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Re: Side Effects of Black Seed Oil
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  • Side Effects of Black Seed Oil   lajoanna   5y  C
    • You are taking too much oil. It is not neces...   mo123   5y
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      Re: Side Effects of Black Seed Oil
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      Date: 3/18/2009 8:34:45 AM   ( 5y ago )
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      You are taking too much oil. It is not necessary to take more than 1 t. once a day with oil. Question how are you taking the oil? It must be taken one hour before food on an empty stomach.

      In addition if you have parasites instead of injesting so much oil, take the seeds and heat in some vinegar and brush on your stomach. but barefoot dewormer should be sufficient enough to irraticate the worms. Dewormer needs to be taken for life in most cases unless you are dead. lol. As we continue to have pets, continue to eat veggies and meats. Grapes with splits a source of worms also.

      If you are very sick such as cancer the recipe is two teaspoons a day with honey and one teaspoon of garlic oil with honey. This should be taken one t. in the morning and once in the evening.

      If you search the site you will come up with many remedies for certain ailments.

      The twitching could simply be worms angry and movements. I have had movements in my back lungs before and this could indicate the worms are traveling. MRI useless and a waste of money. I had suspected worms of the brain and these are usually not detected by MRI. Doctors love to guess and waste your money.

      If you are not happy with your oil, switch to a new company.

      Make sure the oil is cold pressed with no fillers.

      Store it in a closed cabinet or keep in a box sealed from the light.

      Remember the cheapest oil is usually just that and the most expensive oil does not mean it is the best.

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