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Re: 2 years later, anger returns
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  • 2 years later, anger returns   livewithintegrity   5y  C
    • You might consider how fortunate you ... were...   Zoebess   5y
    • It is very difficult to not be angry when the...   MadArtist   5y
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      Re: 2 years later, anger returns
      Date: 4/21/2009 1:27:21 PM   ( 5y ago )
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      It is very difficult to not be angry when the ones' doing wrong keep getting away with it and there is nothing that anyone can do.

      Is IS diheartening, it is like sitting on a flame and not being able to get off of it.

      Sadly, it affects the offended more than the perpetrators, who as you mentioned actually take pride in their abhorrent behavior.

      I know of someone who steals and gets mad if he's called on it or even mentioned as a possible snatcher. And who acts in concert with his sister to divert some poor soul while the other takes the person's possession. Then when someone complains, they get very offended at the suggestion. Often resorting to scandalous theatrics to dispel attention, then if the items are later found in their possession will offer no excuse or express remorse. Or someone else will cover for them. At their worst, they lay the blame on some other poor soul.

      It is not so much the value of things but the breaching into a person's sense of security. Whether someone is breaking your trust, stealing, being meanspirited or hurtful it all grinds at the tendrils of trust and self.

      It gives a feeling that someone is always able to get into your tender spirit and hurt even when they have long forgotten about it simply because they do not care and never will and worse yet, never did.

      All the people that teach about inner growth say to forgive to let go of all things as in the end nothing matters, but it is not easy to just look the other way when as you say - sometimes there is nothing you can do.

      It is sad however because these people are skating on others energy, they actually thrive by feeling superior to others, sometimes blaming the victims for being such easy targets. Or they feel entitled, because they think themselves more important.

      All in all, being angry only affects you by using up your energy which truth be told, can make one even angrier! Phew - a veritable conundrum.

      Well, guess that was a long one, must be that I had one of these agravating experiences this very morning...

      So your words struck a cord today...

      In the end, no matter how much anger is spent, these people will not change for the better by it.

      It's like making soup, if you put one bad ingredient in it in a continuos flow, the soup will get ruined.

      If we allow anger a place in our spirit, it is our spirit that will be disturbed.

      MadArt (ist)

      Thank you for making me walk this thought through...

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