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  • Question about garlic oil   Boulder   6d
    Hello ... ... I have a bottle of Unyís garlic oil that is 4-5 years old. It looks and smells OK. Can I still use it? It will be in my ears. Same question for B&B tincture. I assume the B7B is OK since it is in alcohol. Thanks!   [End]
  • I'm in deep trouble. Please Help.   dpier87   10d
    Hey. So Iím stuck between a rock and a hard place.. my symptoms are disabling, and Iím not getting any better... although I am hoping that perhaps the Psyllium ABC Cleanse I was taking in the morning (w/my 30mg Prozac, 5mg Hydrocortisone, 45mg Thyroid, and 7.5mg Valium) was absorbing some or all of the meds... I am now taking this before I go to bed, well after I take my meds so that there is no possible way they would interact. ... ... My current symptoms are as follows: ... ... Dry Mouth ... Severe Depersonalization/Derealization ... Brain Fog ... Fits of rage ... Body/Joint Pain, weakness ... Tingling extremiti ...   [retrieve this message]
  • HELP, appendix pain, what type of food can I eat?   JoocySerratus   16d
    So 2 days ago my appendix or cecum was hurting and my guess was that it was constipation, so I ate garlic and its hard to drink only juice because I dont have organic veggiez and the market i go doesnt have a lot of organics. can i drink V8 juice? what about protein powder? the thing is i lift weights and cant go on like this, is there a type of protein that goes well with a fast? does the veggy juice have to be fiberless because in a blender it comes out fibery? could i eat noodles? it doesnt hurt anymore and seems to be getting better but i think it got irritated. can i instead eat fruit ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Bentonite Clay Baths?   josephr525   16d
    Have any of you taken them? I took one last week and I seem to still feel fatigue from it.   [End]
  • Die-off with Hot/Cold Therapy....advice please Uny   niteblume   20d
    Hi Uny, I need to ask your advice. I have had numbness on the left side of my face and head for quite some time. Also a bad balance problem goes along with it. My whole left side has some numbness all the way down to my toes. I have had sciatica on that side for more than a decade. I have hoped it could be the sciatica but donít find much info that indicates that it would affect my face and head this way. ... ... Here is my question(s): If doing hot/cold therapy to my face and head caused an increase in the numbness, would that be because of die-off? Would it be advisable to back off from the h ...   [retrieve this message]
  • I'm out of Benzo Hell: How? It was the Psyllium. UNY ADVICE...   dpier87   23d
    Hey, ... ... Just wanted to let you know that Iím finally out of benzo hell... the symptoms of it that I was having have taken about a week to abate, and what did I do? I stopped taking my T of Psyllium at the same time as my morning meds... my 5mg HC, 45mg Pork Thyroid, 7.5mg Valium, and 30mg Prozac. It had been 3-4 months, and finally figured that this might be it... well, proof is in the results. ... ... Seriously, just like that. Itís taken about a week, and the first few days I had some pretty intense symptoms like my cns was getting plowed and then it gradually reduced into the numbing, benzo ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Donít anybody take this the wrong way, please, but as I see...   Calibelle   20d
      Donít anybody take this the wrong way, please, but as I see more and more people go through this, I really do wonder HOW do people get started on all this in the first place?? ... I know my daughter is going through it; and apparently some of her friends are. ... ... My dad was so strongly against any form of drugs whatsoever that he raised us with the Ēnever start anything - then you donít have to worry about quittingĒ.   [End]
      • How do people..? Itís not so easy to go back to the first c...   chirontherainbowbridge   20d
        How do people..? Itís not so easy to go back to the first cause- I consider myself lucky I did not get swallowed up by this dispensing-of-drugs, when I was going through ... what I later realized was a spiritual Emergence, and not a psychiatric Emergency. I was given Ativan and Xanax, took them each once or twice, and saw that they did nothing but create a sort of fog wall Over the experience, and I fairly quickly ditched them. However, I did have to navigate the experience, and I did it through íleft-handed writingí (which is a way of releasing what is coming up), and some other stuff, like ...   [retrieve this message]
        • I was forced onto by a psych doc before I could get out of ...   dpier87   18d
          I was forced onto by a psych doc before I could get out of the hospital. ... ... As you guys may or may not know, I use to be ray34iyf.... I had all types of health issues once I stopped school and ended up getting severely reactive to food, chemicals, emfs everything... I just wanted to die... I was basically skin and bones and had given up and told my parents who thought it was all in my head to go to hell and let me die... seriously, not the best time in my life. ... ... But now Iím eating well, just struggling with being poly drugged and trying to wean off Valium... with GI/candida/apparent leak ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Two Year Old Unyworm, is it still good?   josephr525   35d
    Someone please tell me. If not I need to order some more, plus some more IF2. ... ... PS, does IF2 Ultra tend to constipate more? ... What kind of people would IF2 Ultra be good for vs IF2 regular? ... ... Thx ... ... Joe   [End]
  • my first coffee enema - good feeling!   archus   40d
