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    Frequency Generator Protocols For Cancer
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    Frequency Generator Protocols For Cancer


    The term "electromedicine" has a very specific meaning in alternative medicine. It means very low amperage electrical currents or electromagnetic waves which travel through the body. There are many kinds of "electromedicine" devices. Unlike the electromedicine devices of orthodox medicine, electromedicine devices in alternative medicine do not kill any non-cancerous cells. Nor do they kill any cancer cells, rather they are designed to cure cancer by using a different method than killing cancer cells!!

    "Frequency generators" are electromedicine devices which can generate a vast number of different electrical currents in the body. These devices work quickly, are very, very effective against microbial diseases and cancer, are safe, are easy to use, and the same device can be used over and over again to treat different patients.

    Let us discuss the theory behind how frequency generators can cure cancer.

    Cancer is caused by an imbalance between the immune system and the number of cancer cells which form. When the immune system is weakened or an abnormally high number of cancer cells form, the number of cancer cells can overwhelm the immune system and a person is said to "have cancer."

    However, while the balance between the immune system and the number of cancer cells which form may "cause cancer," this imbalance is not what causes a normal cell to become cancerous!!

    A normal cell becomes cancerous when a highly pleomorphic "cell wall deficient" bacteria is able to get inside of a normal cell.

    Once inside the cell this bacteria blocks the formation of ATP molecules inside the cell. The cell then reverts to fermentation to create ATP molecules and the cell is then defined to be "cancerous."

    While the fermentation causes a cell to be defined to be "cancerous," the fermentation is caused by a reaction of the cell to the "cell wall deficient" bacteria.

    Note that DNA damage does NOT cause a cell to become cancerous, rather DNA damage is the result of the DNA of the bacteria interacting with the DNA of the cell. For more information about how a normal cell becomes cancerous see this article:

    Article on How Cancer Cells Form [Cancer Theory]

    What this means is that if you can kill the microbe inside the cancer cell, the cell will be able to restore its normal metabolism and revert into a normal cell. In fact, this is the ideal way to cure cancer because there are no dead cancer cells and in fact no cancer cells at all (because the cancer cells have reverted into normal cells)!!

    Dr. Royal Rife, a microbiologist who did much of his research in the 1930s, fully understood all of these things. With this understanding he designed a frequency generator (now called his "Rife Machine") to vibrate the microbes to death which were inside the cancer cells. More will be said about Dr. Rife below.

    The point is that by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells, frequency generators are the only proven cancer treatment to revert cancer cells into normal cells!!

    These devices are generally less expensive than most "Stage IV" cancer treatments. However, because the money is paid in a lump sum, they may appear to be more expensive than they really are compared to other treatments.

    This means these devices create far less debris from dead cancer cells. It also means these devices do not cause any type of swelling or inflammation.

    These devices can be a primary cancer treatment or a secondary cancer treatment. If they are used as the primary cancer treatment the treatment needs to be supplemented with things that protect the non-cancerous cells and the organs.

    While frequency generators have been around since the 1930s, a new breed of frequency generator has been developed which has matched, and no doubt will someday surpass, the original work of Dr. Royal Rife.

    This article will link to one or more detailed specifications for using frequency generators for the treatment of cancer. While this article may not look like a cancer treatment article, trust me, it is.

    As the reader will see, frequency generators can be an "outside" force against your cancer cells (actually, they are an outside force against the microbes which are inside of your cancer cells, it is these microbes which keep cancer cells cancerous).

    Treating cancer is a race. It is a race between your cancer cells destroying your non-cancerous cells versus getting rid of your cancer cells quickly in order to protect your non-cancerous cells. The faster you get rid of your cancer cells the better your chance of survival.

    To understand the importance of electromedicine, suppose you are on a battlefield and are in a gun battle (firefight) with the enemy. While your main weapons are guns, machine guns, tanks, etc., I can assure you that you would be greatly pleased to hear the roar of friendly jets overhead. As an ex-Marine and Viet Nam veteran, I can tell you from first-hand experience that I love the sound of fighter jets overhead!!

    In exactly a similar way, when frequency generators are used as the secondary cancer treatment, your primary cancer treatment can be likened to your guns and tanks. The roar of the jet engines is the quiet workings of frequency generators.

