhile...I am suffering with insomnia, fatigue, itchy rectum all day and night, my vision has gotten bad this month, I am passing some crazy stoolsÖI have abdominal pains too. I donít have time for these doctors to figure out that I have parasites. They already think that the idea that I have parasite is silly and laughable. What can I get to treat right now?? I need t ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Do you have a sample of a parasite that you have passed? If...   Candidiaqueen   8h
      Do you have a sample of a parasite that you have passed? If so, check out the pictures and see if you can narrow it down. ... ... I have spend plenty of time on here learning all there is to know about parasites and have decided just to do it myself and by pass the dr. office. I just donít need that hassle and crazy label. ... ... Have you learned about candida yet? I also deal with that. I have asthma issues so I am leaning toward the Ascaris worm to fight first. My symptoms fit that one most. ... ... Read up on pinworms and see if that fits your situation. Put that into the search box at th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Okay...maybe it wasn't my toothpaste that caused my EC..Hel...   Jeycee23   11h  Peeling Lips
    So i originally thought my toothpaste caused my EC..but that wasnít the case. It aggravated it yes, but didnít cause it. ... Iíve had EC since I was in middle school maybe? But I didnít know what it was. I would pick and bite at my lips, unknowingly causing damage. Iíve been lurking around the forums, trying to find something that wouldnít involve me going out with awful lips. And Iím a girl, with a boyfriend so you know how distressing this can be on any relationship. Iím 17..luckily heís understanding and wants to help me with this :) ... Iíve decided to let me lips be, not removing any skin ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Have you tried any hydrocortisone or corticosteroids? Both ...   jle1987   10h
      Have you tried any hydrocortisone or corticosteroids? Both of these are used when treating Psoriasis and they bring down inflammation. I would highly recommend adding this to your aquaphor treatment because others on here have had success doing so. There are numerous causes for EC so if you can pinpoint what you think caused it then it will make your treatment and hopefully cure, that much easier. If your lips are trauma induced then I would treat it as if it were Psoriasis, which is what Iím currently doing. Iím using a vitamin d3 ointment called Calcipotriene, along with a steroid ointme ...   [retrieve this message]
    • I think many more people have this condition from lip picki...   Drewww   9h
      I think many more people have this condition from lip picking than we realize (although I realize that might not be the only cause). I was a lip picker but tried curing with other methods for a while. Now, Iím letting mine heal through leaving them alone and moisturizing with coconut oil. My thought is if your lips are this way because of picking them then it is only logical to let it grow back and repair itself.   [End]
      • Read lees post only legit cure claim... Few hocus pokus oth...   jsl123   4h
        Read lees post only legit cure claim... Few hocus pokus other claims but lees seems to be legit... Most likely ec is a form of psoriosis or eczema so immune system is in play.... Just read all lees post in a bit shell real strict diet for 6-12 months...   [End]
    • You have very similar symptoms as me. Iíve tried everything...   crustylip   4h
      You have very similar symptoms as me. Iíve tried everything topical under the sun. Iíve always been a lip biter/picker. But this problem didnít come up until a few months ago after a party hard summer. ... ... If you want to use any steroid cream use it as directed though. Not for over a week or two because it can thin out lips or cause perioral dermatitis, which is what I got from using hydrocortisone too much. Honestly I would recommend leaving them alone try not to bite or anything and eat healthy with a multivitamin and maybe a B complex. If you have to put on anything use carmex or blistex ...   [retrieve this message]
  • After Mirena removal   sillyfreak   11h  Mirena IUD
    To make a long story short I am having my Mirena removed. Its been a process. The Dr tried once and couldnít find it. I then went for an ultrasound and the images were fine however after another visit back to the Dr and he still was not able to remove it. It was so painful that he suggested that the next step would be to go for a d & c hysteroscopy to have it removed. ... ... Iíve had this device for a little over a year and the reason I want it removed is because of side effects that I believe are caused by it. The Dr seems to think otherwise but never in my life have I weighed this much ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Image Embedded Divine Mercy Sunday   Archangel777   12h  Roman Catholic
    ... Divine Mercy Sunday ... ... ... ... An offer to hard to refuse.. ... ... Date:   4/16/2009 2:06:49 AM   ( 5 y ) ... viewed 1909 times ... ... ... ... Divine Mercy is on Sunday... (Print out this page and tell your family and friends)   [End]
  • Dreaded "First Four Days"   #183935   13h  Fasting: Water
    Hi fellow water fasters. I am on day 1 of this exciting and challenging journey. I am so excited for the benifits that will come with this process but am worried of becoming mentally weak and giving up. Any advice for us beginners? I would love the support! Thanks so much.   [End]
    • Re: Dreaded   loversinjapan27   12h
      well, I am a first time faster and by now Iím on day 8, I too am scared Iíll just wake up one day and give up (Iím hoping to do 14 days), my tip is just last the day, think only about today, donít get preoccupied with how many days youíve done and how much you have to do, just concentrate on finishing this current day and whatever happens tomorrow happens!, another tip is when I start feeling cravings , intense cravings, like Iíd wake up in the middle of the night because I dreamt of food and Iíve had enough and be like ĒI want to EAT NOWĒ I calmly say to myself Ēok fine what do I want to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • First Water Fast   tfreem25   13h  Fasting: Water
    This will be my first water fast and i am looking for really any help or support! I work in a resturaunt as a hostess and server and my job requires a lot of energy so i was wondering if anyone has ever done a Water fast and 2 days in eaten something for energy or if that would ruin the progress? Iím hoping to do one for at least a month but with my job i donít know if i would be able to not eat something that whole time. Any support, comments or just things that have happened with you would be greatly appreciated!!   [End]
  • Tmau test raffle if you can't afford it!   Hope2012   13h  Body Odor
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