    ... Hello all, ... ... ... I did my first coffee enema ever, today. I have done many flushes in last ten years. ... ... ... I am giving a detailed description of my process in hope of improving and perhaps help others. ... ... ... I did not eat after 7pm yesterday. No food this morning, only water. ... ... ... 1. 6am - Took 6000mg Ascorbic Acid Crystals in 16oz filtered water to flush out the colon. ... ... ... 2. 7am - Drank half bottle Magnesium Citrate. Took a long walk in the park. I had some heaviness in the chest. (I had angina a month ago which went away after taking Lugolís Iodine, but ocassionally discomfo ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Is LiverGBParasite Tincture like Bitters?   josephr525   41d
    Iím thinking of getting some bitters to improve my digestion but I still have some Is Liver/GB/Parasite Tincture left. ... May I use this instead or are bitters more effective? ... ... Thank you. ... ... Joe   [End]
  • In ABSOLUTE HELL. Valium. STUCK.   dpier87   43d
    So long story short... over the past three months Iíve made 3 cuts from 15mg of Valium... that happened to much larger than I previously thought due to some issues weighing with my scale. ... ... So I made a 7.5% cut, stayed there for a week, and went back up, waiting 2 weeks before making a 5% cut, stayed there for a week, and went back up, and then the latest was a 3.5% cut, waited for a week, and went back to 15mg. ... ... Here I stand. Feeling the worst Iíve ever felt in my life. ... ... Is this normal for someone whoís had three failed cuts in this time frame and had to updose. ... ... Current symptoms: ...   [retrieve this message]
    • One would also assume my gaba receptors or ĒsunflowersĒ are...   dpier87   43d
      One would also assume my gaba receptors or ĒsunflowersĒ are totally spazzing out right now from all the ups and downs, and thatís why Iím where Iím at. ... ... I just need someone to tell me this will go away if I sit at 15mg... so I can then slowly taper this crap.   [End]
      • Looking back to learn for the future.   dpier87   43d
        Iíve been researching some of my posts that I made about the time I C/T from ativan to Valium and see an exact replica of what Iím going through now. ... ... ... ... ĒWell my current symptoms are: ... ... blurred vision ... extreme exhaustion all the time ... constant memory blips and feeling like Iím blacking out ... feeling like Iím going to pass out ... severe nausea ... anxiety/racing mind ... joint pain ... pain in back/adrenal area ... kidney pain ... food allergies ... mood swings ... severe emf sensitivities ... dehydration ... depression due to not being able to be with friends that much an ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Ugh, God. Everyday is a living hell. ... Not sure if I scr...   dpier87   37d
          Ugh, God. Everyday is a living hell. ... Not sure if I screwed myself by all the jumping around, but now I can barely make out where I am or what Iím doing.... just in the biggest state of fog every that I can barely commmunicate. Tolerance, body readjusting, idk.   [End]
          • Also, the main symptoms Iím having right now are: ... ... ...   dpier87   37d
            Also, the main symptoms Iím having right now are: ... ... Terrible Brain Fog/Lethargic and Doped out/Dry mouth/Hard to communicate verbally/Memory feels absolutely shot. ... ... I have been continually cleaning out my colon and have made incredible strides and cleaned out lbs of plaque (it is lessening somewhat finally, and Iím down to the real dried up, clay looking stuff), so Iím not sure if this is a possible situation where my body is getting more of the Valium, and Iím experiencing symptoms of too much Valium. ... ...   [End]
  • Are cannedfrozen veggies mucous forming?   dpier87   44d
    Just wondering on this. Iím getting deeper and deeper into layers of plaque in my colon, but still constipated unless I take my psyllium and herbal laxative. ... ... Not sure if the fiber in the frozen veggies and canned beans is useless, just water, and causing me to spin my wheels. ... ... Thanks. ... ... Dan   [End]
  • FREE Natural Healing Books Offered   WHITETIGER   46d
    I wanted to let you readers know that our book í The Many Health Benefits of Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)í will be offered FREE: First day free- 03/05/2014 Last day free- 03/06/2014 ... AND íRadiation Detoxification- How to Detoxify Your Bodyí is free on March 5th & 6th 2014. It would be wonderful if you would offer them to your readers so that they can take advantage of these free offers. Here is the link to it on ... Amazon: Thank you ... Hoping that these will help many of you :-) ... ~Michelle Oaks   [End]
  • Desperately Sick.. benzos.   dpier87   46d
    Hey. ... ... So I donít know what to do. Ever since Iíve gone up to 15mg, Iíve been getting sicker and sicker and sicker.. with a few windows of a day or hours where I feel like things may be getting better, only to be replaced with hell again. ... ... Itís been roughly 3 months. ... ... Current symptoms: ... -Severe chemical sensitivities ... -gut pain/nausea ... -dizziness ... -scarey memory problems ... -muscle rigidity ... -severe anxiety and inability to talk ... -hallucinations? not really sure, everything feels so unreal and distorted ... -muscle weakness ... -cognitive fog ... -flu ish symptoms ... -nothing feels connected, not ...   [retrieve this message]
    • so sorry to see you are suffering so much. ... and it seems...   chirontherainbowbridge   46d