    Unfortunately, there are some things you need to understand about the politics of frequency generators.

    For example, why don't the specifications for using the frequency generator to treat cancer come from your vendor? You will learn why below.

    While it may appear that the next section of this article is yet another boring criticism of the FDA because they are totally corrupt, you will see below that that is not the reason for the next section. The reason for the next section is because if you don't understand what the politicians are doing, you will not know why your vendor does not tell you about the medical benefits of frequency generators!!! In other words, you will not understand why your vendor refuses to answer your questions!!!

    The History of FDA Persecution of Frequency Generators

    The persecution by the FDA of frequency generators for the treatment of disease goes back to Dr. Royal Rife in the 1930s. Dr. Rife had a 100% cure rate on cancer patients using the frequency generator he built (which is frequently called the "Rife Machine"). The FDA, which had absolutely no concern for human life or human suffering, reacted to his success by shutting him completely down.

    If the FDA had even a modicum of integrity or concern for human life, they would have welcomed the machine Rife built and even helped him fund further testing of the machine because it had so much promise for cancer patients.

    Think about that for a moment. The FDA claims to represent the general public and claims to be concerned about protecting the general health of Americans. But the facts are that when shown a device with a 100% cure rate on cancer; instead of helping Dr. Royal Rife perfect his device and helping him get his device into the hands of cancer patients, the FDA shut him down and took away his equipment (Note: The American Medical Association, or AMA, was equally responsible for shutting down Dr. Rife).

    Nothing has changed since the 1930s. The FDA continues to persecute frequency generators built in our generation and continues to have absolutely zero concern for human life or human suffering.

    Because of FDA persecution, frequency generators have not been part of mainline alternative cancer treatments for over 70 years!! If our own government had any integrity, cancer would have ceased to be a dreaded disease in the 1930s. Many millions of cancer patients have died since Royal Rife was shut down. The death count continues to accumulate in each generation because new generations of politicians continue to persecute cures for cancer developed in their generation.

    New frequency generators, which have evolved due to the hard work of many individuals, have been proven to be the equal of the original Rife Machine!

    However, another problem has arisen for the FDA. Not only have new devices been developed but the ability of people to communicate (such as via the Internet) has also exploded.

    Thus the FDA, who report to their masters in the pharmaceutical industry, not only have to deal with new devices but they also have to deal with new means of communications.

    Thus, the tactics of the modern FDA have evolved to not only the persecution of devices but also the persecution of information. The FDA wants to deprive the general public of life-saving devices AND life-saving information!!

    While I can assure you the FDA and other corrupt organizations are trying to figure out how to completely negate freedom of speech in America, in the interim they have developed a new approach to suppressing life-saving information.

    That tactic is to forbid manufactures and vendors from making "medical claims" about their equipment. In FDA lingo, a "proven" cancer treatment is one which provides huge profits for the large pharmaceutical companies. An "unproven" cancer treatment is one which cuts into the profits of the large pharmaceutical companies. The FDA has "rigged" their regulations to make sure that nothing is "proven" or "approved" which cuts into the profits of the large pharmaceutical companies.

    The FDA, with the FTC, are on a campaign to make sure that manufacturers and vendors of devices which can cure disease are not allowed to tell their potential customers the truth about the medical benefits of their devices.

    Thus, not only is the FDA and FTC (and the corrupt federal courts which support the FDA) guilty of suppressing life-saving treatments for disease, but they have expanded their sadistic activities to include the suppression of information by not allowing vendors to tell the truth about the health benefits of their equipment.

    Study this next paragraph over and over.

    As a result of FDA persecution of information, you will not find any frequency generator manufacturer or vendor which advertises that their product treats diseases, including cancer. Nor will they likely use the term "electromedicine" in their literature. Nor will they answer your questions about using their device for the treatment of any health condition!!

    This is very important for the reader to understand because cancer patients will not get "complete" answers from their manufacturers or vendors because of fear of FDA persecution!!! You MUST understand this when talking to a manufacturer or vendor!!! They have no idea who you are when you talk to them.

    Because prospective customers of frequency generators will not get complete answers from their vendors (and some vendors won't even talk about using their equipment for health purposes), this article was written to provide the reader with viable specifications for the use of frequency generators for the treatment of cancer.

