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  1. Mosaic   13m
  2. Support Mosaic   13m
  3. Parasites: Drugs   13m
  4. Mens Health   16m
  5. Debate Mosaic   27m
  6. Iodine Debate   27m
  7. Body Odor   49m
  8. Christianity Debate   61m
  9. Facts and Myths   63m
  10. Depression   64m
  11. PTSD   71m
  12. Abuse Physical, Emotional   71m
  13. Narcissism Survivors   71m
  14. Cleansing & Detox   78m
  15. Abused Husband   79m
  16. Candida   84m
  17. Fasting: Juice   102m
  18. Fasting: Water   106m
  19. Fasting: Weight   106m
  20. Barefooters' Library   106m
  21. Christian Healing   111m
  22. Rape Survivors   111m
  23. Anger Management   111m
  24. Emotional Healing   111m
  25. Favorites   115m
  26. Ask Trapper   115m
  27. Iodine VWT   115m
  28. AIDS   137m
  29. Hair Loss   138m
  30. Acne   138m
  31. Demodex Mites   138m
  32. Men Raped   163m
  33. Women’s   163m
  34. Confessions   163m
  35. Adrenal Fatigue   173m
  36. Ask Candida Expert   4h
  37. Ask Tony   4h
  38. Bacterial Vaginosis   4h
  39. Fasting General   4h
  40. Hypothyroid   4h
  41. Hyperthyroid   4h
  42. Diet   4h
  43. Asthma   4h
  44. Parasites Protozoa   4h
  45. Enema & Colonics   5h
  46. Colloidal Silver   5h
  47. Questioning   5h
  48. Vit C Debate   5h
  49. Conspiracy   5h
  50. Dr. Beck   6h
  51. Ask CureZone   7h
  52. Anemia   8h
  53. Diabetes Type II   8h
  54. Acid Reflux   9h
  55. Bad Breath   9h
  56. Digestion   9h
  57. Morgellons   9h
  58. Iodine   9h
  59. Turiya Files   9h
  60. Ask Barefoot   10h
  61. Animals & Pets   10h
  62. Home Remedies   10h
  63. Tumors   10h
  64. MMS   10h
  65. Ebola   11h
  66. Hernia   14h
  67. Warts   15h
  68. Parasites   15h
  69. Anxiety   17h
  70. USP Parasites   17h
  71. Rheumatoid Arthritis   17h
  72. Abortion Debate   18h
  73. Christianity Biblical   18h
  74. Sex   19h
  75. News   19h
  76. Neurology   21h
  77. Lyme Disease   21h
  78. Alzheimer’s Disease   21h
  79. IUD Malfunctions   21h
  80. Mirena IUD   21h
  81. Brain Fog   22h
  82. Fibromyalgia   22h
  83. Prayer   22h
  84. Market Place   23h
  85. Leaky Gut   25h
  86. Autoimmune   25h
  87. Parasites: Skin   25h
  88. Erectile Dysfunction   26h
  89. Prostate Problems   26h
  90. CFS, ME, CFIDS   26h
  91. Hypertension   28h
  92. Addiction: Tobacco   28h
  93. ADHD   28h
  94. IBS   29h
  95. Ulcerative Colitis   30h
  96. Crohn’s Disease   30h
  97. Weight Loss   30h
  98. Help Me   31h
  99. Ask Dr Mom   31h
  100. Hormone Replacement   32h
  101. All Forums
  1. Brain Boot Camp or Mindset Mastery by kerminator  4h   445,430 page views
  2. Southern Etiquette or life in Dixie by kerminator  6h   486,152 page views
  3. Uncommon Wisdom!! by kerminator  9h   530,131 page views
  4. Absolute Truth Some Wisdom and Intercourse.... by Kerminator  9h   587,447 page views
  5. Son of Truth of Self by Chef JeM  11h   676,891 page views
  6. Plant Your Dream! by YourEnchantedGardener  21h   11,613,616 page views
  7. Ya’ think?? by kerminator  48h   636,075 page views
  8. EarthSpirit by Mayah  49h   561,854 page views
  9. Chef Jemichel by chef jem  68h   466,227 page views
  10. Raw Foods is it for Everybody by bluepastry  4d   1,007,386 page views
  11. Natural Vision Corner by darmar  7d   521 page views
  12. ABCs of Conscious Evolution by luckman  9d   537,081 page views
