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Re: that protein coating around cancer cells and produce/green tea
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        Re: that protein coating around cancer cells and produce/green tea
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        Date: 9/3/2009 6:27:24 PM   ( 5y ago )
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        To incharge..your post, too, is informative.

        I recently was diagnosed with diabetes and after research and seeing people cured with a primarily raw vegan diet and reading several books on this like the halleluia diet, the cure for diabetes by Cousins, eat to live, etc, I have decided to become a vegan.

        MY allopathic doctor who is EXTYREMELY into alternative health told me to eat no fruit or grains which I personally did not think was healthy. Reading what you said here

        "Cancer cells have a protective protein coating around them which makes them invisible to the immune system. The pancreas produces two enzymes that help digest animal protein. In addition to digesting animal protein, only these enzymes can dissolve the protein coating around the cancer cells. Once the protein coating is dissolved by the enzymes, the cancer cells become visible and the immune system can do it's job of destroying them.

        Animal protein requires a lot of enzymes to digest it and eating a diet high in animal protein can cause a shortage of pancreatic enzymes"

        I see how a plant based diet may further help the pancreas and how an animal based diet may harm it and how it may do harm also not mentioned in this post.

        When I continued to research cancer, I found 5 programs that had a high incidence of anecdotal evidence of cures and the one thing I noticed they all had in common was a lot of raw fruits and vegetables.

        I heard that the enzymes in the produce also eats the protein coating surrounding each cancer cell that you mentioned that prevents the immune system from killing it.

        I also once read that green tea also dissolves this protein coating thus allowing the immune system to rapidly kill the cancer cells. Most of these cancer cells seem to be rapidly destroyed often within several weeks or less, often amazing doctors who find no trace of cancer to their surprise.

        Continue on the program though to find all the cancer cells that may be hidden and continue in a lifestyle change as Dr Schulze says that once it recurs it is harder to heal naturally the 2nd time around so prevent that reoccurance by continuing a vegan diet, lots of raw produce, detoxing, exercise etc.

        Keep spreading the word till eventually the info becomes mainstream and thanks for the posts in this thread.

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