    In other words, this article contains the information you won't get from your vendor because of FDA persecution.

    Having said that, this article is specifically about frequency generators. There are other types of electromedicine devices which have been shown to be effective against cancer. There are several "coil machines," some of which have been very effective against cancer. There are also several brands of "zappers," some of which have had some success against cancer. This article will not talk about these types of electromedicine devices.

    In fact, there are several categories of electromedicine devices this article won't even mention!! That is how bad things have gotten because the FDA has continued to persecute electromedicine and those who know how to cure cancer!!

    The fact that manufacturers and vendors are not allowed to make medical claims about their equipment (even if truthful and fully documented) is proof that the FDA and FTC have achieved their goal of separating information from products. In other words, truthful information about a product and the product itself are not allowed to be combined on the same website or in marketing literature or even in sales pitches!!

    That is why you will never see any articles such as this one on one of the manufacturer's websites or their vendor's websites.

    If I sound brutal against corrupt government officials, it is because it is absolutely critical that you understand that your vendor will not be allowed to say anything specific about the health benefits his or her products will provide. If you don't clearly understand that you will be very confused when you talk to your vendor.

    That is why email support for frequency generators is provided by the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc., not your vendor or manufacturer!! See the bottom of this web page for an email address.

    I have been a cancer researcher since 2002, and as such, I feel a moral obligation (which obviously the FDA and FTC executives, ad nauseum, do not feel) to find and distribute information about any possible effective treatment for cancer. Frequency generators which, when properly used, are very, very effective in the treatment of cancer.

    Who Can Benefit the Most From Frequency Generators?

    While every cancer patient can benefit from frequency generators, there are some situations for which frequency generators are critical:
    1) The patient cannot digest foods (usually due to stomach or colon surgery),
    2) The patient cannot extract nutrients from foods (usually due to chemotherapy),
    3) The patient has a very fast growing cancer,
    4) The cancer has spread throughout the body,
    5) They have cancer in their bones or bone marrow,
    6) Their type of cancer involves massive infections,
    7) They have significant cachexia (i.e. lactic acid problems).

    These are situations where diet and supplements may not be enough to deal with the cancer!! What electromedicine provides patients in these situations is an "outside" source of safely getting rid of cancer cells without causing any swelling and inflammation.

    For advanced cancer patients, these devices are especially effective when they are used in conjunction with a complete Stage IV alternative cancer treatment. Because electromedicine does not kill any cancer cells (it reverts the cancer cells into normal cells) or cause inflammation or swelling, these devices can be safely used with any Stage IV treatment!!

    The devices are also helpful for newly diagnosed patients and can generally be the only treatment needed for newly diagnosed cancer patients.

    Using Electromedicine With Prescription Drugs

    There is one key rule when combining electromedicine with other alternative cancer treatments or prescription drugs. That rule is to not use the electromedicine device and the other cancer treatment or prescription drug at the same time. To be more specific: starting 120 minutes before using the electromedicine device until 60 minutes after the patient is finished with the electromedicine device, he or she should NOT take any portion of any other cancer treatment or any prescription drugs!!

    The reason for this rule is electroporation.

    Electroporation is a phenomenon in which an electrical current will "open" cells which are exposed to it, such that just about anything in the bloodstream can get inside that cell. Electroporation essentially "opens the door" of the cell to anything passing by.

    Since this webpage is about frequency generators, you can assume that electroporation will apply while you are on one of the protocols.

    Electroporation can be good or bad, depending on what substances are in your blood.

    For example, because electroporation "opens" ALL cells in an area of the body, not just the cancer cells, the frequency generator should NOT be used with chemotherapy except as described below. Electroporation is a major reason frequency generators, or any other electromedicine treatment, should not be used with chemotherapy (i.e. many, many non-cancerous cells would be killed).


    Thus, when you stop taking your prescription drugs (this does not include chemotherapy, which requires different rules), or other alternative cancer treatments (see below for exceptions) you need to wait at least two hours before using an electromedicine device.

    One reason for not taking other alternative cancer treatments during the window of electromedicine is because these treatments may end up inside the wrong type of cell. For example, the molecules may be intended for cancer cells, but may end up inside of non-cancerous cells, or vice versa.

    When you are done with the electromedicine device, you need to wait one hour before you can take any prescription drug (again, this does not include chemotherapy).