  13. Raw Milk: The Whole Truth by chef jem  10d   469,538 page views
  14. Mother Earth Heals by Liora Leah  18d   1,732,430 page views
  15. Path of my Life by Karlin  18d   649,823 page views
  16. CURED of PARASITES: Blastocystis hominis & Dientamoeba fragilis. by dsquat  19d   108,288 page views
  17. Dreaming a New Reality by lfire  23d   365,961 page views
  18. Treating Fecal Body Odor, Not Curing. by StrivingtoTreatThis  31d   584 page views
  19. Kinesiology by iamnatural  39d   396 page views
  20. affordable cold press juicer by  43d   429 page views
  21. Juice Fasting to Cure Mold Illness by SuperWoman29  46d   2,728 page views
  22. Red’s water fast journey. by Redswaterfast  49d   2,529 page views
  23. ~~Thoughts of a Lady~~ by Fastingchick1000  55d   68,476 page views
  24. Tomorrow Will be Better by mary88  56d   14,304 page views
  25. Water fasting for weight loss. by SSMM  56d   344 page views
  26. Depressed Fecal Smelling Teen by depressedstressedgal  57d   1,928 page views
  27. Nursing in the Raw by ren  62d   338,814 page views
  28. Water Fasting - 21 days by earlybird14  62d   652 page views
  29. Moringa Oleifera combat malnutrition by kyamites  63d   341 page views
  30. Forgotten Words! by kerminator  66d   138,588 page views
  31. Blue Pastry by bluepastry  67d   241,671 page views
  32. Heal Thyself/Sacred Woman by ren  70d   187,715 page views
  33. My Unusual Road of Life.... by kerminator  81d   410,281 page views
  34. Coping with Betrayal by SoulfulSurvivor  81d   50,659 page views
  35. Codependency: The Curable Addiction by randigfine  3mo   106,646 page views
  36. Iodine dosage chart by DogTired  3mo   1,117 page views
  37. 20 day fast experience by labelletea  4mo   1,171 page views
  38. Day 1 of ?? by blackrabbit85  4mo   1,041 page views
  39. Stage IV Kidney Cancer Ramblings Insights Humor Etiquette and Hop... by Stillhere  4mo   1,130 page views
  40. Kasima’s Journey to Health by kasima  5mo   38,408 page views
  41. 28 day water fast by R2idaho  5mo   4,380 page views
  42. Sacred Heart of Jesus & Immaculate Heart of Mary by Archangel777  5mo   409,361 page views
  43. Parasites and how I am dealing with them physically, emotionally... by whenwillitend  6mo   121,429 page views
  44. Healing Journey - Water fast (4th attempt) by caa522  6mo   5,052 page views
  45. The Happy Lab Rat (HIV-medicine free) by mysogood1031  7mo   9,909 page views
  46. Experiencing Empty by Experiencingempty  7mo   1,266 page views
  47. HIV survivor by Rickster12345  7mo   2,045 page views
  48. Broth Fast 30 days by diotima  7mo   1,807 page views
  49. Rife Frequencies via Dowsing by Newport  8mo   414,662 page views
  50. The Splendifurous Power of Fasting!!!!! by Fastingchick1000  9mo   66,095 page views
  51. PATTY Giving up-NOT an option. Suffering-NOT an option by #133830  10mo   59,023 page views
  52. Detoxing with coffee enema by ProPaul  11mo   183,682 page views
  53. a day in the life by sunnydd  11mo   3,433 page views
  54. Test Blog (Software Testing) by Webmaster  11mo   28,525 page views
  55. BLogs Frequently Asked Questions by Webmaster  11mo   356,399 page views
  56. Healing Journey - Water fast (2nd attempt) by caa522  12mo   3,538 page views
  57. Gluten Intolerance by iamnatural  12mo   2,693 page views
  58. I Am Natural Therapies by iamnatural  12mo   9,659 page views
