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Gary Null response to recent media reports on Vitamin D poisoning story
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      Gary Null response to recent media reports on Vitamin D poisoning story
      Date: 5/1/2010 7:39:07 AM   ( 4y ago )
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      Gary Null:

      My response to recent media reports

      Due to the recent influx of media inquiries, including ABC and CBS, it is incumbent upon me to clarify the recent stories of Wednesday, April 28 that appeared in the New York Post and Daily News. Both news articles give the impression that I remain in serious health following the ingestion of a product, Power Meal, branded under my name, which contained excessive amounts of Vitamin D, and consequently posed a serious health risk.

      I have been in the natural and alternative health business and education for over 35 years, and this is the first problem of this sort I have ever encountered. Last December it was brought to my attention that one our subcontractors made a mathematical error of adding too much Vitamin D to the Power Meal product. It was immediately removed from the market and we commenced with a thorough recall and warning campaign to all customers who purchased it. As a result, the relationship with the subcontractor was immediately severed. Fortunately, only one lot of Power Meal was defective.

      Nevertheless, I had taken far greater amounts of the product than anyone else, over a relatively short period of time, and as a result some negative consequences manifested within my body. However, once it was determined that it was the Vitamin D that was the problem, I immediately ceased taking the product, and began an extended juice fast, as my physician said that there was no real treatment for this condition, and that I just had to allow the product to filter through my system naturally. In addition, due to the very high amounts of the product that I had in my system it took a while to work itself through my system.

      The good news is I feel substantially better, and do not want to create concern in anyone, despite what the media is now reporting. It is not in my nature to complain. It is almost paradoxical that some members of the media would rather see me stay sick so that they could exploit their story. I am sorry but I intend to be one-hundred percent better in the near future through my own knowledge of how to heal the body. In fact, the very principles that I have used to help others throughout my career, of course I am using them to help myself through this process.

      I want to thank the countless number of people who have contacted me showing their concern(s).

      Your friend,
      Gary Null
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