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        Re: Fasting Verses Starvation
        Date: 4/16/2009 11:26:22 AM   ( 5y ago )
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        Hey Chris,

        This is my first post on here but I've been here for a while reading lots of stuff. In your post you mentioned that "According to Mainstream you will die if you abstain from food for longer than 5 days." and I was wondering which mainstream source said this - or if it is just a truth expressed in the form of an exaggeration. I hate to say it but I think even the medical establishment has enough common sense to know that no one will die from only 5 days of food abstinence as many people have been "starving" while lost or trapped in a vehicle for great amounts of time and haven't died.

        I've heard a few different ways that the body indicates it is in genuine need of the food namely that the tongue loses its chalky grey or white coating and becomes red/pink and clean, that the breath becomes sweet and fresh and you are driven to eat (genuine hunger). I'm wondering if there is any indicators in blood samples, saliva tests, ect that have been done?

        Some have mentioned of the body having "reserves" and the length of the fast depends on how much reserves you have in your body.. for example I am 110 pounds and about 5'4 and that is fairly thin although during my active periods I can hike 3 hours up a steep mountain and chop firewood for 5 hours without collapsing / but now I have become very fatigued and depressed so much so that I can't even go to work or get up in the morning. (this has been going on for several months) so I was wondering how I know how adaquate and abundant my nutritional reserves are because I want to fast for a week or so but don't know what it will do to my body in its underweight state.

        sorry about the branching off just thinking into the box.

        any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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