      so sorry to see you are suffering so much. ... and it seems that you have not had much response... ... ... I was just listening to an interview on OneRadio Network--some good shows there. The fellow is Dr.Love, whose specialty is Bach Flower Remedies--these help at the emotional level. He suggests Agrimony, to help with getting off drugs. It might be worth a try. ... ... I find them very gentle and useful. ... ... best wishes, Chiron   [End]
    • so sorry to see you are suffering so much. ... and it seems...   chirontherainbowbridge   46d
      so sorry to see you are suffering so much. ... and it seems that you have not had much response... ... ... I was just listening to an interview on OneRadio Network--some good shows there. The fellow is Dr.Love, whose specialty is Bach Flower Remedies--these help at the emotional level. He suggests Agrimony, to help with getting off drugs. It might be worth a try. ... ... I find them very gentle and useful. ... ... ... best wishes, Chiron   [End]
      • Thanks for the response. ... Itís been a real struggle... ...   dpier87   45d
        Thanks for the response. ... Itís been a real struggle... not knowing what to do, expect, or what. ... ... Foods and herbs I use to tolerate, I canít w/o a huge influx of worsening symptoms now. It sucks. I feel stuck, I just wish I never was forced on this stuff.   [End]
  • would deep tissue massage in the tumor and underarm lymph n...   knowledge seeker   46d  Ü C Ü
    I just did this for first time based on Dr Schulze saying as one part of his incurables save your life program to do deep massage of the tumor and lymph area and it hurts a lot now and I feel nauseated but it might b cause I juast took some chaparral tincture. ... ... Would this massage spread the cancer or make it worst do you think he mentioned it on his save your life videos as part of his incurables program. He said do it with hot and cold but not sure if you do when not in the shower. ... ... It is mostly my underarms which hurts and my hand feels a drop tingly and my shoulder now hurts ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Constipation wFrozen Veggies & Canned Beans?   dpier87   52d
    Hey everyone, ... ... As some may know (although not sure where everyone is or what has happened in the past 3 years that itís so empty here!), Iíve been colon cleansing since July, and itís been the past 3 months that have really started to reveal plaque.. and I mean the rubbery, earthy, deep down stuff. ... ... A large majority of my diet consists of ALOT of fiber, although Iím not sure if the fiber is rendered useless in the form Iím taking it in and if itís contributing to more plaque build-up. (if Iím going to be having a clean colon, I canít just dirty it back up) ... ... Frozen store bought veggi ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Depending on intestinal conditions, physical activity and s...   trip2fan   45d
      Depending on intestinal conditions, physical activity and stress levels... The high nutrient value of black beans along with possible presence of undigestable plant starches could easily lead to fermentation and stagnation rather than then desired results.   [End]
  • IF#2 question about shape of the psyllium   .   54d
    Two questions really. ... ... The first one is what does the shape of the psyllium when it comes out tell us about how healthy the bowel is? In other words, in a perfectly healthy bowel what would we expect the shape of the pysllium ímoldí to be? ... ... Second question is I am still trying to understand how to differentiate between what I am expelling with the IF2. In pictures of colon cleansing the plaque coming out looks exactly like the solidified IF2. People say that if you stick with it for long enough then you get the really long ropes out. For now I have to poke at the stuff to tell whatís g ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Healed 80 optic nerve damage   Yellowstripes   56d
    After suffering from severe visual disturbances and eye pain last year, I found out from my eye doctor that %80 of the optic nerve in my left eye was damaged. My eye doctor went on further to explain that the damage was irreversible as the optic nerve is not capable of regenerating and that there are currently no surgeries or treatments available to reverse the damage. I was devastated. My depth perception was gone, and I was horribly depressed. I began doing research online and read quite a bit about castor oil and itís healing benefits when absorbed through skin. I figured I had nothing ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Just wanted to report I have now started rubbing caster oil...   britelite   38d
      Just wanted to report I have now started rubbing caster oil into my injured eye before bed. Not the eye, but with it closed all around the top and bottom of the socket, through the skin. ... ... It was injured 3 years ago and the results have been pretty amazing. ... ... ... More information coming but wanted to say it has helped me too! ... ... Thanks for the OP! ... ... BL ... ...   [End]
  • How to Fix Swollen Turbinates So You Can Breathe At Night M...   chunter   59d
    I assume most of you have this problem. You cannot fall asleep unless you can breathe easily through at least one nostril. For me, its my left one. We all know the cause at this point, swollen turbinates. ... Weíve all tried Ēhome remediesĒ, oils, showers, steam, diet, sprays. But eventually, it doesnít work anymore. ... Here are the 2 ways I think it can be fixed: ... ... 1. nasal stent that patient puts in at night and takes out themselves in the morning. ... ... 2. carbon dioxide ... ... Number one is only available in all of Europe and European territories: (including British virgin islands) ... it is ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Iíve found some help with this in chinese herbs. I had nasa...   LiquidGib   59d
