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  1. Adrenal Fatigue   18m
  2. Mosaic   18m
  3. S Mosaic   18m
  4. Favorites   18m
  5. Body Odor   30m
  6. Debates   33m
  7. Adrenal Debate   33m
  8. Peeling Lips   39m
  9. Ask Dr. Sutter   52m
  10. Ask Trapper   53m
  11. Rife   55m
  12. Candida   70m
  13. Parasites: Drugs   117m
  14. Alkaline/Acid D.   118m
  15. Iodine VWT   121m
  16. Ulcerative Colitis   152m
  17. Parasites   3h
  18. Ask Candida Exp.   3h
  19. Paleo Diet   4h
  20. Colloidal Silver   4h
  21. Christianity D.   4h
  22. Physics   4h
  23. Allergies   4h
  24. Septic Tank   4h
  25. Market Place   5h
  26. Ask Barefoot   6h
  27. Dating: Personals   7h
  28. Iodine D.   9h
  29. Liver Flush   10h
  30. Fasting: Water   11h
  31. Natural Healing   13h
  32. Maker’s Diet   13h
  33. Morgellons   13h
  34. Cancer   14h
  35. Truth in Medicine   16h
  36. Iodine   17h
  37. Fight Club   20h
  38. Politics   20h
  39. Just for fun   20h
  40. Hulda Clark   21h
  41. Zapper   21h
  42. Webmaster   22h
  43. Bartholin’s Gland   22h
  44. Lyme Disease   23h
  45. Prostate Problems   23h
  46. Conspiracies   23h
  47. Nigella Sativa   24h
  48. SCD Diet   24h
  49. Turiya Files   25h
  50. Abuse   26h
  51. Gallbladder Remedy   28h
  52. Oil Pulling   29h
  53. Ask Humaworm   29h
  54. Leaky Gut   30h
  55. Anxiety   31h
  56. Lung Cancer   35h
  57. Ask CureZone   35h
  58. Amalgam   39h
  59. Dr. Beck   39h
  60. Acid Reflux   42h
  61. Nutritional Bal. AF   43h
  62. Fibromyalgia   46h
  63. Folliculitis   46h
  64. MMS   47h
  65. Flax Seed   50h
  66. Ask Tony   52h
  67. Magnesium   52h
  68. Enema & Colonics   54h
  69. Herpes   55h
  70. Eczema   57h
  71. News   59h
  72. Abortion   60h
  73. Urine   64h
  74. Back & Neck Pain   71h
  75. Hair Loss   71h
  76. Roman Catholic   3d
  77. Bowel Cleanse   3d
  78. Qigong / Chi Kung   3d
  79. Sex   3d
  80. Mirena IUD   3d
  81. Root Canals   3d
  82. Psoriasis   3d
  83. Vaccination D.   4d
  84. Poetry   4d
  85. Seborrheic Derm.   4d
  86. Bacterial Vaginosis   4d
  87. Sleep Disorders   4d
  88. Psychiatry   4d
  89. Liver Flush D.   4d
  90. Parasites Protozoa   4d
  91. Kefir Grain   4d
  92. Water   4d
  93. Success Stories   4d
  94. Dental   5d
  95. TMAU   5d
  96. Cardiovascular   5d
  97. Ask Dennis   5d
  98. Bloodroot   5d
  99. Under-Eye Circles   5d
  100. Pregnancy/Birth   5d
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  1. Son of ”Truth of Self” by Chef JeM  31h   519,004 page views
  2. Kasima’s Journey to Health by kasima  36h   16,997 page views
  3. The Happy Lab Rat (HIV-medicine free) by mysogood1031  42h   4,614 page views
  4. Plant Your Dream! by YourEnchantedGardener  53h   9,473,436 page views
  5. Experiencing Empty by Experiencingempty  54h   49 page views
  6. Dreaming a New Reality by lfire  65h   283,877 page views
  7. EarthSpirit by Mayah  69h   427,286 page views
  8. Brain Boot Camp or Mindset Mastery by kerminator  5d   394,693 page views
  9. Ya’ think?? by kerminator  5d   569,018 page views
  10. Nursing in the Raw by ren  6d   265,096 page views
  11. Southern Etiquette or life in Dixie by kerminator  6d   420,879 page views
  12. Chef Jem by chef jem  8d   357,407 page views
  13. Raw Milk: The Whole Truth by chef jem  9d   382,375 page views
