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Body aches /pains and stiffness- almost the whole body - doctors say probabaly muscle strain
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    Body aches /pains and stiffness- almost the whole body - doctors say probabaly muscle strain
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    Date: 3/16/2009 12:40:47 PM   ( 5y ago )
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    Could anyone help?

    Here's my story:

    I've had awful stifnes and pain since last January- in my ribs, spine pelvis, groin, legs, feet, arms pretty much the whoel body. It also caused urinary incontince because the muscles in the concerned area were strained perhaps. There could be three causes or a combination of them:

    1. Not layering enough in extremely cold weather (under-dressed) being new to cold climate
    2. Jumping, dancing- on an empty stomach for an hour every morning five days a week for several months
    3. Walking long distances in the cold/snow despite the initial pain
    4. Jumping and walking with the winter boots with an inch or less of heels (even though flat) all this while

    I have never had any such pain before and so did not take it seriously and thought it would just go with a good sleep and rest- but it did not. Before I realized over a year has passed.

    Went to doctors two three months ago- x-rays, blood work. All is normal- no arthiritis. Differnt medications- very temporary relief- don't want to have any more medications. The x-ray shows I have four lower ribs instead of five. But they say it is ususal to have four to six.

    It felt like the pain was deep in the bones but the x-rys are normal. They are guessing it could be a muscle strain or lumbar pain.

    My pelvic area hurts- waist is stiff, knees are stiff- cannot squat unless I do so very slowly (even then painful)-cannot get back up without support.

    Spine hurts at the base of the neck and a little before the tail bone.

    Ribs hurt a lot- now with warm climate and lots of rest, that pain has almost gone

    Arms and shoulder blades hurt- cannot carry much weight

    Do not have complete balance when I walk, if somebody brushes past me carelessly, I could lose balance and fall

    Have been out of work for five months because needed to take a break- since I did not seem to get much better

    I eat lots of fruits and vegetables and feel better on days I don't eat salt or cooked food.

    Feel better when I fast- but don't feel like it anymore.

    I sit in a hot water tub with salt water once a day for 10-15 minutes- that has helped somewhat but not as much as I would like.

    This has affected and restricted my activities. I can walk fast but get stiff and pained after.

    I cannot jog or run. It hurts my feet too much. I feel some kind of heaviness in the legs.

    I am about 62 inches tall and my weight is about 48 kilograms. I am 35, female, and have been extrememly healthy for several years and always had lots of enery- and thats why I overdid my dancing/jumping/walking.

    I desperately need help because I am really brok and in debt and need to get ok quickly to work again.

    My questions:

    1. Do I need to change my diet?
    2. Would a Liver Flush help my pain or is there a simpler way
    3. Would highly appreciate cost effective suggestions/home remedies
    4. Why does Sea Salt /cooked food aggravate the pain? o I have to stop eating them?
    5. Any other insights or suggestions would be welcome.
    6. Should I be eating garlic, cayynne pepper, other condiments etc?

    Thank you so much.
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