      Iíve found some help with this in chinese herbs. I had nasal surgery (septum and turbinate reduction) earlier last year and forced my self to stop using my CPAP machine. The surgery made my breathing better at day, but not so much at night. I started playing around with herbs, like magnolia, perilla, reishi and cordyceps mushrooms. Also herbs like nettle which is has anti-histamine effects help. Itís still very much a work in progress but just wanted to offer something that is working for me. I have also tried many many different things through the years, in an effort to be able to breathe ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Using a nasal tube designed to go int he nasal passageway w...   chunter   44d
      Using a nasal tube designed to go int he nasal passageway would probably be better and safer than using a straw. here is a nasal tube that I am ordering. ... ... ... ok...url is blocked on curezone... ... goto amazon and type in Nasopharyngeal. ... ... the diameter is measured in fr units...use this to see the diameter: ... ... ... ok...url is blocked on curezone....goto google and type in fr diameter...first link to wiki ... ... ... The idea is simple...stick a tube in your blocked nasal passage. It will force it open and after about 2 minutes it should trigger the nasal cycle and open the nasal passage even af ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Valium: ANY CUT is intolerable.   dpier87   59d
    I made a 1.5% cut from 15mg 9 days ago... the past week has been hell after the first two days. ... ... I went back up to 15mg today and feel better this morning from the increase. ... ... I just donít understand this. How, beyond not working, going to school, or living any kind of life outside my house, am I suppose to f*cking get off this poison if any cut I make leaves me non-functional? ... ... I am also on 20mg HC, 45mg Armour Thyroid, and 30mg Prozac. ... ... ...also in the midst of heavy detoxing and DEEP colon cleansing that has been revealing tons of mucoid plaque every day. ... ... Iím lost.   [retrieve this message]
  • Circulation problems and ginkgo biloba, bilberry   LiquidGib   64d
    Hi, this question is for the Herbal Apothecary but everyone please feel free to share info or experience. I suffer from cold hands. Theyíre always prone to getting and staying cold and they are starting to feel muscularly stiff. My sister has Raynaudís and it seems like it is even more severe with her. I am looking for things that can help and the next thing I was thinking of trying is the Ginkgo Biloba liquid extract. ... ... I also have eye problems. I have been wearing glasses my whole life, since I was a little child, for near sightedness. In the past 7 years or so, Iíve developed eye pain ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Hydrocortisone Tolerance Withdrawal?   dpier87   65d
    After all of this back and forth and not knowing what is going on, Iím starting to believe that I may be in tolerance withdrawal to my 20mg of HC. ... ... Iím doing everything right with the Benzo.. never have I ever cut more than 10%... in fact, 90% of the time, my cuts have been 2-3% every few weeks. ... ... Iím eating well. Iím cleansing my colon and eating vegan. ... ... Whatís the deal here? ... ... If so, do I updose the HC, or begin weaning that? Iím not really sure what to do. ... ... I started cutting my Valium Monday... waited at 15mg for two months and made a 2% cut. ... ... Ugh. Damn meds.   [retrieve this message]
    • ...and if this helps any, maybe it will maybe it wonít. ......   dpier87   65d
      ...and if this helps any, maybe it will maybe it wonít. ... ... I remember a post a while back Uny where you talked to Joseph about weaning his HC and you told him that when you make too large of a cut and yo-yo the dose, you have to end up increasing your original dosage to avoid damage to the adrenals. ... ... This past summer, I had a period where I attempted weaning my HC, not quickly, went from 20-17.5-15... and distinctly remember after a few weeks I was back at my original dose of HC at 20mg and havenít really felt the same since. Longshot I know, but just trying to throw something out there.   [retrieve this message]
  • Benzo Plan. What now?   dpier87   68d
    I will have been sitting at 15mg of Valium for 9 weeks come this coming Thursday. ... ... ... where Iím at, things have improved in some ways, gotten much worse in some ways, basically I donít know WHAT is going on and if Iím moving towards stabilizing more or just caught in hell. ... ... ... Iím still colon cleansing and dead yeast has been coming out, especially with the plaque Iíve been passing, so Iím not sure if this is playing much of a part or not. ... ... Uny, I realize youíre in a tough spot, and busy, but I have to ask. ... ... If you were in my position, didnít know what was going on but know itís ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Cleansing a ColonSI can be sickening.. literally.   dpier87   68d
    Has anyone else felt this bad when cleansing out the colon? ... ... I have a year and a half of nothing but lbs and lbs of meat/ghee/and mushy overcooked green beans coming out of my gut. ... ... I feel incredibly sick, bloated, dizzy, have emotional swings, constantly feel like Iím going to pass out, and now since really removing a lot of plaque this past week... think a few lbs of it... Iíve started losing muscle mass out of nowhere? Am I finally getting deep into cleansing, hitting a new low, and rebuilding? ... ... Either way, God, this is awful.   [End]
  • Info on IF1   josephr525   69d