  59. Newport’s Extended Favorites by Newport  13mo   18,174 page views
  60. Herbal World by MichaelXu  13mo   2,835 page views
  61. Obamacare Facts Analysis by ObamaHealthCare  13mo   4,328 page views
  62. The Candida Expert’s Blog by Dr.Jeff  13mo   131,766 page views
  63. Target Weight :30 days Fruit Diet dOLLY by ramya  14mo   3,034 page views
  64. The Whey, The Truth and The Life! by Mixologist  14mo   22,478 page views
  65. Natural Remedies for the respiratory system disorders by sanaherb  14mo   6,061 page views
  66. The Crescent Moon Shines On Us All by mo123  15mo   359,172 page views
  67. Floating the Abyss by SoulfulSurvivor  15mo   95,350 page views
  68. SomethingsArt by parkupton  16mo   7,069 page views
  69. Transformational by forgood123  16mo   8,902 page views
  70. Water Fasting by lunasister  16mo   6,498 page views
  71. Personal Experience Fighting Parasites by hopefulandhealing  16mo   4,559 page views
  72. Evolving Nutrition Awareness - By Chef Jemichel by Chef JeM  16mo   19,558 page views
  73. Water Fast Blog by spiritualclarity  17mo   14,508 page views
  74. The Fast and Final way~~~ water fasting by daisylou1976  18mo   26,024 page views
  75. Mirena and ITP by Michaeline  18mo   3,534 page views
  76. Travelling Inward by exposure  19mo   7,910 page views
  77. starting 15 days water fast then go from there.... by jojogoflush  19mo   6,728 page views
  78. exfoliative cheilitis cure by pratheek raj  19mo   32,780 page views
  79. 10 day fast from my Hawaiian diet by Hawaiian girl  20mo   3,572 page views
  80. Minimalist Yeast Abatement Protocol by #147951  20mo   53,360 page views
  81. Adrenal Fatigue, and many other problems. Depressed. by AznDollie  20mo   3,651 page views
  82. Home Remedies To Treat Acne by deenkoi  20mo   4,174 page views
  83. Extreme Change: Raw Food - 3 month challenge. by #94544  21mo   294,310 page views
  84. Fasting and Psoriasis by davidjohnson254  21mo   4,571 page views
  85. Cure Chronic & Acute pancreatitis at home by #168249  21mo   3,723 page views
  86. Gangrene Scurvy Gonorrhea E. Coli Salmonila by ojsimpson  21mo   104,264 page views
  87. Vitamin D3 treatment for Diabetes type 1b by #136856  22mo   54,111 page views
  88. Testicular atrophy aka Gonad shrinking (male fertility) by ojsimpson  22mo   180,919 page views
  89. ptsd or post traumatic stress disorder aka shell shock by ojsimpson  22mo   16,697 page views
  90. 100 day to a better me.Weight loss.aim-115 lbs to lose. by StrongerToday  23mo   7,570 page views
  91. Black Seed Expert by mo123  24mo   11,107 page views
  92. This Is Me by #158791  25mo   8,986 page views
  93. 17 Day Water fast by RainbowDreamGirl  25mo   11,487 page views
  94. Quitting Smoking Cigarets tobacco by ojsimpson  25mo   11,660 page views
  95. adfkjhgfdsan by Lovey  27mo   418,386 page views
  96. 40 Day Juice/Water Fast by fruity  27mo   37,223 page views
  97. 30 day water fast journal by #113342  27mo   99,305 page views
  98. The Gathering Place by rudenski  28mo   448,754 page views
  99. Turmeric Cure Research Blog by risingsun  28mo   195,695 page views
  100. Master Cleanse by asosgirl  29mo   19,306 page views
  101. All Blogs

Favorite Messages

  1. 10 Key paths to Heaven - Part 3 by kerminator  4h   26  Blog: Brain Boot Camp or M  
  2. 10 Key paths to heaven - Part 2 by kerminator  4h   29  Blog: Brain Boot Camp or M  