  14. Tomorrow Will be Better by mary88  10d   5,227 page views
  15. Coping with Betrayal by SoulfulSurvivor  10d   34,022 page views
  16. HIV survivor by Rickster12345  10d   248 page views
  17. Absolute Truth Some Wisdom and Intercourse.... by Kerminator  12d   514,855 page views
  18. Raw Foods is it for Everybody by bluepastry  13d   912,914 page views
  19. Sacred Heart of Jesus & Immaculate Heart of Mary by Archangel777  14d   346,792 page views
  20. Path of my Life by Karlin  15d   549,079 page views
  21. bestlebron11 by bestlebron11  16d   205 page views
  22. Broth Fast 30 days by diotima  16d   200 page views
  23. Parasites and how I am dealing with them physically, emotionally... by whenwillitend  23d   71,013 page views
  24. Rife Frequencies via Dowsing by Newport  24d   360,233 page views
  25. ABCs of Conscious Evolution by luckman  31d   429,012 page views
  26. Uncommon Wisdom!! by kerminator  31d   453,836 page views
  27. Forgotten Words! by kerminator  37d   96,219 page views
  28. ~~Thoughts of a Lady~~ by Fastingchick1000  39d   54,025 page views
  29. Mother Earth Heals by Liora Leah  58d   1,596,931 page views
  30. My Unusual Road of Life.... by kerminator  60d   357,740 page views
  31. The Splendifurous Power of Fasting!!!!! by Fastingchick1000  74d   50,118 page views
  32. PATTY Giving up-NOT an option. Suffering-NOT an option by #133830  3mo   37,987 page views
  33. Detoxing with coffee enema by ProPaul  4mo   166,006 page views
  34. a day in the life by sunnydd  4mo   1,240 page views
  35. Blue Pastry by bluepastry  4mo   198,332 page views
  36. CURED of PARASITES: Blastocystis Hominis & Dientamoeba Fragilis. by dsquat  4mo   75,149 page views
  37. Test Blog (Software Testing) by Webmaster  4mo   25,192 page views
  38. BLogs Frequently Asked Questions by Webmaster  4mo   153,557 page views
  39. Newport’s Extended Favorites by Newport  6mo   12,313 page views
  40. Herbal World by MichaelXu  6mo   1,114 page views
  41. Obamacare Facts Analysis by ObamaHealthCare  6mo   2,156 page views
  42. The Candida Expert’s Blog by Dr.Jeff  6mo   115,344 page views
  43. Target Weight :30 days Fruit Diet dOLLY by ramya  7mo   1,303 page views
  44. The Whey, The Truth and The Life! by Mixologist  7mo   12,744 page views
  45. Natural Remedies for the respiratory system disorders by sanaherb  7mo   4,576 page views
  46. The Crescent Moon Shines On Us All by mo123  8mo   313,979 page views
  47. Floating the Abyss by SoulfulSurvivor  8mo   57,077 page views
  48. SomethingsArt by parkupton  9mo   3,047 page views
  49. Transformational by forgood123  9mo   4,727 page views
  50. Water Fasting by lunasister  9mo   3,298 page views
  51. Personal Experience Fighting Parasites by hopefulandhealing  9mo   2,180 page views
  52. Evolving Nutrition Awareness - By Chef Jem by Chef JeM  9mo   14,520 page views
  53. Water Fast Blog by spiritualclarity  10mo   9,366 page views
  54. The Fast and Final way~~~ water fasting by daisylou1976  11mo   20,267 page views
  55. Mirena and ITP by Michaeline  11mo   1,780 page views
  56. Travelling Inward by exposure  12mo   4,472 page views
  57. starting 15 days water fast then go from there.... by jojogoflush  12mo   3,804 page views
  58. exfoliative cheilitis cure by pratheek raj  12mo   23,130 page views