    Hi, ... ... I found this info from Willow and Uny when I asked questions a few years ago. ... ... ... ... Hereís Unyís reply : ... ... This is my avatar. Click here to see my profile. Once you get everything balanced with the IF#1/IF#2 youíll feel much, MUCH BETTER. You donít have to Ēsuffer throughĒ doing this protocol - youíre body will love it (and so will you) once it all comes together. ... ... Rushing things with the IF#1 is the fastest way to íslow downí the coming together, which is why Dr. Schulze always reminds us it took years/decades to get ourselves into ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Really at my wits end with my health issues. Candida? Liver...   jumpingbean1   72d
    Hello, ... ... Iím 39 years-old and have graves disease, which is overactive thyroid. Iím desperate to mend my health without having to resort to the radioactive iodine treatment that is recommended for me. I donít know which of my health symptoms are tied to the graves disease and which are not. Hereís what Iím dealing with: ... ... symptoms I think are related to the overactive thyroid: ... high resting heart rate of 100 bpm ... anxiety/nervousness/panic attacks ... can eat a lot and not gain weight ... insomnia ... overwhelming fatigue ... high liver enzymes ... body temp is 100 degrees F (which I know can be normal ...   [retrieve this message]
    • have you read Moorjaniís Ēdying to be meĒ ... ? ... ... th...   chirontherainbowbridge   70d
      have you read Moorjaniís Ēdying to be meĒ ... ? ... ... thatís all that comes to mind at this instant, but itís no Ēsmall potatoesĒ, as they say ... ... Light! ... ... C. ... ...   [End]
    • Just wanted to let you know that I was just diagnosed with ...   NaturalRN   58d
      Just wanted to let you know that I was just diagnosed with Graves Disease myself. I am here to give you support in any way I can. I understand what you are going through. Toxic medications are not the answer, especially radioactive iodine, which will destroy your thyroid. But on the other hand, there is the very scary possibility of Thyroid Storm in uncontrolled Graves Disease. So it has to be taken seriously. I suppose you know that Graves Disease is an autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks your thyroid. It is really more of an immune system problem than it is a thyr ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Introduction   avirenviro   73d
    I am new to this forum and found some interesting discussions here. Hence would like to contribute here.   [End]
  • seeds in dried pepper for tincture   recovering   78d
    I bought some dried African bird peppers to make tincture. The peppers are tiny. Way to small to open each one and remove the seeds. I was wondering how leaving the seeds in would affect the tincture. ... ... Also wondering if powdered cayenne or other peppers are powdered with the seeds still in them. Does anyone know for sure?   [End]
  • What did Dr. Shulze mean by people who run hot Any ideas   Celestial   79d
    Here is the quote from him as given in an interview: ... ... Interviewer: Are there some people who shouldnít use cayenne? Such as for burning ulcers? ... Schulze: Everyone can use cayenne. However, some people should use less to start up, and then use it medicinally, but only for a short period of time. For example people who tend Run Hot --- hot, dry, feverish, inflammatory types -a should use it periodically, not all the time....... ... ... I have started to get on a regimen of cayenne to improve circulation and the other good things that it does. However, I seem to react badly to it, in that I hav ...   [retrieve this message]
    • my own feeling is, what about switching up the cayenne for ...   chirontherainbowbridge   79d
      my own feeling is, what about switching up the cayenne for turmeric, as in tumeric tea, with ginger, and see if that has a good effect on your inflammation and arthritis. ... ... Ērun hotĒ to me, would equate somewhat to ĒyangĒ, so looking there (within that paradigm, at least in terms of language) might clarify things for you. ... as always, your own experience is key. ... ... I can easily subscribe to the concept of increasing circulation, and so forth, but Iíd go with a time of turmeric. My mother, who has arthritis, and gastric symptoms, etc. was amazed to find one drink of nut milk with turmeric ...   [retrieve this message]
      • Thank you Chiron! ... I have never had anything to do wi...   Celestial   78d
        Thank you Chiron! ... I have never had anything to do with tumeric but I have been reading a bit about it lately. I also have been rereading Dr. Schulze and Christopher on the cayenne miracles and fixated on getting back onto that. But maybe it is not for everyone. ... I am going to give the tumeric a try. Do you use the root fresh or buy dried? I donít think I could find it fresh in my little town but I will look. I am going to look into the ginger too. ... Thank you again for the encouragement! ... Celestial   [End]
  • Washing Chemicals out of Clothing.   dpier87   84d
    For those who have or whoíve dealt with Chemical Sensitivity, does anyone know any effective way to remove chemicals from clothings? I buy cotton and have been putting them through the wash in cold water for many washes and itís been helping somewhat. ... ... Right now I only have a few good shirts I can where without it effecting me. ... ... Anyone with any help? ... ... Thanks.   [End]
  • Deleted   NaturalRN   84d
    • Re: Need Help Healing Graves Disease   unyquity   83d
      ... Heya NaturalRN! ... ... In light of our personal relationship and my not-so-distant-past-knowledge of some of your medical/personal issues (that you have not shared/included, but I discern may be integral), I just want to do my best to validate my concerns for your personal & medical privacy and ensure the same for I think itís best to disqualify myself and this forum from replying and/or posting.  ... ... Iím holding & giving this situation to the #1 rule - first physician, do no harm. ...   [End]