  3. Seeking the Peace of God - Part 2 by kerminator  6h   33  Blog: Southern Etiquette o  
  4. Seek the Peace of God - Part 1 by Kerminator  9h   63  Blog: Absolute Truth Some  
  5. Why the Islamic lies?? by kerminator  48h   90  Blog: Ya’ think??  
  6. Re: Freeze drying by MH by MH  52h   249  
  7. Freeze drying by MH by MH  58h   156  
  8. Image Embedded Fasting for Mental Health: Does it Work? by trapper/kcmo  4d   188  
  9. Updated parasite products by MH  5d   182  
  10. Nothing is Created - Osho by turiya  6d   291  
  11. Use this if iodine detox is too strong by #182447  6d   302  
  12. Re: Why can't I take good quality castor oil internally? by archus  7d   116  
  13. Illegal Executive Order 20 Nov by Kerminator  7d   132  Blog: Absolute Truth Some  
  14. Once you see results, it becomes an addiction by darmar  7d   60  Blog: Natural Vision Corne  
  15. DNA MONTHLY (Vol. 10, No. 6) by luckman  9d   106  Blog: ABCs of Conscious Ev  
  16. Hair Loss and Candida by secrethero89  11d   203  
  17. 10 Key paths to Heaven! - Part 1 by kerminator  12d   138  Blog: Brain Boot Camp or M  
  18. Re: home made garlic oil by MH  12d   244  
  19. vitamin c / steric acids by MH  12d   116  
  20. Re: Selenomethionine hair loss? by trapper/kcmo  16d   279  
  21. Morgellons Fiber; Finally Moving (video link) by threader  17d   456  C  
  22. There is only one way to worship God by kerminator  18d   221  Blog: Ya’ think??  
  23. Re: Improving Vision! by WhiteRock  18d   446   RRR
  24. Re: probiotic foods good or bad? by frostymug  18d   567  
  25. Mom and 2 kids need help--feel like we're infested with worms by #191159  18d   866  C  
  26. starting 100mg dose iodoral by #191149  19d   457  
  27. Re: Zinc advice. by Muscardin  21d   522  
  28. Boosting your immune system - the easy way by jhan  21d   189  
  29. Re: Candida wrong target? by slowsmile  21d   321  
  30. I was cured of a bad bout of Lyme's Disease in 20 days for $29.00, but I... by GuitarZombie  22d   1,534  C   BSA 100% CURE!
