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Re:Charley: I've heard experts say it can take a year or more
Forum: Ask Humaworm: Parasites
  • what if you are resistant to the herbs?   gibby   5y
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    • Re: I've heard experts say it can take a year...   Charly   5y
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        • To answer your questions... ... ... 1. Iíve ...   Charly   5y
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          Re:Charley: I've heard experts say it can take a year or more
          Date: 5/24/2009 3:41:14 PM   ( 5y ago )
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          To answer your questions...

          1. I've heard of pinaple. But keep hearing that parasites love sweeet stuff. Pinaple is an exception?

          - Answer - Parasites do love sweets, but pineapple kills some kinds of them. I think it's partly the bromalain in it. If pineapple doesn't grow in your area ignore this one.

          2.Does it matter whether the garlic is cooked or raw?

          - A. I don't think so... I use it all - capsules, cooked and raw.

          3. Aloe Vera? Where do I get this? I just knew of the plant. Never heard of the connection with parasites. Are they capsules?? They kill parasites?

          - A. Aloe vera can be purchaced as a plant, or in liquid form at a health food store or on line. I use both... it grows great in my warm climate... to use fresh, I cut off a leaf and filet it like a fish and am careful not to get any of the bright yellow part - adding the clear gel to a fruit smoothie. I use purchaced aloe vera in the same way - in smoothies. Start out with a little bit and slowly add more - it may make you go to the bathroom if you are not used to it.

          4. I have heard of squash....a whole meal huh?

          - A. It's easy and filling for me to cook and eat a whole squash. I've read in several places any kind of squash kills parasites. I like the way it cleans me out. I do this about once every two weeks... maybe longer.

          5. Salt Water flush. Have heard of this, never knew what it did. Does this have like a laxitive effect? Why is this good. to flush stuff out? to kill stuff?

          - A. I'm not sure a salt water flush actually kills parassites, I just know I have seen them after one. It does have a laxative effect. It shouldn't be done too often - maybe once or twice a month. It quickly moves toxins out of the system, and the sooner they are out, the better we feel.

          6. I already have ground flax. Should I get the seeds instead and grind them? Where do i get Lemon seeds. I've never heard of them either.

          - A. I've read that flaxseed is best if taken within 15 minutes of grinding. Beside seeds are a whole lot less expensive... so I bought a coffee grinder to use just for this.

          Flaxseed doesn't kill parasites - it's just that I like to drink it everyday - Whole cloves are best when ground fresh - they do kill parasite eggs and lemon seeds kill parasites too (I save and dry seeds from my lemons when I drink the lemon juice in a hot lemon tonic every morning. So I grind them all together for convenience - and drink them all at once... immediatly before the flaxseed thickens.

          (oh, and what do you think about doing enemas even if I'm not constapated) ?

          - A. I believe it is best to have a bm naturally first before doing a enema... the enemas move out toxins so you don't get a headache. I think a person should not do enemas unless they have a reason. I do them when fasting as they prevent reabsorbtion of toxins. Coffee enema is great for the liver and makes a person feel great- lots of energy.

          Please don't take my word for any of this - you can look up everything I've said on the internet - I recommend it!

          I hope this adds clarification...
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