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Re: MMS has given my life back!
Forum: MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution Debate
  • MMS has given my life back!   Esstee   3y
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            Re: MMS has given my life back!
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            Date: 4/5/2011 1:06:33 AM   ( 3y ago )
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            Hello and thanks for responding once again.

            I guess in my case, I'm grateful for whatever JH did to bring MMS to the masses. Even... id it is rudimentary. However, for what its worth, it does seem to work and that can be a very good thing for sufferers of chronic illnesses like myself.

            As for treating the bone infection with Chlorine Dioxide directly(or through the bone) I will talk to my dentist about that. He is quite open to homeopathic treatments and has been following my MMS treatment(along with our family doctor also). So I'm optimistic about that.

            From where I stand, we can rationalize till the cows come home on whether or not it will or won't work, but none of that will ever match trying first. Who knows... we may even uncover a none invasive treatment for bone necrosis! - Because as it stands, there are no know treatments for these types of conditions other than surgery. And though MMS seems to stave-off the effects of systematic infection. Based on experience, I'd say it doesn't seem to be healing the infected bone on its own.

            BTW. If by "dry socket" you mean an extraction, then the answer is yes. During my last Maxillofacial procedure, the surgeon was not able to reach the infection through the socket(to deep). Which isn't to say I don't think the rinse would work, I'm actually saying, it may in fact be the only effective way.

            Having said that, I can't help feel as though it is too bad that we can't administer the compound to a specific area via the blood supply though. Such as in targeting an area.
            With this in mind, I really think we need research applied to MMS at this level. Especially with the recent flood of resistant strains of bacteria that have been rearing their ugly heads lately. You'd think the world would be on edge with products such as these!

            Whatever the case, thanks for participating and sharing your input on this.

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