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Re: Help concerning liver/constipation
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  • Help concerning liver/constipation   erls_perl   9y
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      Re: Help concerning liver/constipation
      Date: 6/15/2005 3:55:21 PM   ( 9y ago )
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      Just FYI: Shelley isn't affiliated with CureZone anymore. CureZone from day one is Dusan's effort (actually, even I've been around the Zone since before Shelley and I'm not even one of original crew, but I digress.)

      Since you've been on the MC fast since the 6th, you may not have a lot of solid to push out. Especially if you've done colon cleansing before. Just something to think about.

      Where do you feel the blockage? Have you tried colonics? Or a saltwater flush*, or even an enema to help remove the blockage? From what you describe, a colonic may be a big help for you.

      Many, MANY people do not get a lot of stones out on their 1st or even 2nd or 3rd flush, especially if their liver is congested. It takes a series of flushes to get the gunk out, kind of like exercising the liver. A congested liver can definitely add to constipation woes. The herbs you mention help, but nothing seems to work nearly as well as good old flushing. Try doing a Liver Flush every 2 weeks for at least 3 months (6 flushes) and see if that helps.

      Also, you mention a lot of different herbs, but no digestive enzymes or probiotics to help your digestive system. Raw diets can be constipating, especially for systems not used to them. Ideally our food would come complete with everything needed for digestion, but our soils have been so depleted of minerals and nutrients that even most organic food is lacking in something or other. You may want to check into adding enzymes and really good probiotics (or at least organic yogurt) to your diet when you come off the MC.

      (And most people with parasites never see the buggers before they start parasite flushing. The rotten little critters don't like to come out without a LOT of poking and proding with various anti-critter herbs and foods. If the advice here doesn't help with the 'blocked up' feeling, you may want to reconsider doing a parasite cleanse.)

      *You may want to look into doing some gentle yoga-like motions while slowly drinking a saltwater flush (2 teaspoons of uniodized Sea Salt - NOT white table salt in a quart of very warm filtered water, 1st thing in the morning one hour before ingesting anything else.) The motions are pretty simple and should be done very gently, but do seem to help the saltwater 'push' stuff through the bowels.

      Finish off the quart of the flush by breaking the drinks down into 8oz drinks every 5 minutes instead of the whole quart all at once.

      1st Drink 6 - 8 oz of the swf. Stand straight with your arms upstretched and your hands locked above your head, palms forward, and gently lean as far as you can to the right. Slowly straighten and bend left. Repeat four more times.

      2nd Drink 6 - 8 oz of the swf. Stand straight. Grasp you right shoulder with your left hand, hold your right hand out straight and slowly twist as far as you can to the right. Straighten and repeat 4 times, then alternate hands and sides.

      3rd Drink 6 - 8 oz of the swf. Squat down with your left knee close to your right foot. Put both hands on your right knee and push to the left while twisting your torso and head to look to the right. (Kind of like a corkscrew motion.) Alternate and repeat 4 times each.

      4th Drink 6 - 8 oz of the swf. Stay upright, walk around for 5 minutes. Don't sit or lie down, just wander aimlessly or walk in place.

      I find I get a lot more 'out' when I do the above than if I just drink the warm salty water alone.

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