    These are safety rules and should not be violated.

    Using This Protocol After Chemotherapy

    While the rules for prescription drugs are strict, the rules for using electromedicine with chemotherapy are much more strict!!

    If the patient is taking chemotherapy by I.V. it is wise to not use the frequency generator for four days after completing the chemotherapy by I.V.

    Here is the reason: It takes 35 hours for the chemotherapy to work out of the system (1½ days), and another day for it to do the cellular damage it inflicts on the body. It then takes two weeks for the body to recover from the damage to the cellular structure and the immune system (actually the body never fully recovers from chemotherapy). It is not necessary to wait the two weeks, but it is best to allow four days after intra-venous chemo before beginning a frequency generator program.

    If the patient is taking oral chemo weekly, allow one or two days off, and then hit it hard.

    If they are still taking chemo daily (God help them, they are being poisoned), use your best judgment, and pray a lot.

    In addition, because chemotherapy destroys a person's immune system, opportunistic infections are highly likely to exist. Careful monitoring of the patient is critically important to watch for early signs of opportunistic infections.

    In fact, it is routine that a cancer treatment, using electromedicine, include several different types of parasite cleanses. Thus, when you are treating the cancer cells you should also be treating potential deadly infections. Electromedicine can treat these infections also.

    When Electroporation is Good (e.g. Cachexia)

    Just like electroporation can be bad, it can also be good.

    An example would be that electromedicine has the potential to help advanced cancer patients who have cachexia.

    Because cancer cells "steal" nutrients and glucose from non-cancerous cells (and the lactic acid created by cancer cells can also block nutrients from getting to non-cancerous cells), non-cancerous cells are frequency very, very weak. Electromedicine has the potential to create reversible electroporation which can "open up" all cells (not just cancer cells) in an area of the body.

    If the body is then flooded with super-nutrients, such as the Brandt Grape Cure with Cellect and ASAP Plus colloidal silver mixed in, the healthy cancer cells would be able to get an extra shot of super-nutrients which normally would be "stolen" by the cancer cells. At the same time the cancer cells would get an extra shot of things that kill the microbes inside of the cells (e.g. the grape juice, Cellect and colloidal silver).

    Because of this, during the electromedicine treatment the patient is allowed to take very pure colloidal silver (e.g. ASAP Plus, Utopia Silver or MesoSilver) and/or pure grape juice (NO sugar added, plus it must be purple, red or black grapes). The patient should mix the colloidal silver and grape juice together before consuming and these can be consumed at any time.

    Let us explain this another way. The reason that colloidal silver and grape juice are allowed is that they are healthy for non-cancerous cells and deadly for the microbes that are inside the cancer cells. During an electromedicine protocol the colloidal silver and grape juice will go inside of both cancer cells and non-cancerous cells since electroporation does not target cancer cells (i.e. it does not differentiate between cancer and non-cancerous cells).

    However, this is a good thing for non-cancerous cells because it will nourish the non-cancerous cells. It is a good thing for cancer cells because the mixture may kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, thus allowing them to revert into normal cells.

    Thus, any substance which is very good for non-cancerous cells and very bad for cancer cells (i.e. meaning bad for the microbes inside the cancer cells) can be taken in conjunction with an electromedicine protocol.

    This is the key: this technique is a good way to get good foods into the non-cancerous cells of cachexia patients. Normally, due to cancer cells stealing glucose and nutrients from non-cancerous cells (plus the lactic acid may block these thing from getting inside of non-cancerous cells) non-cancerous cells are literally starving for nutrients. This is a trick to get nutrients directly into these non-cancerous cells and at the same time do harm to the microbes inside the cancer cells.

    Note: Do NOT use hydrazine sulphate during the 5 hours where other treatments (orthodox or alternative) are not allowed).

    Frequency Generator Specifications

    My approach to endorsing frequency generators for the treatment of cancer is to focus on specifications (i.e. protocols) which other cancer researchers have developed, for specific brands of frequency generators.

    In other words, my focus in not on which brands of frequency generators are the best, but rather my focus is on which specifications are the best. I do not care about the brand, only what works.

    I also want to make it very clear that I do NOT work with manufacturers, I work ONLY with cancer researchers.

