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      Re: A place to live
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      Date: 10/21/2007 8:32:08 PM   ( 7y ago )
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      I would WARN anyone contemplating allowing anyone to move in with another person they don't know, especially from long distances. I estimate a 95% chance your getting something you were not prepared for.

      When the person wants out of their present situation, I take that estimate up to 99.8% chance.

      Moving out of home or from home to home is something that you only do with a person you trust with your life, because more than a few have lost their lives doing such things.

      The message that received a R that suggest my man can buy his food and do his thing and I will buy my food and I will do my thing, are LOST PEOPLE and the post should be condemed and not suggested as a MUST READ. People in such a situation are nothing but taking space up in the same house, period. Nothing to do with a marriage or a family and I have NO DOUBTS one of the people hates the other and just puts up with the situation out of fear of leaving.

      I know of many old men who have such wives, they don't love each other and normally the woman keeps working after the man has retired. I have asked why and they tell me the same story over and over; SHE wants to keep acting like she is not as old as she is and likes flirting with anyone that will pay attention to their ways. In all the cases I know personal, these wives never go visit their children, te men go on vacation by them selves to visit their children and the so called old wife stays home and does her thing with the girl friends who believe the same. My factory was loaded with such old women; they asked for over time all the time and admitted they would rather work than go home to the kids.

      Naturally the door swings both ways, but I hear these stories from old men and never from old women. The old man desires the natural herbs and their wives don't want anything to hear of such nonsense and LOVE their doctors in more way than one.

      I do have older women customers that must hide their herbs from their hateful husbands, but they never brag their man does his thing and she does her thing, NO, these wives are sad indivuals in bad marriages and fear leaving the home and loosing their children and accumlated wealth, they hang around waiting to see who dies first.

      I strongly warn EVERYONE TO AVOID ALL people seeing a new spot to rooste when the old spot is no longer desirable. Such people are rolling stones and leave a trail of hurt feeling around the world. Many a man has been trapped by such things, believing they can live happily ever after with a mail order bride. Many a young girl has been murdered when they arive in a new place believing they would be safe and happy, only to fine they fail into the fire.


      Even worse:
      When 2 misfits hook up with each other.

      This message may seem to cold to some, but most experienced people know its the truth. Many familys have been destroyed by such people. YET, there is that 1% chance that their dreams come true. My theory is this: NO FAMILY, normally means they will run when the going gets tough abnd they usually learn to use people as they travel the world or end up in jail or in if they play long enough, they become jane doe in the local morgue and then end up being sold by the ounce to th highest bidder and may even become make - up for some rich woman!


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