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  • Another source for diatomaceous earth   Hveragerthi   5y
    • Whats the benefits of DE, its one thing i hav...   #91249   5y
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      • Whats the benefits of DE, its one thing i hav...   Hveragerthi   5y
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        Re: Another source for diatomaceous earth
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        Date: 7/5/2009 8:45:06 AM   ( 5y ago )
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        Whats the benefits of DE, its one thing i havent looked into.

        The silica from diatomaceous earth provides numerous benefits. Most of these benefits come from its role in collagen and elastin formation. Collagen is a protein that gives tissues strength, while elastin gives tissues elasticity. This is why it helps with wrinkles and strengthening the nails. By increasing collagen it gives these tissues strength, and the elastin restores the elasticity that is lost in the skin leading to wrinkles. It also helps with varicose veins and aneurysms for the same reason. Varicose veins and aneurysms result from a loss of collagen and elastin in the veins and arteries causing these blood vessels to balloon out. Along the same line silica helps to prevent arteriosclerosis by both strengthening arteries to prevent damage, and because of silica's anti-inflammatory properties. Emphysema results from a loss of elastin in the alveoli, and so is also helped by silica supplementation. It is the absolute most important nutrient for bone strength. Silica not only aids with calcium absorption, but it is also essential for the collagen matrix that gives the bones the majority of their strength. In addition the piezoelectric effect of silica is what allows mineralization of the collagen matrix. In other words, without sufficient silica all of the calcium, magnesium, phosphorus..... will not do anything for the bones. Silica can help prevent visual problems from aging due to loss of flexibility of the lens of the eye. It is great for tendonitis and other similar problems due to the strengthening and anti-inflammatory properties of silica. Silica also links together glucosamine molecules to form chondroitin molecules for the production of cartilage. these are a few of the beneficial properties of silica.

        As for absorption, silica does not absorb as silica but rather as orthosilicic acid. This is produced by the reaction of water on silica, though the presence of acid increases this conversion. The reason for many of our aging problems such as osteoarthritis, emphysema, diverticulitis, wrinkles, etc. are from declining silica levels in our tissues. This is a direct result of declining stomach acid levels, which decreases the conversion of silica (silicon dioxide) in to its absorbable and usable form orthosilicic acid. This is another good reason to avoid antacids, acid blockers, and alkaline waters and drinks such as sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

        The absorption of silica is very poor so I found the best way to take it is by adding it to water to begin with. I put a large spoonful in a gallon of water and let it settle out. Once it settles out you cannot taste it. The water will dissolve a tiny amount of the silica to form the orthosilicic acid. The more pure the water is to begin with the more it will dissolve. This actually solves a few problems. First of all it reduces the solvency of purified waters (distilled and reverse osmosis) so they will not be as aggressive and rob your body of nutrients. This also helps to prevent purified waters from becoming as acidic from the carbon dioxide it will absorb from the air to form carbonic acid. Purified waters are notorious for this problem. Finally, the silica will help to strengthen tissues throughout the body and reduce inflammation. By adding it to a large volume of water you will also get more in to your system as opposed to supplements. If you take a capsule of silica the vast majority will never be absorbed and will just pass through your system. When added to water and drunk throughout the day you will absorb a little each time you drink your water. So in the long run you will end up with more silica entering the bloodstream for use by the body.

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