  59. 10 day fast from my Hawaiian diet by Hawaiian girl  13mo   1,897 page views
  60. Minimalist Yeast Abatement Protocol by #147951  13mo   34,636 page views
  61. Adrenal Fatigue, and many other problems. Depressed. by AznDollie  13mo   1,914 page views
  62. Home Remedies To Treat Acne by deenkoi  13mo   2,203 page views
  63. Extreme Change: Raw Food - 3 month challenge. by #94544  14mo   240,445 page views
  64. Fasting and Psoriasis by davidjohnson254  14mo   2,763 page views
  65. Cure Chronic & Acute pancreatitis at home by #168249  14mo   2,157 page views
  66. Gangrene Scurvy Gonorrhea E. Coli Salmonila by ojsimpson  14mo   84,908 page views
  67. Vitamin D3 treatment for Diabetes type 1b by #136856  15mo   38,589 page views
  68. Testicular atrophy aka Gonad shrinking (male fertility) by ojsimpson  15mo   137,677 page views
  69. ptsd or post traumatic stress disorder aka shell shock by ojsimpson  15mo   11,548 page views
  70. 100 day to a better me.Weight loss.aim-115 lbs to lose. by StrongerToday  16mo   4,825 page views
  71. Black Seed Expert by mo123  17mo   6,785 page views
  72. This Is Me by #158791  18mo   5,053 page views
  73. 17 Day Water fast by RainbowDreamGirl  18mo   8,513 page views
  74. Quitting Smoking Cigarets tobacco by ojsimpson  18mo   8,743 page views
  75. adfkjhgfdsan by Lovey  20mo   398,227 page views
  76. 40 Day Juice/Water Fast by fruity  20mo   33,147 page views
  77. 30 day water fast journal by #113342  20mo   87,634 page views
  78. The Gathering Place by rudenski  21mo   413,766 page views
  79. Turmeric Cure Research Blog by risingsun  21mo   182,654 page views
  80. Master Cleanse by asosgirl  22mo   14,518 page views
  81. Messages from the Ascended Masters by EstaLior  22mo   53,977 page views
  82. Confessions of a Food Addict: My journey towards a healthier life... by #13442  22mo   9,994 page views
  83. My Alleged Delusional Parasite by #80898  22mo   114,768 page views
  84. Enough is enough: 30 kilos must go! by hasbeenwannabe  23mo   7,681 page views
  85. Fasting and Health Transformation by wr115  23mo   10,144 page views
  86. Vibrational Health Village by vibr8  23mo   607,472 page views
  87. Heroin Addiction by iirishdancer  24mo   7,678 page views
  88. Codependency: The Curable Addiction by randigfine  24mo   71,217 page views
  89. Happy Easter by Archangel777  25mo   66,623 page views
  90. The New Earth by Deborah Lockett  25mo   190,999 page views
  91. urine therapy vs strange disease! (BLACK MAGIC?) by mangkubumi  25mo   114,922 page views
  92. Juice Feast Journey to Better Health by #78418  26mo   15,481 page views
  93. Water Fasting by #150255  26mo   4,294 page views
  94. 30 days of water fasting by jason198563  26mo   48,052 page views
  95. BV - Bacterial Vaginosis by #42412  26mo   445,944 page views
  96. Spirit Speaks by Liora Leah  27mo   687,014 page views
  97. Master Cleanse 40 days by dreaCA  27mo   37,941 page views
  98. My new water fast: Aim is 21 days this time! by victoryworth  27mo   10,490 page views
  99. Skin, whitening skin darkening skin bleacing white by ojsimpson  27mo   6,328 page views
  100. Experiments with electricity as a healing tool by Freeformcreation  28mo   16,284 page views
  101. All Blogs

Favorite Messages

  1. Re: What to do about Parasite in Tonsil   by sd2345  4h   30
