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Re: Lufenuron Source found for Candida Treatments
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  • Lufenuron Source found for Candida Treatments   ab123456   3y  C
    • It’s the toxic Chinese pesticide grade. ... ...   Gozmo   3y
      • damn thats sketchy   powertool4   3y
      • Hi Guys. ... Bought the so called ”toxic” luf...   hunabku101   3y
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        Re: Lufenuron Source found for Candida Treatments
        Date: 2/11/2011 12:31:32 AM   ( 3y ago )
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        Hi Guys.
        Bought the so called "toxic" lufenuron from that website. I have been following sarah vaughters forums for some time now. bought her lufenuron as well.
        Its the same compound. Im sitting here with both products. 100% identical. Same feel. smell and taste.
        This even came with a certificate of analysis.There is nothing in it but lufenuron. Its cleaner than pet grade.
        She even told me in her emails she herself bought it from china personally. I asked her 1 year ago. Now she would not admit this in a million years off course. Back then she was sitting on her throne of Lufenuron and was not afraid of sharing most of her info. there IS human grade Lufenuron made in China and elsewhere on this planet available for others then just Sarah to sell. But here is the deal. If you where the ONLY one supplying Lufenuron on the net making millions doing so.Gets shut down. Later on work on trying to get online with the same product again but with a smarter attitude. In the meantime others step in, off COURSE you will attack them as try miscredit them. She had the whole Lufenuron for herself. she wants to keep it like this. And she miscredits them by being "suspiciously" mystically anonymous? ha ha. Many websites sell products without public names and all info etc.
        The place I ordered the Lufenuron send it with certificate of analysis. its clean guys. Human grade. Same like her's. She just dont want competition off course.

        I like the way Sarah is following up on everyone. have forums etc. She is passionate about healing. got lots of knowledge. But this does not mean others can not sell the same products as she does. She obviously made big noise on the web and someone just picked up on the product and saw its opportunities. It works. It worked on me.
        Loosing millions of $ in sales would makes anyone get a bit defensive I think. I hope she will soon be online with Lufenuron as well again. And more start selling it. We need good prices. I See a price war to the benefits of the candida sufferers and even more awareness on this awesome product. In the end its only the people who suffer from candida its all about. not who is making the millions or not.
        Until then I recommend my friends to buy it where its available online. For cheapest price. as pure as possible.

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