  • Ashwgandha, Bacopa and Gotu Kola   Evil Genius   87d
    Iím making a stack with the ingredients Gotu Kola, Ashwagandha, Bacopa, Dried Ginger, and Lemongrass. In what ratio should I combine these? I have 1oz of each and thought to play it safe with something small. My reason for taking this mix of herbs is a follows: I have read up on the Ayurveda herbs and the effect they have on memory, cognition, anxiety, depression, and the antioxidants they contain are profound. I was taking clonazepam(Klonopin)for 7 years for a very crippling social anxiety disorder and felt myself losing my mind. I was also an alcoholic consuming a 12pk a day of 6% abv. R ...   [retrieve this message]
  • dealing with anxiety and digestive issues?   chirontherainbowbridge   88d
    i just learned about how the vagus nerve, and the sucking reflex (thumb-sucking anyone?)- can not only calm anxiety, but can heal a multitude of issues, or so say many... ... ... One thing is important to remember though, that stimulating the VN while under the influence of drugs can cause the drugs to circulate for longer, in the bloodstream, so be (a)ware of that. ... ... other ways to stimulate the VN: ... ... ... ... sounds like itís well worth considering. no affiliation w the website, btw, i just like what ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Need help for an ambitious cleanse, is it possible to get i...   zhai   3mo
    Iím a 31 year old make who has a number of health issues, and I hope I can get some help with creating a custom cleansing program. ... ... 1. I have mystery injuries in my feet. In July, an old injury in my left big toe joint recurred, and I went on crutches. For a long time before the injury, my calves had been extremely tight and did not respond to stretching or massage, so my right foot also got injured from walking around on crutches. Ever since, I have tried to get it to heal and started doing rehabilitation exercises, but no matter how gentle I was, they would relapse. Doctors and physica ...   [retrieve this message]
  • IF#2 dosing and oil palm fiber   .   3mo
    I have been off and on the IF#2 for a month or two now, leaning more toward wanting to be on it full time. ... ... The past few times I took it first thing in the a.m. and this seems to work out quite well. It passes at about lunch time without taking the IF#1. ... ... If I take a second dose though it causes some pretty severe bloating and does not pass until the next day. It could be my diet as Iím still eating animal stuff. But it could be just my wacked out gut, as I usually get progressively more bloated toward the end of the day no matter what I do. ... ... So how would I go about increasing the do ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Can a complete Colon Cleanse cure a Candida Overgrowth?   dpier87   3mo
    Just curious on this. ... ... Iíve been digging real deep into the trenches and excavating some real filth lately. ... ... Also plan on staying on an herbal laxative to keep the colon muscles strong, while cleansing the liver. ... ... So basically, is this possible? :) ... ... Thanks.   [End]
  • Three weeks into Valium UPDOSE. Feel Terrible.   dpier87   3mo
    15mg Valium, I have had a few windows of a few days where Iíve felt almost as good as I did before I started tapering (with minimal symptoms), and many days where Iím having terrible symptoms. ... ... I am so damn tired all the time, and my whole body feels weak and spongy like I could collapse many a time as Iím walking.. ... ... ..memory issues are horrible, and my muscles are very rigid most of the time. Just on the edge, hard to speak, etc. ... ... ..and then for a period of time, it seems every few days, the symptoms go away and I feel great. ... ... Is this the nature of updosing? I think itís built to ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Stirring up/Expelling Mucoid Plaque - Month 5.   ray34iyf   4mo
    Wow, the past week has been crazy with the amount of mucoid plaque Iíve been getting out.. the buildup is finally really starting to get out. ... ... This is after doing a large T of ABC Bulk Cleanse (mostly psyllium) and cascara sagrada since mid July. ... ... Also, can stirring up the plaque cause sugar cravings? I realize that Iím eliminating a lot of the food sources of the parasites and candida, so maybe they are calling out for food? Iím not hungry so much as I CRAVE sugar.   [End]
    • I have a question for you. I saw you posted a few years bac...   hopefulremedy   4mo
      I have a question for you. I saw you posted a few years back on some ones post and how a raw food diet helped with your Accutane symptoms such as dandruff, hair loss, dry skin. Did you ever fix the side effects from Accutane or do you still suffer? I am looking for answers as I am currently living with the side effects of Accutane and would love to find an answer to put an end to this mess once and for all. Thanks   [End]
      • Hey! ... ... At this point, I would say that the symptoms...   ray34iyf   4mo
        Hey! ... ... At this point, I would say that the symptoms due to the accutane are gone, except for the fact that it was the first drug to de-stabilize my CNS and cause the downward spiral in my health. ... ... As far as what I ate and it helping... general cleansing the colon, liver and following the Mucousless diet is what really started to reverse some things... also, coffee enemas.. for sure... If I were you, Iíd start eating Dr Christopherís diet: ... ... ... ..getting on a good colon cleanse, and pumping yourself full of superfood that you can get ...   [retrieve this message]