  2. Re: Scattering, Suspect Dog Roundworm   by Cimber38  16h   74
  3. GiWi: Praziquantel 600mg Tablets - Calculating Dosage   by ICU  23h   38
  4. GiWi: Praziquantel Tablets Ordering Info   by ICU  24h   45
  5. Re: Scattering, Suspect Dog Roundworm   by Cimber38  27h   102
  6. Cimber38: Reliability of Stool Sample Tests   by ICU  40h   145
  7. Mixing Meds/Herbs?   by Reborn  53h   142
  8. Eclipses Upon Us   by lfire  65h   64  Blog: Dreaming a New Reali
  9. Surpassing Greatness of The Philosophy of The Cross Part 2   by kerminator  5d   95  Blog: Brain Boot Camp or M
  10. Re:   by ETmtl  5d   125
  11. "Cured" My AFS, Now Working on CFS   R Success by Sherpa  5d   194
  12. Praziquantel Tablets - Ordering Info   by ICU  6d   220
  13. jmac: Combination Treatment With Albendazole, Praziquantel, & Ivermectin   by ICU  6d   204
  14. Re: differing doctor opinions on salivary cortisol   by purplepixie  6d   85
  15. History in Dixie! Part 2   by kerminator  6d   103  Blog: Southern Etiquette o
  16. Manuel810: Chronic Perianal Itching - Parasites & Pinworms   by ICU  7d   87
  17. Re: Crawling up throat and movement in intestines!!!   by Soly047  7d   284
  18. NB for adrenal fatigue   R Educational by bigskymt  7d   146
  19. 30 day odor challenge!   by Hope2012  7d   164
  20. TOP KNOT by MH   by MH  8d   130
  21. Morgellons Best Practices   by TonyOrlando  8d   270
  22. Air Freshen 2   by MH  8d   127
  23. Got "Common Law of Grazing"?   by Chef JeM  8d   182  Blog: Son of ”Truth of Sel
  24. Re: Pinworms Doctor referring me to a Specialist   by silverjewel  9d   295
  25. Truth vs Philosophy = Part 6   by kerminator  9d   101  Blog: Southern Etiquette o
  26. Re: Extra iodine help temp stress on thyroid?   by Ferventer  9d   164
  27. Re: New and confused. I think I have AF?   by joegrane  10d   108
  28. Re: Adrenal fatigue, Hashimoto and Insulin Resistance : where to begin ?   by Klauss  10d   173
  29. hiv   by Rickster12345  10d   134  Blog: HIV survivor
  30. arogyam pure herbs combo kit   by arogyam  11d   69  Blog: arogyam panchkarma c
  31. Re: Parasite tests from the parasite center.   by linenup  12d   177
  32. Dropping Selenium, would it be such a bad thing?   by Jack1977  12d   278
  33. Plants with insecticidal and/or anthelmintic properties   by CLEW  12d   228  Cross-post
  34. Food lines?   by Kerminator  12d   144  Blog: Absolute Truth Some
  35. 183253: Pinworm & Other Roundworm Infections - Treatment   by ICU  13d   256
  36. Angel Deeds   by kerminator  13d   104  Blog: Ya’ think??
  37. k1llsen: Intestinal Flukes, Strongyloides, & Tapeworms - Drug Treatment   by ICU  14d   327
  38. Chitosan fiber destroys MATURE candida biofilms and prevents new ones fr...   by Jerome99  14d   389  Cross-post
  39. Viruses are nano-particle size parasites   R Educational by copperdeficiency  14d   160
  40. lamher1707: Systemic Roundworms - Membendazole & Ivermectin Dosage Info   by ICU  14d   183
  41. Red-ish "raw meat" looking chunks along with other stuff in stool???   by k1llsen  16d   201
  42. Re: Oregano Oil and Latero-Flora   by frostymug  16d   152
  43. Re: Test results came back terrible, now what?   by wiredgeneration  16d   166
  44. lamher1707: Systemic Roundworms - Drug Treatment, Topical Remedies, & Vi...   by ICU  17d   132