    It is my decision whether the specifications I receive from cancer researchers are adequate to be very beneficial to cancer patients. I use several different criteria to make my decision.

    Once I accept a set of specifications from a cancer researcher (who uses a specific brand of frequency generator), the specifications for that device will be put on this website.

    Each vendor has unique equipment, thus no two specifications will be identical. For example, if the specifications for Product A are used on Product B, there are no guarantees Product B will be helpful for cancer patients. I will need specifications specific to Product B from a cancer researcher before I would feel comfortable with someone using Product B for a cancer treatment.

    Note: Starting at this point some technical terms will be used. Do not be concerned if you do not understand these terms. The specifications put on this website are described in such a way that a full understanding of the technical terms is not necessary.

    Some of the frequency generators built today are far superior, in terms of capabilities, to the ones built by Royal Rife. However, their technical superiority is worthless without knowing which frequencies, which wave form, which carrier frequencies, etc. are needed to treat cancer. While all of the things Royal Rife did are not fully known, some of the modern frequency generators are clearly just as effective as the one used by Dr. Rife.

    This is because, in addition to far better equipment, there is also a person who is a modern day "Royal Rife." Actually, the "Royal Rife" of this generation is several cancer researchers, with one "front man" who collected information from other researchers, did his own research and designed the specifications for one of the manufacturers. These researchers have developed a treatment protocol which I consider to be the equal, or even better, than the effectiveness of Dr. Rife's treatment!!

    One thing that must be remembered is that an "advanced cancer patient" in the 1930s was in far better health than an "advanced cancer patient" is in the twenty-first century. There was no chemotherapy in the 1930s and as time passes doctors are keeping cancer patients on chemotherapy longer and longer, meaning cancer patients today who are "sent home to die" are in very critical condition. Today's researchers are dealing with much more difficult cancer cases than Rife dealt with, yet they are having very good success.

    WARNING FOR: Brain Cancer, Throat Cancer and Other Cancers Which Are Above the Shoulders

    An "electrode" is the metal cylinder, flat plate, etc. which transfers the electrical current from the machine into your body. The cloth which covers the electrodes is kept moist so that there is a good electrical connection between the electrode and your skin.

    Suppose you put one electrode on your stomach and another electrode on your back, directly behind the one on your stomach.

    If you could see the path of the electrical current it would look like a football. In other words, the path of the current through your body would look like a football. This shape is because electricity always follows the path of least resistance.

    For example, if you put one electrode on your stomach and another on your back, your arms and legs would get little, if any, electrical current because they are not on the "path of least resistance" between the electrodes.

    For most frequency generators, there are four electrodes. One at the bottom of each foot (these are obviously flat because your feet are on top of them) and one held in each hand (these are usually cylindrical, but they can be other shapes).

    Thinking about the football example, it is clear that almost all of your legs, almost all of your torso and almost all of your arms are covered by electrical current in this configuration of electrodes.

    But what about your head and neck?

    While almost all of your body (from your shoulders and down) is covered by the electrical current, almost none of your body above your shoulders (such as your brain) are covered by electrical current.

    What this means is that for brain cancer, throat cancer, tongue cancer, etc., the cancer cells are not getting any electrical current. This means the device is not being used effectively.

    When this is the case, it is necessary to move the flat electrodes which normally are below your feet to near the top of the head.

    To do this, take the flat electrodes (which normally go beneath your feet) and place them on the side of your head, above your ears (one electrode above the right ear and the other electrode above your left ear), horizontally. Note that since the cloth which surrounds the electrodes is wet, the moisture from the cloth will come into contact with your head and there will be an electrical connection. If you have really thick hair, you may need to get a haircut to make sure the moisture connects the electrode to your skin.

    Secure the electrodes with an elastic band (but it should not be too tight!!). It only needs to be tight enough to make sure your skin is moist and the moisture connects to the electrode.

    Note that when you do this there is no electrical current below your arms and upper torso.

    Thus, if you have cancer in your legs and above your shoulders (as just one of many possible examples) you will have to decide how often to put the flat electrodes on your feet and how often they should be put on your head.

    The point to this section is to make sure that as many of your cancer cells as possible are in the path of the electrical currents.