        • Going on month 6 -- plaque is COMMMING out.   dpier87   3mo
          Iím going on month 6 of 1 heaping table spoon ABC Bulk Cleanse and cascara sagrada and Iím finally having major healing reactions and purging plaque, big time. ... ... Every movement has been eliminating disgusting, stringy, rope like foot long pieces of plaque, and I can feel my body start to really use the nutrition Iím giving it. ... ... ...but holy cow! That stuff stinks... Itís kind of neat, and gross, to see the pockets and stuff come out though. ... ... Iím hoping this in and of itself will allow my body to control any candida overgrowth I may have. ... ... I must say though, loosening up plaque w/o th ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Please tell me this is Benzos. In Agony.   ray34iyf   4mo
    15mg of Valium. ... ... For a few days after that updose, I felt really, really like I was coming out of it... and my symptoms were fading. My sense of humor was back, my ability to just talk and have conversation flow, happy, not really all that anxious, etc... less harsh reactions to the foods I was eating... more satiated. ... ... Since about say mid-week (if I can remember correctly), I have been going downhill again. ... ... Symptoms: ... -feeling like I have to force myself and watch my breathing ... -inability to remember ANYTHING ... -blackouts ... -severe, severe mood swings and anger, rage ... -Intense muscle ...   [retrieve this message]
    • PS: I should mention, I have been colon cleansing since Jul...   ray34iyf   4mo
      PS: I should mention, I have been colon cleansing since July with Psyllium and Cascara Sagrada, and have definitely cleaned out a lot of junk, and am still seeing plaque in my bowel movements... especially more so the past few weeks, as it may appear Iím finally getting into the deep down stuff. ... ... As far as a leaky gut protocol? I donít want to touch that really until I know that Iíve stabilized on the Valium as much as I can... and then start a smart (1-5% taper, every few weeks, or as long as it takes) taper. ... ... Can one completely starve out a yeast overgrowth and then allow the healt ...   [retrieve this message]
    • Re: Please tell me this is Benzos. In Agony.   32771   4mo
      n/m   [End]
    • Youíre playing a dangerous game with yourself. Benzo drugs...   #85605   74d
      Youíre playing a dangerous game with yourself. Benzo drugs cause cancer and also kill off the vagus nerve associated with the 10th cranial nerve, usually. If they kill off the parasympathetic influence of that nerve to the heart, do you think they are selective of the rest of the branches of that nerve that goes to all organs of the body? I think not. Iím going to critique this post of yours on the basis of my own experience. ... Benzos are agony. You are going to have to do what you think now is impossible, and it IS nigh unto impossible, but do you want to live and get well? Ask yours ...   [retrieve this message]
      • This is a seemingly impossible life to tolerate right now. ...   dpier87   72d
        This is a seemingly impossible life to tolerate right now. Damn. I just had a few day window this weekend and thought my body was ready and adjusting and this whole week has been feeling ill, depressed, weak as a noodle, memory issues, brain fog, all the worst... Holding on 15mg, 8 weeks tomorrow.   [End]
        • ..and I guess the worst part of it is that I donít know if ...   dpier87   72d
          ..and I guess the worst part of it is that I donít know if Iím doing the right thing by sitting here... seemingly waiting for something that may not happen. If this were standard withdrawal and I knew a pattern, thatíd be one thing, but thereís no pattern right now.. itís all over the damn place. ... ... ... Also, fwiw, I feel best in the evening, a few hours after my 4pm dosage... also fwiw, I feel ill for a few hours after my dosages and then it somewhat wears off.   [End]
          • Thoughts on tolerance withdrawal.   dpier87   72d
            Hey guys, Uny. I know youíre busy but I figured Iíd better get all my thoughts out when I have the chance. ... ... I made this post on benzobuddies ... ... ĒTolerance withdrawal?? ... ... I take my doses at 8am and 4pm. ... ... I made a post earlier this week about maybe finally stabilizing... well that window lasted about 2 days. ... ... Iíve noticed a definite trend I must say. I feel terrible in the morning and gradually as the day wears on I feel better, culminating in almost feeling normal an hour or two after my 2nd dose of 7.5mg. (1 dose 8am, 1 dose 4pm) ... ... This would seem in my mind to indicate tolerance w ...   [retrieve this message]
            • After appearing to be in ítolerance withdrawalí at 10mg...a...   unyquity   72d
              After appearing to be in ítolerance withdrawalí at 10mg...and then very recently upping your dose substantially (to 15mg), it is my opinion that itís highly unlikely youíre dealing with tolerance again in such a short time. ... ... The symptoms youíre reporting now donít seem very similar to the one you were having that indicated ítolerance withdrawalí...they seem more like the typical adverse effects of benzos (with possibly some paradoxical effects thrown in). ... ... I suggest you take a pice of paper and make a chart to see what is happening with your blood levels of the drug. Actually a wall ...   [retrieve this message]
              • Thank you for the reply Uny. It is comforting to know that ...   dpier87   71d
