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Re: How can I ease this reflux?

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                      Re: How can I ease this reflux?
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                      Date: 5/12/2011 6:25:43 AM   ( 3y ago )
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                      Killing parasites (and lymes) is great. HW works great on them. But if those herbs donít work completely then we need to dig a little deeper.

                      There are lots of different reasons why the body cannot defend itself against these bugs and why they sometimes take over. A damaged immune system is a big one of those reasons. Your body literally does not have enough energy/power to be strong to kill and keep these germs at day.

                      Another reason the parasites can keep a tight hold on a person is because, although we kill them, we leave the locations they live in untouched. There are parts of the body that, if unclean, are the ideal hiding places, nesting places, homes for the parasites. We might kill millions of bugs, but it only takes a few left over to re-locate and re-inhabit. And hence your problems remain. Google ďmucoid plaqueĒ and click pictures to see some examples of some toxic gunk that some people succeed in getting out of their bodiesÖno wonder they were sick!

                      Humaworm parasite cleanse does have some bowel cleaning herbs in them, psyllium, senna and others, but sometimes they are not enough. In these instances a full bowel cleaning program is required. In the case of Humaworm, thatís Humacleanse. Iím sure you can checkout the ingredients to those herbs, and read what they do.

                      If you click ďhealthĒ on the curezone front page you will find the ďCurezone healing protocolĒ. If you read that you will see that number 2 on the list (after diet education) is bowel cleaning. So the first action they suggest you take to heal yourself is cleaning the bowels. If you read around various guruís and other healing protocols you will see that most start with the bowels. Thatís because clean bowels is the foundation of good health. If your body is congested inside, if toxins cannot get out quickly, you accumulate toxins and good health is impossible. We should all start with cleaning the bowels, and I mean the entire digestive tract, not just the bottom part. Humacleanse does the job just great.

                      BUT, and this is important, it takes time. 5 days bowel cleaning is but a drop in the ocean. If you read the bowel cleaning books by Dr Jensen and Richard Anderson you will see they say it takes about 12 months of concerted effects to clean the bowels. (Dr Jensens guide to better bowel care, and Cleanse & purify thyself), but 2-3 months should give splendid results. It did with me. Totally awesome and amazing results.

                      Bowel cleaning should also be the easiest set of herbs you can do, because all they are is a fibre that expands in contact with water, which then sweeps out any congested gunk. And if you have constant die-off, food allergies, parasites, candida, lymesÖ.these all indicate, with giant flashing signs, that you are congested inside and need a serious bowel cleanse attack phase in your quest to get better.

                      Keep things easy on yourself by starting on a low dose and gradually building up. Drink tons of water. Any hassles whatsoever while bowel cleaning confirms you are congested inside. Any digestive hassles, any constipationÖanything indicates your digestive tract is clogged up.

                      Anyway, thatís my advise: get bowel cleaning in every-which-way that you can. Humacleanse is great and there are many other ways to do it too.

                      Good luck, hope it helps

                      ps, those books are good too. weird yes, but full of knowledge to help you figure everything out.
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    • I would agree to take a break from all supplements for now....   drbailey   3y

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