  31. CEHF Conference 2014 presenters addressed the Bart/Morg connection by threader  22d   423  
  32. Migraine/Arthritis cures from DR. DC Jarvis Folk Medicine. If you try it... by InCharge  23d   457  C   RN SUCCESS
  33. Re: CS and neodymium magnets by Methylethyl27182  24d   426  
  34. Re: How long is CS active in the body? by ekmchan  24d   108  
  35. Down the Eye of the Barrel by luckman  24d   244  Blog: ABCs of Conscious Ev  
  36. Re: systemic antifungals - need advice! by jacgues  24d   257  
  37. Prove Palestine is a real country... by kerminator  25d   242  Blog: Ya’ think??  
  38. The Journey Continues Winning Back Our Sacred Seed by YourEnchantedGardener  25d   200  Blog: Plant Your Dream!  
  39. Re: IS the RIFE right for me? by pixiepoet  25d   185  
  40. Re: VIP pinworms again , by AllClearNow  25d   573   RR Success
  41. What Causes Back Pain and How to Treat it? by wackyme  26d   149  
  42. Re: Have you seen this kind of skin? by MENDOMAID  27d   807   R Success
  43. Routine by MH  27d   358  
  44. Image Embedded "it takes 13 years..." by trapper/kcmo  28d   162  
  45. Re: Parasite in throat by MH  29d   426  
  46. Image Embedded Bursting the Bubble on Genes by luckman  29d   225  Blog: ABCs of Conscious Ev  
  47. Re: Super graphic, I'm sorry :( I need help! by Stalactite  29d   585     1 of 1 (100%)  
  48. Re: feel suicidal - have morgellons by my body my soul  29d   469  
  49. Re: Topical Iodine Grows Hair by WhiteRock  30d   192  
  50. Re: ***itching for advice*** by tygmusic  30d   680  
  51. What Causes Heart Attacks? by chef jem  30d   338  Blog: Chef Jemichel  
  52. the worms people "see" by MH  31d   501  
  53. CDC whistleblower: “Oh My God…what we did” by befurther  31d   159   RN EDUCATIONAL
  54. Dr. Hulda Clark Diabetes Cure! by health82  32d   629  C  
  55. Image Embedded Re: another unsolicited testimony by username7414  32d   503  
  56. Re: Herbs vs meds by hsongi90  32d   298  
  57. Re: slime mold? new video by absurdlyhaywired  32d   471  
  58. slime mold? new video by absurdlyhaywired  32d   645  C  
  59. Re: Dreams while fasting by Health conscious2  32d   353  
  60. Re: Water fasting buddy wanted by allyzmac  33d   275  
  61. Only two choices... by Kerminator  34d   392  Blog: Absolute Truth Some  
  62. Re: another unsolicited testimony by username7414  34d   638  
  63. Re: another unsolicited testimony by trapper/kcmo  34d   612  
  64. Re: another unsolicited testimony by Lexi2014  34d   589  
  65. Re: another unsolicited testimony by trapper/kcmo  34d   636  
  66. lugols 5% vs SSKI 2% by trapper/kcmo  34d   278  
  67. Re: another unsolicited testimony by trapper/kcmo  34d   642  
  68. Re: Potential potent solution for tough parasites, toxins by username7414  34d   697   RRR Warning
  69. Re: ***itching for advice*** by CLEW  35d   510  
  70. Re: another unsolicited testimony by trapper/kcmo  35d   690  
  71. I am cured of EC. Exfoliative Cheilitis by meditaion101  35d   1,337  C   RRR Success
  72. Info about lab tests by hanna  35d   742  
  73. Re: Low Acid or too much Acid? Help Pls by monroe444  35d   711  
  74. Re: Iodine and bone/CT scans by harlekyn  35d   330  
  75. another unsolicited testimony by trapper/kcmo  35d   790   RRR
  76. Re: iododerma - iodine induced dermatitis by #190469  35d   327  
  77. Image Embedded a little light reading from Robert Phoenix by johng  35d   296  
  78. Re: Should I stay on it? by Ferventer  35d   375  
  79. Re: Should I stay on it? by Violien  35d   424  
  80. Iodine Prevents Breast Cancer by kerminator  36d   213  Blog: Uncommon Wisdom!!   R
  81. Nano Silver 10 works for Ebola - WHO and CDC upset over leak! by parazapper  36d   458  
  82. Re: iododerma - iodine induced dermatitis by infarouge  37d   552  
  83. Re: Morgellons Doctor by dana1fatty  37d   164  
  84. Image Embedded Transformer1: Thank You For Your Thank You! by ICU  37d   319  
  85. Help identifying parasites and possible treatment? by ryeCatcher  37d   507  
  86. Re: What I have done to survive Heart Failure & AFib with a high quality... by beatty57  38d   1,011  
  87. de-wormers by MH  38d   245     1 of 1 (100%)  
  88. How to have your cake and eat it too by MH  38d   500  
  89. Re: Treating kidney failure naturally by tuhumom  38d   1,975  
  90. Applied Kinesiology by iamnatural  39d   165  Blog: Kinesiology  
  91. 24 items for immortalism! by MH  39d   391  
  92. Not all religions point toward God! part 3 by kerminator  39d   229  Blog: Brain Boot Camp or M  
  93. 24 items for immortalism! by ZZB28  40d   564  
  94. Re: Iodine reactions by GinaButler  40d   189  
  95. Re: thyroid issues by #33957  40d   306  
  96. Re: Pure Oregano Oil, by MH by cococo  40d   190  
  97. Better way to measure?? by username7414  40d   669  
  98. Image Embedded Video Embedded Ebola-Gate: Ebola Origin? by turiya  40d   255  
  99. Intravenous Vitamin C infusions At Home & Homemade Liposomal Vitamin C O... by Prospero  40d   685  C  
  100. Required Iodine co-supplements by grizz  40d   395  
  101. Favorites Forum: All Favorite Messages
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