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  • Check this out on Cancer is Candida   Euphoria1985   3y
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      Re: Check this out on Cancer is Candida
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      Date: 5/26/2011 7:20:58 PM   ( 3y ago )
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      The problem with this is that the information is bogus.  Cancer is not a fungus or a mold and it is not cured by ingesting baking soda  This came up on my forum a while back and was addressed in these threads:

      In fact the whole concept of cancer being a fungus is easy to disprove with one simple statement. Candida has cell walls, while cancer cells have cell membranes.  In other words they are not even closely related!  But there is even more solid evidence.

      In addition, many cancer cells use human chorionic gonadotrophic hormone (HCG) to coat themselves as a shield from the immune system.  This is why pregnancy tests are used in many countries, including here in the US to detect certain cancers, such as prostate cancer in men.  The pregnancy tests pick up the HCG excreted in the urine during pregnancy and from cancer cells that naturally die off in the body.  Candida and molds DO NOT produce HCG.  If they did then everyone would test positive for pregnancy since Candida is a normal part of everyone's body.  It is only the overgrowth, candidiasis, that is a problem.

      In fact, the morphology of cancer cells is extremely close to that of a developing fetus.  Both feed heavily on glucose.  Both have an accelerated growth rate.  In cases of gestational diabetes the fetus will grow abnormally large due the excess level of glucose for utilization.  Both utilize HCG to hide from the immune system since both are foreign proteins to the immune system. Both consist of cell membranes, not cell walls.  Both the fetus and cancer cells  use compounds such as vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) as a means to establish a blood supply.  Again  VEGF IS NOT produced by Candida or molds.  

      Then there are tumors called teratomas, which actually develop things such as hair, nails, teeth, etc.  When was the last time you ever say a Candida mass with these human features?

      Claims like cancer is actually Candida are the bogus type claims that people need to stop spreading on the internet.  It is this kind of crap that gives alternative medicine a bad name and keeps it from becoming an accepted means of treatment for disease in the medical establishment.

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