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    Date: 1/14/2010 9:17:28 PM   ( 4y ago )
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    My wife has had a mass in her right breast for 2 years. A few months ago my wife broke her right humerus(between elbow and shoulder). Everything was going fine with the Orthopedic Dr. till he said the arm was healing wrong(bone looked like spider webs). Ordered Bone Density Scan and CT Scan. Scans showed something in her skull(we think it was the old car accident injury), the broken arm healing weird and some activity in the breast. Dr. would not touch her after that, said it was a tumor in the arm bone that spread from Breast Cancer and is in the skull also. Sent us to Oncologist. Oncologist could not do mammogram with broken arm in the way and said a bone biopsy is too painful. Ordered 10 radiation treatments right away for the arm not even knowing for sure if it is cancer. Ordered a lot of blood test that all came out fine. Ordered a lower CT Scan with Iodine contrast that almost killed my wife. We told them she was allergic to Iodine, but they gave it to her anyway. After that we never went back, we are not doctor people anyway. So she is not officially diagnosed with cancer, but assuming the worst, we have completely changed our diets to a healthy one and started the cottage cheese and flax oil. Lately my wife has been getting sick to her stomach, headaches, dizzy, etc. I know it's not the healthy, natural diet that's doing it and she had been doing the flax oil for 1 1/2 months, so I know it's not the flax oil. My question is: If the natural diet and flax oil is working like it should, is she suppose to feel bad while the cancer is dying before she starts to feel better? Please answer, we don't have anyone else to turn to. Thanks.
    P.S. Sorry for the long post, but I felt you needed a little history before answering.
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