                Thank you for the reply Uny. It is comforting to know that this is probably not tolerance... as that makes no sense to me given that I was doing better on lower dosages, I upped a substantial amount, etc.. etc.. all the things that you mentioned. ... ... Iím dealing with a bit of brain fog right now, and am trying to digest this all. ... ... Considering Iíve been on the steady state for the most part for 2 months... does everything you say above still apply? ... ... Iím not really sure what Iím trying to accomplish as far as the figuring out the dosages and percentages and what not. ... ... So I can and do s ...   [retrieve this message]
                • Unyís had experience with people on these drugs and knows w...   #85605   61d
                  Unyís had experience with people on these drugs and knows what they do. Hang in there. If you donít take the replacement nutrients, your chances of making it are very slim. ... I can tell you that every time you go down on the drugs, your body will literally scream to go back up there on the dosage. Fight it. Your body will adjust after a time. You have no recourse but to fight it, if you want to come out the other end. Itís a living hell, a death trap, and legal murder by a medical establishmentís bunch of people whoís place is behind bars with no key to their cells. Iím sorry. T ...   [retrieve this message]
                  • Thanks for the encouragement. ... ... I know Iíll make it....   dpier87   61d
                    Thanks for the encouragement. ... ... I know Iíll make it. The only way I wouldnít would be if I gave up, which my brain is screaming at me to, but I wonít. ... ... Iím getting loads of B-vitamins and healthy oils during the day... and am still trying a way to find a way to drastically get my vit C intake up... although all the greens that are the natural sources, I seem to be very reactive to right now.... it causes severe inner agitation, depression, etc... ... ... Itís a shame acerola cherry made me so sick... it made me so weak and messed up directly upon taking it that I felt like I was going to die ...   [retrieve this message]
                    • Stick with the Camu Camu or Acerola cherry to your toleranc...   #85605   52d
                      Stick with the Camu Camu or Acerola cherry to your tolerance. Vitamin C is a fast detoxifier. You donít want to get thrown into seizures or even die from too fast a detox. Vitamin B is very helpful, but it needs to be natural, too, not a mirror image of what the drug companies make. Stick with the omega 3 oil, too, and you could even do a TBSP of good olive oil several times in the daytime as that helps the liver. Be assured your digestive system is messed up big time. Youíll get to that when youíre off the horrible drugs. Itís your digestive system thatís out of whack, not the gree ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Keepin' up with the CE's   bkrisp   4mo
    Hi gang, havenít been around these parts in some time, hope everyone is doing well. ... ... I have an interesting update, and it has a lot to do with coffee enemas. I fell under the weather pretty badly just Tues night, but I didnít see it coming at all. The reason is because I havenít been this sick since Dec 2010, I broke my three year health streak :( ... ... My theory is that it is mostly in part due to stopping coffee enemas about 4-6 weeks ago. In around October when I was still doing CEís, I felt my immune system kind of tune down, mostly in the throat area, so I took a 1 oz shot of echinace ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Need Your Expertise Uny on Benzo Withdrawal Schedule.   ray34iyf   4mo
    Hey Uny :) ... ... One week into my updose and things have been wacky but are stabilizing... all of the symptoms have lessened, and I hope to be at a stable point where I can cut soon. ... ... I have one fear about the cutting though.. Is there a TOO SLOW? Iíve tried 10% cuts in the past... HORRID, couldnít stand them. WAY TOO MUCH. 5% cuts also... ... ... Have you worked with people who have taken a few years to get off and have cut 1-2% every few weeks? ... ... My fear (not sure if itís substantiated or not), is that I will go at such a slow pace that my body will adapt and Iíll be back in tolerance hell, ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Being a Fast Metabolizer of Valium.   ray34iyf   4mo
    Hey, one more question, if youíve got time. :) ... ... Iíve been vegan now for 5 months... and during that time, I have flushed a lot of stones,chaff,bile from my liver, not to mention stopped stressing it with so much meat and dairy. ... ... Iím wondering how this has had an effect on my Valium since then. ... ... Also, we talked about the half-life of Valium being 20-200 hrs... letís say Iím on the low end of that scale... just say the extreme.... 20 for example... how would that effect my tapering, stabilizing, etc... with my venture off? ... ... I seem to notice cuts VERY quickly, fwiw. IE: I tried cuttin ...   [retrieve this message]
  • Being able to tolerate more carbs w/Candida.   ray34iyf   4mo
    Hey guys, Uny. ... ... Very quick question. ... ... Because the standard candida diets are complete crap w/all the meat and whatnot... and Iíve been down that route... ... ... ... Iím wondering if there is a way to be able to tolerate the higher amount of carbs (mostly from the black beans Iím eating) on my vegan diet. ... ... I remember you saying somewhere that if you take a big dose of KILLER right before your meal (like say, if I were to take a TBSP of Coconut Oil on an empty stomach before my meals), youíd be less likely to having issues. ... ... Is this the case, and have you seen it be the case with anyone ...   [retrieve this message]
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