    Frequency Generator Specifications Which Meet My Standards

    Note #1: Prices for electromedicine devices can range anywhere between $800 and $5,000 and up. However, just because a product advertises itself as a "frequency generator" or "Rife Machine," does not mean it is useful against cancer. To treat cancer the machine must have a carrier wave and several other key features.

    Note #2: Even though these devices are somewhat expensive, keep in mind that these devices can be shared among multiple families because they can be used for cancer, Lyme Disease, and many other diseases which involve microbes. Thus, the cost for these devices can be shared among multiple families.

    WARNING: When you are using this device you will probably not feel anything because these devices do their work at the cellular level. Because you won't feel anything you won't know if you set the device up correctly. It is critical that the first few times you use the device that you read the instructions very, very carefully to make sure you get it right!!

    WARNING: While multiple cancer patients can use this device on the same day, only ONE cancer patient should use the device during the same session. While there are enough "ports" to use multiple patients on the same session, the device does not have enough power to treat two cancer patients during the same session!!

    As of the current time, only one set of specifications has met my criteria. This does not mean there are not other frequency generators which are doing very well at treating cancer; rather it means I only know of one frequency generator which I feel comfortable endorsing.

    Specification #1: Specifications For The GB-4000 Frequency Generator

    Cancer researchers (which includes the "Royal Rife" of this generation) developed specifications for the GB-4000 (aka GB4000) frequency generator. This device costs around $2,400.

    Here is the set of specifications I have received from other cancer researchers:

    GB-4000 Specification for Cancer (Specifications Article) (Adobe Acrobat 'pdf' file)

    Here is the website of a vendor for the GB-4000, with 10-Watt amplifier. Do NOT forget to buy a water ozonator with the GB-4000 (to prevent Herxheimer's reaction):

    Vendor of the GB-4000 (Include the 10-Watt amplifier and ozonator)


    Note #1

    The specifications for frequency generators do change from time to time, thus make sure that during treatment you make sure the specification sheet has not changed. Each 'pdf' file will be dated, thus all you have to do to see if there is an update is to look at the date at the top of the file.

    Note #2

    I hope that other cancer researchers will soon submit specifications for other frequency generators. As additional sets of specifications [and evidence] are sent to me at the ICRF (the ICRF email address is at the bottom of this page), I will be happy to link to the equipment of other manufacturers. Remember, I do not deal with manufacturers. The "Rest" of the Treatment

    Warning: The Cesium Chloride Protocol should NOT be used with an electromedicine protocol which could cause electroporation, such as frequency generators. The reason is that the cesium chloride protocol works by accumulating cesium chloride inside the cancer cells over long periods of time, and electroporation may allow the cesium chloride to "leak" out into the bloodstream. This could weaken the protocol or be dangerous by causing an overdose of cesium chloride in the bloodstream (i.e. it could raise the pH of the blood to very dangerous levels).]

    Treating cancer is in two parts. Part one is dealing with the cancer cells, meaning killing the cancer cells or even better yet, reverting them into normal, healthy cells by killing the microbe(s) which are inside the cancer cells. Part two, which is equally important, is protecting the non-cancerous cells and the organs (e.g. liver).

    Electromedicine is designed to kill microbes, especially the microbes inside the cancer cells (to revert the cancer cells into normal cells), but also electromedicine is designed to kill the microbes in the bloodstream. Killing microbes in the bloodstream will help build the immune system.

    But as far as a complete cancer treatment, electromedicine is mainly concerned with getting rid of the cancer cells and is not designed to protect the non-cancerous cells. Thus, a frequency generator is not a complete treatment for cancer because it does not deal with protecting the non-cancerous cells.

    For advanced cancer patients, the ideal would be to use the frequency generator as a supplemental treatment for a complete Stage IV cancer treatment. In other words, the frequency generator would take care of the cancer cells, along with the main cancer treatment, but the main cancer treatment would also protect the non-cancerous cells and protect the organs.

    However, when using the frequency generator as the primary cancer treatment, it is necessary to add other products to help the non-cancerous cells. In other words, electromedicine will take care of the cancer cells, and it will help the immune system, but it will not deal with the complete immune system (which would require immune builders such as Cell Forte IP6) and it will not deal with the non-cancerous cells and organs, such as the liver or kidneys.

    What the patient should add to the frequency generator treatment depends on many factors. But the simplest thing to do is add a complete protocol to the frequency generator protocol.

