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            Date: 11/12/2009 2:04:55 PM   ( 5y ago )
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            >- She was just under 81 when she died. I'm 78 and when I go to my high school reunions (last one 4 months ago) I see some that don't look "old" at all, others are haggard.

            I am only 59 but I have seen some who look worse at my age than she did.

            The majority of attendees at my last HS reunion looked great.  75 is the new 65.  I have no wrinkles and have been taken for much younger - have been asked (recently) for an ID to get a senior discount.  If Hulda looked much older than the 80 years she was at death, then she was a hypocrite in many more ways than one.

            >- If her methods were so good, why couldn't she diagnose her own disease?

            First of all, sometimes you can not see the forest for the trees that are in the way. Perhaps I heard incorrectly, but AFIK, she only discovered her problem as a result of a neck injury from an automobile accident and by the time that she found what the real problem was, she was so debilitated that she could not physically do anything to stop it.

            This is the woman who had devices to diagnose every known (according to her) illness on the planet - and she never did a self-diagnosis?  She only discovered her problem after a neck injury?  She was obviously ill and depleted long before that.  Her diagnosis is a hoax.  I was in contact with a woman who went to her clinic and was personally "diagnosed" as having terminal cancer.  This woman spent several thousand dollars for her "cure" and only after recognizing later that Hulda had done nothing for her did she admit to herself that Hulda's a hoax - and that she never had cancer to begin with.  In fact the vast majority of people she claimed to have cancer had never had a confirming diagnosis by an MD - before or after.

            >- Yup read her books and bought one of her first zappers which I still have. Did not one thing for me.

            Sorry to hear that, maybe the one you got was defective. I personally have had tremendous success with using my zapper, as have many others.

            Ever hear of the placebo effect?   It many times has an even greater ability to heal than any herbs or drugs  as high as 65% in some cases, including cancer.  As a cancer survivor (without medical intervention) I have a book - published 20 years ago, that documented more than 200 contemporary cases of cancer cures without medical or alternative intervention, including pancreatic cancer.  The author himself was diagnosed with lung cancer in his only remaining lung and given 30 days to live and last I checked, he's still alive.  The placebo effect is truly miraculous and is in fact you as spirit healing your body.  It happens all the time.

            >- She made ridiculous claims about all cancer being caused by a liver fluke found only in South East Asia.

            That is a lie! How many US citizens went to Southeast Asia during the 1960's and 1970's? Almost 1 million went to Vietnam, drank the water, swam in it, waded in it. I am sure that none of them ever brought 1 single parasite back with them, yeah, right. Over 100,000 US citizens visit S.E. Asia every year. Oh, but they never get parasites, especially flukes.

            You are the liar.  The liver fluke lives only in the liver of the host animal - not the gut.  It is also over two inches long.  It is totally impossible to over look even by the most incompetent MD on the planet.

            >- Funny, but they never found any liver flukes in me nor have they found even one in the cancers they have removed in the Western Hemisphere. Maybe they are stealth flukes.

            Maybe they did not even bother looking because they were so ignorant as to think that parasites do not exist in the US. We are so clean and wonderful that we can not possibly have parasites here. In the early 1970,s I was in the tropics and found that I had 3 different types of intestinal parasites that I could see in my stool. I went to the county health clinic in Florida, told them about it and they sent my stool sample off. Report came back negativ. I complained and so they did it again, came back negative. I was overwhelmed with the dang things. I took a third sample to the doctor and had him look at it under the microscope. He said "you are right" and sent the third sample off with a blasting letter to the lab. The third test came back positive. The moral is that you are not going to find anything if you do not look for it. Doctors in the US Do Not Look!

            Every single cancer that is removed in the United States is put through lab tests.  This 2 and a half inch beast has never ever been found in a single cancer/tumor.  They do look.  The cancerous tissue that came out of me during my TURP was put through laboratory exams, including high powered microscope.  No fluke, let alone one 2 or more inches long.

            >- Maybe they are stealth flukes.

            Go look in the Parasites Forum and you will see a lot of people in there who report flukes in their stool after cleansing. Many of these complain that their doctor said nothing was wrong.

            I've seen many, many posts in the Parasites Forum and in but one rare instance was there ever any lab confirmation of flukes.  I'm not denying that we in the USA have parasites, we do - including flukes.  However any fluke that comes out during a bowel cleanse is an intestinal fluke, not a liver fluke - and they are from the intestines, they do not migrated to other parts of the body.  Hulda says that ALL cancer is cause by Faciolopsis buskii a liver fluke found only in South East Asia and found only in the liver!  Two and a half inches long and longer at that.  Your claims that medical doctors have missed this GIANT invader are absurd.

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