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Re: Testing for Blastocystis
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  • Testin for Blastocystis   kaliputri   5y
    • Testing is hit or miss unless you do pcr test...   linenup   5y
    • Did you test positive with the same lab that ...   NewUK   5y
      • Re: Testing for Blastocystis   kaliputri   5y
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        Re: Testing for Blastocystis
        Date: 5/18/2009 12:51:30 PM   ( 5y ago )
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        I tried Flagyl but it didn't work. Herbs work but have to be rotated so there isn't resistance.

        Yes, it was the same lab, just our local one (in Canada), but apparently Genova in the US is much, much better. It was five separate times and I didn't do a purge or anything first. Apparently sorry, this is gross, a rectal swab, is much better at detecting them. (from I haven't tried that yet.

        It is confusing what you say about the symptoms continuing after treatment or getting worse after herbs. That's what is happening right now. I laid off of my parasite herbs as I was quite a bit better and my naturopath thought that I couldn't possibly have them. But I do, (stopped listening to her) cause without the herbs the symptoms come back. It seems now that the bugs are a bit stronger from all the stopping and starting. Now I am being consistent and will gradually get rid of it or not let it get to me anyway!

        It's also hard to tell the difference between the blasto and die-off.

        Someone who practices at a herbal pharmacy here had blasto and got rid of it by rotating remedies every five days so that the blasto did not get resistant to the remedies. Chinese medicine is great, if it is not so good anymore, maybe you have to rotate Chinese medicine with a different herb. She also said it's important to alkanize the body to make it inhospitable to parasites.

        Good luck!
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      • Re: Testin for Blastocystis   Juul   5y

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