  45. Re: Possible parasite infection; how do I cure myself   by Cimber38  17d   500
  46. The Truth is? Part 2   by kerminator  17d   161  Blog: Ya’ think??
  47. Re: Holy sh*t this is amazing...I'm sold   by grizz  17d   227
  48. not the same   by MH  18d   266     1 of 1 (100%)
  49. kwinter: Fluke Infection-Praziquantel Dosage & Ordering Info   by ICU  18d   140
  50. Myiasis, Morgellons, Lymes, & Parasitic Skin Infections: Symptoms, Life ...   by ICU  18d   802  Cross-post
  51. kwinter: Flukes Treatment - Praziquantel, Milk Thistle, & NAC   by ICU  18d   133
  52. Re: Water Rentention/side effects after Mirena removal?   by kc89  18d   398
  53. Cayenne Pepper Cure   RRR Success by #54894  19d   385
  54. Re: How long slap bath   by MH  19d   164
  55. Re: Iodine and biofilms?   by grizz  21d   338
  56. Re: Iodine and biofilms?   by Ginagirl  21d   295
  57. What the truth is or not Part 1   by kerminator  22d   232  Blog: Ya’ think??
  58. Iron is THE cause of diabetes   by copperdeficiency  22d   268  Cross-post
  59. Re: :( close to tears   by Malodorsyndrome  23d   158
  60. Re: Hashimoto's and Iodine   by grizz  24d   223
  61. Re: Is sski an expectorant for sinuses?   by trapper/kcmo  25d   192
  62. Re: Calendula Update   by Donldonl  25d   240
  63. Image Embedded ANTI-PARASITIC VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS: Zinc, Garlic, Sulfur/MSM, Vitamin...   by ICU  26d   387
  64. Zinc   by #178856  26d   238  Cross-post
  65. Aide: Description of Flukes & Treatment For Tapeworms   by ICU  26d   198
  66. Image Embedded Albendazole & Praziquantel - Ordering Info & Costs   by ICU  26d   304
  67. Niclosamide: Tapeworm Treatment - Info & Dosage - Adults & Children   by ICU  26d   283
  68. Image Embedded Albendazole Costs: Tablets vs Suspension   by ICU  26d   305
  69. Image Embedded 10 Health Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be Real   by trapper/kcmo  26d   292
  70. Niclosamide in tapeworm protocol question.   by Aide  26d   228
  71. kwinter: Praziquantel Dosing - Add Milk Thistle & NAC   by ICU  27d   239
  72. What is order in the Universe?   by kerminator  27d   169  Blog: Brain Boot Camp or M
  73. Re: Threadworms in eyes   by phelp  28d   305
  74. Re: Help PLEASE.   by BionicBeetroot  30d   325
  75. Re: How to curb the cravings!?   by UrbanMoon  30d   422
  76. Re: Want best and effective solution for mouth infection   by UrbanMoon  30d   139
  77. heavy lab tests   by Ginagirl  30d   433
  78. Iodine and low platelet count?   by barracuda48  31d   340
  79. Re: Hulda clark frequencies : how has she measured/found these frequenci...   by pago  31d   267
  80. John Lash on the Impending Defeat of the Global Elite   by luckman  31d   261  Blog: ABCs of Conscious Ev
  81. A Great Paradigm Shift in your freedom   by kerminator  31d   193  Blog: Uncommon Wisdom!!
  82. Re: My 8 month battle; Help needed!   by White Shark  32d   588
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  84. Re: Will iodine kill worms?   by Ginagirl  32d   326
  85. Re: My 8 month war. Help please!   by grizz  32d   284
  86. pain newsletter finished   by MH  32d   453
  87. orange juice by mh   by MH  33d   474
  88. Re: bulk iodine - prepare   by trapper/kcmo  33d   353
  89. Re: Ukraine = Coup; Crimea = Treaty.   by kerminator  33d   89
  90. question about pain / leave alone method / uploaded progress to gallery   by wrenface  33d   397
  91. Re: Detox Symptoms & Explanation - Need Help   by Ginagirl  34d   367
  92. Re: Multiple parasite phenomona   by onehumanexperience  34d   155
  93. update on my parasites/gas problems   by jjane14  34d   501  Cross-post
  94. Is this somewhat cheaper Optimal Liposomal C for real?   by LoricaLady  34d   98
  95. swampfire: Specimen Is A Fluke - Recommend Metametrix Lab Testing   by ICU  35d   263
  96. Gubarev Protocol Simplified   by Allium7  35d   372
  97. Re: Can someone please help?   by MellyCooper1313  35d   199
  98. Re: tribbles   by Vulcanel  35d   242
  99. Re: itribe   by Ginagirl  35d   211
  100. Re: thyroid hormones lower with iodine   R by trapper/kcmo  35d   230
  101. Favorites Forum: All Favorite Messages
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