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Re: Cleaning Up Misconceptions About Colon Cleansing
Forum: Bowel Cleanse Debate
  • Cleaning Up Misconceptions About Colon Cleans...   twll   7y
    • Sorry, not to be rude but that article leaves...   naturalgirl   7y
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      Re: Cleaning Up Misconceptions About Colon Cleansing
      Date: 11/22/2007 11:47:36 PM   ( 7y ago )
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      Sorry, not to be rude but that article leaves you with nothing to think about except how dumb "experts" can be. Now colon cleansing can be taken to extreme but so can anything. Drinking large amounts of juice or cayenne pepper etc.. could never do the damages that modern drugs and pesticide/hormone laden food does to a persons body. The article is poorly written as it shows no REAL reasons or data to back up why cleansing is dangerous other than "expert" opinions. My sister is a nutritionist and she looks down at cleansing, juice fasting and touts the same old tired lines the article closes with such as eating fruits and veggies and the body can cleanse itself and blah, blah.
      But in the end she suffers from fatigue and cellulite and skin problems that her healthy diet should fix. The article doesn't really offer any new evidence against cleansing. Just shows how blind the experts really are. Throughout history most cultures cleansed and fasting was considered vital medicine. Now, Modern medicine shuns it. Hmmm maybe thats why their are so many out there with ailments running to the doc. to prescribe a nice little pill to solve their problems. A pill that can do more damage than any juice fast could. Its those same people that laugh and discredit cleansing go to their doc. for a prescription to solve their problems. Its funny that they think we are the misguided ones!
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