    For example, if the cancer patient is an advanced cancer patient, they should pick one of the "Stage IV" cancer treatments that deals heavily with protecting the non-cancerous cells and the organs. Two examples would be the Bill Henderson Protocol and the Cellect-Budwig Protocol:

    Stage IV Article

    On the other hand, if the patient is a Stage I through Stage III patient (using the alternative medicine rating system), they should use a combination of supplements and treatments as explained in this article:

    Stage I, II, III Article

    Whatever the patient does, make sure he or she includes a strong cancer diet and potent multi-mineral and multi-amino acid supplements, examples of which are: Cellect, the super-fruit juices (e.g. Noni juice, Mangosteen or Wolfberry), Essense powder (correct spelling: from Essense of Life), Eniva Vibe liquid, etc.

    The patient also needs strong enzyme supplements, such as Barley Power and a proteolytic enzyme supplement, such as Vitalzym (but do not exceed the maximum daily dose on the bottle for too long because proteolytic enzymes are blood thinners).

    If the patient has liver problems they need to add Quantum Liver Complex (use Google to find a vendor). If their liver is severely damaged then they need to add the MRS-2000 electromedicine device (see: Essense of Life).

    If they have kidney problems they need to add Quantum Kidney Complex (use Google).

    In fact, study the major articles on this website to get a feel for what needs to be done in your situation. Every situation will be different.

    How Long Should the Treatment Be Taken?

    Hopefully, before starting this treatment the cancer patient will take the Navarro Urine test. This provides a baseline to measure whether the treatment is working.

    The Navarro Urine Test

    The time a person should be on treatment is generally mentioned in the specifications. However, every six weeks the patient should take the Navarro Urine test to evaluate their progress.

    If the Navarro Urine test number decreases, continue with this treatment.

    If the Navarro Urine test number increases, figure out what you are doing wrong or switch to another protocol, such as the Cellect-Budwig protocol or the LifeOne protocol of Dr. Howenstine.

    In EITHER CASE, please notify Cancer Tutor every time you take a Navarro Urine test and provide a short description of your case history. Also detail which brand of frequency generator you are using and what other treatments you are using with the device.

    If the treatment is not working, Cancer Tutor will be happy to recommend a stronger treatment for your situation.

    Email Support For This Protocol

    Email support for this protocol is provided by the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. because the FDA prohibits vendors from providing technical support for using the frequency generator for health purposes (this would be an admission the device is being used for health purposes):

    Please Support Alternative Cancer Research:

    The Cancer Tutor website is closely affiliated with the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc (ICRF). The ICRF is one of the premiere alternative cancer treatment research organizations. Please support their research:

    Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

    Please email your friends about this site, and link to this site on your web page!

    Click here to read the FDA required disclaimer:
    FDA Required Disclaimer and Discussion of Key Terms

    Click here to read about the CancerTutor webmaster:
    About R. Webster Kehr



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No.1 Natural Water Filter
Simple solution to eliminate all the toxins and contaminants in you...
Reverse Type 2 Diabetes
In 3 simple steps, she nails what no one wants to reveal how type 2 d...
Arthritis Creme Samples
ask for your sample of ArthroWell today and fight Arthritis and Injur...


Did you poop today?
All natural constipation relief!
Original Hulda Clark
Hulda Clark Cleanses
Free Clark DVD!
An amazing video about the Clark protocol that will open your eyes! And it is...
Natural Cancer Remedies


Medically research anti-diabetic effects
Electrolyzed drinking water significantly reduces bl...
Utopia Silver Supplements
Naturally Cleanse, Chelate, & Detox Your Body Without Harmful Side ...
I Feel Healthy Again!
Learn How to Destroy Parasites And Be Free of Your Unbearable Symptoms ...


Detoxify and Cleanse Naturally
Drink ionized alkaline waters medically proven health benefits...


Lugol’s Iodine Free S&H
J.Crow’s® Lugol’s Iodine Solution. Restore lost reserves.
Zeoco Detox Support
Zeolites for absorbing toxins as part of candida cleanse
The Tesla Shield™
Transformational Technology For Mind Body And Soul.
The Krill Miracle™
Concentrated Omega 3, 6 & 9, Many Times More Powerful than Fish Oil
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